John Legere hosted a Twitter Q&A to discuss Binge On, here’s what he said


As expected, John Legere took to Twitter this afternoon to answer some questions about Binge On. He ended up posting quick video responses to most of the questions that he answered, but some folks may not want to scroll through his Twitter feed and watch a bunch of videos, so I’ve included the questions and answers below. If you’d prefer to watch his answers yourself, you can find the link to each tweet after his answer.

  • Why the decision to opt all customers in rather than let them opt themselves in?

We wanted all customers to have this benefit immediately without making them jump through hoops. We make it pretty easy to opt-out. We did notify everybody. (Source)

  • Why would I need Binge On if I’ve got an unlimited data plan?

We turned it on for everybody because everybody gets benefits, including unlimited customers. Unlimited customers get benefits like additional tethering and free movie rentals. (Source)

  • Why are you lowering resolution of streams (YouTube) that are not part of the Binge On?

Binge On is not just the 38 free streaming services. It also includes the ability to stretch your data bucket across all video streams. The other, non-free streams are highly important. (Source)

  • After toggling Binge On, how long does it take for change to take effect?

Ten minutes or less. (Source)

  • I think the biggest question that needs answering is exactly what video optimization technology is being used for Binge On?

The biggest question is “Why is that your biggest question?” It’s video detection and optimization of the video stream for mobile devices. And by the way, it’s video that’s being optimized, and the rest of your services work exactly the same. And by the way, it’s fully at the customer’s control. (Source)

  • Where are the porn sites for Binge On?

There are a number of providers lining up to become part of Binge On. We added 14 more today. We do not discriminate on content, so there will be a number of porn sites becoming part of the free service. We may not advertise the partnership, but we’ll keep you posted. (Source)

  • Will YouTube be supported soon for Binge On?

First of all, all video services are supported with Binge On. What you’re referring to is “Will it be one of the free services?” and we don’t have an agreement on that yet. Binge On will help you stretch your data bucket by three times with the benefits that you get. YouTube is included, it’s just not free at this point. (Source)

  • Love Binge On and I never had an issue with it. I don’t understand what all this fuss is about.

You’re looking at the issue the same way I am, from the eyes of a customer. Binge On was created for people like you. The fuss is coming from a bunch of pandering ideologues using this as a platform to discuss an issue that’s secondary to customers, and we’re just in the middle of it. Thank you for your feedback. Binge On is created for customers, and customers love it. (Source)

  • Does Binge On alter the video stream in any way, or just limit its bandwidth? (from the EFF)

What Binge On does, it includes a proprietary technology, and what the technology does is detect video stream and select the appropriate bitrate to optimize for mobile device. That’s part A of my answer. Part B of my answer is, who the fuck are you EFF? Why are you stirring up so much trouble and who pays you? (Source)

  • Criticism followed by not answering the question (what video optimization tech does Binge On use) at all. Nice!

Russell and Kevin, you’re looking for a gotcha here. There’s no gotcha. EFF is not your BFF. I’ve explained what we use for the technology. The point is that this is an option, it’s a benefit, and it meets all of the requirements of being net neutrality friendly. It’s free, customers control it, any provider that meets technical requirements can join, and it’s agnostic to content. (Source)

  • I like the idea of Binge On, but it detracts from my experience with single bitrate streams and downloads. Can it be improved?

I think that’s a good question to close on. I’m glad that you like the idea, and of course we’re going to constantly work to improve it. Let’s keep the dialogue going. We’re going to finish this part, but I am going to be on later and do a Periscope and try to take some more Q&A. (Source)

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  • John Doe

    “…who the fuck are you EFF? Why are you stirring up so much trouble and who pays you? ”

    Well that was disturbing.

    Good job John, you are making yourself look bad and none of your answers were good enough but I am sure the FCC will see that when you meet with them on the 15th. Good Luck, you will need it.

    • maximus1901

      Yeah it was child like. What did he hope to convey with that?
      He seems scared, unprepared for all the scrutiny.

    • calvin35

      I’m worried because i like T-Mobile and while some of my posts make it seem like i think they are the devil, Legere’s q&a went very (and that’s putting it mildly) very bad. Even worse than i knew it would, if that makes any sense.

      • Romdude

        While I liked what he’s done so far network wise, I don’t need to like him personally for me to enjoy my service. If the other carriers provided similar perks like the uncarrier initiatives and faster service, I’d start shopping, but they don’t. Here’s hoping that AT&T introduces more perks since it’s the second faster provider in my area.

    • Jon

      I’m pretty sure that was tongue-in-cheek.

      • Ordeith

        even when he said?
        > you’re looking for a gotcha here. There’s no gotcha. EFF is not your BFF.

        I doubt it. He’s doing an US vs THEM argument. and when it is EFF or T-Mobile most knowledgeable people will side with the EFF every time.

        • John

          Yes. I had no idea Legere was such a scumbag. I only knew him as the person responsible for all of these great improvements to tmobile.

          But from what I saw yesterday, this guy is a complete @sshole. He’s absolutely trying to shout down legit questions by turning his twitter followers against the EFF.

    • PC_Tool

      That one response killed what would otherwise have been a decent explanation.

      Even just a simple, “Proprietary. Next question.” would have been far better – but it’s just not his style.

      I always worried that his disregard would bite him in the ass one day (personally, I’ve always enjoyed it, hence the worry it might go bad for him); and this seems to be the day.

      Ah well.

  • Sad day. :(

  • maximus1901

    Btw, here’s EFF simple experiment gta shows that ALLLLLLLLLLLLL video is slowed/throttled/limited to 1.5mbps, even video on personal server


    However only the server, not TMO network, changes resolution. So if you have a 5, 50 or 500 MB vid and you download it, dl will be limited to 1.5mbps if bingeon is on.

    Legere pretty stupid to think no one would figure it out

  • Anonymous

    What is child like is the bickering about binge on. It is a good thing, don’t line it, turn it off

    • John

      Seriously, you offer nothing to the conversation.

