John Legere wins advertising space on Olympian’s shoulder, and you can vote for what goes there


UPDATE: The voting is over, and “F^@% AT&T w/ my emoji” officially won. John Legere says that he’s got a few other ideas, though, and so they’ll all be mocked up and then he says that we can help choose the winner.


T-Mobile and John Legere are known for doing unique things in the wireless industry, and this week they’ve done it again.

John Legere bid for and won 9 square inches of advertising space on the right shoulder of Nick Symmonds, Olympic runner. A temporary tattoo will be used for the advertisement. Symmonds put the advertising space on eBay on April 25 at a starting price of $0.99, and yesterday John Legere submitted the winning bid of $21,800.

Symmonds says that whatever goes on his shoulder must be a logo, website URL, or social media name. To help him decide what to put on Symmonds’ shoulder, John Legere is running a poll on Twitter with these four options: “#WeWontStop (magenta T)”, “American Flag”, “I Run Good”, and “F^@% AT&T w/ my emoji”. As of this writing, there are 7,560 votes in and “F^@% AT&T w/ my emoji” is winning with 47 percent of the vote. There are three hours left to vote, so it looks like the AT&T tattoo will win.

Symmonds has six race competitions planned for 2016, including the Shanghai DL on May 14, the Brooks Running PR Invite on June 18, and both the USA Olympic Trials and 2016 Olympic Games in July and August (he hasn’t yet been chosen for the Olympic team, but he has been a part of the Olympics twice in the past). However, due to rules made by groups like the US Olympic Committee and the International Olympic Committee, Symmonds will be forced to cover up his advertisement with tape while competing in the Olympic Trials and Olympic Games.

John Legere is known to be a big runner, and he frequently hosts RunScopes where he hosts a Periscope stream while on a run. Considering both that and his love of poking fun at AT&T and Verizon, it’s no surprise that he won this advertising opportunity and could end up using it to poke fun at AT&T. Even if Symmonds has to cover up his tattoo during the Olympics, John Legere won’t mind. “Runners don’t make NBA salaries, so awarding Nick or other top runners with race bonus incentives throughout the year is a way to give back to a sport that has given me so much over the years,” he said.

Have you voted in John’s Twitter poll? If so, which tattoo did you select?

Via: Runner’s World
Source: eBay

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  • Rob

    Lol! I’m fine with AT&T haha.

  • Trevnerdio

    #WeWontStop is tied for last with I Run Good…lmfao I love the T-Mobile community. I’m really looking forward to the F#$! AT&T one though lol

  • guest

    How about…

    • Joe

      Troll detected.

  • NardVa

    I’m guessing since the ads are covered up during the Olympic trails and Olympic games the average person doesn’t see it. The other smaller races probably want be heavily be televised on TV.

  • Epicfail

    How pathetic and distasteful. John Legere is a pathetic individual, a whiny B&$($ who resorts to name calling when he doesn’t get his way. AT&T is a company who has double the customers and is so much larger than T-Mobile that they don’t have to give away the company to maintain a profitable customer base.

    • D Griffin

      Aww…some AT&T mid-level is trying to curry favor with his boss.

    • AT&T charges $20 upgrade fees, even when you bring your own handset over and you’re over here talking about ‘pathetic and distasteful’. Ha.

  • Moe

    How about a slice of pizza to promote the pathetic Uncarrier move. PIzza and tattoo are both BS moves.

    • patt

      Based on just one site who said that right ? :) do you maybe want some bannanas on the way?

    • guest

      Don’t forget the Deatth Star extention.

  • boaty mcboatface

    How about “Boaty McBoatface”

  • Drake Richter

    The AT&T apologists in the comments and on Twitter are hilarious. Switching over to T-Mobile this month, and the results of this poll make me that much happier that I did.