T-Mobile writes to FCC regarding wireless competition, slams other carriers in the process


The FCC’s annual report on the state of mobile wireless competition is coming up, and in advance of the report, T-Mobile has filed a letter to the FCC to comment on the wireless industry.

In its filing, T-Mobile managed to say that the wireless industry is competitive while also talking up its actions and slamming those of the other carriers. T-Mo explains that ever since its first Un-carrier move three years ago, the other carriers have been imitating some of those features, “albeit often without offering the same high level of consumer benefit.”

T-Mobile points to Verizon’s recent plan changes as a specific example. Verizon recently increased the data allotments and the prices of its rate plans while also introducing features like Carryover Data, which lets you carry unused data from one month over to the next; a Safety Mode that’ll let you avoid data overages with slower speeds once your regular allotment is used up; and a Mobile Without Borders-style feature that’ll let you use your minutes, texts, and data in Mexico and Canada just like you would in the U.S.

T-Mo goes on to say that following its own Un-carrier movements, the other national carriers have ditched two-year contracts and now offer switcher reimbursements. “This game of follow-the-leader is an example of competition in action,” T-Mobile says.

Finally, T-Mobile asks that the FCC be mindful of any actions that might inhibit the ability of T-Mo and others to offer innovative services to consumers. “As history as shown us, adopting pro-competitive policies that encourage innovation will benefit not only T-Mobile customers, but all consumers throughout the mobile wireless market.”

You can read T-Mobile’s full letter right here.

Via: FierceWireless
Source: FCC

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