T-Mobile proves the little things matter with Q2 2016 results


T-Mobile has just recently shared its Q2 2016 results and judging on its numbers, things are looking up for the network. One possible reason for its immense growth could be attributed to its highly successful Un-carrier campaign, which managed to lure in new customers and even promote loyalty among those already using the network’s services.

When T-Mo launched the freebie program a little over a month ago, it didn’t expect such a huge turnout of events. On launch day, its T-Mobile Tuesdays app crashed with the sheer volume of users. A week later and its freebie partner, Domino’s, backed out of the program after it gave away an overwhelming amount of pizza to its users for free. Despite these fallbacks, the program continued offering unbeatable deals such as a $15 voucher for a Lyft ride and just recently announcing that Pokemon GO won’t count against their customers’ data for a year.

These little perks offered by T-Mobile under their Un-carrier campaign are evident to the latest Q2 2016 results of the company, which managed to receive 646,000 net new postpaid phone customers. However, the turnover rate for postpaid customers managed to drop at a record low 1.27 percent. To compared, Verizon recently announced that they had obtained 86,000 phone customers while AT&T lost 180,000 postpaid customers; both of which fall within the same period.

But even though T-Mobile wouldn’t say just how much its T-Mobile Tuesdays app managed to help the company, its CFO Mike Sievert says that Un-carrier 11 has been the most talked about move, after noting its 6.6  billion impressions on social media. These numbers show that indeed, customers appreciate the little gestures given to them by the carrier they choose.

Read more about its Q2 2016 report here.

Source: CNet

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  • FauxPas

    T-Mobile is not good. I’ve missed so many text messages that people have sent, that my phone never got sitting on my desk like it always does.

    • DPlusPlus

      I’ve had T-Mobile for 10 years and have never had that problem, even when I used my phone for work travels at least 3 times a week.

      • a d00d

        Agreed, I would look more closely at your phone. My old Galaxy Note II (SGH-T889) has sick firmware and has caused me to miss messages and such; I haven’t missed any with my Nexus 6 (Shamu/XT1103).

        Text messages consume such tiny amounts of data that I don’t remember ever missing messages on Tmo or (previously) AT&T since the upgrade to 3G; I *DID* miss them on AT&T’s old GSM network.

        Again, tl;dr, factory reset or re-flash your phone, or just upgrade: it’s almost certainly your device.

        • MisterSuperGod

          Text messages (SMS) don’t require a data connection.

        • Robin Kirby

          Yeah only mms(picture/group) messages use data.

    • T-Mobile rules

      How much is sprint paying you to say that?

      • Jess

        He got the carrier’s confused. I am almost certain he was referring to Sprint…..

    • MisterSuperGod

      My first smartphone did that.
      Turns out, it was the software, not the network.
      Installing a third party messaging app (Chomp SMS) fixed it.

    • Robin Kirby

      Here’s a tip. If you get ANY text then it’s not the network it’s the phone. Try deleting some old text messages and check the storage. If it’s network related then it’s all or none.

    • Aaron Davis

      This is the problem with forcing (or tricking) customers into buying a new phone when they switch carriers. If you happen to get a bad phone, you blame the network, because your old phone on your old carrier worked fine

      If someone sends you a text, and you simply never get the text even after you have moved the phone to a better signal area, then it’s the phone.

      If you get a torrent of texts as soon as you leave the room or the house, then it’s interference (or signal blocking) in the room or house. (make sure you have a band-12 phone to pick up the wall-penetrating band 12 signal)

      If you have to drive a few blocks or miles before the texts flood in, THEN it’s the network’s fault (poor coverage)

      When someone sends you a text, it sits in a buffer (for up to a week) waiting to be sent as soon as your phone connects to the network, and it only has to be connected for a few minutes, so even intermittent signal will let texts through.

  • Larry E

    T-Mobile has been pretty good for me. Its not perfect, but they are equal (or better) to AT&T for coverage in my area. Verizon is better, but its not worth paying almost double. I’ll put up with a few missed texts to save that much money.

    The article says customers appreciate little gestures. We appreciate ANY gesture. Before this, the only time I got news from my carrier, it was always bad news. Overages, caps, outages, connectivity issues, and on and on… Every year it got worse.

    At least T-Mobile tries to move customer service in the right direction. Can’t wait to see whats next from the UnCarrier. It’s just funny to see the big guys trying to copy TMobile’s programs.

