HTC 10 will make its official debut on April 12


There have already been a few major phone announcements so far in 2016, and now we know that there’s going to be another in less than one month.

The HTC 10 will make its official debut on April 12 at 8:00 am ET. While HTC’s invitation doesn’t straight-up say “Hey, we’re announcing the HTC 10 on April 12,” there are hints that suggest that that’ll be the case. Not only is HTC using the same “obsessed in a good way” phrase that it used in a previous teaser for its next hero phone, but it’s also using its #powerof10 hashtag that’s been attached to all of its recent teasers.

HTC hasn’t spilled many details about its next flagship phone, only teasing that it’ll have a chamfered edge and that its camera will be “very, very compelling.” Of course, the rumor mill has shared several features that may be included with the HTC 10, like a 5.1-inch 2560×1440 display and Snapdragon 820, but we’ll have to wait until April 12 before anything is made officially official.

Source: HTC


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  • Overstew

    HTC is generally more developer-friendly than Samsung, so the defectors from Samsung over the locked boot-loader issue may have another device to work with. Now the question is, can HTC handle what the customer wants?

    • PC_Tool

      The V10 on T-Mo is actually pretty dev friendly, amazingly enough. Uses the same fastboot/adb methods used by the Nexus community. Quite a pleasant surprise coming from my Nexus 6.

      On HTC, the M7 was rock solid for rooting/rom-ing (did full conversions on mine back and forth between GPE, WWE (intl), T-Mobile, and “BrightStar” US), but they have made it more difficult each iteration since. On my M8, I had to pay $25 (worth it) to S-Off the device so that I could do those same full-conversions.

      M9 didn’t interest me much, but hopefully the 10 will bring me back. Depends on the camera and audio though (hoping to be pleasantly surprised by the audio).

      • Overstew

        From what it sounds like, the 10 will not have front-facing speakers. I guess HTC’s design team figured it’s not important to most people, although I believe front facing speakers should be the standard.

        • PC_Tool

          I thought they were amazing on the m7/m8. Not a deal-breaker for me though, if the sound is good regardless. I’ve heard rumors that the top speaker and the bottom speaker work together, and I have also heard a less-spread rumor that the DAC they are going to be using in the 10 is going to be spectacular (if you go for that sort of thing).

        • Tester ;)

          There’s only one speaker and it’s located on the bottom left of the phone. Very similar to the location of an iPhone.

        • Tester ;)

          Sorry, bottom right.

  • Mike

    I feel their mistake is waiting too long. Even just a week sooner would have been sufficient. The carriers nowadays offer so many bonuses for the new phones (S7 buy one get one free, Netflix, VR- LG camera and battery) if you act fast and get them quickly. I’ll be upgrading to the LG G5 as I have no idea what to expect from the HTC and I don’t want to miss out on $300 worth of free products to wait an extra few days and turn out to be potentially disappointed.

  • George Salcedo

    Took long enough, got the M9 in December but I may be trying this out as well

  • I’m definitely here for it. I agree with @disqus_H28gyGSVE0:disqus as well. It was a hard choice for me because I really want the LG G5 full bundle offers, the 360 camera, and battery bundle. Due to HTC’s event being outside of the 360 promotion, I have to risk that to see if the HTC 10 will be worth my support. If they at least had the event closer into the LG release and bundle window, it’d probably pan out better for them.

    I really want to see what HTC does with their cameras. LG didn’t seem to improve quality wise with the G5. I’m not even sure if it’s a new sensor or the same one fromt he G4. I personally am a mobile photography enthusiast, and there’s thing in the G4 that I wanted improvements on. Therefore, I don’t see me support an area that hasn’t been improved. HTC has always been my favorite OEM, so I’m excited for this release and believe with the pressure, they will get it right this time.