T-Mobile VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling outage kicked off overnight, some users still having issues


UPDATE: I still haven’t heard back from T-Mobile, but John Legere has confirmed that some customers are having “intermittent calling issues.”

UPDATE 2: T-Mobile posted a tweet on Saturday night apologizing to customers that are having issues with calling and promised that “teams are working to resolve them asap.”


It looks like T-Mobile and its engineers had a bit of a rough start to the weekend, as a nationwide outage affecting VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling happened last night.

Several folks on Reddit and Twitter reported having issues when it came to making and receiving calls, and T-Mobile’s Twitter account apparently confirmed the issues to one user, saying that “We are experiencing 70% LTE and Wi-Fi calling failures affecting subscribers nationwide.” The support rep said that engineers were working to correct the problem.

As of this morning, it looks like many folks are reporting that service is back to normal, but others are still tweeting at @TMobileHelp to say that they’re still unable to make calls. Folks still having problems are being advised to switch off LTE on their phones. I’ve reached out to T-Mobile to get an official update on the outage, but haven’t yet heard back. How are things for you folks? Anyone having issues with VoLTE or Wi-Fi calling this morning?

Sources: Reddit, DownDetector

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  • OZ

    No Wi-Fi calling available since yesterday night. Located in south Florida. I’m able to make calls through GSM.

    • steveb944

      I found out at the end of the day from my mother that we had an outage. No wonder no one was calling me while at work. Haha.

  • jonzey231

    Yep. Dropped two calls last night and then it wouldn’t even connect when I kept trying. I never use wifi since I have unlimited so my first attempt was over VoLTE, and I tried turning WiFi on assuming that would fix it and it still wouldn’t go through. Good to know it wasn’t just me though.

  • jbird5047

    Still having calling issues in Nashville TN. Won’t connect most of the time . Hopefully it will be fixed soon .

  • Ryan Cavitt

    I never had any issues longer than a few minutes…

  • Omar Boyer

    No volte still or wifi calling here in los angeles have to make calls over EDGE or gsm on 2 tmobile phones

    • Kaulana1989

      Make sure you get a credit of week of service

  • vinnyjr

    No problems in Boston.

    • sushimane

      Im receiving late text messages and when I called my phone with my brothers phone it went to my voice mail without it ringing and I live in Lowell.

  • Prode

    I understand that they want us to turn off LTE. The problem is if you only have Band 12 in an area you need VOLTE to make calls since there is no old network to go to. Hopefully it is fixed soon.

    • Kaulana1989

      Make sure you get a credit of one week of service


    Same issues in Houston. Started last night. No calling over LTE or WiFi calling.

    • jonathan3579

      High five to another in Houston!

  • anshephe

    Had to turn off LTE on voice Baton Rouge Louisiana

    • Kaulana1989

      My friend Rocky from Jacksonville Louisiana outside of Baton Rouge

  • britnasty

    Milwaukee here. Still cannot make any calls even with LTE turned off and it goes down to 4G.

  • xealo

    Still can’t get a call out here in Meridian, ID. WTF TMO.

    • Kaulana1989

      I hope they improve coverage in Idaho I have family who live in Boise and Meridian

    • Kaulana1989

      Make sure you get a credit of one week of service

    • Frankwhitess

      If you can’t call,… Text… Stop acting as if we are in the 90’s…

  • jonathan3579

    I cannot make any calls or get on wifi calling here in Houston.

  • Kaulana1989

    Make sure you guys get your service credits I got a $30 credit on my bill

    • Joseph Cathey

      If you’re not effected by the outage, please do not call just to complain for a credit. If you do, it is not only dishonest, but also pulls money away from them being able to 1) ensure things like this don’t happen in the future and 2) buying more low band spectrum so they can keep improving. If you’re not getting what you’re paying for, then yes call, be as courteous to the rep as possible (it’s not their fault, they’re doing their best to help) and kindly ask for a credit to placed on the bill.

