Un-carrier 11 coming June 6, T-Mobile says that it’s ‘turning it up to eleven’


It’s official: The next Un-carrier move is coming next week.

T-Mobile announced today that Un-carrier 11 will be announced at 1:00 pm ET on Monday, June 6. The event will be live streamed, so everyone can find out exactly what T-Mo’s next Un-carrier move is together.

As for what that move might be, T-Mobile says that it’s “turning it up to eleven,” and John Legere specifically called that out as a hint. A past rumor suggested that Un-carrier 11 will be about customer appreciation. It’s said that an app called T-Mobile Tuesdays could offer subscribers a Domino’s pizza, Wendy’s Frosty, and Vudu movie download every week, as well as the chance to win movie tickets, gift cards, and more. Additionally, the rumor claimed that during the two weeks following the Un-carrier 11 event, T-Mo subscribers will have the chance to get quarter-stock in T-Mobile.

With just a few days to go before the official Un-carrier 11 announcement, what do you think T-Mobile is cooking up?

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  • Starcube

    This sounds like the least-exciting Uncarrier ever.

  • Meh.. i think we all will be bummed by this one.. how about 11 gigs put into our data stashes? lol

  • squiggleslash

    Not really understanding this one. It sounds more like a “We ran out of ideas, so let’s give you some free stuff”, which isn’t really very Legerey. I suspect (and hope) it’s something different.

  • Andrew

    yeah if it’s free carbs and movies i’m gonna be really bored.

    • patt

      AT&T just announced “thanks” buy one ticket get one on them ;)

  • Benben

    Unlimited data for tables

    • steveb944

      I didn’t know there were smart tables.

      • The Waz

        How much data will these tables get? Are oak tables included or just plastic?

        • patt

          1 high speed chicken per table

        • Jose Hernandez


        • steveb944

          Unlimited as it’s part of NOM!, the new food streaming service.
          Glass for the touch interface.I can’t recall if the smart food trays overseas were plastic or not.

  • carl

    Turning it up to eleven Mbps from below one Mbps?

  • Un-carrier Moves

    T-Mobile should have a vanishing insurance deductible. I under stand if I have only had my phone for a month and broke it, but if I have had insurance for 2 years or more and never used it why should I pay a $175 deductible.

    • Kevin

      That’s not a bad idea. But, that’s part of why I don’t use insurance any more. Outside of losing your phone, the deductibles make it not really worth it to me. Pay 12 bucks a month, plus 175 if something happens, that’s pretty expensive when most repairs can be done in probably 200 dollars or less without insurance.

    • John Wentworth

      Insurance on phones is a sucker deal, they really don’t pay to have at all.
      the most common reason for an insurance claim is broken glass and the deductible insurance charges is more than the average broken screen repair.

      I only paid $149.99 at the Samsung service center to have my Note 5 screen replaced, which is less than your deductible. They would have to completely eliminate any deductibles for me to even consider insurance.

      Get a good case and take your chances without insurance.

      • Adam

        The insurance industry works by transferring wealth from poor people to rich people. This was a big factor in how Warren Buffett made his money. Phone insurance is appealing to people that do not have $150 in emergency savings (poor) to pay for a repair. The monthly insurance payments on average will be less than the price of repair. If this average did not exist, the insurance company would go bankrupt. All insurance works this way, not just phone.

        • John Wentworth

          Yeah, I know but you missed the discussion above where he stated the deductible on the insurance was $175.00
          More than the standard phone screen repair. and that type of deductible is very common.
          So it’s much more of a con than most insurance, that only really pays out if you flat out destroy the entire phone or have it stolen.

      • Acdc1a

        Mywit always has recent phones for cheap on eBay.

      • Joseph Cathey

        JUMP insurance: $10/mo = $220 over two years + a $175 deductible = $395
        Cost of a typical flagship device: $700

        If you work in a high-risk job, jump for the insurance. If you’re a casual user, I agree… opt for a good case instead. The problem is that these devices have such a short life span, their depreciation is almost unprecedented. These are top-of-the line devices, we shouldn’t be surprised to learn they are also expensive to replace.

        • OZ

          Agree. I play with the odds, and have not had insurance since forever. Luckily nothing has happened (other than screen repairs), but based on my statistics, insurance is a throw-away money.

      • Rob

        If it wasn’t for me being on Jump 1, I wouldn’t have insurance. I’ve never broken a phone unless it was intentional (I.e, threw it across the room as an example). Back in the day I had a billion warranty exchanges on WinMo 5+ HTC devices when I was on Sprint but I haven’t had to deal with any of that kind of nonsense in years up til now when my November purchased Note 5 decided that I don’t need my battery to last anymore. Jumped to HTC 10 to solve that issue.

