T-Mobile announces ‘Binge On Up’ and ‘Binge John’


Today T-Mobile announced Binge On Up and Binge John. So let’s start with BingeOn Up.

Binge On Up is T-Mobile amping up Un-carrier 10, Binge On. The new move will let customers “watch whatever they want and do whatever they want” without disrupting what you’re doing.

 For years, the carriers have forced wireless customers to choose between bingeing their favorite shows and going about their everyday lives. With Binge On Up, you don’t have to choose, and customers can enjoy non-stop streaming every waking second. In true Un-carrier style, T-Mobile is making Binge On Up available to T-Mobile Simple Choice™ customers first—and at absolutely no extra charge.

Binge On Up is actually a product. It’s a headband you can wear that you can mount your phone on. This way, your hands are now free to do whatever you please. According to the Un-carrier, “T-Mobile customers were suffering from more injuries from distracted walking, Netflix Neck and YouTubular Degeneration due to longer binge-watching sessions” and they hope this fixes an issue that’s long been plagued in the mobile industry.

Also announced today was Binge John. T-Mobile CEO John Legere is known for aggressively using social media to his advantage. Everything from Twitter to Periscope, you can bet John is on there. Starting today, all Simple Choice customers will be able to enjoy John Legere without using any data.

Binge John will fundamentally change the way T-Mobile customers experience John Legere. No more jonesing for a Facebook Live chat or long drawn out minutes until the next Un-carrier event F-bomb. Now you can dial up a rant on Dumb and Dumber or watch endless loops of #SlowCookerSunday anytime you want! And with Binge John, Simple Choice customers can stream all the John Legere they want without using up their high-speed data!

Which of the two services are you looking forward to the most? Sound off in the comments below!

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