      • Kaulana1989

        I am affected since yesterday and today can’t make voice calls over LTE can’t use the data and I’m always courteous to them I call them to congratulate them on their awards they win yesterday for JD Power and I’m always friendly to them I talk to them I even save the money on car insurance up to $2000 year

    • Frankwhitess

      O now we talking… Time to get $30 discount for this month… Loving this company!!!

      • Kaulana1989

        Trying to get one week service of credit one person got one week of credit for service try to get that

    • sushimane

      how you get that?

      • Kaulana1989

        Call 611 from your phone asked for 50 off your bill

        • Sushimane

          I’m already paying 65 dollars for unlimited everything.

  • jsippel98

    Wifi calling is down where I live in NW Austin.

  • Rob H.

    I noticed last night a call I made was not going over VoLTE. Not like I cared either way. I’m in metro Det. I don’t use WiFi calling so no loss there.

  • D Brown

    I have two lines and my phone is completely fine but by other line won’t send texts or make any type of call. This is very frustrating especially since I just got a new phone for the none working line yesterday.


    I had issues with the PRIV a couple weeks ago.
    WI-FI Calling & standard calls,the caller could not hear me,I could hear them just fine.
    Went through 3 PRIVs within a 5 day stretch,finally gave up & went back to the LG V10.
    No problems with that,or,the Note5 during the same time as the issues with the PRIV.

    Probably not related,but,thought I’d throw it out there,by chance that some may be having similar issues during this outage………..

    • steveb944

      I’ve been having issues with calls/text on WiFi for my N6, so I just shut it off.

  • Philip

    I am not getting SMS / Text notification like “Send” “Read” “Typing” … Is this part of the break down right?

  • John Brown

    Just went out here in Clermont County, OH about an hour or so ago. And turning off LTE doesn’t fix it. My Galaxy Core Prime dials down to EDGE (the only fallback network out here) and either “circuits are busy” or it takes 10 minutes to dial and fails. They better fix it soon

    • Frankwhitess

      Dude…. Maybe it’s the phone… Galaxy Core Prime ??! ….. Dude you better switch phone soon..

      Does that even have 4G LTE ??…. Get rid of that core phone and try a Galaxy s6… Live a little…. Life is too short to be suffering..

      • John Brown

        I just bought this thing in December. It’s got band 2/4/12 LTE. It’s not ancient by any means. Low end, yes. But my bank accounts a little too short to be rocking an s6

        • steveb944

          You have your priorities right. Glad to hear.

        • Frankwhitess

          i feel you john …. and i am sorry if i came off wrong .. but i just dont trust phones that are not high end … i feel companies cut corners to cell cheaper .. but if it works for you … it whats more important ..

      • Omar Boyer

        i dnt matter my mom has a galaxy s6 edge plus same shyt as my lg stylo calls are failing over LTE wifi calling not working at all . Hspa works 50/50 takes longer than usual to connect calls had to force both phones to 2G EDGE to make calls since its the only thing working right now on both phones i been like this since yesterday .. sukz… its like 2010 all over again.

  • MorningWood

    I have a business line in NC. Only thing works is the data

  • John Brown

    I can make calls to non T-Mobile/metroPCS numbers, but mobile to mobile calling is not working

  • Darin

    Philadelphia PA – Can’t make or receive calls with other T-Mobile users, however, Text and data still working. They better be compensating us for this.

    • Verizonthunder

      Other carrier’s experience the same related network problems. If anyone faced a drop call would you expect the carrier to compensate everytime? If you don’t like the service then switch.

  • kgraham182

    I was wondering why my phone kept dropping calls, guess rootmetrics was right.

    • Verizonthunder

      Or you have a crap phone.

