New Samsung Pay users can now score a free Wireless Charging Pad


We already know that new Galaxy S7 and S7 edge owners are getting gifts like a Gear VR and a year of Netflix to go with their new phone, but if they’re new to Samsung Pay, too, they can get yet another gift.

Samsung is running a promotion that’ll give you a free Qi-enabled Wireless Charging Pad — this one, specifically — if you’re new to Samsung Pay. If you’ve never used Samsung’s mobile payment service, simply launch the app and add a qualifying credit card. Then go into the “More” menu and hit “Events,” then tap “Samsung Pay Card Registration Offer” and agree to the terms. Samsung will then give you a coupon code that can be used on Samsung’s web store to bring the price of the $49.99 wireless charging pad to $0.

This offer is good until 11:59 pm ET on March 10, and it’s open to anyone that had not registered a card with Samsung Pay before February 29. And while this promo is likely meant to encourage new Galaxy S7 and S7 edge owners to check out Samsung Pay, it’s also open to anyone with a Galaxy S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+, S6 active (an AT&T exclusive, but hey, maybe someone got one unlocked and is using it on T-Mo), and the Galaxy Note 5.

It’s worth mentioning that this is Samsung’s standard Wireless Charging Pad, not the Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pad that Samsung says charges 1.4 times faster than the standard pad. A free Wireless Charging Pad is a free Wireless Charging Pad, though, and you don’t even have to buy anything with your card to get it. So if you’ve never used Samsung Pay buy you’ve got a compatible device, you may want to check it out in the next few days.

Thanks, Luis!

Source: Samsung

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  • dontsh00tmesanta

    Dang if only it were the fast one

  • morrisp

    Stinks that the promotion runs until the day before the new phones are officially released…

    • Chad

      Agree. My s6 doesn’t qualify, maybe because I have used the app, but never registered a card.

  • Samsung needs to make a Windows 10 phone first, then I will consider using their services. Until that time comes, their services are junk.

    • RLB63

      Why would they waste their time? You might live windows 10 but very few people do. It is a tiny tiny section of the market.

  • Brian Richards

    Just to let you know. I had previously added cards to Samsung Pay. I also had REMOVED those cards because I don’t use the service. It’s not compatible with the banks I actually use every day (Capitol One and Wells Fargo), so I figutred it was safer to NOT leave other cards in there since I don’t use it. I use Andoid Pay and where I live even small stores have tap readers now.

    Anyway, I just saw this article, loaded the app, added a Citi card, got the code. Meaning I am NOT a new user of the app, however I had no cards in it, and have never actually purchased with it.

    So what defines a first time user or what triggers the code may be flexible. :) Going to try and order the Qi pad now. YAY!

    • TylerCameron

      It really amazes me that they don’t support Wells Fargo. Or the fact that it’s even bank specific. If it’s a Visa, MasterCard, etc, it should work. They all get charged basically the same.

      • Brian Richards

        Yeah, I was super excited when it came out. But just like app availability makes or breaks a platform, bank compatability meakes or breaks a payment system. By the time they catch up with getting all the banks on board it will be too late for the loop tech to be a thing – tap terminals will be everywhere. I tapped to pay on a vending machine the other day.

        • Mike Sage

          I was very happy to see WF is now supported since thats my bank. My favorite thing about samsung pay is you don’t even need a tap terminal for it to work, any old terminal will do since the phones can use the magnetic strip field of the old card readers.

          I haven’t activated my first card yet because I’m still on the fence with going for the free charger or holding out for a possible resurrection of the $200 credit promo.

      • Brian Richards

        actually, I JUST now got a pop up in the app that Wells Fargo is NOW COMPATIBLE. So maybe it’s not totally useless. I’m going to have to try and find a merchant that doesn’t yet have a tap terminal ;) LOL

    • Brian Richards

      Ordered no problem. Also added a different card of mine to my son’s account (minor) and got a second charger that way. Thanks SAMSUNG!!!