    • matt

      did you know square trade no longer charges you a deductible on an iPhone if you break your screen? i dropped my 6s plus screen at the dog park and paid 149 plus tax at the apple store. and came back in an hour. later that same day square trade sent me 149 plus tax to my paypal. however. to be fair. .i heard square trade just does checks and amazon gift cards now and paypal is no longer an option

      did you know you basically pay the same price for an iPhone screen replacement if you have applecare or not?

      insurance is only good if you drop the phone in water , like you need a total device replacement…. or if it is stolen. apple care is worth it for iPads, because apple has no lower price repair cost for screen only ipad repairs

      I’ve heard people tell me that renters insurance is cheaper. and it covers your phone getting stolen but good luck trying to find renters insurance with a low deducible

      if samsung only charges 149 on a note 5, then why don’t have a website that tells you that?? i called them up just curious about the screen costs on an s7, and they refused to tell me unless i provided them with a serial number

    • Critic4U

      Because its insurance from a third party not T-Mobile. And just like all other insurance companies you have a deductible just like car insurance. However it would be cool to see an insurance package that has zero deductible but that’s likely to never happen, because that’s how they make money off the refurbished piece of trash they sell you. They get you for every month on the fees and you could probably buy a refurbished phone from another company for the same amount as your deductible.

  • I would of took the day off, if they announced this 2 weeks ago!!!! The livestream is smack dab in the middle of my shift

    • the4hg5

      would have taken

      • Mirad77

        Hello Professor!

        • IamDefiler

          “Hello, grade school teacher.”

          I fixed it for you.

    • squiggleslash

      “OK, welcome to a very special Uncarrier 11. Delighted to see how important an event this has become with many T-Mobile customers. I see Michael Wiz who’s taken time off work to be here. And over there, on the portable hospital bed, is a child with leukemia who asked her doctors to suspend care just so she could make it here today. Shout out to President Obama, in the box above there, it’s good to see the President taking interest, and to you Ms Clinton and Mr Trump, thank you for suspending your campaigns for the day just so you can attend this very important event.

      “Now, without further ado, introducing Uncarrier 11. Today we’re announcing that users with unlimited data or Binge On will now receive a $2 off any pizza coupon for Papa John’s valid on the last Tuesday of each month. You’re going to get this every month. No other carrier does this, no other carrier buys you… uh, helps you buy I mean, pizza.

      “Thank you for coming, see you at Uncarrier 12!”

      • AHAHHAHHAHHAHAHH Michael Wiz!!!!! XD!!!! Mwiz actually stood for MathWiz….

        • squiggleslash


      • gmo8492

        The legend continues… Lol

  • tmolover31

    “Turning it up” to eleven? I would guess that the move has something to do with improving Music Freedom. Perhaps a free no-ads subscription to at least one of the included services?

    • patt

      I bought a di premium for a month. I like this would be cool actually.

  • Ray

    I think “turning it up to 11” could refer to T-Mobile customers having access to concert ticket pre-sales.

  • leakynews
    • The Waz

      If T-mobile does this to shake up the industry….ATT and Verizon and Sprint are going to laugh at them….free food? give me a break

      • S. Ali

        AT&T announced the exact same plan today called “AT&T Thanks”, so I guess they didn’t think it was such a bad idea.

    • patt

      Posted a month ago. Doubt it.

  • jj201367

    Maybe more family plans with increase free data, or music service without ads

  • Matt

    Maybe the end to international roaming and long distance fees altogether … That would be nice.

  • carl

    The 6.6.2016 is not coincidence.

    • Bryck

      Im was being sarcastic.

  • (J²)

    It would have to been 6/6/2006 to even make sense :/

    It’s the first Monday in June, nothing unusual about that.

  • vinnyjr

    Will never leave T-Mobile. My service just keeps getting better! Couldn’t ask for better but T-Mobile finds a way to make it better. Getting full bars in my house all the time. With that coverage my speeds are sick, fast, very fast. Thank You T-Mobile, Thank You John Legere.

  • Sorin Lazarescu

    how do i sell half a share?

    • Homero Garza


  • gmo8492

    It’s cool that T-Mobile is the only carrier that continues to dot these Uncarrier events. Whenever it’s the other guys, it’s just some obscure press release about a shoddy promo that nobody even bothers to read or look up. It’s good that T-Mobile turns up the heat on the competition, but it seems people become more entitled as if they owe us anything other than the service we pay for.