  • anshephe

    Just got a carrier update on my iPhone turned off phone and back on now everything is working again

  • YABD

    Not able to make a phone call or receive. I tried whatsapp phone call and none neither. I am here in Indianapolis, IN

  • Fishintx

    San Antonio area service is intermittent, turned lte off helped

  • Rylan Leese

    North of Seattle still down on my 6s, but my 6p works just fine with Wifi and VoLTE. Odd

  • Aaron H

    socal cannot use wifi calling txting some go some don’t

  • Me

    All carriers are having an outage

  • | VADOCOM™

    I’m here n South Charlotte. off of S. Tryon St & Whitehall.. I thought i was because I started using the 4G LTE CellSpot. I tried to call my father this morning, whose line is on my plan. So, I wan’t able to place outbound calls to his # (phone hung @ connecting and would end the call), but was able to call 611 and other lines. So, I let tech support have it. And here to find out there is an outage. Still going on.
    I turned off LTE and am using GPRS on my phones (GN4 and V10). Can call out again. Thanks #TMobile!

  • John

    Oh well

  • John

    Service will be back Soon

    • Soon ™

      Soon ™

      And RootMetrics testing will be blasted as unfair again, because it doesn’t account for the fact that most T-Mo subscribers also have a Verizon, AT&T or Sprint phone for backup when the network goes down!

  • oscusn

    Yes. Several of my relatives still say they are getting “All circuits are busy or number is unavailable. This has been going on all day.

  • | VADOCOM™

    Makes you wonder, how did we ever live before without cell phones…I went crazy when I could not make a call.

  • Shaa

    Still have difficult making calls, dropped several times here in northern Virginia.

  • Zach B.

    All day it’s taken awhile to connect a call around Baltimore, but after waiting for a minute for it to start dialing it does finally go through and stay connected until you are done. Hopefully they’ll fix this soon, I doubt we’ll get a rightful credit for the inconvenience though.

  • Jose Mancha

    My phone has been acting up still. Turned off lte for now. What was strange was my work phone which is serviced by verizon was having the same issues, so I don’t think it’s just tmobile.

  • patt

    Those of you with iPhones there appears to be carrier profile update. 23.2

    • Suzanne

      Thank you. The carrier update worked.

      • patt

        But I see WiFi calling won’t turn on.

    • Brian

      What about those of us on 23.5.5?

      • patt

        Not sure. You sure it’s 23.5.5? Mine after update is 23.2 6S and my gfs verizon is also 23.2 it appears all carriers are somehow suffering. Not in all places tho.

  • Rod

    Glad to know it was a know issue. Thought I was going crazy last night. Calls would drop right after being answered and it calls kicked me back down to 4G

  • webpaige

    Houston, Texas. T-Mobile outage… My entire family has been unable to make or receive calls for 24 hours now. Customer service is saturated and have been unable to get through to them. We actually had family dinner with no phone interruptions this evening.. what a concept..

    • StevenM

      If you force hspa or edge, you can make calls.

  • Brian the populist.

    Omg that makes so much sense i didn’t think much of it because i was at starbucks connected to wifi. But,ok good to know.

  • John

    Oh stop complaining . Go outside. There’s wild life out there

    • metalspy8

      LMAO and you are glued to your monitor..??

    • RootMetrics was right

      Hey, there’s a whole new spin on “Uncarrier.”

      “Our network never works, but that’s a feature to get you outside and enjoying life! Verizon, AT&T and Sprint keep you glued to your device with networks that always work. Only T-Mobile breaks the mold with a network that works randomly. It’s like winning the lottery, every time you finally have a call or text go through!”

      • x


  • anshephe

    I think people are madder about their phones than if they lost power wow we have changed

  • Alex Zapata

    This hit me in the middle of a call yesterday. Brilliant.

    • Kaulana1989

      Having a cell phone is a necessity and can save your life

      • Alex Zapata

        Oh I completely agree. I went from confusion to frustration, to anger.