      If you don’t like hearing the adults criticize your beloved company for legitimate wrong doing, just go back to your porn.

  • Android_God

    That was a magical moment watching him become unglued. PLEASE CONTINUE!!!!!!! He’s playing straight out of the Alex Jones playbook! Good stuff!

  • Ordeith

    he again revealed himself to be a liar and an ass? you don’t say.

  • Tony43

    JL can fix this , 1st thing he needs to do is turn iPhone off for the day & regroup.
    The fix – admit he is wrong made a mistake & make things right keep his fan base
    He needs to reset system bingon user enable throw in 1 month of netflix get customers on board.
    Fix bingon throttle so only effects those perticapting

    • I think you’re right, maybe invite the EFF to T-Mobile? Maybe he can turn it into a win.

      • Tony43

        Yes that’s what needs to happen & thanks for agreeing. We had a lengthy discussion at DroidLife about pizza restaurant chef changing the sauce. As you can see chef JL is paying the price now.
        He needs to stop tweeting get his head out of the clouds & work a long weekend makes changes needed fast

        • I still don’t see this as a net neutrality violation as long as it’s optional, but I don’t think he played this well.

        • ThatsMrtoyou

          U can turn it off or on, my god are people this damn lazy

        • I said I DONT think it is a violation?

        • John

          That’s a terrible attitude for you to have. Companies should not make changes like this without user consent. You can turn it *on*.

        • Tony43

          Info found in “kevev” post above makes violation a reality but see your point. Bottom line those not perticapting in bingon should not have throttle taking place & they do.. When JL makes fix needed good times ahead

        • At the end of the day Tony it’s only a violation if the FCC says it is, and so far, it looks like they like choices. I think they’re fine from a regulatory perspective but the @eff is sacrosanct… even if they’re wrong, they’re the good guys.

        • Fabian Cortez

          Exactly, it’s a relationship between you and T-Mobile that you can control at will. Not a secret relationship between T-Mobile and someone else where you have zero control.

        • John

          BingeOn *does* involve secret relationships between tmobile and those who opt into the plan – and it involves secret technology that is interfering with my data connection. Legere could have answered related questions, instead he chose to attack an organization that has always fought for me as a consumer.

    • calvin35

      I’m even looking for gifts, i generally like the guy. All i want is for him to fix what is wrong with Binge On. It’s a great idea that really helps out limited users, but the way it was implemented and explained left a very bad taste in my mouth.

    • John

      I absolutely hate the fact that tmob is throttling youtube even though youtube did not ask to participate.

      And I think the what tmob is currently doing is a violation of the principles of net neutrality.

      However, some have argued that by throttling *all* videos, tmob may be trying to sidestep some parts of the net neutrality argument; so turning youbute back on (which is what I’d want to see) may actually weaken their net neutrality position.

  • kevev

    if [ “packet discrimination” == “packet discrimination” ]; then echo “Not Net-Neutrality!”; fi

    ps; His way of responding is not the proper way to distract the FCC from this issue.

    • John

      Yeah, the FCC will do what it does, but what about the hearts and minds of the citizens?

      This has always been the main threat with net neutrality: A service provider succeeds in convincing their users that a new service is actually *a really good thing* for them while also convincing them that the anti-neutrality means they used to achieve it were necessary.

      Then when the FCC comes in an shuts it down (for our collective good) and the service provider does not provide an open means for achieving the same result – those same customers, not understanding the issues, are left thinking that the FCC is the bad guy for taking something away from them, and the company was the good guy.

      Legere is *already* trying to paint the EFF as the bad guy here, and its working.

  • Guest

    I miss Fabian Cortez. What happened to him? Does anyone know what is he up to these days

    • Ordeith

      He’s still stocking the previous article with fresh fish. I believe herring is his favorite.

      • kevev


        • Romdude

          Wow guys, really? Kinda sad you have to make fun of the guy. Shouldn’t we all be entitled to have our own opinions? No need to be rude about it.

        • Guest

          I little fun won’t hurt. Besides, he is mean himself, he thinks and portrays us who are oppose to Binge On as stupid whiners who don’t even know how to opt-out of it, when in fact we oppose Binge On for various reasons.

        • SBacklin

          If you knew how the guy is on disqus and T-Mobile you’d understand. He or she, (not sure of the gender, but will say he for ease of reference) is nothing more than a shill for T-Mobile. T-Mobile can do wrong in his eyes. Fanboyism by any definition. That’s not new but, he constantly spends all his time posting virtually the same reply over and over again to multiple people and then has the gall to call us trolls. Yesterday, I had with him and let him know what it feels like and called out his hypocrisy. It just gets old and very annoying when someone like him shows up on comment threads like these because we already know what his stance or thoughts on with regards to anything T-Mobile. So yeah, to be blunt, we’re not always nice. He doesn’t deserve anything more or less.

    • Android_God

      I think he missed his daily data upload.

  • Derek

    Hmmm.. Im not sure what to think. As a former T-Mobile customer, (just switched to Sprint and LOVE the service), I’m a big fan of Legere and what changes he’s brought to the wireless industry. When he taunts and swears at the competition, it’s pretty funny. But recently John has sort of taken a turn for the worse… He’s now attacking net neutrality organizations (not good), and even potential and current customers (VERY NOT GOOD).

    • This is very painful for the faithful. :P

    • ThatsMrtoyou

      You switched to Sprint and love it….lol said no one ever. Net neutrality is a farce anyways. It’s a govt created organization that was created to control content. The internet is already open and free…… But like typical govt rhetoric , they try to convince people they are protecting them from bullies, yet the fed govt is the biggest bully in the world

      • John

        Wow, 5 people upvoted a comment bout net neutrality being a farce? This is concerning.

        Many organizations (government and private) have abused the phrase ‘net neutrality’ and so some attempts at so called ‘net neutrality’ *are* a farce, I’ll grant you that.

        But the potential for the companies that control the pipes to abuse their power is great and should be considered carefully.