    • TaekwonBo

      The thought of removing cards/resetting the app came to mind and if that would work. Haven’t tried it yet but considering it. I already have one and really would prefer the propped up version.

    • jefski

      Wells Fargo is now good

    • Nancy

      I did that too but so far I have not received a verification email or when I put the email in it tells me there is nothing using that email so I don’t know if it worked

      • Brian Richards

        I used his email for the second account and the second order. Is that what you mea? We got confirmation emails for both.

        • ConceptVBS

          Confirmation is just an acknowledgement that the entry has been made. You entered the IMEI number previously (also your WIFI mac address) which you’ve already done so you will be disqualified.

  • BillSmitty

    I hope they do a similar offer with the fast charger after March 11 for the S7…I have no interest in the present S7 offer with the stupid (IMO) VR and Netflix. I’d really like to get the new S7 but will wait for a better offer.

    • Jake Fitzpatrick

      I’ll take your VR and Netflix!! ;)

  • Joe

    I did this promo and now getting a charging pad for my work desk since I already bought one last year for a S6 I bought my wife but she never used it. Wish it was the new fast charge cradle version so it’s propped up. I have a night time clock app that I run and would have loved that version. By the way the amp output on this charging pad is minimal. My 0.7 Amp wall plug puts out more power than this thing does so it’s really a slow charge. But it’s meant for overnight charging anyway.

  • cory mabry

    How can we claim this promotion if it expires the day before the S7’S come out? AT&t is delivering the S7 on the 11th!

    • Jason Crumbley

      I already have my S7 Edge from T-Mobile.

      • cory mabry

        First off, I am jealous, lol. Secondly I think Att & Verizon, the big two, are shipping 3/11. I find it odd that the day before the two major cell providers ship, the deal expires.

        • MattPortland

          You should be able to use your pre-order receipt as proof of purchase.

        • cory mabry

          All for not, Best Buy just called, the phones arrived earlier than scheduled, I will have it Monday!

        • Kalinn Stewart

          I picked up my S7 Edge today as well, however I can’t install Samsung Pay. It says it’s incapitable with my device.

        • Rachel Selbe

          How does that help with getting the deal, though?

  • Bradley Karas

    Not worth it!!! I have one already and it takes a while to charge I’d rather just use the normal fast charger

    • Philip

      Yes. I pay $20 to get the non Samsung QC2.0 and its worth it.

      • Bradley Karas

        I bought that battery pack fast charger thru Samsung and that thing is awesome and fits in your pocket

  • no2apple

    With 2 lines on my account and dealing with JOD since Sep 2015, this is what I have. All Free.

    2 wireless chargers
    3 years of Netflix
    2 wireless chargers on the way
    2 Gear VR on the way
    2 more years of netlix on the way

    Probably worth $800 of stuff. WTF tmobile ??

    • Kelly Parry

      How or where do I get the code after adding a qualified card? One did not appear after receiving confirmation and no email.

      • Robert Shaw

        Inside the samsung pay app when launched click on the top left that says samsung pay. There is a spot on the top right that says MORE then click on events.

        • Kelly Parry

          I don’t have that option, I have settings, gore to pay, see participating banks and send feedback.

        • Kelly Parry

          *how to pay

    • Robert Shaw

      Did you get a regular S7? Got my phone on Thursday and it won’t let any apps stream or download from play store while Sim is installed and connected to a good wifi. Netflix, Pandora, Spotify…. If I pull the Sim it works fine on wifi or if I use just the 4 te with out wifi then every thing works. But a Sim installed and wifi connected it will not work. Samsung rep could not fix the issue and I have done all play store fixes and a full start fresh set up twice without a back up restore. We need a thread for any one with S7 pre-launch issues.

      • no2apple

        Hard reset that damn thing sir

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Too bad all banks aren’t supported

    • MattPortland

      Yes, but that’s up to the banks more than Samsung.

