T-Mobile Starts Shipping Out LG G5, Offers Freebies on New Purchases


T-Mobile announced today that they have already shipped out the LG G5 to those who pre-ordered the modular smartphone. Initially slated for an official release on April 1st in the US, T-Mobile has gone ahead and delivered the device to its new owners.

When the LG G5 made its debut at the Mobile World Congress over a month ago, it triggered the curiosity of a number of people. Considering it was not your traditional smartphone, the G5 gained much attention for its modular design. Apart from the design, the G5 comes with a 5.3-inch IPS LCD display with a resolution of 1440×2560 and 554ppi. It is being powered by a 2.2GHz Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor with 4GB of RAM, an internal storage of 32GB and a microSD card slot for up to 2TB memory expansion. On the back, there is a 16MP camera with 4K video recording while an 8MP front-facing sensor is available in front. The device also comes with a 2,800 mAh battery for up to 20 hours of talk time and 15 days in standby mode.

Perhaps one reason why so many people grew curious of the G5 is the modular accessories it comes with called LG Friends. Through these, users can switch and play between the LG CAM Plus, LG Hi-Fi Plus, LG 360 CAM, LG 360 VR, and the LG Rolling Bot.

Now that T-Mobile has started shipping out pre-orders of the G5, they have started to entice more people to purchase the device. Starting today until April 17th, T-Mobile will give you a free LG Battery Bundle with battery and docking station worth $80. They will also be giving away a free LG 360 CAM worth $200 for orders accepted before April 5th. You can get the LG G5 from T-Mobile for a price of $629.99 full retail or for $26.25 per month for the next 24 months.


Source: AndroidAuthority

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  • sosarozay300

    nothing beats getting a free second phone sorry lg

    • Joe


    • Shadowleo

      My thoughts exactly

    • RLB63

      The S7 did not get the BOGO free until after they stopped the early purchase freebies. They are offering BOGO half off on the iPhone’s. I fully expect some type of deal early April either after the free camera expires or a mid April after the extra battery and dock deal expires.

      • zeiferx

        sorry but thats wrong. i got my free vr and netflix while also taking advantage of the BOGO. i took the 100 voucher instead of the vr since i already have one. but i already got the 4 vouchers and 4 netflix codes.

        • RLB63

          Well they waited and didn’t do it day one…I fully expect them to offer some type of BOGO offer on the lg

        • Joe

          How do you get the voucher instead of the VR? I don’t need a second VR so I was just planning on selling it on Craigslist for cheap but if I can get a voucher instead I’ll be happier.

        • zeiferx

          i was given the option at the time. it said about VR being back order and that i could take a voucher instead.
          i got the voucher and my netflix code.
          sorry for the late response

  • Mike

    I suspect this phone and the accessories for it will be a flop sales wise.

    • MattPortland

      I have that same feeling.

    • RLB63

      Has the S6 gotten marshmallow yet? I have the G4 and like it better than any of the Samsung’s I’ve had. Samsung is slow to update. They never even have Kit Kat for the S4 on T-Mobile.

      I really don’t expect the accessories to take off until people know if they will work on future phones.

      Even if you don’t like LG be happy that there is a decent competitor to push Samsung to try harder. I doubt you would be getting all the freebies either.

      • Jared

        My girlfriend just got the marshmallow update on her S6, but she has US Cellular.

  • Bradley Karas

    LG lied to its consumers…video evidence shows the phone is actually plastic LOLOLOLOL!!!!!

    • Mike

      As I am holding this phone in my hand typing this, I am fairly certain this is metal… Yup… Definitely metal.

  • Droopy McDonuts

    Is the T-Mo version of the phone carrier-locked?

  • Nate

    Waiting for the V10 refresh as I am into larger screens.

  • I’m thinking of picking up a TMO G5 for use on AT&T/Cricket. I know T-Mobile historically has a pretty good unlocking policy but how hard would it be to get the phone and immediately get an unlock code for it?