        Here is the EFF’s position:

    • Frankwhitess

      You switched to Sprint?? And you loved it ??!! Okay…………… What Sprint store do you work for ??? I take it your in the management department correct …

      • Android_God

        Just because someone says something that doesn’t fit into your narrow minded narrative DOESN’T MEAN it’s a fraudulent post.

        • Frankwhitess

          Lmao!! You must work for Sprint too… Lol..

    • Romdude

      Good for you, it really is about using the best service for your own use. If I had better service, speed, perks and price with Sprint in my location, I’d totally be all over it. As it is, Sprint didn’t even buy more spectrum in my area, the only one who didn’t. At least in my area, Honolulu, Sprint stores are barely alive because of their abyssmal and unreliable connection.

    • John

      You actually love sprint? If so, I’d imagine that its a result of policies they adopted to compete with tmobile, so I’d wager you have Legere to thank (as you may know, since you say you are a fan)

      ….but whatever Legere has done in the past, this does not excuse what he did yesterday. Its clear he has a great capacity for scummy behavior.

  • NapoPeb

    I like and respect John, but speaking about the EFF in the derogatory way he did reflects terribly on him.

    Is this how he conducts himself to people that annoy him? It’s not a pretty picture is it.

    Sorry, John, you just lost a fan in the way you’ve handled this issue.

    • Smo

      Agreed. This reflects poorly on John Legere and T-Mobile as a whole.

      • TedContreras

        He’s a bully… his style actually reminds me a lot of Trump.


      I actually know someone that works for him and although they tell me he’s a smart guy, they also say lots of negative things about him….disrespectful & bully. This proves it. How can you be a CEO and use such language. I think he’s lame. You can be rich, smart, but still lame with no class

  • I Don’t Tech-No, Satisfaction

    Okay, here’s my opinion on what T-Mobile should do to appease most customers:

    1. To all customers who pay for unlimited high-speed data, the BingeOn feature should be turned OFF by default. Any usage above 23GB per line per month would be de-prioritized in areas and times of congestion. If an unlimited customer wants BingeOn enabled, they can get the free perks offered from BingeOn (free video rental, etc).

    2. To all customers on paid limited data plans, enable BingeOn by default and all white listed services would stream in SD 480p+ and NOT count against your data usage. Any provider that is NOT part of BingeOn (YouTube) should NOT be effected by BingeOn and its video optimization to eliminate any concerns and technical issues.

    • Romdude

      Most who paid for unlimited high speed are usually tech savvy, it’s the first thing I did the moment they activated it, on the very same day. I did the same to the two others on my plan. The main account owner can easily do it, there, problem solved. I did make sure to leave it on for the lines that don’t have unlimited high speed.

      • John

        Maybe in your area, but nationally most who pay for unlimited are simply wealthy – not at all tech savvy.

    • badassn

      To be honest, they should just get rid of it altogether as it goes against net neutrality.

      • John

        Yes. Tmob *could* have embraced a standard that really gives the user control over the videos, but instead they are doing this in secret and they are holding the keys.

        As it is, they should just get rid of it altogether.

  • Antonio JcRM

    In other words, all mutitimedia content weather you have Binge On Enable or Disable will be throttled. Plain and simple! Our network can not take the load we have gained in the past few quarters so we must “optimized” video content by default. Each multimedia provider that joins Binge On will not count towards your data and will be viewable (cough, throttled) only at 480p or below. The others that are not part of Binge on will unfortunately count towards your data and will be throttled to save network from terrible congestion. We’re sorry for any misunderstanding. Thank you!

    • Jay Trainer

      Yes, but you control whether or not you want to have the option of Binge On being on.

      • kamikaze

        everyone on this forum knows that by now… it’s the people know don’t know that it’s turned ON by default who get confused.

    • Fabian Cortez

      In other words, all mutitimedia content weather you have Binge On Enable or Disable will be throttled. Plain and simple!

      That is false information.

      Only video is optimized, not “all multimedia content,” with Binge On enabled. With Binge On disabled, no video content is optimized.

    • Mike Palomba

      If binge on is disabled nothing will be effected

    • John

      Yes, tmob is doing this to save themselves network problems, NOT doing it for us, the customers.

      Legere is a lying scumbag.

  • TedContreras

    If I had been on I would have asked him to explain how it was possible under his leadership for TMobile to be actively violating labor laws for years and to be dragging their heels about complying. Maybe TMobile should be called the UNlawful Carrier!

    • Jay Trainer

      Can you share specific examples and possibly post links and articles that point to your claim?

    • smo

      I’m interested in this. I’d like to read some links to such cases. Thank you.

      • TedContreras

        From the NYTimes
        and the NLRB site:

        Lagere is the boss and this was management directed. He either knew or should have known.

        • smo

          Thank you for the links. Wow, that is very shocking:

          “Over all, Administrative Law Judge Christine E. Dibble found that 11 of the 13 policies subject to the litigation were illegal.”

          ‘“This is not the case of a rogue manager here or there,” said Joseph A.
          McCartin, a labor historian at Georgetown University. “This is saying
          that the company’s handbook contained a number of prohibitions that
          clearly violate the workers’ rights.”’

    • TedContreras

      I can’t post links here but if you search for NLRB and TMobile you should be able to find both an excellent article from the NYTimes on this as well as the links to the NLRB filings themselves. This has been going on since 2013. It’s all great for Lagere to promote himself as some kind of savior but what his management team is actually doing provides a much clearer view of him than his personality spin doctors have concocted.

    • Ordeith

      It’s Global Crossing all over again.
      This time with more cheerleaders for the bad guys.

  • squiggleslash

    All he needed to do was be honest. There’s nothing shameful about throttling. It’s not morally wrong. If that’s what T-Mobile’s doing to some or all streams, so be it. It raises questions, but those are good questions, and they don’t necessarily mean T-Mobile is in the wrong.