    • dontsh00tmesanta

      Bingo its like my daddy used to say, give you a hand you take a foot

  • Mike

    How the hell is free pizza going to “address the pain points” customers have with the wireless industry? Only pain point will be the weight gain from all that free shit. I’d like to see T-Mobile do away with all the tax and other related shit on the bill. Wtf, they own Metro PCS which has never added tax and fees to the bill. Can’t all of those smart TMO people figure out how to do this? I’ll gladly give up my pizza and frosty as a incentive.

    • Bob

      Taxes are charged by your state so Tmobile can’t get rid of that. Metro PCS has flat rate plans, but the tax is just built into that total. Imagine how much lower the plans would be without all of that!

      • Mike

        Yes in my case it amounts to 28% of my bill. In most cases Metro’s rate plan is less than TMO with no tax and fees.

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    HTC 10 updates!

  • nutmac

    I hope Un-Carrier 11 does something about ailing Jump On Demand program. I would frankly prefer something closer to iPhone Upgrade Program, offered to flagship phone models that are upgraded annually.

    Example. Pay 50% of the phone’s price (e.g., entry level iPhone 6s at $325) and get free upgrade to newer model next year and get insurance for free.

    • PMB01

      The only thing about that that’s new to JoD would be the insurance. You can upgrade for free 3 times a year already.

  • Bryant

    Unlimited data from 11pm to 6am local time. #Y2k

    • Loco Mole

      I was just going to say something like this.

      • slybacon

        I guess it’s possible… I just don’t think there are really any off-peak hours for data use these days like there were for phone calls 10 years ago.

  • Brad

    Hopefully they can announce a fix for the BlackBerry Priv constantly cycling between LTE, 4G, and 2G networks causing excessive heat and battery drain.

    • Rob

      There’s an easy fix for that – get a new phone.

    • Jose Hernandez

      Sorry to hear about those issues, but that would be a BlackBerry problem to fix.

    • PMB01

      Easy fix: don’t buy a Blackberry.

      I mean, this is just par for the course.

      • lomsha


  • Sayahh

    Free copies of This Is Spinal Tap! DVDs for everybody?

  • Rob

    Bumping 6GB to 11GB and 10 to 21GB? Lol.

    Seriously the only customer pain points I have left are the taxes and fees (which are nothing where I live) and the cost of insurance which I’m required to have with Jump. I’m holding on to my Jump 1 for dear life so I’ll deal with the insurance.

    T-Mobile already informed me the other day that when I call between 7 and 7, I go to a dedicated account specialist team (loyalty) whenever I call about my account which explains why I’ve had no bad customer service experiences recently.

    • Eric

      Should switch to Jump on Demand as an alternative to JUMP1 since it comes with Jump on the phone payment without requiring insurance.

      • Rob

        The problem with that is having to pay off the phone I have first before I can do JoD. I don’t exactly have 500 bucks lying around to pay off my phone with

  • Uri

    Uncarrier11 binge on Bring FaceTime & KODI….& more


    No roaming caps in the U.S. T-Mobile is awesome abroad. . . time to make it awesome in the U.S.

    • ewilts

      Significant roaming caps in the US. No roaming caps if I travel internationally.
      For example, I traveled to a state park in OK a couple of years ago on my 1GB data plan. I was allowed to have 10MB of roaming and then data *stopped* – not throttled, but completely stopped – until I got back to a T-Mobile to reset. Larger data plans give you larger roaming caps. T-Mobile has since bumped my domestic plan to 6GB at no increase in price and given me free international roaming (I travel to Canada yearly).

      • RIEDAL

        I’ve used T-Mobile in Turkey, Italy, Germany, Japan, China, and South Korea without having to worry about data caps. However, a trip through the U.S. and all of a sudden I’ve maxed out my domestic roaming.

  • MIke

    I wonder if you took your medicine this morning.

  • DHar Harr

    Sounds like a big sell-off is about to come considering to buy stocks at a discount. Probably attempting to generate some liquidity for that sell-off.

  • TmoMan

    I hope they increase the high speed data passes for international data roaming. It would be nice to have 1GB, 5GB, or 10GB instead of the current 100/200/500MB which I can eat up real quick.

  • T-Mobile User

    What happen to our purchase stocks if and when T-Mobile sold?

    • SirStephenH

      With mergers stocks owned of the bought company are usually traded for a higher value of stock in the new company. This is done to encourage major stockholders to vote for sale.

      • T-Mobile User

        Thank you

  • AP

    No international roaming or restrictions where t-mobile is present…