T-Mobile Half-Off Smartphone Event will get you 50 percent off a second phone when you buy one


As expected, T-Mobile has officially announced the Half-Off Smartphone Event. Just as its name suggests, the promotion will let you get 50 percent off a new smartphone after buying one device.

The devices eligible for the Half-Off Smartphone Event include the Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge+, Galaxy Note 5, LG G4, LG V10, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 6s Plus. With this promo, you can select mix and match different devices from the same manufacturer, but you can’t select two different devices from two different device makers. So you can buy an iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, but not an iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S6.

When you buy a device, you can do so through an equipment installment plan or by paying full price. Whichever you choose, though, you must have a line of service for each phone. When you buy your devices, the discount is applied automatically, so you don’t need to worry about waiting for prepaid cards to come in the mail or anything like that.

The Half-Off Smartphone Event is launching today, January 27, and it’s available in stores and through telesales (1-800-866-2453). T-Mo doesn’t say exactly how long it’ll be around, though, only that this is a “limited time promotion.” One other thing to note is that with this promo, there’s a limit on the number of phones that you can buy. T-Mobile says that customers can buy up to 12 devices, which means you can get up to six devices for half-off.

This new promo looks like a solid way to get yourself a new phone and then get a discounted device for a loved one, too. All of the phones included are high-end, and while some of them may be replaced by newer flagships in the coming months, these devices should continue to serve buyers well for a while. It’s kind of a bummer that JUMP! On Demand folks can’t take advantage of the deal, but for folks that are cool with EIP or paying full price, this promo could be worth looking into.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Ascertion

    With this promo, you can select mix and match different devices from the
    same manufacturer, but you can’t select two different devices from two
    different device makers. So you can buy an iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus,
    but not an iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S6.

    Why is this a limitation?

    • kev2684

      Weirdest asterisk T-Mobile has put out yet. It probably has something to do with price range. LGs are much cheaper than Apple or Samsung. If you’re gonna spend on Apple, They’d probably want you to spend as much as possible on the 50% Off device as well, which still doesn’t make sense to me since it is 50% Off. Maybe clearing out stocks of both Sammy and LG before G4 and S7 arrives? IDK.

      • maximus1901

        That’s ridiculous. TMO makes ZERO money on phones. The more expensive the phone is, the more money they lose.
        The 50% off applies to the cheaper phone so if no other reasons exist, they’d WANT you to buy an iphone 6S and LG Leon bc they’d be out half of Leon

        • mIke

          Is it really true that carriers make nothing on the sale of a cell phone? While it’s true cell phones have a low mark up there is none the less a 6-8% mark up. When sales like BYGO are offered its usually in cooperation with the manufacture dropping the wholesale cost to the retailer. Thats why you can’t mix up the manufactures on BYGO deal. If TMO didn’t make a penny on the phones they sell or even sold them at a loss they’d still be making out on the phone service they sell and you don’t use. Wifi calling is the best cash cow Tmo has in its Arsenal of cash generation. Cost them nothing and adds cash to their bottom line.

        • maximus1901

          wifi calling absolutely costs them. each feature on their network costs them licensing fees: wifi handoff to volte, flexible carrier bandwidth on umts, etc.
          it’s an ongoing licensing fee, not one time (i think).
          even if it’s a one-time fee, still costs money.

    • Guest 2

      I guess that’s the agreement with the manufacturers.

    • Paul

      Samsung gets a Samsung, HTC gets an HTC, Apple gets an Apple.

  • Technosquid

    Figures. My brother who’s on my plan bought an LG G4 just over three weeks ago. If it were within the 20 day return period I bet I could have gotten them to give me a second G4 at half price.

    • steveb944

      Give them a call.

  • Philip

    You cant do upgrade over the phone. You have to walk to the store. Lady on phone say they dont have the system to do the 50% off on the 2nd phone. LOL

    • Andrew Singleton

      call back.

      • Philip

        They say you can only this with NEW LINES. For upgrades, you have to walk to the store to do this offer.

  • Paul

    “…you must have a line of service for each phone.”


    • AJ2

      So single people this Valentines Day will have 2 reasons to be bummed

      • Andrew Singleton


      • Moe

        You don’t need to be married or partnered to take advantage of this deal. surely you have a friend you could go halfies with on this deal.

    • 9to5Slavery

      but you can cancel right afterwards right

      • AngryBadger

        That’s what I was thinking… add two lines (if i can with my old jump or eip if they let me) then sell one before end of month and use it to pay off the other one. pay it all off and then cancel lines and only incur one month charge at most. Then swap out SIMs when I want to switch phones.

      • matt

        technically t-mobile will allow you to cancel the line of service and unlock the phone but continue to make payments on the phone, as part of their band 12 guarantee, but you have to wait until 30 days has elapsed

  • George Salcedo

    On another note, the One M9 is finally $449, $200 off the regular price on the T-Mobile site.

  • Philip

    When you buy phone at the store, why do you need to pay for a SIM card that cost $20? Every new Samsung phone has a SIM card inside FREE. Can I tell the store I dont want to pay for the $20 SIM card?

    • Richard Vasquez

      I never pay for Sim card. My bill is 2 damn high for that shit

  • james

    Jump and jump on demand are different you can take advantage of this if you are on original jump talked to rep

  • Bklynman

    Why not put the midrange phones for sale too? Like the Lg Stlyo,Sammy less phones,HTC.etc.

    • I’m J. Williams, and I approve this message!

    • theseanteam

      There’s some promos on prepaid for mid to low end phones.

    • theseanteam

      On a side note, the midrange phones are already aggressively priced. Not quite as much margin to play with there.

  • mIke

    A SIM card comes with every new phone purchased from Tmo. It shipped in the new phone box. If you payed 20$ extra for a SIM card when you purchase a new phone you, my friend, got ripped off. Tmo sells the SIM card kit for 15$ but KMART has the same SIM card kit for 4.99$. At some TMO corporate owned stores if you purchase a phone or accessory they will not charge you for a needed SIM card. Call customer service and ask for a bill credit. Potty mouth John is giving all sorts of stuff away (music freedom, binge on, calls and text to Canada, etc). Guess he sees the SIM card racket as a cash cow. Shame on you Tmo!

  • Philip

    Anyone knows if Tmo did this deal last year?

    • theseanteam

      No, I think this is the first time they’ve run this particular promo.

  • T S

    anybody know if they’re still doing this deal?

    • Philip

      The link is still there. Better hurry.

    • theseanteam

      Yup. Until tomorrow.

  • theseanteam

    Heads up. Sale ends tomorrow.