    But Legere couldn’t. And with one insane attack on a non-partisan highly respected pro-Internet group that has done nothing but reveal that Binge On is not quite what T-Mobile has been implying it is, he’s blown it. Legere has put a lot of effort into pushing the idea that T-Mobile is the honest operator, and they’ve been all over the map with Binge On, finally blowing it with this Q&A.

    Legere needs to fix the damage. No more lying about what Binge On is. It’s throttling. The EFF proved that. Call it throttling. Tell people when throttling takes place. Apologize to your customers for misleading them, and to the EFF for insulting them for performing a valuable consumer service. And start fixing the problems.

    • TedContreras

      He can’t say that it is throttling because that’s illegal. The ability to “opt out” puts it in a slightly grey zone but the fact that TMobile automatically opted everyone in puts them in a bind. His legal department must be in turmoil. I expect the FCC will require some kind of changes.

      • squiggleslash

        It’s not illegal to throttle, no. They can’t necessarily discriminate against sources of traffic without risking FCC intervention, but discriminating against types of traffic is fine – virtually every ISP does (look at how many completely block port 25 for example.)

        Besides which if it were illegal, their legal department would be in knots anyway. It wouldn’t matter if they admitted it or not, sooner or later (and in this case sooner – the EFF has made their findings public) they’d get caught.

        There’s nothing illegal with what they’re doing. Insofar as they’re doing something _wrong_ it’s lying about it, which both undermines Legere’s attempts to paint T-Mobile as the honest “uncarrier”, and prevents video providers from being able to adapt to T-Mobile’s criteria (anyone who embeds higher bitrate videos on their webpages as static files, for example, is going to to be victimized by throttling as they have no way to reduce the bitrate dynamically once throttling kicks in, resulting in stuttered videos for those viewing their sites.)

        • TedContreras

          Blocking ports is an entirely different matter. What TMobile is doing is reducing the bandwidth of certain sources when this is not needed in order to address the normal management of their network. This is a blanket reduction in throughput even if there are no network management issues. This is exactly what the FCC prohibited. TMobile is trying to grey the lines by saying that since the customer has the ability to control this that this behavior isn’t the same thing. We’ll see what the FCC has to say about that.

        • squiggleslash

          The FCC has made none of the rulings that people here are claiming it has. It has not banned discrimination against applications, or throttling. All it’s banned is using the content’s source (ie Google vs Bing) as criteria for blocking or degrading of the network.

          And exactly what makes you think this isn’t being done to address the normal management of their network? Video streaming is notorious in terms of its poor network friendliness and the nature of mobile phone techs, even LTE, means that a handful of people streaming high bandwidth data from a single tower can quickly clog up that tower and make ordinary browsing unpleasant.

          Unlike, say, the web, which is characterized by short bursts of data for each user (thus guaranteeing that bandwidth will degrade naturally), video is continuous, and video servers do everything they can to keep bandwidth use at a maximum (which is why you can’t just turn it on when the network gets congested – by that point, it’s too late.)

          If T-Mobile wanted to ban use of their network for video altogether, they’d almost certainly be within their rights to do so, it would just be commercial suicide for them to try to.

          Blocking ports most certainly isn’t an entirely different matter and most certainly can’t be hand waived as you have. Blocking ports, like filtering videos, is entirely about restricting or changing the applications that an Internet user can use. There are legitimate reasons for T-Mobile to reduce the bandwidth of video streamers. There are, kinda sorta, legit reasons to block outgoing port 25 (and no legit reasons to ban incoming port 25, but ISPs do it anyway, because they don’t want you managing your own email.) If it’s OK to ban people from using email except on the ISPs own terms, it most certainly is legal to require people stream videos on the ISPs own terms.

          The problem with throttling is not that it’s illegal, it’s that (1) T-Mobile aren’t being honest about it, which makes it harder for webmasters to ensure their videos will work correctly without stuttering for T-Mobile users, and (2) as a technology, it’ll only work properly for video systems that are capable of dynamically changing their bitrate. If a blog uses, as recommended given the current state of HLS and DASH compatibility in current browsers, an HTML5 video tag to embed a high definition video, it’s broken by T-Mobile’s “solution”.

        • TedContreras

          1) The EFF’s testing found that the throttling was being done even when there were no issues with network congestion.
          2) By throttling YouTube (and other non-participants) TMobile has picked specific content sources and has without their consent reduced the rate that they can transmit to a TMobile customer. This degrades the performance of those services that don’t participate. That’s exactly what the FCC wanted to prohibit.

        • Dustin Roe

          And it has been pointed out in the last few days the this is done with the Apple You Tube app, Sprint does it across the board with no opt out and I am confident that if you dig into AT&T and Verizon you will find optimization for video in the fine print there as well.

    • John

      >> And with one insane attack on a non-partisan highly respected
      pro-Internet group that has done nothing but reveal that Binge On is not
      quite what T-Mobile has been implying it is, he’s blown it.

      Its so good to see so many intelligent people out, commenting on this issue. Yesterday all I saw were tmobile loyalists out spin doctoring.

  • Smo

    With Binge On enabled, they’re detecting all video and throttling it whether it’s from a white listed service or not. If they can do this, then why not make all data from detected video streams not count towards your data cap? Why have the white list at all?


      The issue with doing that is they can’t tell everything that is video. They can do their best to optimize bitrate for the video they can detect but they can’t say all video will not count towards data limits if they can’t tell for sure its video. Thats one of the things services that support the free streaming have to have implemented.

      • alan

        If that’s the case then they shouldn’t throttle the stream if they can’t 100% know it’s video.

    • John

      They use this to manipulate other companies into entering deals with tmobile.

      Tmobile is trying to gain power and control over the other companies using bingeon as their lever.

      Legere is painting youtube as the bad guy for not agreeing to tmob’s secret (to us) terms.

  • Mike

    Wish JL would just be honest and tell us that he expanded too fast and didn’t do the infrastructure additions to handle the massive data traffic. Simply apploigize to the many, many loyal customers and inform them that Video content will be slowed ,but still watchable for a limited time to allow TMO to make the necessary improvements. Pretty simple. Just cut the bull shit, name calling and starting like the CEO you are. Your performance in the most recent vids make you look like a flaming jack ass John.

