BlackBerry Priv disappears from T-Mobile’s online store


After launching at T-Mobile in late January, the BlackBerry Priv has disappeared from T-Mobile’s online store. Perusing the phone section of T-Mobile’s online store, you can see that there’s no BlackBerry Priv to be found, and BlackBerry has been removed from the “Manufacturer” filter as well.

When asked about the Priv, the official @TMobileHelp account on Twitter explained that T-Mo is “not currently” selling the Priv online. I spoke with T-Mobile and was told that while the Priv is out of stock online, brick and mortar T-Mobile stores may still have stock available.

It’s also worth noting that BlackBerry itself is still selling unlocked Priv units that are fully compatible with T-Mobile. If you want to buy from T-Mo to take advantage of JUMP! or an EIP, though, your best bet is to call up your friendly neighborhood store.

As for why the BlackBerry Priv has disappeared from T-Mobile’s online store, it’s unlikely that we’ll get an official explanation outside of what we’ve already been told. An AT&T executive recently revealed that the Priv is struggling with high return rates at the big blue carrier, and so it’s possible that the Priv’s situation with T-Mobile is similar.

Via: CrackBerry
Source: @TMobileHelp, T-Mobile

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