Latest Nexus 5X sale knocks 16GB model to $299 and 32GB to $349, also includes $20 Visa gift card


There were some nice deals on the Nexus 5X over the holidays, but if you missed out on them, the 5X is now on sale for an even lower price.

The 16GB Nexus 5X is being sold by eBay seller “buydig” for $299, while the more capacious 32GB variant is on sale for $349. Both models are new and unlocked, just like you’d get from the Google Store, which is asking $349 and $399 for these handsets.

Included with both Nexus 5X units is free standard shipping as well as a $20 Visa gift card. That gift card will take six to eight weeks to hit your mailbox, but hey, it’s an extra $20.

The Nexus 5X has been on sale for a few months now, and unlike some other recent Nexus phones, it doesn’t look the 5X will be hitting T-Mobile’s shelves. The good news is that it includes support for T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi Calling out of the box, and owners started seeing band 12 LTE support after the recent Android 6.0.1 update, too.

The listings for these discounted Nexus 5X units say that there’s a “limited quantity available,” so if you’ve got some holiday cash burning a hole in your pocket and you’re thinking about making a purchase, you may want to make a decision soon.

Via: Droid-Life
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