Galaxy S7, S7 edge owners can score $30 gift card after making Samsung Pay purchase


Samsung’s free Wireless Charging Pad promo may have expired, but if you’re a new Galaxy S7 or S7 edge user that’s interested in giving Samsung Pay a try, there’s a new offer that you can take advantage of.

From March 11 through March 31, new Galaxy S7 or S7 edge owners can score a free $30 gift card for Best Buy, eBay, Whole Foods, Nike, or Regal Entertainment when they make a purchase with their new phone. Simply sign up for Samsung Pay and add a card, make a purchase, and agree to the offer’s terms and conditions, and you’ll be able to choose which vendor you want a $30 gift card for.

There are a lot of different things that you can buy with these gift cards, like a new gadget from Best Buy, some groceries from Whole Foods, or just about anything else you might want from eBay. So while this $30 gift card may not be worth quite as much as the Wireless Charging Pad ($50) that was previously on offer, the gift card that you get from this latest offer is a bit more versatile since it can help you get something that you might value more than a wireless charger.

Are any of you Galaxy S7 or S7 edge owners going to take advantage of this offer? If so, which gift card are you going to choose?

Sources: Samsung Pay, Offer Terms and Conditions

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  • brybry

    I really wish they bring the $200 gift card back

    • Mike Sage

      that’s what I was hoping for. I want to start using samsung pay but I’m afraid as soon as I do,they’ll announce a better promo and I’ll be SOL

    • Jared Metheny

      The current $200 certificates expire on the 15th of March. Maybe they will do something after those expire and this promo is over.

    • Croq

      Yeah, I was able to get in on that. Just placed my order over the weekend. It’s kind of odd on their order payment – ordered just over $200 of stuff, so it was showing free shipping (they offer free shipping on orders over $50). Then I added my gift certificate and the price dropped to around $10, and they added shipping. I’m still spending $210, kind of sucks that they stick me with shipping… On the plus side, I was charged sales tax on the remaining $10 and not the original $210, so I probably came out ahead after everything was done.

      • brybry

        If they come back with this i’m going to stock up on some quick wireless chargers.

        • Croq

          That’s exactly what I bought. Of course they are overpriced because they are Samsung branded, but because of the coupon, I got 3 of them for about $14 out of pocket.

  • Her7yn

    Some groceries from whole foods lol more like organic Mayo and some lettuce. That’s about it.


      “Whole Paycheck” right? Hehe. In this case, “Whole Gift Card…” ;-)

  • Jake Fitzpatrick

    I have yet to actually use Samsung Pay. Having a disability, I do not always have the help to hold the phone to the NFC reader. And, as for older readers, everyone looks at me like I am crazy and just won’t do it. Sad. Stores need to put readers lower.


    Used Samsung Pay and claimed my $30 g/c to Best Buy. Process was simple and quick and the g/c was issued within five minutes of purchase.

  • I went to Walgreens and bought a 60 cent candy bar, it popped right up before I could make it to my car lol. Drove around the corner to best buy and bought me an otterbox! Sweet deal!

  • Mikey

    For those of you who don’t know Samsung is giving out a free 32gb SD card as well. Got an email about it

    • Chris Fulco

      Tried to get mine this morning and it said they were all gone :-(

    • Duce Todd

      Where at

  • Joe

    Got a haircut today and the reader wouldn’t take it. Tried twice and it kept saying bad read error. So far I can’t find a place that accepts it.

    • Joe

      Finally used it for the first time. Went to a mom and pop restaurant. They had an ancient credit card reader. Asked if they take Samsung Pay. They were like “Samsung what?”. So I just put my phone to the reader and boom it accepted and started to print the receipt. Never seen old people more shocked in my life. It was just like the ad on TV. LoL

  • Philip

    Dont you think the more you take the phone out to swipe and tab, you might drop your phone? Thats why I dont use the phone n pay with my credit card.

    • Mark

      Just don’t use your phone ever, then. Less chance of dropping it.

  • TaekwonBo

    How would you redeem the ebay gift card? I may set up multiple user samsung pay accounts and just buy stuff on ebay? Can anyone foresee issues?

    • Joe

      I just did eBay. It gives you a code which you can put in during checkout. Very easy. EBay is much better than overpriced best buy.

  • Dan Garcia

    “All Samsung Pay compatible credit and debit cards are eligible for this Offer except Bank of America debit cards and private label cards, which are not eligible for this Offer.”

    Okay then..

    • Ag3ntGio


      • Dan Garcia

        I think it would.. They specifically say BOA Debit cards and make no mention of Credit Cards.

  • Philz

    Scored my gift card this morning on Penut Butter Cup purchase at 7-11 lol. The Cashier was blown away , a Samsung moment fsure TV commercial worthy.