T-Mobile offering free calling and texting to Belgium and Turkey


Following today’s attacks in Belgium, T-Mobile has announced that its customers can make free calls and texts to both Belgium and Turkey, the latter of which recently attacked as well.

T-Mobile’s free calling and texting to Belgium and Turkey applies to Simple Choice postpaid customers in the US and Puerto Rico. Free calling and texting to Belgium will be available from March 22 through March 25, and it’ll apply to calls and texts for Turkey from March 19 through March 22. If you make calls to Belgium or Turkey during the free period, you’ll see regular charges on your bill along with credits to cancel them out.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere’s statement on the attacks is below:

“I’m speechless. Our hearts are with everyone affected by the horrible acts of terrorism. Please take care of each other.”

Source: T-Mobile

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  • othercents

    Interesting… I have been on the phone nonstop with family in Turkey using other means, but now they announce we could have had free calling on our phones?

    • eanfoso

      I know right? Isn’t it awesome?

  • Mr.Sixes

    I’m experiencing outages in the bay area of California and I’ve seen several others report it across the nation in random pockets

    • guest

      That’s bad, or good, depending on what you want. Reliable service or service credits.

      • Mr.Sixes

        *was in the middle of talking to lady friend* Reliable in this case.