  • Jacob Roggero

    Verizon has the best coverage in the state (CO) especially in any rural areas. But T-Mobile has been a great company, always looking out for their customers, always giving us extra everything. In Denver their coverage has been great and their LTE is just as if not faster than Verizon. I’m still on a grandfathered plans and it’s way cheaper than anything else other carriers can offer. And to be honest the other two major carriers have tried to adjust their model to a more T-mobile like one after they saw how many people left them for T-mobile. It’s not a perfect company, and coverage is lacking, in-door coverage isn’t great. If I had to use them for work (as my company used to) I wouldn’t be as happy, and would likely switch, but for personal use, I can’t complain. Especially because of the international texting and data that’s free, not to mention my phone just works every time I’m in a different country and I don’t have to worry about massive international roaming charges. For that perk alone I would stay with them, but then you add in unlimited Netflix or Sling tv…and it’s a great carrier.

  • Bradley Karas

    I’ve had them for almost 3 years now in Tampa and it’s great…never drop calls, LTE is fast and both my LG and Samsung work great on band 12. Just wait till they close the deal with continuum…they will cover 90% of the nation in band 12

    • Acdc1a

      Most of Florida is fantastic for T-Mobile service.

    • Ascertion

      Jax, FL here. T-Mobile kicks butt. B12 will only make it better, too. B2 should also be coming soon.

      • Bradley Karas

        I know they have been lighting up band 2 in Tampa as well


    I’ve been with T-Mobile for 14 years now and I’m excited to see how far they’ve come. Keep up the good works Big Pinky!

  • Philip

    I have not been able to redeem anything that is free on Tuesday. Nothing to my likings .. LOL

    • Croq

      Vudu credits and Domino’s Pizza were my main “go-to” items, and they are gone now. Maybe something else will come along that will interest me. At least I got my 1 share of T-Mo stock.

  • BreakingData

    I rejoined tmo after being with the death star for about 4 years. Before that I was with tmo and HATED it. Now that I have rejoined tmo within the last 7ish months I can honestly say they have truly invested in their network and customer services. I get LTE almost everywhere in New England and find it to be really fast.

  • Dylan Wentworth

    two of my neighbors have just got screwed in… I mean locked in to an abusive marriage with ATaT for their tv, internet and cell phone that barely has a signal here. I’m kinda glad. I like having 105-125mbps download speeds on my phone with unlimited LTE and was worried all the recent promotions would lead to congestion. P.T. Barnum would be glad to know there’s still a sucker born every minute.

  • FedUpCustomer

    I’m going to switch to another carrier since they no longer give free Domino’s Pizza.

    • John Bokilo

      Best of luck….I bet you that AT&T will charge you at least three times what you are currently paying for a similar plan. With Verizon, you need a new phone. May be swap over to Google Project Fi.Well… but, you will need a Nexus phone.

      I bet ya, the field is not greener out there!

    • Francisco Peña

      The funniest thing is that Dominos had been touting that they could handle more people, and had cameras to show their people could handle a rush of customers.. yet they caved at teh same exact thing.. Most I ever saw in my local store, next to a major university, was 3 people, including myself in line.

      • William Kestle

        Here in a more poor section of Washington state, all the local stores were packed. At one point I saw over 20 pizzas waiting to be picked up, with many more being made. It was that last week before being axed

  • Guest

    Coverage has improved but data speeds are bad in many places… Because of 5×5 700mhz narrowband B12.

    Binge On has put many people on throttle mode. I don’t think many of you are switching it off and on. And with the “free” Pokemon Go you’re probably watching less videos and using even less data with the game. Good for them.

    Phone selections are bad apart from the usual iPhones, Ss and the Gs. The rest are mostly junk.

    It’s all a mixed bag just like T-Mobile Tuesday program… Vudu, pizzas, frosties, stock and what else? Exactly.

    And the one-size-fits-all upgrade fee.

    I’m with T-mobile because it was the lesser of the four evils, now I’m not sure.

    • Michelangelo Markus

      BingeOn doesn’t throttle anyone. It lowers the video quality, doesn’t effect your speed. In fact since you’re streaming a video at 480p instead of 1080p over the same connection videos should load faster.