  • Peace Love and Death Metal

    How can I turn it off? I havent had any issues with it so far . But, i have unlimited and want to see if I notice a difference. I just cant figure out how to disable it.

    • Fabian Cortez

      Alex wrote an article earlier about how to turn it off: “Here’s how to disable Binge On using the T-Mobile app and website”

      • Peace Love and Death Metal

        Cool thanks!

        • Fabian Cortez

          You’re welcome.

  • hristopelov


  • Walt

    You get binge on with all plans. Even prepaid

    • hristopelov


      • Walt

        Yes you do. Check your account

        • hristopelov

          WOW the $30 Walmart plan is the best! free music and video stream, free unlimithed domestic & international txt.. Google Voice & Skype for unlimithed talk over LTE – $30 flat, and considering you can buy T-Mo prepaid cards off eBay or craigslist on 20-30% off comes out to $20/mo

        • Denis

          It is ON for the $30 walmart 5GB plan! Login to your account on, click on “Profile” (top right) and look under “Phone Controls” – you will see Binge ON “Worry-free streaming with mobile-optimized video”. You can turn in OFF or ON there. I think you should apologize to Walt!

        • Walt

          Thank you ha i tried explaing it to him but he didnt believe me lol

        • hristopelov

          ok my bad… wow
          i was looking at “plan features” and it wasnt showing there..
          thanks guys, im happy i had this conversation with you, and thank you for helping me find it.
          i appoligize

        • Walt

          Hristopelov, once you hit your 5GB of 4G are you still able to watch netflix at high speed?

        • hristopelov

          im sure i will be able to, but havent tested, as you know i just found out i have “binge on” lol

          i burn thru a lot of music steaming, like a 600-700MB a day when i workout and that is working fine even pass the 5GB limit.
          i dont see why the video wouldnt be.

          my plan closes on 25th, i stretch my data thru the end, but in about 2 weeks i will test it in the last few days of the cycle and let you know

          thanks again, you made my day, i was so happy, i have free netflix using my ex-GF logging, so now i get to stream it free too lol

        • hristopelov

          Hey Walt, im back here to report, thanks to you i got my Binge ON :D

          so after you get pass 5GB on the Walmart $30 plan the Free 480p Video stream is off.. unfortunately..

          Videos get compressed furder to probably 120p lol Netflix takes 1-2 min. to load, plays for 2-3 min. at like 120p and buffers..

          Also i received a msg that my internet speed is lowered to 64kB, i assume the post paid customers get 128kB

          Music still plays thankfully, even pass the 5GB limit, hope they change that for the Binge ON aswell to be the same..

          I only got a half a day of testing as i was holding on to my data till the end of my cycle, but im pretty sure thats the case witht the 5GB $30 Walmart plan..

          This month im running thru my allowment faster, might have a full week to test at the end on low 64kB internet speed.

          Hope that info is usefull to you, thanks again for helping me earlier this month.

        • Ordeith

          You may not get zero rated, but you are still being throttled. Sucks that you don’t have an option to disable that.

  • Martin Reynoso

    Does anyone have John Legere email I need to ask him a question

    • TK – Indy

      He doesn’t want to talk to the natives anymore, for they have become restless.

      • Martin Reynoso

        Not trying to be like that I want to show people that this Binge On is a good thing because I have videos of doing 1080p with Binge On and with out buffering like everyone says they do

    • Acdc1a
      • Martin Reynoso

        Thank you so much :)

  • Martin Reynoso

    Hello John I been with you guys for over 3 years now been loving everything you been doing and happy to seen all the progress that has been coming out of it :) thank you for everything you have done for us customers and this company but my question I will like to ask you is this if EFF getting paid by Google after reading a article about would have Google project that we have shown some decreasing speeds on Thier end even with Binge On because I have a buddy of mine that has a Google phone plan with him and he dose not see any throttling speeds happening at all and I have a t-mobile phone with you guys with Binge On and I get to see much more video because of and the people who say that YouTube video been throttling is a late because I can still do 1080p with Binge On so this EFF are getting Thier information wrong because I could show you with a speed test with Binge On on and off because I been doing test for about a week now and I don’t see why YouTube making a big deal about it

    • John

      EFF has their information correct.

      Legere’s comment about EFF and Google only shows Legere’s dishonesty. Legere is the slimy entity here, not EFF.

  • TedContreras

    And in rolls the reaction to Lagere’s nasty behavior and dishonesty….

    T-Mobile. #theUNlawfulCarrier

    • Martin Reynoso

      If you don’t like the program then why use it? If you keep complaining about it turn it off.stop been a EFF people like everyone one who bitchon about it!!

    • Spanky

      “What’s perhaps worse is that T-Mobile has been anything but forthcoming about the issue. CEO John Legere portrays himself as a straight shooter in an industry full of phonies. He has long hair. He wears hoodies. He swears. A lot. He calls out competitors like AT&T and Verizon for their confusing pricing and hidden fees cloaked in fine print. But when it comes to questions about his own company, Legere is as evasive as any corporate shill in a suit.”
      Quoted directly from the Wired article. A spot-on assessment.

      • AS118

        You’re absolutely right, he’s acting exactly like an evasive corporate shill. I’m really disappointed in him. I have -6- lines with T-mobile (4 phones and 2 Tablets) in my family, and if any other carrier offers an even similar deal, I may just jump ship.

  • Mueller2051

    Why is this a issue. Why is this so complicated. Ok I have a tablet on the road and I love I can binge with Netflix it has 5 gig shared data with my phone plan. I have a phone with unlimited on my phone and I can turn binge off. So how is this a problem. Would I want verizin with a overcharge! I don’t get it is it that hard to turn off. My Samsung tablet 10.5 don’t miss a second. If you don’t want it turn it off. If you don’t know how call tmobil they will help you.

    • John

      Read into it a bit more – the issues surround how Legere handled the situation as a whole. He deserves the hate he is getting, even if you like bingeon.

