T-Mobile band 12 LTE spied in Texas, Massachusetts, Virginia, and other states


A few weeks after our last roundup of T-Mobile band 12 LTE sightings, there’s another batch to tell you about.

McAllen, Texas


Shrewsbury, Mass.


Minden, La.


Asbury Park, N.J.


Hampton Roads, Va.


Colma BART Station in Calif.


Thanks, Mario, Gregory, Jeremey, Andy, and Troy!

Via: Reddit

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  • Cam Fas

    Need some of that band 12 love in Vegas

    • Jsun

      How’s the service inside the casino and hotels? I’m curious because i’m gonna be there with a big group and I wanna make sure we’ll be able to contact each other.

      • Chrsstp8

        Lte service inside Memory properties are very good some are hit and miss, but they are still expanding and optimizing systems inside casino powers are still being turned up. I work for Tropicana and Wynn casino and in Wynn TMO is so good that you won’t have any problems with calls or data. When TMO deploys Band 12 TMO going to own Vegas…wait they already do.

        • Chrsstp8

          …meant Mgm grand properties.

        • Jsun

          That’s good to hear. Thanks guys!

        • taxandspend

          HOw about in the Venetian?

      • Cam Fas

        Service is pretty good around Vegas to be honest there are only a few cracks that don’t service in areas at the airport that I work in that would benefit from band 12

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    Still no launch for San Jose and south bay area…I just got DirecTV and might have to consider ATT especially for road trips

    • Ray

      According to the map, there are a couple live B12 towers in the south bay.

      • JaswinderSinghJammu

        There are a few more than the documented ones. I have picked up band 12 at the San Jose convention center and it was fast, back in January 2016. I have heard about East Ridge and willow Glen area. Just hoping the officially launched it soon.

    • substance

      I just spotted band 12 signal at the Wal-Mart in Gilroy on Sunday. It kept jumping in and out though.

      • JaswinderSinghJammu

        That great news. I live in Hollister and Hwy 25 at 101 is a big dead spot and even around Walmart area is pretty bad. Hopefully they will launch soon.

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Waiting on S.C. to light up

  • Walt

    Does the iphone not tell you both download/upload bandwidth anymore? Ie 15×15 10×10. I know it used to

    • JLV90

      There’s a bug for the iPhone 6S and 6S plus on field test mode will show a bunch of random stuff there

  • Guest

    Ok now when will San Diego get some band 12 lovin?

  • _7sk#iH

    I read GSM is more secure than other technologies, all calls and texts should go thru GSM,

    • William Kestle

      Other way around. GSM is the least secure. I myself could use openbts with a raspberry pi computer to listen in to GSM conversations

  • Elier Ruiz

    Band 12 for Chicago please.

    • The Waz

      I avree

  • The Waz

    Band 12 Chicago!!! Please!!!!

  • Kurt

    Where’s band 12 for Chicago going to happen?

    • when channel 51 cease

      • MadJoe

        Boston has the same issue, but T-Mobile is pushing the boundaries with that Shrewsbury tower. I’m a little closer to Boston than Shrewsbury, but not by much, and I only get Band 4 where I live and work.

    • News release today states early 2017.

  • VN

    All new B12 deployments should be accompanied with Carrier Aggregation. Without CA B12 gets congested pretty quick.

  • mallard1967

    Still can’t wait for T-Mobile band 12 ..700 mhz to finally come to southern tier ny 14065 freedom and arcade ny area 14009 then I be sighing up

  • vinnyjr

    Don’t have band 12 yet but woke up to a huge increase in my DL & UL speeds. Get 5 bars of service inside my house. Thank You T-Mobile, Thank You John Legere.

  • StevenM

    Mansfield, LA has been active since December. Band 12 has also been added to the tower between Many and Robeline along with the tower in Florien. Hopefully Toledo Bend Lake will be next. A tower right at LA 6 and US 191 is needed.

  • Sean Murphy

    Band 4 or 12 at Universal Studio and islands of adventure would be nice to have a strong signal to send pictures. It took hours to send pictures.
    The wifi with xfinity was not that good. But can send text and make wifi calls in areas that other non tmobile people.

  • Steven

    It sounds like Shreveport, LA, one of my traveled areas for family, is near officially having Band 12. This is exciting as Shreveport and neighboring areas have some of the spottiest T-Mobile coverage I’ve seen.

  • Diego Anza

    I know it’s off topic but I noticed that tmobile is broadcasting a 5Mhz band 2 (not a typo, I mean band 2, PCS 1900Mhz spectrum) in some places in the city of Fort Lauderdale, FL. We already have 20Mhz of AWS LTE and the 5Mhz of band 12 here so I was shocked to see a third carrier on band 2. Does anyone know if they are in the process of adding PCS LTE in densely populated areas to help with congestion? I wasn’t able to find any information.

    • SirStephenH

      They’ve been working on freeing up band 2 spectrum for LTE for a year or two now.

  • Philz

    Hampton Roads Virginia NOT . The area is called “Tidewater”

    • JMccovery

      Tidewater region, but it is known as Hampton Roads, especially since the Hampton Roads Bridge and Tunnel exists.

      • Philz

        Ive lived in Va Beach for 48 years , Area is known as “Tidewater” to those with long time residence.
        The “Hampton Roads” name tag came along late 80,s which took hold mid 90s thanks to Virginia Pilot…news etc all about tourism $$ sounds cool so they said.
        It confused the heck out of those visiting area & upset locals

        Theres now rattle around with another name change to “Coastal Virginia”

        • Phil

          Many visiting South side Virginia – Chesapeake , Suffolk , Norfolk ,Virginia Beach get confused Its called (Hampton Roads) thinking they missed turn coming from Hampton Va many miles away lol.
          The name “Tidewater” came from those city’s having one thing in common , That would be tide water within.

    • TylerCameron

      As long as I’ve lived here, it’s been largely known as “Hampton Roads”
      Which I thought was stupid because Virginia Beach is actually our biggest city…. Why is it not called “Virginia Beach roads” :p

  • Sam Sung

    Perth Amboy , NJ, baby! Five bars!