Microsoft announces Windows 10 Mobile upgrade for Windows Phone 8.1 devices


UPDATE: T-Mobile has confirmed to me that it’s working on a Windows 10 Mobile update for the Lumia 640.


T-Mobile has offered quite a few Windows Phone 8.1 devices in the past, and anyone that’s still rocking one today is probably wondering when they’ll get an update to Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft’s latest mobile OS. Today, Microsoft announced that that update is officially starting to roll out.

Microsoft notes that it’s “focused on delivering a high-quality experience for our customers” and that some older phones cannot be upgraded without having an impact on the user experience. As a result, Microsoft’s current list of Windows Phone 8.1 phones that support an upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile doesn’t include every single WP8.1 device ever sold. Here’s the current list‘ of WP8.1 phones that support the W10M upgrade:

Lumia 1520, Lumia 930, Lumia 640, Lumia 640 XL, Lumia 730, Lumia 735, Lumia 830, Lumia 532, Lumia 535, Lumia 540, Lumia 635 (1GB), Lumia 636 (1GB), Lumia 638 (1GB), Lumia 430, Lumia 435, BLU Win HD w510u, BLU Win HD LTE x150q, MCJ Madosma Q501

Microsoft is also offering a free Update Advisor app that can help you check for updates and prepare your phone for the Windows 10 Mobile upgrade by clearing space on your phone’s internal storage. So if you’ve got one of the phones included in the list above, you can grab the app to prep for your update.

When it comes to T-Mobile, its Windows Phone 8.1 devices that are included in that list are the Lumia 640 and Lumia 435. The Lumia 635 is in the list, too, that model is one with 1GB of RAM, while T-Mobile’s version has 512MB of RAM. T-Mobile hasn’t made any announcements about when or if it’ll push Windows 10 Mobile updates to its compatible Windows Phone 8.1 devices, but I’ve reached out to them for comment. I’ll be sure to update this post when I hear back.

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  • groovshooter

    As a longtime WP/TMO user, I wouldn’t hold my breath on any info from them. They have a horrible habit of selling Windows devices only to immediately ignore support or upgrades. WP is awesome. TMO (as a service) is awesome. TMO as a WP provider… worthless.

    • Tale 85

      I’m starting to see a better attitude about Windows Mobile from Tmo. We might just be surprised. “T-Mobile Amps Windows Phone”. John should like that one. Beat Dumber to the punch.

    • Blowhards

      So right you are. Glad I haven’t been holding my breath either.
      Here we are, going on a month later, with still zero news from TMO re: the W10M upgrade for the L640, etc. Oh well, maybe by Summer or Fall…
      At least it’s not as though any of the other US carriers are treating us any better.

  • Tale 85

    Damn you do good work Alex, let us know when you get the chance. By the way the T-Mobile Nokia 635 falls into the 512 Ram category. It would sure be nice, and good publicity, if T-Mobile was the first of the US carriers to roll this out.

    • Alex Wagner

      T-Mo has responded and said that it’s working on a Windows 10 Mobile update for the Lumia 640.

      • Tale 85

        Thanks for helping us out on this. When you get a few more specifics you might want to enlighten the folks on /r/windowsphone. I carries more weight from you than from me. Besides you’ve done all the work.

        Maybe I’ll tweet a few at Tmo to let them know we’re watching.

      • AlanHouston

        Alex, please keep after T-Mobile for the date the Windows 10 update will be available.

        People can upgrade today using the “Windows Insider” app, but that method installs generic software that does not include wi-fi calling.

  • taxandspend

    I thought Microsoft pushes these updates directly. How would T-Mobile have anything to do with it?

    • Tale 85

      The upgrade to W10M from 8.1 requires Carrier approval. Once Windows 10 is on your phone, the way it’s configured allows the OS to be updated without disturbing the carrier radio stacks.

      T-Mobile might have some input on future updates but the testing normally needed to update won’t be needed.
      Firmware is still Carrier approved.

      • taxandspend

        So they’ve separated firmware and the OS. I think those updates come together with Android, no?

        • Tale 85

          This is one of the new advantages of Windows 10 Mobile.

          My Alcatel Fierce XL from T-Mobile had a regular update. It got the update about a week after the Lumia’s. So it’s working.

        • taxandspend

          This is like Apple and Google with the Nexus phones. Now if only the non-Nexus phones were updated like that and were devoid of carrier crapware.

        • Tale 85

          Another advantage. At least there is not a lot of extra crapps loaded by Microsoft or T-Mobile. Once the system and basic apps are loaded. Your storage belongs to you. I can’t tell you how many friends can’t download an app on their Android because if “insufficient storage” when I bring it up it’s all crap.

          And yes, Microsoft seems to be joining Apple and Nexus for control of updates. Works for me.

  • PCFan

    is T going have more windows phones for sell? or is it just going to be ATT that sells the majority of them?

  • Whiskers

    So the N925 users and other nicer Nokia phones gets shafted from Microsoft but cheaper phones with worse hardware gets the upgrade , that’s pathetic .
    I think i’m done with Windows phones , we all know if they do put out the Surface phone it will be priced ungodly high anyways .

    • kgraham182

      The L640 has has better hardware than the L925, and I would know I have both. Only hardware the L925 has better than the L640 is the rear camera

      • Whiskers

        Which is one of the most important parts of most smartphones .
        There is a reason why HTC is in the gutter , they keep offering the same crappy rear camera designs compared to other quality smartphones .

        • Jerry Emery

          Shrug…WhoTH cares? That’s because consumers like you are demanding a high mp camera on something that only uses digital zoom. So what? You are trying to put lipstick on a pig. ALL phone cameras are crap for that very reason. Buy a real camera with a real focus if photos are that important.

  • Buster Nutwell

    I have 4 of these phones. They are amazing!! Any time frame for the rollout? I wish Tmobile would still sell this phone. for $100 you cant beat it – still.

    • ThomasBDX

      Even better you can get the $30 ATT go phone version, un-lock and then flash it into a T-Mo Lumia 640.

  • Blowhards

    On my (rebranded) Lumia 640 I just upgraded to Insider Slow Ring and got 14295.1005 Suddenly WiFi calling works. Very cool. Looks like no more waiting on T-Mobile after all.

  • Eric Griswold

    Any news on this? After the end of June the HERE maps and transit app won’t be updated any more. I’m advised to switch to Microsoft Maps, but I CAN’T until I can upgrade my 640 to Windows 10! Time is running out!

  • Partho Das

    What about Microsoft Lumia 435??? I have Microsoft Lumia 435 from T-Mobile. I am not being able to update it.