Check your Binge On status and enable or disable the service using short codes


UPDATE: It seems that these short codes are no longer working for most folks. I’ve reached out to T-Mobile and asked what’s going on with them, and I’ll be sure to update you when I hear back.

UPDATE 2: A source says that these Binge On short codes were enabled briefly as part of a test, which would explain why they’re no longer working.


Earlier this month, I detailed a couple of ways that you could enable and disable Binge On. Now another way to toggle the service has been discovered.

TmoNews reader Loco Mole found that you can check your Binge On status by dialing #264#. If you’d like to toggle Binge On off or on, you can also do that from your dialer by entering #266# to enable it or #263# to disable it.


Some Reddit users are having trouble toggling Binge On off and on using this method. They say that they had success after switching off Wi-Fi Calling or LTE, though, so you may want to try that if you’re having problems.

For whatever reason, T-Mobile appears to have pulled the Binge On short code from its support site. If you view the Google Cache, though, you can see the Binge On code in the “Account and phone information” section.

T-Mobile has let you toggle Binge On off and On using its app and website, but some folks may not want to hunt for a switch using those methods. Instead, you can open up the dialer app — which most of us probably have readily available — and punch a few buttons. While we wait to see what (if anything) will come of the brouhaha surrounding Binge On lately, it’s good to see T-Mobile offer another quick way for its customers to toggle the service on and off.

Thanks, Loco Mole!

Source: T-Mobile

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