        • Kaulana1989

          I don’t know how long they’re going to take to fix it I hope they explain what caused the root issue I’m a curious mind would like to know and how they improve the reliability

  • Andrew Singleton

    iPhone users: settings –> cellular –> Use LTE –> DATA ONLY
    Android Users: dialpad –> settings or more and then settings –> call settings –> toggle VOLTE OFF.


    • Rod

      Is the Note 4 really the only phone that can tell on its own that VoLTE isn’t available? Everytime a call comes through I get dropped down to 4G then LTE comes back a few minutes after I hang up. Outgoing calls take a few extra seconds though.

      • x

        I noticed that before and I tried a call now and what I see is the ‘4G LTE’ notification dissappear for a couple of seconds after I hit SEND then the notification comes back but only as ‘4G’ for the duration of the call. After the call ‘LTE’ reappears.

        I guess that’s the solution.

  • Critic4U

    I love how people go i want a credit for being a single day out of service and they want more than what it costs for a single day of service for example $100 / 30 cycle = $3.33 a day. I’ve worked at a sprint call center and people get $15 and go “thats it for being a single day” and they are paying $60 for a single line unlimited plan and i just paid a quarter of your bill lol. be at least happy you still have internet…

    • JBrowne1012

      Well being on both sides of the fence giving a little bit more for inconvenience but $15 is a reasonable credit in that scenario I wouldn’t personally complain about that.

  • DVM31

    I’m not sure this is just VoLTE or WiFi, I can’t even get through to customer service at 611. From the Grand Rapids, MI market on 4G (no LTE), I’m unable to call other T-Mobile users and 90% of my calls since late this afternoon just say, “dialing”. 9 of my 10 calls to 611 were either dropped, went to an error message or just went to silence. Granted, my Samsung Galaxy S4 isn’t exactly new but it’s not using VoLTE or WiFi and still is experiencing the call issues.

  • Abel

    Deaf and Hard of hearing people use American Sign Language for communication with an IPhone on a FaceTime. The people many complain really tired lost the power kicked off LTE.

    • disqus_DFnvXJ7c9h

      Actually they use txt to speech services offered for free on several national service websites. You obviously don’t know what your talking about

  • x

    You used to call me on my…

    you used to…

    you used to…

  • RootMetrics was right

    Reliability matters. It doesn’t matter if you “get signal” when that signal won’t let you make calls, send texts or use data.

    Looks like Legere owes RootMetrics an apology.

    • TylerCameron

      Remember a couple when Verizon had not one, but THREE nationwide LTE outages in 2011? It was so bad that EvDO wouldn’t even work if you had an LTE device.

      • kgraham182

        I remember that, but I also remember T-Mobile had 4 nationwide/regional LTE outages most recently. 7/14/14, 2/13/15, 3/15/15, 2/20/16

      • RootMetrics was right

        Five years ago, when LTE was brand new. When has Verizon had an outage recently?

        When you have to go back five years to find a comparable situation with a competitor, you know T-Mo’s network is a mess.

    • themask128

      Except for the fact that they omitted VoLTE on their testing which with the exception of yesterday would have yielded different results and allowed calling in several areas. Facts… Get them straight before making claims. 40% of calling is a little more than a huge number to omit from testing

      • RootMetrics was right

        Ha! If you try to use VOLTE during one of T-Mo’s service outages, you won’t get connected at all.

        I can’t wait to see the Legere PR response when RootMetrics announces that it used VOLTE this time, and all the T-Mo network problems drove down reliability.

        It’s what happens when you oversubscribe a network.

        • themask128

          Oversubscribed my ass try the other carriers get outages as well. It might just not make it do news sights. And 1 outage contained in a day is hardly that terrible and it sure didn’t affect the entire network

  • x

    For the past 3 days I was having issues with LTE, the service was very slow at times, and when I switched to GSM/WCDMA speeds improved. The problem could be that LTE B!2 is very congested.

    My phone has all 3 LTE bands and both WCDMA frequencies but it doesn’t support Carrier Aggregation, so I would like to know if people with phones that do support CA are having the same issues.