    • RLB63

      If you pay outright for the phone there shouldn’t be a problem. Maybe a 24 hour wait

      • Farhan Ahmed

        It’s not that simple for TMobile. If you buy the phone outright you still have to use the phone on TMobile’s network for 3-4 days for the phone’s IMEI number to be registered (staying on wi fi doesn’t count and you have to be on the cellular network and minimize wi fi user for the first 3-4 days). Once registered it would be identified as a TMobile phone (IMEI number is in TMobiles system) or a non-TMobile phone (IMEI is not in TMobile’s system – likely due to the phone being an international version or from another carrier; but I had a different experience which I’ll explain below).

        Also, a quick note – some of the newer phones like the Note 5, S7 etc have a Device Unlock app installed. Meaning you don’t call TMobile for any unlock code, but run the app after the first 3-4 days to unlock your phone. If the app doesn’t work then you call TMobile for assistance.

        If your phone registers as non-Tmobile you’re out of luck as you won’t get any support. I ran into a strange issue and I hope someone on here can help answer. I bought a TMobile branded Note 5 from a 3rd party website which I won’t name. The phone was factory sealed and had TMobile branding on it and even came with a TMobile sim in the box. Only catch was the person selling the phone didn’t buy it directly from tMobile but got it directly from Samsung.

        I used the phone on TMobile’s network and it registered as a non-TMobile phone and could not be unlocked. After countless calls into support, no one at tMobile would help me unlock the phone even after I took the phone to a TMobile store and had a store rep call and verify that the phone was actually a tMobile phone. Also, the phone’s boot sequence had tMobile on it as well as the pre-loaded android software had tMobile’s standard apps on it. No form of explaining worked and the store rep after 30 minutes on the phone also got frustrated with TMobiles support and even told one person “I can verify this is a TMobile phone, but no one is help me and I keep getting the run around.”

        I learnt an expensive lesson there but can’t help feel cheated because by doing this, TMobile is really forcing people to buy phones from them directly.

        If anyone has the answer to what happened with me, I’d be interested in knowing why and how this could happen.

        • Bklynman

          Have you try bringing the phone to a phone repair shop asking them to unlock it?

      • brybry

        Tmo won’t unlock unless it’s been on the account for 40 days.
        Stores may have a different policy, but online/phone will tell you that it’s 40days.

  • RLB63

    Just found out they are not getting the demo models until April 6-10 th. Meaning it is too late to get the 360 camera if you like it.

    • Jared

      Go to another carrier like sprint or Verizon, or even best buy. They have them out on display

  • brybry

    The reviews are mixed on this. But it’s super ugly. Some reviews agree it’s ugly.
    Crap battery life is another negative. Swappable is nice, but doesn’t excuse the fact that it as crap battery life.

    • RLB63

      Some people say the same thing about the G4. I haven’t had a problem. I’ve had a lot of problems with galaxy phones.

      • Morton H

        My s7 edge fell and it shattered front and back

        • brybry

          that sucks~ hopefully you had insurance. If not sign up for the samsung protection plus or something. Worthwhile to have IMO especially if you run around without a case.

    • Vahdyx

      Returned it after 4 hours. Build quality is not good. Light bleed is terrible, and the small gap from the chin became more distracting than I’d like it admit. When light shines through it just screams “look at me.”

      I had a case coming which would have fixed that I’m sure but I just didn’t like the idea of paying close $700 (with tax) for a phone that doesn’t focus on the little things. I felt like I was being scammed which is not true. Just not for me I guess.

      The software is faster than Samsung’s though. So that was a plus

    • Morton H

      Get a spare battery , use the LG Cam plus for a total of 4000mah added onto the phone, or Q3.0 charging whats the big deal?? come on

  • Mike

    I just upgraded my line from the BlackBerry Priv to the LG G5 this morning. I am on Jump on Demand. My battery, cradle, and 360 camera are on their way in the mail now

  • cloud strife

    Is this a good update from g3? It seems to be a nice phone but there’s something off looking at it. It’s not ugly but kinda trying hard to be an iphone & galaxy but fell short and failed.

