iPhone coming soon to MetroPCS


Big news for MetroPCS today, as the prepaid service will soon be getting some major new additions to its lineup.

T-Mobile has announced that MetroPCS will carry iPhone hardware. Specifically, Metro will offer the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, and iPhone 5s. Pricing for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will be set at $649 and $749, respectively, while the iPhone SE will be $349. The iPhone 5s will be the cheapest model of the bunch, carrying a price tag of $199.

These iPhones will be available first in Florida, launching at select MetroPCS stores on July 1. Nationwide availability is coming soon.

The news that MetroPCS is getting several iPhone models is notable because it means that Metro’s phone selection is growing. Not only do customers now have some iOS options to consider alongside Metro’s variety of Android phones, but MetroPCS is launching four different iPhone models that range in price from $199 to $749, meaning that there are options for different budgets.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • HeatFan786

    I hope they offer the SE 64 GB for much cheaper too. Good for T-Mobile for bringing the iPhone to Metro. A lot of Metro users will be thrilled.

  • Walt

    Sweet! Plus the carrier update 24.2 finally came out for the iphone 6s and SE last week. Great news to hear :)

    • patt

      I just sideloaded 24.2 I am still on 9.2.1

  • Roger Sales

    offering the 5S is kind of a bad idea especially at that pricepoint since no band 12.

    • Acdc1a

      The dissatisfaction in band 12 markets will be pretty bad.

  • Matt

    I am an Android person because I refuse to spend more than 150.00 for a phone. Still, this is good news because it shows T-Mobile is committed to its MetroPCS brand. I am more excited about the ZTE ZMAX Pro. The specs on that puppy are pretty amazing. That might be worth paying a little more for.

    • George Salcedo

      The ZTE Axon 7 is actually a very good looking phone. Likely my next phone

      • thepanttherlady

        I’m definitely getting it as soon as it’s released.

      • Matt

        The ZTE Axon has some nice specs bit no removeable battery. That kills it for me.

  • VN

    iPhones are better then androids honey kisses

    • Drewski

      I do love iphones, but androids are more for my loving. No need to attack me Sweetie. Have a nice Day now.

    • Matt

      Yes, iPhones are better. But, I would rather use that amount of money to buy a MacBook Pro than a phone. I don’t need a phone for a status symbol.

      • (J²)

        I’ve been an iPhone user since 2011.

        Look at it this way, iPhone’s do not lose their value very quickly. If you buy a iPhone on release day for $650, a year later you will be able to collect at least $400 if you are selling directly to a company called ItsWorthMore (similar to Gazelle) and more if you are willing to sell it on eBay or locally.

        • Matt

          I cannot argue that point. They do hold their value.

  • Elier Ruiz

    Sounds like they will only sell 16GB Iphones, but still great to see anyway.

    • Drewski

      Not true. Iphone 6s is the one with 16gb and iPhone 6splus is the one with 64gb.

      • Melissa

        I have a T-Mobile iPhone 6S 64GB. So, no the 6S has 3 different variants. 16, 64, 128gb options available for the regular 6S. Same for the 6S Plus. Both have the same storage options.

        • Drewski

          I just now realized that late last night Melissa. My apologies.

    • Drewski

      They are going to be selling 2 versions of 6s 16/64 gb n 6s plus 16gb n 64gb is what I was meaning to say.

      • Elier Ruiz

        Ok, good. Where did you find that out?

        • Drewski

          Well AT&Ts Cricket Wireless has two versions and Sprint’s Boost Mobile has 3 versions. So I would believe that T-Mobiles MetroPCS will have more than one version. So yes, MetroPCS will have more than one version of iPhone 6s/iPhone 6sPlus.

        • Elier Ruiz

          Then you are just guessing.

        • Drewski

          Hey guess what Bro? MetroPCS is actually selling both versions of the iphone 6s 16gb/64gb n iphone 6splus 16gb/64gb. The iPhone 6s 16gb will cost you 649.00, iPhone 6s 64gb will cost you 749.00. The iPhone 6s Plus 16gb will cost you 749.00, iPhone 6s Plus 64gb will cost you 849.00

  • BoredMario

    I already have a T-Mobile iPhone 6S I hope they send an update for Wifi Calling. I am able to hotspot on it. Anyway, finally!!!

    • not a tech writer

      6S/6S+ VoLTE, Wifi Calling, and Visual Voicemail should all be working on Metro as of the carrier update 24.2 issued a couple weeks ago. Do you have your E911 address on file with them?

  • Jimmy

    So when will it be released to the rest of the states?

    • Alex Wagner

      T-Mo says that it’s “coming soon” to the rest of the nation. No specific date has been announced.

  • LABornNRaise

    Y’all don’t know but that Metro unlimited plan for 60 is the truth. I’m on the Gram , YouTube and Kodi all day work. Way cheaper than The T.

    • drago10029

      Yeah, people don’t switch over because they don’t really how great T-mobile coverage and Data speed are these days.

      A lot of people still like having contract lol soon people will be woke.

  • rnbmusic

    this is long overdue, but better late than never. this gives me more confidence to actually open a plan with them and see how their service compares to my verizon.

  • Melissa

    I wasn’t talking about that. Rather the fact you claimed the 6S was 16GB and the plus was 64. As if you were saying that is the storage options for those phones. It’s not. Apple builds the iPhone with more then one storage option for both the 6S and 6S plus.

  • Melissa

    Oh I don’t doubt that’s true about what models metro will carry. I was just clarifying that Apple themselves and most carriers including T-Mobile do carry all variants of the iPhone 6S and 6S plus. They might not with metro and that’s understandable. Makes complete sense they’d do that.

    • Melissa

      However, I think even metro should carry all of the models. People like choices. And I think there should be a nice variety of both apple and android devices. Devices that fit everyone’s budget whether it’s an iPhone or a low cost android device. Choices are good. And, choices keep customers interested.

      • Drewski

        Well said there Melissa. I completely agree with you 1000%. Hey, hopefully MetroPCS will carry all variants of the upcoming iPhone 7. It’s weird because even though I’m not a lover for Sprint/Boost Mobile(but Sprint’s Boost Mobile manages to carry all variants of the iPhone 6s/iPhone 6s Plus). Hey at least T-Mobile’s MetroPCS will finally start selling iPhones, especially to at least sell more than one variant of the 3 variant iphone 6s/iphone 6s plus.

    • Drewski

      Yes so true. Makes sense to me in my eyes also. At least we will get more than one variant of the iphone 6s/iphone 6s plus, is all that matters to me at this point in time hun.

  • Drewski

    I meant ZTE ZMAX PRO

  • pixar

    I don’t like iphones I’m waiting for the ZTE ZMAX Pro.

    • Matt

      Me too. That phone will be really cool and big at 6″. It will also be heavier on horsepower with an 8 core processor and 3GB of RAM. That one will be well worth an upgrade from an LG G Stylo.

  • Jimmy

    I heard from a metro employee on facebook that iphones will be in ALL metro stores in 2 weeks