T-Mobile Unveils August Watch List for Binge On


T-Mobile has just recently shared its August Watch List for Binge-On.

August 1-2: Running Wild with Bear Grylls (NBC)

August 5: L.A. Fight Club Live Boxing (FilmOn.TV)

August 5-21: Opening Ceremony and Rio Games (Sling Television)

August 11: Between The Lines Season Premiere (DPAN.tv)

August 12: Elena of Avalor (Disney Channel)

August 13: Great British Baking Show Season Finale (PBS)

August 15-21: ESL Overwatch Atlantic Showdown (AZUBU)

August 26: Underwater Wonders of the National Parks (Curiosity Stream)

Binge On lets you watch shows, events and premieres without burning up your LTE data allotment. Catch one of these shows in August! Third party subscription charges may apply.


Source: T-Mobile

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  • no2apple

    This site and editors are nothing but cut and paste from other sites. Nothing original.. WTH

  • Prode

    Aren’t these sites already free to watch with binge on as it is. Why do you need this list if these sites are already free. Seems more like a marketing push then anything else.

    • Danny Lewis

      Sling isn’t free, but yeah, seems like a marketing push. I don’t know why this was worth posting.

  • Jesse

    Does anyone actually print this watch list and follow it? I hop not!

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  • Paul

    “Running Wild with Bear Grylls”
    Does he run wild through hotels?

  • denise.galaviz

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