    I hope that there’ll be a “friend” that has nice front speakers.

    This or Freetel Musashi as a new toy…

    • RLB63

      It sounds like a nice update from the G4 which was a very nice update from the G3. They had a non working G5 at a store I went to and I couldn’t really notice that the screen was really smaller. The gold was not very dark. Similar but not pinkish like the Iphone. I was meaninleaning toward silver but probably will get gold.

  • RLB63

    Has anyone seen demo units at the stores yet?

    Anyone else get one?

    • David

      I currently have the s7 edge and got my wife the G5 from an s6 yesterday. We have jump on demand so we have owned nearly every high end Samsung and LG recently.

      My wife got the G5 gold and it is a very nice device. Reminds me of the build quality of the HTC m8. I’m surprised there were complaints on here about this phone which makes me doubt they actually bought it.

      My 4 year old opened and closed the battery opening dozens of times and it still fits beautifully flushed. No large line. Really is impressively designed. The screen isn’t as good as the over saturated Samsung but the battery seems just as good as the s6 was if not a bit better. The dual camera I’d say is actually the best feature (and the metal case that doesn’t show fingerprints). If I didn’t already have the s7 edge I would get one. Especially with the extras you can get right now.

      • RLB63

        So how do you compare it to the G4?

        • David

          It is better in every way from the g4 from the fit and finish to the g5 having that second camera. With that said, the g4 is $350 new at tmo, and G5 is $630 with some nice extras (probably could ebay the bonus VR camera). If I wasn’t on JOD, I would probably recommend saving the cash and getting the G4.

          But it’s more up to your financial circumstances, if you liked your G4 and you have some income to spend on the G5, you’ll be happy with it, it really is a nice phone.

      • Morton H

        I love the G5, I returned my s7 edge for it. I will miss the Samsung Pay, but Android pay is there and more banks are supported anyway

    • Drew

      No demo units in any store I’ve been to… other than Best Buy. A tiny and embarrassing kiosk of nothing but the Platinum LG Tone headphones (which are nice btw). I’m placing a lot of the blaming with TMo. Was this really a launch? They shipped only the Gold phones to all of the T-Mo stores that I’ve checked from Bakersfield to the Inland Empire down here in SoCal. You’re only carrying two colors and you can only launch one?? Really?

      Sprint and At&t carry all 4 colors, Verizon has the Titan and Silver. I was under the impression that TMo would carry all of the colors since there was no reports of a specific color (it had been reported that Verizon would only carry 2 colors) and now there are a hundred stores stuck with just that awful Gold colored phone. The Silver is decent but I wanted the Titan (Grey).

      I’ve got a leather pouch on the way (which is very nice and was incredibly hard to find) and a tempered glass screen protector that arrived on Friday. I’ve seen countless videos and unboxings and I’ve even seen the Gold in person as the girl behind the counter at TMo went to the back to get me the phone without even asking me what color I wanted, which I thought was odd. She brought it back and opened it up. I asked if they had Titan. She said she wasn’t sure and went to the back to check again. She didn’t have any other color and then called around to a few higher volume stores and they all said just the Gold. Who launches with just one color—and not report it otherwise??

      The people at these TMo stores were told nothing. They don’t know if or when they’re getting more in. This was obviously a horribly conceived April Fool’s launch if I’ve ever seen one. I can’t be the only one wanting to walk in to my nearest TMo store and have at least a choice of what color phone I want from a major launch. There are build quality issues being reported from Youtubers with the fit and finish and also light bleed from the display and it’s just getting bashed in the tech community.

      I realize there will be ‘free gifts’ for early adopters but after seeing an S7 Edge (which I do not want) unboxing with an USB-OTG adapter and premium headphones included, this is going down as a half-assed offering from LG and I don’t even know if I want this phone anymore…

      **Sorry for the rant but no demos in stores and only one color available. Absolutely ridiculous!! Nothing was communicated. Period.**

  • Sliver G-Five

    When are they going to get the Sliver G5 in the Stores? All they had was Gold I called 6 stores in Atlanta. I ordered all Sliver accessories!!!! WTF T-mobile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Panzer

    I like this; I hope more phones adapt this battery swapping style.