  • guest

    I would just use a fast regular charger instead this. But since I want to take care of my phone’s battery, because I may pass my phone to someone else, I use a slow regular charger and the Battery Charge Notifier app. :)

  • freddy

    Is shipping free too?

    • Joe


    • Robert Shaw

      Yes free shipping. Looks like samsung wants to dump all the standard chargers.

  • Robert Shaw

    Note to all. I have a few cards on my S6 and installed the same on the S7. To them it’s a newly added card because it’s a new device OR it’s one charger free per samsung account essential.

  • Joe

    By the way you can get this exact charger on eBay right now for $10 with free shipping. That’s how cheap they are. So if you want to wait for the next big promo you should wait. I know they did $50 gift cards at the end of last year.

    • Mickhail Reeves

      Those arent real they are knock offs and some can damage your phone battery so you should be careful

    • ConceptVBS

      Those are fake. You will burn down your house if you get those. You’ve been warned.

  • jay

    can you use the coupon on the faster charger and just pay the difference?

    • Joe

      No. You have to select the correct item or the discount doesn’t work.

  • skywalkr2

    I would never have gotten a wireless charger if not for this deal. So it’s good. It will save wear and tear on my micro-usb port. I plan to keep my s7 long term.

  • Philz

    Samsung Pay no go with my ABNB account so picked up Wells Fargo easyPay card today.
    Basically its debt card account 5.00 month fee with many perks one being cell phone loss insurance at no extra cost. Use card to pay your T-mobile bill & your insurance covered up to 600.00.
    Anyway temp card was issued , added card to Samsung pay & wireless charger on the way,

  • Man in Black

    I wasn’t able to install Samsung Pay on my Tmob s7. Called Samsung who said there’s an issue with installing it on s7 which won’t be fixed until 3/11 which is of course the day after the promotion ends. So i signed up on an older samsung phone i had.

  • Omar Lozada

    I just did the registration and they are out of stock.
    So no more free wireless charger.
    Fucking UPS delivered my phone a day after.

  • Cam

    They are now showing a message that says “Sorry! We are out of stock.” when you try to get your code. If you go to Samsung’s website though, they have enough that the ship time shows 1-3 days.

    • Alicia Cheyenne Deuel

      what would the code be to get it on the website with out paying?

  • BoricuaBoy88

    You guys aren’t missing out on anything. Samsung’s wireless Qi chargers (Both fast-charging and standard) are notoriously defective. I have one myself, and can confirm this claim. It will work for a while, then all of a sudden stop charging the device. Mine only lasted a month before doing this. The light is supposed to be a solid blue whilst charging, and green when fully charged. When the charge gets interrupted, the blue light begins to blink. No remedy has seemed to work in attempts to fix it, including lining up the coils, turning on Daydream, and switching cables. The things are crap. And at $70 for the fast charging models, rather expensive crap at that. You’re better off with a cheaper alternative Qi charger that also supports fast charging.

  • Hardtop Convertibles

    Please update the article. Here it is March 9th, and the offer doesn’t even exist in the Events tab anymore at all. I went ahead and registered a card anyway hoping it would magically appear afterward. No luck. The S7 arrived in the mail yesterday, I set it up last night, and registered the Samsung pay card today.
    Apparently, the offer’s over. Samsung timed this perfectly and has stiffed us.

    • GiantJay

      Yep same here. Says out of stock after I registered my card. Got the phone around 6pm and called the bank to verify card and they were closed. Did it today and the promo is over.

    • skywalkr2

      Unfortunate. if you had seen it before it expired the promo window actually guided you on what needed to be done.

  • skywalkr2

    I received shipment notification for my unit yesterday.

  • dave

    I just got mine in today. the charging pad is kind of slow but it comes with a fast charging cord and wall charger which is already worth it

  • Nancy

    I just recieved my charger today. i really didn’t think i was getting it because i never got any notifications that i was getting it.