Report shows that T-Mobile was the second biggest wireless advertising spender in March 2016


Have you seen T-Mobile’s “Not Us” commercial that touts its unlimited family plan? Odds are good that you have, because a new report says that T-Mobile spent big on it in March.

A report from FierceWireless and iSpot.TV determined how much wireless companies spent on advertising in March 2016, and T-Mobile came in second behind only AT&T. It’s said that T-Mo dropped $40.5 million on advertising in March, running 12 ads 6,453 times, 2,250 of which were shown during primetime.

More than half of T-Mobile’s advertising money went into one ad, titled “Not Us,” that touted its unlimited family plan with four lines of unlimited LTE data for $150 per month. This ad received more than 1 billion TV ad impressions in March. If you’d like to refresh your memory, you can check out the ad below.

AT&T spent the most on wireless advertising in March, according to today’s report, spending $91.8 million on 14 ads that ran 12,259 times. An ad titled “Siri” was the most heavily pushed, airing 1,125 times and with a value of almost $30 million. Rounding out the top five of today’s report on March 2016 wireless advertising spending is Sprint, Verizon, and Straight Talk. You can view the most heavily pushed ads from all five companies at the link below.

Source: FierceWireless

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  • Luis Hotdaddy Vasquez

    Wonder why they don’t invest that money on their crappy network instead…

    • Joe

      Troll detected

    • gmo8492

      Because $40 million buys lots of spectrum. Are you really that dense or just ignorant of the wireless industry in general?

      • (J²)

        Lol right!

      • Neither

        Neither, just posting a comment…

      • Derek Mounce

        To be fair $40 million wouldn’t buy spectrum but it could be used to put up 400 new towers cause each tower is $100,000 each and a 20×20 network (which they have in alot of places) can work with enough towers.

        With that being said though those towers wouldn’t matter If they didn’t get customers and as we all know advertising does bring costumers.

        And before anyone cause me a troll I brought up something for both sides of the argument and I am a T-Mobile customer now and will remain 1 for a while and I do not work for them.

    • Ads Onsite

      I guess they are trying to make a profit iike TmoNews with all these ads all this site. …LOL, LOL

      • patt

        Jackpot! 43 ads blocked by Ad Block Plus o.0 holy crap

        • Ads Onsite…

          LOL, LOL, LOL…likewise, I amso thankful for Ad Block

    • donnybee

      Wonder why you don’t spend your time on sites that line up with your perspective instead..

      Cause you’re trolling.

      • randypower

        Wonder why you feel the need to shut down ideas that differ from yours..

  • peharri

    Would be nice if their ads weren’t all “How do you do fellow kids?” Otherwise – no complaints, they have to get the word out somehow, and their network seems (finally!) to be massively improving of late, at least here in rural (the northern tip of) South Florida.

  • Mike

    That’s a lot of money that could have been used to improve the network. Wonder how many new customers were generated from these ads? Did it cost more than $500 per new signed customer or was it more like $1000? How much will they spend to advertise the half baked home phone service. Invest in the network and your customers will carry out the advertising. Now that’s an uncarrier move.

    • Acdc1a

      Without a SUBSTANTIAL amount of advertising T-Mobile wouldn’t be considered viable to a lot of consumers.

    • donnybee

      Glad to hear that “Mike” from the internet is more brilliant and in-tune than the successful and accurate marketing team at T-Mobile.

  • donnybee

    People who think T-Mobile wasted their money on advertising don’t really understand how advertising works, and is meant to work. It’s not so much about selling a specific product or plan as it is about engraving the brand into the minds of viewers. I say it’s about time T-Mobile step it up on advertising.

    • kgraham182

      Correct, people would be throwed if they knew how much our government spend of military ads. The National Guard spends $26M as a NASCAR sponser alone. Our Air Force, Amry, Navy, and Coast Guard shouldn’t need any marketing.

      • steveb944

        But they do in order to maintain an image and keep enrollments moving along.

    • Jon

      This x1000.

      If you want to see how effective advertising is, look at Apple and ATT’s advertising budgets, and then look at T-Mobile’s advertising budgets over the past 5 years. T-Mobile’s worst financial quarters mirror their miniscule advertising budgets in the prior quarters.

  • emcdonald75

    Is T-Mobile LTE down in the Southeastern region or the State of Mississippi? I’m in Jackson, Mississippi, and when I enter a building, the signal drops to 4G, but I have always had LTE before. I know we had a very bad storm this morning. Maybe something happened to the tower? When I go outside, I have LTE, but when I come inside my work building I only have 4G. I have always had LTE inside this building before today.

    • MIke

      Maybe Donnybee can fix this with his maketing expertise. Surly unhappy customers generate a lot of marketing value. And it’s all free…

    • Sean Murphy

      Try restarting your phone. Once in awhile my phone does that. By restarting your phone and clearing the apps running in the background it should come back while you are in the building

      • emcdonald75

        Thank you. My iPhone 6S Plus just returned back to LTE on its own just a minute ago.

        • Sean Murphy

          Your welcome

  • Jay J. Blanco

    To all those talking tmobile should invest in network. They are already doing this plus I hope you all realize that tmobile is saving most of its money for the 600mhz spectrum auction which is the most important auction of THIS DECADE.

    • Jay Holm

      That 600mhz auction is supposed to be happened really soon!!! Some carrier aggregation would be really nice also…..

  • disqus_jL4eYoDu9l

    If T-mobile want to have a stronger network, they need to merge with Dish.

    • Sean Murphy

      Tmobile should buy dish. Since dish has been losing customers. Dish does have the spectrum that tmobile needs to go 20 x 20mhz plus across the usa.

      • emcdonald75

        I was hoping that T-Mobile’s parent company could buy Dish while T-Mobile USA focus on the incentive auction. Spectrum overload!!!! Lol

    • FILA

      that wuld be the worse thing they could do

  • mikeZo6

    waste of money ! use that money to build a network that WORKS all the time