BlackBerry Priv disappears from T-Mobile’s online store


After launching at T-Mobile in late January, the BlackBerry Priv has disappeared from T-Mobile’s online store. Perusing the phone section of T-Mobile’s online store, you can see that there’s no BlackBerry Priv to be found, and BlackBerry has been removed from the “Manufacturer” filter as well.

When asked about the Priv, the official @TMobileHelp account on Twitter explained that T-Mo is “not currently” selling the Priv online. I spoke with T-Mobile and was told that while the Priv is out of stock online, brick and mortar T-Mobile stores may still have stock available.

It’s also worth noting that BlackBerry itself is still selling unlocked Priv units that are fully compatible with T-Mobile. If you want to buy from T-Mo to take advantage of JUMP! or an EIP, though, your best bet is to call up your friendly neighborhood store.

As for why the BlackBerry Priv has disappeared from T-Mobile’s online store, it’s unlikely that we’ll get an official explanation outside of what we’ve already been told. An AT&T executive recently revealed that the Priv is struggling with high return rates at the big blue carrier, and so it’s possible that the Priv’s situation with T-Mobile is similar.

Via: CrackBerry
Source: @TMobileHelp, T-Mobile

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  • lomsha


  • Ordeith

    Android only helps Google and Samsung (but mostly Google).
    Blackberry should have known better.

    • a d00d

      In RiM / Blackberry’s defense, the company is on the ropes, in its death bed: going Android was a Hail-Mary move. Unfortunately, other than the keyboard, the Priv offers nothing except more weight, older tech under the hood, and being MUCH more expensive. I messed around with it in a store and wasn’t terribly impressed. I like a real keyboard, but not enough to cough up at least a couple hundred more dollars for it. As mentioned elsewhere, I sport a Shamu (Nexus 6) these days.

      • Acdc1a

        The physical keyboard, while just a gimmick for most, could have saved the company. It needed a sub-$500 price tag and a multi-million dollar marketing campaign. It got neither.

  • Verizonthunder

    Hmmm so T-Mobile neglects support of any Sony Xperia line, and now blackberry…

    • Phone Guy

      Yes. They shouldn’t carry Sony or Blackberry. No real desire in the US and you can buy both online, on ebay, or from direct sites. Its way to expensive to sell and support a phone that will sell 3 copies in the entire usa. Kidding but since so few sell its not really a viable option. By the way, I think Sony makes a cool phone but I think T-Mobile would lose their ass on that phone.

  • Zacamandapio

    As a ‘BlackBerry fan, this is an expensive phone.
    When it comes down even more I’ll buy. Not at this point.

  • iCrap

    flagship price, with entry level performance? john chen needs to be fired. this phone should have been 399, 499 MAX

    • AS118

      Totally agree. Should’ve kept the classy “Venice” name rather than the dumb-sounding shorthand for “Privy”.

  • Mike

    Blackberry CEO just made this statement:

    “We don’t have any track record making Android devices, so we thought our first one should be one of the most expensive phones on the market!

    …Also, if it doesn’t sell well at that ridiculous price we’re exiting the phone market, so there’s a good chance you’ll never get support or updates from us.

    …But if that happens don’t worry; it’s completely locked down so there’s no way you’ll ever be able to put 3rd party ROMs on it yourself.

    …And just in case you thought that meant you could at least have confidence in the phone’s security (after all, it’s even named ‘Priv’ as in “Privacy”), let me assure you: we’re actively giving governments around the world backdoor access to all of your data and communications.

    …What, no takers?”
    -John Chen

  • guest

    will this phone still get monthly updates if its discontinued

    • Probably for at least a year. Maybe two because they are planning to release 2 midrange Android phones this year. If there’s one thing they did well at the company it’s supporting older devices. Samsung and Sony can’t touch them on the Android platform. (Apple and maybe the Nexus line are the only comparable long term support companies)

      BB10 is still supported into next year, no features just security/bugfix releases.

  • AS118

    Blackberry shouldn’t have overpriced and overspecced this thing. They needed a phone around $400 to $500 at most, to get people to buy into the physical keyboard.

    Trying to sell a “premium” product when they’re not Apple and Samsung was sales suicide.

    Edit: And I LIKE Blackberry.

    • I bought three of their Blackberry 10 devices. These are high quality devices, that excel for communication, security, and stability. It was a visionary operating system that suffered from a lack of apps. They worked to plug the app gap by supporting android apps and Google blocks outside OS from doing this (cuts off access to Play Services and the Play Store). I now use an iphone SE as my modem for band 12 and for Twitter, but the emails and browsing get done on my Passport. The Passport also kills anything else on the market for speakerphone quality.

      Anyways, the Priv missed it because it abandoned the loyal market (Android couldn’t stack up to the messaging capabilities and fast UI of BB10), was priced at an even higher premium than the previous custom BB10 devices were, and was made using cheaper outsourcing (Wistron).

      Sales suicide was marketing something their loyal customer base didn’t want at a price new customers would balk at. They didn’t even try and bother to market it to any new customers. They might have had a hit with a mid-range phone at a mid-range price.

      Chen’s done a great job of pivoting QNX to serve the auto industry and probably saved the future of the company, but he’s crashed what remained of their hardware and device division into the ground.

  • Critic4U

    So long Blackberry, you should of jumped on the android bandwagon in the beginning.

  • jsun

    I was waiting for them to drop the price but instead they dropped the phone:/ Hope they come back with something better.

  • (J²)

    Blackberry has a long reputation of trying to keep the past alive with its products. The company also has a tendency to overprice its products at launch. We’ve seen this too many times.

    If they are unwilling to adapt, they should either give up or find a suitor to acquire them.

    The iPhone SE is $399. The worlds most popular lines of phones is less than a Blackberry that people have began to abandoned for a decade. Hmm, does that not sound like an issue in itself?

    Blackberry needs to focus on low end smartphones, simple. That’s the only way they stand a chance because there isn’t much competition in low end smartphone arena. All the other smartphones in this segment are once high end smartphones that have depreciated quickly over the years or low end smartphone that were introduced as such and remain in production.

    Give the world a cheap phone with an annual refresh cycle. There’s too many people that refuse to pay $400+ on a phone that will keep such a device relevant. This will actually gain traction as this is the primary market for prepaid carriers as they are unable to convince customers to pay hundreds of dollars upfront for a device.

  • I bought it back in February and absolutely love it! I was shocked to see it was discontinued.