      BingeOn is actually pretty awesome, it allowed me to lower my data plan without having to worry about going over. And if you want to stream higher quality video, they still offer an unlimited plan.

      Being as it’s an optional program that any provider (there’s even a porn site) can join with minimal fuss, and you can easily turn off with the app, there’s little to complain about.

      The only thing I can think of is maybe you hit prioritization but that is only on overloaded towers after 25 gigs.

      Personally I’ve easily exceeded 50 gigs of data on my 10gig plan with zero speed reduction because towers in my area aren’t overloaded.

      The fact that you’re trying to turn the Pokémon GO free data into a negative is just confusing. Unless your problem is net neutrality, but you didn’t indicate that.

      • Adam

        The original poster’s point about Pokémon GO was not that is is a negative, but rather T-Mobile is giving away something that does not cost T-Mobile anything to begin with.

        I have always thought the whole 480p vs 1080p discussion was useless, because it is the bit rate the matters for quality not the resolution.

        I have not seen any studies on what the most popular format is for pirates, but since that decision is completely consumer drive, no companies telling them what to use, it tells us what people really want. I would guess pirates favorite format is 720P@1Mbs h265, which is actually worse than what Binge is providing.

        • Michelangelo Markus

          Eh, maybe, his post had a little more conspiratorial tone I thought.

          I would agree with it being a marketing stunt, but it sounded like he was saying it was some kind of underhanded trick to get people to use less data, which would be a bit silly.

          I agree on the quality, even when hotspotting to a computer (still pretty amazed that BingeOn applies to that as well) the quality is perfectly acceptable. Came in handy during my losing battle with Comcast. I may have lost the war, but I was able to fight the full one with minimal discomfort and without changing my plan to cover the drastic increase.

          Not saying T-Mobile is perfect, but any company that makes it easier for me stare down the cable company without blinking is going to earn points from me.

      • Guest

        I’m basically saying there are pros and cons with T-Mobile. If your speeds are good in your area and the rest of the service too then T-Mobile is for you.

        Free Pokemon Go is a publicity stunt because the app consumes little data and if you’re looking for Pokemons instead of viewing videos you’re consuming less overall data. That could be good for everyone elses speeds, but still a stunt and a bad for NN too.

  • Adam

    How to be successful in the wireless network business?
    Step #1, do not waist shareholder money buying the world’s crappiest internet news company.

    I don’t think T-Mobile management is so great, but rather the competition’s management is so terrible. While I do think good customer service and uncarrier promo’s help, the primary reason people move to T-Mobile is price.

    • lomsha


    • Spanky

      I don’t think the competition’s management is terrible, especially when it comes to AT&T and Verizon. With their subscriber base, they have to be doing something right!

      • Aaron Davis

        Even terribly-run companies can be wildly successful if they are either:

        1. A local monopoly. Verizon and AT&T have won in the past due exclusively to their better coverage area (if Verizon is the only with coverage in an area, Verizon automatically wins in that area)

        2. Part of a cartel. Even after Verizon and at&t had both covered most of the country, having 2 choices for carriers didn’t really matter, because both companies had the exact same policies, plans, and prices.

        The problem for Verizon and at&t now, is that T-mobile has a wide enough coverage area to be a serious competitor, and Legere has no interest in being part of the “sons of Ma Bell” wireless cartel.

        Basically, just because someone is winning, doesn’t mean they aren’t cheating.

  • Adam

    You probably could not detect the sarcasm in presidential candidate’s speeches either.

  • Durandal_1707

    If you’re out in the cold, a Frosty probably isn’t what you want. Just sayin’

  • Billy Kittleman

    I have 1 share of stock ;) which the company gives to new customers


    They have the lowest ARPU in the industry. Pretty sure if you can get a customer to sign up by giving away a frost then they probably aren’t going to be your most profitable customer. Not to mention their low credit standards by allowing anyone paying a prepaid bill on time for a year to get A+ credit with T-Mobile.

  • tony

    t mobile is on its way to 70 million subscribers.

  • After switching my family over to T-Mobile off AT&T in 2014 (before their first unlimited data price hike), it’s been great for us. My family loves they can stream baseball games, YouTube, streaming music, and more without using data. We all love that we didn’t pay a cent while in the UK for a week last year, but still had access to data and texts. I love that I’m on that old unlimited plan and the fact that we can use our same data in Mexico and Canada will be great, depending on November.

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