T-Mobile HTC 10 unboxing takes place in the skies above Las Vegas


The HTC 10 is now officially official, and just like it did with other recent Android flagships, T-Mobile has given it the epic unboxing treatment.

In his new unboxing video, T-Mobile’s Des Smith checks out the HTC 10 while 10,000 feet above Las Vegas. While up in the skies above Las Vegas, Des shows off the HTC 10 and all of the contents of its package, including a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 wall charger and the phone itself. We also get an overview of the HTC 10’s metal body and some of its other features.

The HTC 10 will officially launch at T-Mobile in May, but you can also pre-order an unlocked version directly from HTC today. That model comes with 32GB of built-in storage (you can add more with a microSD card) and a $699 price tag. It also includes free Uh-Oh Protection, which will get you a free replacement unit if you crack your HTC 10’s screen within your first 12 months of ownership, and a warranty that even covers unlocking the phone’s bootloader. The unlocked HTC 10 is expected to ship in early May.

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  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    That was great unboxing for sure. I wasn’t too crazy about the under water one this was fabulous.

  • T Redd

    Damn that price.. Its higher than the s7. I hope its worth it.

  • Thomas Vu

    Tmo going in with these unboxings.

  • Guest

    Very generic look and, what’s wrong with the home button?. The underwater unboxing I assume was a neat idea all the rest are your attempts to better that one.

    • Andrew Singleton


      • Guest

        Good specs. 64GB option.

    • MadJoe

      I think it’s great that T-Mobile is having fun with such a simple thing as unboxing new devices, why bash it? Not to mention the HTC 10 isn’t water resistant, so unboxing it under water would be an awful quick way to destroy the unit.

  • Andrew Singleton

    looks gorgeous cant wait!

  • Rob

    Best chance to get an unlocked Snapdragon 820 device this year and DxOMark gave the camera the highest rating of any smartphone camera. I got an offer to get it for 599 but I’ll wait until T-Mobile gets it. Nice to see HTC going against the grain and selling the device not only carrier but bootloader unlocked though!

  • disqus_hVj9NwwMcK

    I wonder if I can use my $100 credit toward my HTC 10 because I didn’t use my uh oh protection for my m9 when I jump from T-Mobile

    • George Salcedo

      HTC doesn’t usually allow two promotions to be used simultaneously.

  • AnthonyRyan89

    These unboxings are getting out of control imo.

  • Stryder5

    Title is misleading. That was not epic at all. I imagined it being unboxed while skydiving or something. That would be epic. Instead, he’s just sitting in a helicopter, and you can barely see out the window behind him. Title should simply be “unboxing at 10,000 ft.”

    Or I can unbox a phone on a plane and title it “SUPER EPIC UNBOXING AT 30,000 FEET” with somebody asleep on the tray table in the background. Very epic.

    Nonetheless, wish I had money for the HTC 10. It’s pretty pricey yet doesn’t really have anything that makes it stand out from the competition. Still a solid phone all around though that supports wifi calling.