  • Stinebean

    Picked up the G5 last Saturday (4/2) at my T-Mobile store. I went to 3 stores to get it. The first didn’t receive the G5 yet, the second and third had the gold G5 in stock but didn’t have a display unit and refused to let me look at the phone before I bought it. Since the third store was next to a Verizon store, I went next door to Verizon and was able to look at the phone before I bought it from T-Mobile. The phone is very lightweight. It’s as long as the G4, but not as wide or as thick. While originally touted as “all metal,” it has a very plastic feel and weight. Because the phone is light and a little slippery feeling, it absolutely should be in a phone case. This defeats the quick battery change “magic slot” since I cannot find a single case that accommodates the phone’s slide out feature. Personally, I find that it’s easier to charge my phone instead of carrying spare batteries. I would have preferred a longer lasting and/or faster charging battery instead of an easy to change battery.

    As a previous G3 and G4 owner, I am used to – and enjoy – the rear volume controls. For this reason, I can’t say how disappointed I was with LG’s decision to move the volume buttons to the side of the phone. Also not a huge fan of the rear fingerprint scanner. Not only is it not as responsive as the Nexus 6P, but I just don’t care for the rear placement as I usually leave my phone on my desk while I am at work and do not like having to pick it up, turn it over, and use the fingerprint scanner just to see who texted me. The fingerprint scanner seemed like fun, but I ended up removing it because it was such a PITA.

    I had no trouble submitting the rebate for the free battery and cradle, but the rebate website for the free LG 360 Camera (with purchase an LG G5 at a T-Mobile store through 04/05/16) isn’t working. The LG chat representative was completely useless, but the LG phone representative told me that the website was down and I should try submitting the rebate later this month. I don’t know about you, but if I don’t submit a rebate right away I never end up submitting it. LG historically releases its flagship phone later in the year and the store roll out issues and website problems make me think the April 1 release date was a little rushed. If LG couldn’t get the glitches out of its rebate website in time for its April 1, 2016 G5 release date, it makes me wonder if I will be finding some glitches in my G5.

    When the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge first came out, my gut told me to get it and take advantage of all of the awesome rebates, including the VR glasses rebate and the charging pad promo for signing up for Samsung pay. However, I decided to hold out for the G5. That was a huge mistake! I was expecting big things from the G5. but all in all I am pretty disappointed. The G5’s more unique features don’t really appeal to me, the launch promos are not that great, and it really isn’t much of an improvement over the significantly less expensive G4. I don’t find the G5 ugly as some have said, but it certainly lacks the sexiness of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the ruggedness of the larger, slightly less expensive, and wholly undervalued LG V10.
    Fortunately I have Jump 1, so I can switch my phone in 6 months if the G5 doesn’t grow on me. I am interested to see what HTC brings to the table this year, but I didn’t want to wait around for their late Spring release. Hopefully, next year’s LG G6 will be a more worthy flagship phone. If not, my LG days may be over.

    • RLB63

      I doubt it is a rushed issue getting out the phones at least on lg’s part since the other carriers and at least best buy got them in

    • Morton H

      Are you out of your mind, the G5 fingerprint scanner is the fastest around,, you dont even have to click it,,

  • MattPortland

    It’s a plastic “paint” over aluminum. It was done that way to hide the antenna bars.

    • Bradley Karas

      Yeah they said it’s primer that bonds to the aluminum

  • junior90

    when is tmobile having the lg g5 on silver??

    • Morton H

      I have the gold, it looks better than the shiny s7 gold

    • RLB63

      I got mine over the phone. Better that way because jump they take the old phone right away at a store. If you don’t like it you can’t go back to the old phone since it is gone…