  • John

    “The biggest question is “Why is that your biggest question?” ”

    What an asshole. How obvious can he be about being in deflection/avoidance/dishonesty mode.

  • John

    “The biggest question is “Why is that your biggest question?” ”

    What an @ss. How obvious can he be about being in deflection/avoidance/dishonesty mode.

    • gmo8492

      He says that its proprietary tech that is being used to determine the bitrate of each streaming service. So he can’t openly share trade secrets and the specifics of how it exactly works. But you have to remember T-Mobile field tests these things before they eventually launch it to the rest of their network. So he did answer the question in the end.

      • Adam

        There is no secret anymore. Binge has been reverse engineered.

      • John

        No, he *can* openly share enough details to answer these questions, and he *ought* to do so given what we now know.

  • RealitySuxSometimes

    Anyone who ever thought John Legere was /is “of the people” is delusional. He is a rich company man. He works for big business not the small guy. It was only a matter of time.

    • Adam

      I never thought Legere’s behavior was anything more than free market competition. Once a market becomes competitive there will emerge a CEO that is willing to put forth the effort to win. I am sure if cable internet ever becomes competitive we will see similar CEO behavior.

    • Spanky

      Tell that to all the fanboys who view John Legere as the savior of the wireless industry!

      • WatchingThisThing

        Rates have gone up considerably. I would not be surprised if all the phone companies were in it together. I can just see them sitting around the table laughing their butts off.

        • Andrew Singleton

          im sorry, what? rates have gone up? that isnt even close to true. you couldn’t even trip and fall and randomly land on a tiny piece of truth there.

    • John

      You feel like getting on twitter and trying to talk sense into those morons?

  • Peace Love and Death Metal

    Old “down to earth” Uncle John lost hella cool points for this. For a guy who prides himself as being “for the people” he sure has a way of acting like a rich @$$#0LE !

    Here’s a customer pain-point he may want to consider in his next uncarrier rollout: Don’t feed your customers $H!T and call it caviar. Customers hate that more than contracts, using data on video and music, getting charged long distance for calls to mexico and overages combined.

    • maximus1901

      you’re stupider than stupid if you buy that “for the people” because “i let my hair grow long and swear a lot”

  • Paul Garrison

    Just turn Binge On ‘OFF” for everyone, then let the consumer go in and turn it on. That way the bitching can stop, and if it doesn’t then you are a shill from another cell company.

    • The whole thing would have to be scrapped. The only way Binge On works, is if the total savings is more than the increased use. So let’s say they’re saving 2/3 of the data on the network by turn it on, andthey give back 1/3 by letting people stream for free. They’d still have a net 1/3 savings and everyone wins. Now if you made it “opt in”, they’d have NO net savings, just an increase in data use. Doesn’t work.

    • John

      That would be a huge improvement, and I might stop criticizing if they did this. Or I might keep criticizing, because they are also throttling providers that did not ask to participate, and they never answered the EFF’s questions.

  • J Cav the Great

    If T-Mobile changes the service to a “opt-in” service instead of an “opt-out”. All of this would go away.

    • Adam

      Even a less customer friendly middle ground would have been acceptable to me.
      1. Send all customer’s a welcome to Binge text.
      2. When people ask if Binge throttles, answer yes.

    • John

      If bingeon were actually a service to benefit customers, this is exactly what they would have done. But bingeon exists to benefit tmob, not the customers.

      They are trying to prevent problems with their networks by throttling their users.

      If they make it opt in, they may not have enough people using it to get this benefit. They may have to actually invest money and time in convincing their users to use it.

      • Andrew Singleton

        Think about it logically. Where does T-Mobile SAVE MONEY by limiting bandwidth for a video stream? THEY DON’T. This program prevents WASTED bandwidth by people who do not notice a difference – meaning better speed and performance for customers using the same tower. T-Mobiles bottom line is unaffected. My point is that this only benefits customers – noone else!

        • John

          Of course they save money! Think of the gym club model. Tmobile wants *as many people* as possible paying for their service. They are gaining people faster than their network can serve and it would be *very* expensive for them to build out the network to serve the expanding needs of their growing customer base (who also have increasing data usage). Rather than build a larger gym, they are discouraging people from making full use of the gym that they signed up for.

          How can you not see this aspect? And yet be so confident of your position?

        • Andrew Singleton

          if you use the treadmill and skip the elliptical because the treadmill burns all the calories you wanted to burn, the gym is not going to return the treadmill. we’re both right and we’re both wrong.

    • calvin35

      Binge on would go away as well because it would no longer be advantageous for T-Mobile.

  • Travis Tabbal

    I don’t see the Net Neutrality angle here. They aren’t discriminating against any particular provider, they are rate limiting video. That’s not really the same thing. I can see how, to a non-partner like YouTube it might seem discriminatory, but if it’s applied equally to everyone I don’t see a problem with it. I do think it’s a bit irritating, particularly in the case of downloads, but it’s not the worst thing they could do. And downloads are usually to watch later, so being speed limited for them isn’t the end of the world. Other than it sucking up my battery needlessly. I’d prefer an approach similar to the unlimited 23GB de-prioritization. If capacity is there, let it go faster. If not, slow it down for everyone on the cell. At least then it’s network management.

    I don’t like the concept of zero rating particular services, but that’s a whole different issue.

    For those saying it doesn’t effect Youtube, you’re wrong. It might not for you, but it does take time to kick in, so you might not have been testing properly. I noticed this before the big outcry about it. After Binge On came out, I had issues on YouTube. I thought it might just be local cell congestion, but I tried at really odd times as well. Only 480p videos worked right. As that’s what Binge On limits to, I figured it might be related. Turned it off, waited a while, and 1080p started working again. On my phone I usually turn it down to 720 anyway, the extra resolution is nearly unnoticeable on a 6″ screen. But after disabling Binge On, even during busy times it still worked well. So it does effect them. And when 90% of users have a problem like that, they blame and complain to the provider of the service. Particularly if another service works properly.