    • Omar Boyer

      yes lg stylo (my phone) and moms galaxy s6 edge plus which support all of tmobiles newer lte bands and CA have been having problems since yesterday 4pm calls over lte are not going tru at all wifi calling not working at all even tho my wifi connection at home is good. switched both phones to hspa but still took loneger than usual sometimes up to a minute to connect the call pretty frustrating , switched them both to 2G edge is the only thing working right now its connecting calls faster than hspa in bout 10 seconds it starts to ring.

      • x

        Weird. Apart from having speed issues, I haven’t had any call or text issues. Not that I know of at least.

        • disqus_DFnvXJ7c9h

          No problems here either except for WiFi calling but i disabled it yesterday and everything has been fine

        • x

          I never use Wi-Fi calling, so the switch is always off, maybe that’s the difference.

  • Cam Fas

    Affected me and in Las Vegas. I’m not calling I figure customer service is overrun. I remember a few years ago when Verizon has their lte go down. So I will give T-Mobile a pass they have been too good to me to complain over one day of service fluctuation.

  • kgraham182

    Tmonews let it be known that 911 service does not work without VoLTE on B12, and doesn’t fail over to another provider. John & Co must love fines. Not being able to call 911 is a major issue. Good thing I don’t live in a Band 12 only area.

    • Thorhand

      You can always call 911 as emergency call which would pick up a signal from any network available like AT&T.

    • disqus_DFnvXJ7c9h

      Where are you getting the statement that the phone wouldn’t roam for a e911 call. The phone realizes band 12 volte doesn’t work and cycles through to every other carrier.

      • kgraham182

        In a band 12 only area, your phone will not roam on another carrier cause it still sees a T-Mobile singal. That’s why T-Mobile demands phones with B12 to support VoLTE. A workaround would be to force your phone to 3G so it can roam on another carriers network for emergency calls, but you can’t expect people to know that. Search Tmonews there’s several articles on B12 only areas and VoLTE, also last year T-Mobile was hit with a $17.5M fine cause 911 was unreachable.

  • Epicfail

    40% of calls now are over VoLTE it looks like, so 40% of customers have been without the ability to call 911 or dial out/receive calls?? Root Metrics just released their latest scores and T-Mobile came in dead last behind Sprint overall and least reliable.. Guess John Legere won’t be contesting root metrics now?

    • disqus_DFnvXJ7c9h

      E911 calls never fail. They have highest priority and can roam on any network available to complete the call. Even a phone without service or sim can call e911. But i get your point. VoLTE only for band 12 isn’t very smart

      • EpicFail

        There is always the chance with a sporadic outage that when dialing 911, the call may “connect” when a 911 call is being placed on VoLTE therefore tricking the phone into thinking the call is processing but when it hits the IMS core it fails there and the entire time its hit a road block but showing active. It would never hit the CAMA trunk to process and could cause a big delay in response.

        With the FCC’s prop. to disable “unregistered” phone’s from dialing 911 now because of the overload of prank and false 911 calls with no network registration, that may be coming to an end soon. They have acknowledged that phones that show “Emergency Calls Only” and are not connected fully via a roaming agreement may fail as well.

        Before that happens I’m sure carriers will have to work out something, however its bad for the B12 users or people who only get WiFI calling at home or in a building.

  • #12thFan

    I have been having trouble with LTE for days … have not been able to make or receive calls since Friday afternoon and still can not make calls. I’m in Kent WA and all of the surrounding areas is affected by this.

    • Thorhand

      I’m in Renton and I don’t seem to be affected at all. I lost VoLTE yesterday but it came back last night. Maybe I just haven’t made enough calls to notice.

      • #12thFan

        I was in Renton last night and had an incoming call to come thru. But still can not make calls in Kent this morning.

