T-Mobile announces ‘Binge On Up’ and ‘Binge John’


Today T-Mobile announced Binge On Up and Binge John. So let’s start with BingeOn Up.

Binge On Up is T-Mobile amping up Un-carrier 10, Binge On. The new move will let customers “watch whatever they want and do whatever they want” without disrupting what you’re doing.

 For years, the carriers have forced wireless customers to choose between bingeing their favorite shows and going about their everyday lives. With Binge On Up, you don’t have to choose, and customers can enjoy non-stop streaming every waking second. In true Un-carrier style, T-Mobile is making Binge On Up available to T-Mobile Simple Choice™ customers first—and at absolutely no extra charge.

Binge On Up is actually a product. It’s a headband you can wear that you can mount your phone on. This way, your hands are now free to do whatever you please. According to the Un-carrier, “T-Mobile customers were suffering from more injuries from distracted walking, Netflix Neck and YouTubular Degeneration due to longer binge-watching sessions” and they hope this fixes an issue that’s long been plagued in the mobile industry.

Also announced today was Binge John. T-Mobile CEO John Legere is known for aggressively using social media to his advantage. Everything from Twitter to Periscope, you can bet John is on there. Starting today, all Simple Choice customers will be able to enjoy John Legere without using any data.

Binge John will fundamentally change the way T-Mobile customers experience John Legere. No more jonesing for a Facebook Live chat or long drawn out minutes until the next Un-carrier event F-bomb. Now you can dial up a rant on Dumb and Dumber or watch endless loops of #SlowCookerSunday anytime you want! And with Binge John, Simple Choice customers can stream all the John Legere they want without using up their high-speed data!

Which of the two services are you looking forward to the most? Sound off in the comments below!

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  • lomsha

    Har har April fools!

  • Bryan Pizzuti

    Sometimes I really hate April Fool’s Day…

  • BingeOn Up is a Tmobile Joke..

    Too funny…LOL, LOL…what a character (John Legere). I am truly convinced that John (Tmobile) has too much time on his hands…

  • Android_God

    This has to be one of the worst and most lazy attempts at an April Fool’s joke I think I’ve ever seen. At least I didn’t have to scroll past a picture of nail fungus to make this comment!

    • Fabian

      And the scary photo makes it even worse.

      T-Mobile and TmoNews are not for everyone.

      If it wasn’t because I hate AT&T even more…

  • Jason Caprio

    A better April fool’s joke would be to make an announcement that the Galaxy Note 5 and S6 are finally receiving their Marshmallow update today. lol

    • RLB63

      So many people are happy with Samsung but they are do slow with their updated if you even get them . Tonite never got the kit Kat update for the S4. I got the marshmallow update for the G4 over a month ago

  • Marto Manov

    Haha just wow

  • Deadeye37

    Where’s the link to the Binge On Up video? That was pretty hillarious…..but I would actually want one of those headsets. It can be quite useful!

  • taxandspend

    Mine shipped today.

  • kev2684

    Binge John could simply be John Legere’s personal blog. I can see myself visiting it for #SlowCookerSundays and maybe when I’m just bored tbh

  • Joe

    I would almost believe it but realized the simple choice 2 GB plan doesn’t benefit from binge on and here it says it does so that told me this was a joke.

    • patt

      You can always upgrade to 6gb plan.

      • Joe

        And pay $10 × 3 lines just to get unlimited video? No thanks.

        • patt

          Only for the lines that need more data/video. I am happy with my Select Choice Plan,120$ for 3 lines unlimited data+5GB hotspot per line.

      • AJ2

        Going from 2gb to 6gb is a huge jump, esp since t he average consumer uses about 2.5gb of data. The truth is the customers that need binge on are those on 2gb plans. I don’t know a single person that uses 6gb of data on a carrier that doesn’t have binge on. Most people I know are not watching Netflix and such on a smartphone unless they live in a major urban area where they have a long commute on public transportation.

        • patt

          Well I can see people benefit a lot with 6GB plan vs 2GB. Plus binge-on will help a lot. I average about 20-27GB a month. I used to average 4gb on Verizon because I had to watch my data usage. I mainly use Tubex to listen music via youtube,watch soccer games (aka football,not handegg).


  • Guest

    This would actually be kinda cool. Too bad it’s just a joke :(