    I’m on unlimited, so Binge On wasn’t really that useful to me anyway. I didn’t care about the movie rental thing, and I can turn videos down to 480 myself if I want to. And before someone makes a big thing about unlimited users, I rarely hit the 23GB soft-cap. I think I’ve done it twice in a few years. The $100/2-line deal just made more sense at the time than the next lower data tier.

    All the noise is a bit overkill though. It’s easy to disable. I read some articles acting like it was as bad as the Facebook privacy settings. It’s not. They have instructions on their website and it’s easy enough to find if you go looking for it. When they announced it, they sent a text saying you could disable it too.

    I think the only things they did “wrong” here were..

    1) Not being open about it rate-limiting ALL video transfers, not just partner sites. Hiding it behind some drop down on the website and ignoring it when people ask isn’t being open. And quit with trying to call it “optimizing”, optimizing would be transcoding the video to a lower bitrate. They are limiting the speed, not the same thing at all.

    2) Making it opt-out for unlimited users. But it’s not like it’s hard to turn off, so meh.

    3) Name-calling, lying about it, and generally being jerks to anyone that calls them on it. That’s not really an UN-Carrier move. People are generally much more receptive to an open stance and admitting what’s going on. I see why they are trying to “spin” it when people call it “throttling”, as that’s got some bad issues linked to it. However, call it what you want, it’s the same for every service, which is kind of the definition of “neutral”.

    Yeah, I know, they ARE a carrier. But if they want to spin themselves as being better than the rest with this stuff, they need to keep in character. And hey, I’m giving them money instead of Verizon for a reason. They are doing many things right. But they failed at PR on this one.

    • calvin35

      The problem with #2 is that Binge On is a throttling service aimed at throttling as many unsuspecting users as possible, especially unlimited users, everything else is just window dressing. Doing this would defeat the whole purpose of Binge On.

      • Travis Tabbal

        That’s not an unreasonable way to look at it, particularly with the way they are acting. Which is one reason I call it a PR failure. For me, that was basically how it looked when I disabled it. I was trying to be somewhat neutral with the post, but it’s a throttle. And, for me, does nothing I need or want, so I turned it off.

    • C M Hurlburt Jr

      Since it is being called “optimizing” then T-Mobile needs to explain what it is really doing because if it is “optimizing” on video downloads (not streaming) then it is changing video which it does not own or license and that may violate some laws.

      If all they are doing is slowing the speed for any video then they should be honest and admit that all they are doing is throttling video from any source instead of trying to spin it.

      • Ascertion

        And, if it was so easy to join, then why doesn’t YouTube just join it? Google is taking a stance against T-Mobile to honor Net Neutrality. Throttling videos all videos and counting some against your data cap and others not is clearly a violation.

        • C M Hurlburt Jr

          Correct, but T-Mobile has made it a point that they are “optimizing” video and if they are “optimizing” video content then they are making changes and could be in violationn of DMCA.

        • Android_God

          COME ON…KEEP UP!!! Google is just trying to make the news!!!

        • maximus1901

          except you can turn it off/on. that’s what AJ, fraydog et al don’t like to address. can you turn off sprint’s video transcoding? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
          And it’s horrible.

      • John

        Exactly. I don’t need sketchy, secretive middle men like TMobile modifying the data without consent.

    • Adam

      You sound like a Net Neutrality moderate. You should realize there are also Net Neutrality extremist, who believe there should be no prioritization (QoS) ever.

      • Travis Tabbal

        True. And they have no idea how the technology that runs the networks works. Some QoS is required if you want things like VOIP and streaming to work, unless you have huge overcapacity. Cellular networks don’t have that, they all have maximum theoretical data rates and losses to that for various reasons. You might be able to pull it off with FTTH, but even that would likely benefit from some QoS.

        I would argue that some of the things TMO has done with it are perhaps badly designed, but we need some of it. What neutrality should be about, and initially was about, was PAID prioritization. The so called “fast lanes”. There is an argument that zero-rating is basically that. And there’s some truth to it, but rarely are things so black and white as people would like them to be.

  • william43

    Why would I need Binge On if I’ve got an unlimited data plan?
    We turned it on for everybody because everybody gets benefits, including unlimited customers. Unlimited customers get benefits like additional tethering and free movie rentals. (Source) – What additional tethering benefits?

    • kgraham182

      If you leave BingeOn, video streaming from some sites don’t count toward your allotment

      • william43

        That’s not a benefit that’s a feature I thought i might get 1 or 2GB more of tethering for having it on lol

      • william43

        When I tethering my phone to my laptop/tablet and watching Netflix?

      • Chris

        ” video streaming from some sites don’t count toward your allotment”

        But you already have Unlimited data; why would you want to watch 480p video so that it won’t count on your Unlimited data?

        • Botiemaster

          The only possible reason is tethering your phone to another device with a larger screen to watch unlimited content in 480p. Essentially BingeOn gives you unlimited video data on your devices. That’s how I understand it. Frankly, we should get unlimited frickin data on any device we choose to use on a network if we pay for unlimited, but it’s still a carrier thing Tmo refuses to kick to the curb because they know people would be tempted to put a larger screen to work if it could get unlimited 4G LTE data.

          The point of BingeON is obviously to curb unlimited data use as Tmo won’t be able to hide behind the ‘data strong’ network they’ve been selling for two years for much longer with all the new subs. Part of that is enticing heavy data users to use BO through tethering to devices. You may be forced to watch DVD quality video only while Binge is turned on, but at least you’ll be watching it on a tablet or even HDTV instead of your tiny 5 inch or less smartphone, all you want, 24/7/365.

          My problem with BO is the fact that when on it limits ALL data. BingeOn is BingeOn. It should only be in effect for BingeOn partners. We all can expect that to be corrected whether John approves of it or not, when the FCC decides it’s going too far, and they will. Besides that shady business practice Tmo tried to shoehorn in, BO is solid.