  • Derek

    8 of us have TMO. All 8 of us had no signal this evening when trying to meet up. Some phones were b12 some were plain old school lte. Had issues all afternoon with calls as well. Signal dropped entirely at some point. Service came back to 3g after about an hour of no signal… then hspa.. . Finally, lte returned around 1130pm. Miami-Dade and Broward counties, Florida.

    • Bradley Karas

      I had issues in Tampa but it seems to be back up now I just turned off VoLTE and it worked fine last night

  • mikeZo6

    Tmo should wake up having outages like this should Never happen this is unacceptable

    • NicoleminCT

      Welcome to Africa :D

  • Bradley Karas

    Just turned off VoLTE and it worked fine and data still worked. Learn how to use your phone if you notice VoLTE isn’t working turn it off! It’s a one touch process…big babies!!!

    • kgraham182

      T-Mobile fans thinks John & Co can do no wrong. You think an average person should know how to disable VoLTE, wifi calling, or bingeon. I mean why even have CUSTOME SERVICE at all, if T-Mobile customers are so smart. People don’t care what technology their calls are using, just that it goes through. In a lot of places T-Mobile has no plan b/fallback. They are in a rush to move everything to LTE, but what happens if LTE fails in those B12 only area. Dumb & Dumber still have their 3G network to fallback on if 4G fails.

      • Bradley Karas

        Then it falls back to HSPA or Edge for phone calls and texts…that’s what mine was doing and I knew so I turned it off then this morning I turned it back on

        • kgraham182

          You don’t live in a B12 only area, so in you case when VoLTE fails it falls back to 3G or even 2G.

        • x

          What would be the solution, having a slice of GSM on the 700mhz?

          Because that’s the only way to have a fall back for B12’s VoLTE.

        • TFAIL

          You can’t put anything else on 700Mhz besides LTE.

        • TFAIL

          The vast majority of consumers have no idea what VoLTE or that they even have it enabled. In a lot of Band 12 areas there is NOTHING to fall back to because T-Mobile is rushing deployment without any backup technology and no other carriers to roam off of.

          This is a serious outage when you have so many customers who don’t know to turn of VoLTE and they realize they cannot make calls.

          Or what about the many many customers who have to rely on WiFi calling because of their shoddy network. Thats what John Legere always preaches about, that they have WiFI calling so they are sooooo much better than other carriers who don’t have that feature.

          Not that great when you can’t use WiFi calling. And if I am paying for a service, I don’t want to have to go through additional steps just to worry about making calls.

    • Drewski

      Hey Bradley. Good Morning. How are you doing this Morning there Brother? Chilling I hope. I hope you had a great weekend. T-Mobile-MetroPCS is the way to go now. I too agree that people need to learn more about their phone also Bro.

    • Duane Michad

      haha! Yeah, the average t-mo customer can figure that out. Why don’t you blame the real culprit for the outage…ROOTMETRICS!

  • Dan

    Any ideas on the carrier update from yesterday? I’m on T-Mobile 23.2 now. Noticing calls being made on 4G now.

    • Prode

      I am guessing you are using an Iphone. If you use ios 9.3 beta you will be on 23.5.5 then. No clue what it gives over 23.2.

      • Dan

        Yes, iPhone 6s iOS 9.2.1. Saw on Facebook T-Mobile is saying services should be back to normal now.

        • x

          Not normal to me, when I make a call ‘LTE’ turns off for the duration of the call, just tried it. I don’t think that’s the solution since people with only 700mhz service need the VoLTE of B12 to make calls.

  • x

    All I want from T-Mobile is the truth of what is gping on, with my LTE speeds and your calls. Is it the VoLTE and Wi-Fi software? Cables or equipment? Congestion? Binge On? Or what?

    The truth so I can decide what to do next. Luckily I’m free to go… no EIPs and no JUMPs.

  • Oversold, overloaded network

    I suspect this is what happens when you pile on millions of new users and don’t keep up with network capacity. You stealth-throttle with BingeOn and hope for the best, and the network collapses under the strain on a regular basis as it is oversubscribed.

