John Legere hosted a Twitter Q&A to discuss Binge On, here’s what he said


As expected, John Legere took to Twitter this afternoon to answer some questions about Binge On. He ended up posting quick video responses to most of the questions that he answered, but some folks may not want to scroll through his Twitter feed and watch a bunch of videos, so I’ve included the questions and answers below. If you’d prefer to watch his answers yourself, you can find the link to each tweet after his answer.

  • Why the decision to opt all customers in rather than let them opt themselves in?

We wanted all customers to have this benefit immediately without making them jump through hoops. We make it pretty easy to opt-out. We did notify everybody. (Source)

  • Why would I need Binge On if I’ve got an unlimited data plan?

We turned it on for everybody because everybody gets benefits, including unlimited customers. Unlimited customers get benefits like additional tethering and free movie rentals. (Source)

  • Why are you lowering resolution of streams (YouTube) that are not part of the Binge On?

Binge On is not just the 38 free streaming services. It also includes the ability to stretch your data bucket across all video streams. The other, non-free streams are highly important. (Source)

  • After toggling Binge On, how long does it take for change to take effect?

Ten minutes or less. (Source)

  • I think the biggest question that needs answering is exactly what video optimization technology is being used for Binge On?

The biggest question is “Why is that your biggest question?” It’s video detection and optimization of the video stream for mobile devices. And by the way, it’s video that’s being optimized, and the rest of your services work exactly the same. And by the way, it’s fully at the customer’s control. (Source)

  • Where are the porn sites for Binge On?

There are a number of providers lining up to become part of Binge On. We added 14 more today. We do not discriminate on content, so there will be a number of porn sites becoming part of the free service. We may not advertise the partnership, but we’ll keep you posted. (Source)

  • Will YouTube be supported soon for Binge On?

First of all, all video services are supported with Binge On. What you’re referring to is “Will it be one of the free services?” and we don’t have an agreement on that yet. Binge On will help you stretch your data bucket by three times with the benefits that you get. YouTube is included, it’s just not free at this point. (Source)

  • Love Binge On and I never had an issue with it. I don’t understand what all this fuss is about.

You’re looking at the issue the same way I am, from the eyes of a customer. Binge On was created for people like you. The fuss is coming from a bunch of pandering ideologues using this as a platform to discuss an issue that’s secondary to customers, and we’re just in the middle of it. Thank you for your feedback. Binge On is created for customers, and customers love it. (Source)

  • Does Binge On alter the video stream in any way, or just limit its bandwidth? (from the EFF)

What Binge On does, it includes a proprietary technology, and what the technology does is detect video stream and select the appropriate bitrate to optimize for mobile device. That’s part A of my answer. Part B of my answer is, who the fuck are you EFF? Why are you stirring up so much trouble and who pays you? (Source)

  • Criticism followed by not answering the question (what video optimization tech does Binge On use) at all. Nice!

Russell and Kevin, you’re looking for a gotcha here. There’s no gotcha. EFF is not your BFF. I’ve explained what we use for the technology. The point is that this is an option, it’s a benefit, and it meets all of the requirements of being net neutrality friendly. It’s free, customers control it, any provider that meets technical requirements can join, and it’s agnostic to content. (Source)

  • I like the idea of Binge On, but it detracts from my experience with single bitrate streams and downloads. Can it be improved?

I think that’s a good question to close on. I’m glad that you like the idea, and of course we’re going to constantly work to improve it. Let’s keep the dialogue going. We’re going to finish this part, but I am going to be on later and do a Periscope and try to take some more Q&A. (Source)

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