    • John

      That’s one of the many ways that Legere was being a scummy used car salesman yesterday. I’m so sad that so many people fell for it.

    • Erik

      Ex. I have a wifi tv, if i connect my tv to my smart phone and use my tv to stream netflix; it doesnt come out of my teathering alotment…

      • Andrew Singleton

        That’s incorrect. Smart TV’s are NOT one of the devices for which BingeOn applies to tethering.

  • AS118

    His answers are mostly non-answers, and one-sided, self-righteous propoganda too. He’s not even addressing the real issues unless they’re stated in a suck-up-y way, and he insulted the EFF too.

    It’s not like T-mobile is my BFF either. Binge-on creates real concerns for people who want to watch at high quality and don’t want downloads throttled, and also unlimited customers who don’t want to be throttled or have quality reduced. It really should have been opt-in and Legere should cop much less of an attitude about the criticisms.

    The way he’s treating the customer feedback is just arrogant.

    • Don Goyo

      The right way to shut people or the EFF off, is with facts against their claims, not ranting and yelling in childish ways.

    • John

      EFF may not be my BFF, but they are definitely looking out for my best interests.

  • Walt

    If you’re on a t-mobile prepaid plan and use all your high speed data, will you still be able to watch netflix/hulu on LTE smoothly? Since netflix is included with bingeOn (and shouldnt count against your data) i think all t mobile accounts have the option to turn on or off bingeOn correct? Thanks

  • mike

    John Ledgere should STFU!!! It’s throttling enough said.

    • Tyler Riddle

      Turn it off!

      My goodness:

      Free video with forced lower streams to conserve and throttling.


      Turn it off. Make all your data count.

  • Nameless T-mobile Spokeperson

    Okay, Okay.. according to another news outlet ‘a nameless T-Mobile spokesperson said yes T-Mobile is deliberately slowing down the delivery of non-partner videos, which by any definition (other than T-Mobile’s) is throttling:

    Any clue who is the Nameless T-mobile spokesperson?

    • John

      Its great to know there are some honest people working at tmob, even if the CEO is a lying scumbag.

  • Android_God

    Could you imagine how much he must FUME off camera while on social media.

    • Ordeith

      It would be interesting (and entertaining!) to see what happened between the cuts.

  • (J²)

    T-Mobile is back-peddling here to cover their ass. I don’t believe it was an intention attempt to deceive customers but rather misinformation. How many times has T-Mobile brought an uncarrier announcement to a close with many unanswered questions? It’s an internal issue.

    Now that we know Binge On throttles more than the participating video services – why would any video service need/want to sign up?

    Don’t get me wrong, Binge On is a nifty feature but customers should have the option to:

    A) Opt In, they should have been Opted Out by default.
    B) Elect to only optimize the video services that joined Binge On or have an “A La Carte” option.

    The FCC isn’t going to be concerned that T-Mobile allows users to better manage their data but rather the fact that these things were not disclosed and originally denied.

    Apparently IT Engineering and Marketing were not on the same page. T-Mobile would be hanging itself to intentionally attempted to deceive customers in such an ill-advised way.

    • Timothy Poplaski

      Or they deliberately lied. Whatever they did in the beginning, they’re doubling down on the bullshit now.

      Shoot, even the reporters are getting it wrong. Android Central said that it only applied to 3GB plans on up. That’s incorrect. ALL lines and plans are throttled, but only 3GB+ plans get the free unlimited data promo and free video later. And of course unlimited users just get a $3.99 Vudu credit.

      Legere said something about extra tethering data, but I couldn’t find any mention of it on the BingeOn website. He probably just decided that “less data used for video, more data for everything else” means “extra data”. No, it does not.

      • Andrew Singleton

        tethering amounts doubled accross the board, so where unlimited $30m customers used to have 7GB, they now have 14.


    Dude, why are ya’ll so damn butthurt. It’s an option, and a free option at that. It’s like saying, my supermarket is giving away carrots, fuck them for giving away carrots. They should give away steaks. They are harming me by giving away carrots to the people who want them. Instead, they should give away steaks, BUT you should have to ask for them , they shouldn’t just be free for the taking. My supermarket is always trying to fuck me.

    • John

      If my supermarket pushed unwanted carrots on me I’d be pissed.

      But giving you free, crappy videos is only part of the deal here. They are
      throttling my bandwidth without my consent. That’s F’ed up no matter
      how you look at it.

      And making youtube videos stutter when I try to view them at high res.

      F tmobile.

  • Panzer

    I honestly hadn’t noticed Binge on was even turned on my account until all of this. With my grandfathered unlimited plan I heard they weren’t going to include me. I turned it off; really haven’t noticed any difference.

  • Bill

    Does bingeon limit the resolution? I am using the note 4 and am experiencing lower quality.

    • calvin35

      That’s part of the problem. Sometimes it will cause a decrease in resolution and sometimes it will just cause video to stutter and lag. When using those services actively participating in Binge On you will most likely end up forced to 480p streamed at 1.5 Mbps. When you talk about streaming services not actively participating in Binge On, sometimes you’ll be limited to 480p at 1.5 Mbps and sometimes you’ll experience lag and stutter, it all depends on how well the provider is able to adapt to the throttling that T-Mobile if applying to their content.

    • John

      Tmobile is throttling videos without our consent. This causes the site sending the video to either downgrade the video quality, or have you experience stutter and lag.

  • John

    To be able to use YouTube again, without lag, (and get rid of the crappy 480p videos on other sites) you can call tmobile’s support line at:


    They will need (a) the phone number for the line that you use, and (b) the last 4 digits of the social security number of the primary account holder. Ask them to turn off ‘binge on’.

    If you don’t appreciate that they made this change without asking you, be sure
    to tell the operator and ask them to ‘escalate’ your complaint so it gets to the supervisors, etc.

    Also, I looked into Sprint and they’ve gotten a lot better recently, meanwhile T-Mobile has gotten worse. Not sure whether I’ll switch but I don’t appreciate how T-Mobile is handling this.