    If you’re with T-Mobile, I recommend you get used to regular service outages like this. It’s probably the new normal.

    • x

      If the problem is network capacity, they could end Binge On free streaming and keep the service as Data Maximizer is on Simply Prepaid and MetroPCS. But many will not be happy, I guess.

  • Your Boss

    Well I’m not okay with it. Whenever clients or I call you, we have trouble getting through.

    Get a real carrier with a real network or you’re fired!

  • Mike Palomba

    Yea I had trouble making and receiving calls in Staten Island

  • ttwiitch yu

    This is what happens when u build a network with stick and stones as the foundation. #t-rubble I’m super happy I waited for Sprint to rip and replace and brand new network.

  • Walt


  • cotty

    So glad I’m on Sprint I have been all over the country and no matter where I go I get service. so sorry for tmobile customers was going to switch brought a sim package and 40 dollar plan never got service git stuck out on my way to Ripon Wisconsin with my daughter in the car and no service so I’m sticking with Sprint you don’t know how valuable your phone is until you are playing Russian roulette with a singnal lol

    • x

      I think you need to have a recent high end phone to get the good service, am I right? What phone do you have?

      • cotty

        Samsung galaxy note 3

    • Mike Schnee

      I JUST switched from sprint to t-mobile after their network went down during a critical event at the office. after the event was over the Sprint network came back online. that was just the final straw of course. customer of theirs since 1998. it was nice to have the owner of my company ripping my ass over something I had no idea was taking place.

      and it’d be signal not single — but we got your point.

    • Critic4U

      lol sprint, i work for sprint and i can tell you that we don’t have coverage everywhere more like roaming everywhere if you ever look at our coverage maps and zoom in past the fake green and go right to the actual cell phone service breakdown map you will see #gettingworseeveryday

      • cotty

        Like I said everywhere I go in Wisconsin Illinois Iowa and Indiana I get sprint signal its not always 4g but it works I have had very few dropped calls I have even been surprised by people who I work with losing signal on at&t when we go up north and I have some service

      • bronxboi

        I also have Sprint and I don’t care if the service is because two old women have antennas attached to their pasties, I have service. I travel very frequently and it has been a rarity, in the last few years, that I do not have service. Also, I frequently stream music, via bluetooth, in rental cars and I rarely experience buffering. Sprint, has definitely improved their service dramatically.

        • Critic4U

          Well it really don’t matter much to me anyways being that sprint just shut down almost all the US call centers now including mine, enjoy getting through now and if you do there is maybe a 5% chance you will get an american now, maybe that’s how they intend on making your service better, customer care can only change plans and issue up to a $15 credit if your lucky now… oh and getting extended or the roaming triangle doesn’t count being on sprint coverage, your limited to 800 calling minutes, unlimited texts, and 300MB of data while roaming, and sprint is the one that actually sets the limit not the other provider, they just don’t want to pay for your off network habits…

    • Hal Fountain

      A guy that works with me who rides all over 5 days a week in my car is switching from Sprint to T-Mobile because he rarely has service and I always have great service with T-Mobile. My son in Florida has Sprint, and while I was there visiting while he did have cellular service almost everywhere I did his data was 10 times slower than mine. We verified that with internet speed tests. Also we were trying to stream the Dolphins vs Patriots game on his home internet,but it was to slow. We had to tether my phone to the TV to watch the game.

  • Omegajb

    I’ve been a T-Mobile customer for 14 ish years and this is the first time I ever remember a network outage. I just wish I knew it as a VoLTE issue because I could have shut it off sooner and been on my way.

  • Sean

    Stuff happens. Take advantage of this and ask for a credit. Just got off TM chat and they gave me $10 off my bill. Just be honest and chat with them telling them how you couldn’t make calls and that wi-fi calling didn’t even work. Originally they gave me $5 off but I pushed it to $10. It was worth the 5 minute chat.