iPhone rolling out to MetroPCS stores nationwide this weekend


After launching early in Florida last month, the iPhone is now making its way to more MetroPCS stores.

Starting this weekend, the iPhone will roll out to MetroPCS stores nationwide, hitting more than 5,000. MetroPCS offers the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, and iPhone 5s. Pricing for the four models starts at $649 for the iPhone 6s, $749 for the iPhone 6s Plus, $349 for the iPhone SE, and $199 for the iPhone 5s.

MetroPCS will also offer a way to save some cash on Apple’s iPhones. A current promotion will get you $60 off any smartphone when you port your number to MetroPCS, and John Legere has confirmed that the discount applies to any iPhone model, too.

It’s taken some time for the iPhone to make its way onto MetroPCS shelves, but it’s nice to finally see Apple’s phones hitting Metro stores nationwide. Of course, nothing was stopping MetroPCS customers from getting an unlocked iPhone onto Metro service, as more than 500,000 people are already using an iPhone on MetroPCS, but now this nationwide rollout makes getting an iPhone on MetroPCS easier.

Source: @JohnLegere

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  • Bart Scott

    “Can’t wait”

  • Roger Sales

    At that pricepoint a lot of people will be buying iPhone 5S’s and complaining about coverage.

    • Walt

      Agreed. They shouldnt even sell the 5s

      • drago10029

        they should because metro customers aren’t rich and the iphone 5S is a mid tier affordable option.

    • Drewski

      MetroPCS does have a financing program for financing phones. So therefore it should not be much of a problem at all whatsoever there.

    • Matt

      I am not sure what coverage problem you are referring to. I have been on 4G LTE up and down the east coast and even in the rural areas.

      • Walt

        The 5s doesnt have the band 12 antenna for t mobile’s new low band frequency. Meaning there will be coverage issues inside buildings and in rural area’s

        • Gvelocity

          same with the 6 and 6plus.

        • Drewski

          They are not selling iphone 6/ 6plus. They are selling iPhones 6s/6s Plus. Where did you get iPhone 6/6Plus from??

        • drago10029

          lol they are! check their website

  • Aurizen

    What if someone already has an iPhone? How would they get the proper carrier update and settings that supports metro?

    • Matt

      It should be pushed to the phone automatically by the carrier.

  • Jimmy

    When will the iphone be available to purchase on metro’s website?

    • drago10029

      same question lol all they have is a learn more button.