Check your Binge On status and enable or disable the service using short codes


UPDATE: It seems that these short codes are no longer working for most folks. I’ve reached out to T-Mobile and asked what’s going on with them, and I’ll be sure to update you when I hear back.

UPDATE 2: A source says that these Binge On short codes were enabled briefly as part of a test, which would explain why they’re no longer working.


Earlier this month, I detailed a couple of ways that you could enable and disable Binge On. Now another way to toggle the service has been discovered.

TmoNews reader Loco Mole found that you can check your Binge On status by dialing #264#. If you’d like to toggle Binge On off or on, you can also do that from your dialer by entering #266# to enable it or #263# to disable it.


Some Reddit users are having trouble toggling Binge On off and on using this method. They say that they had success after switching off Wi-Fi Calling or LTE, though, so you may want to try that if you’re having problems.

For whatever reason, T-Mobile appears to have pulled the Binge On short code from its support site. If you view the Google Cache, though, you can see the Binge On code in the “Account and phone information” section.

T-Mobile has let you toggle Binge On off and On using its app and website, but some folks may not want to hunt for a switch using those methods. Instead, you can open up the dialer app — which most of us probably have readily available — and punch a few buttons. While we wait to see what (if anything) will come of the brouhaha surrounding Binge On lately, it’s good to see T-Mobile offer another quick way for its customers to toggle the service on and off.

Thanks, Loco Mole!

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Loco Mole

    Hope T-mo keeps those shortcodes – it’s a mystery why they removed it from the short code documentation. By the way, 264 = BNG, if you need a mnemonic to remember the codes.

  • Thomas Vu

    What was with logging into the account?

  • Guest 2

    I was reading Sacha Segan’s opinion piece about Binge On at PC Mag where he explains why Binge On is attracting the attention of the EFF and the FCC, and why TMo may get in trouble.
    I recommend the article, whichever side you are.

  • steveb944

    I don’t get why it has to be such a secret to get these, I would hardly call it T-Mobile providing as they’ve never publicly informed us.
    Either way, much easier method, and whio wouldn’t have a dialer? Tablets I guess.

    • polo421

      Many people were reporting that it wasn’t working for them, that could be why they removed it from the website no?

      • steveb944

        Better than nothing. I recall entering codes on prior devices and it would be hit or miss as well.

  • Chris Barrett

    #264# did not work for me. It said non-existing short code

    • Whiskers

      Same here .

    • Chris Fisher

      I get the same thing whether I am using WiFi Calling or not. Non-Existing Short Code when I used #264#. I turned mine off the day it released but I figured I’d check it this way once I read the article.

    • Ray

      It is a typo. It is actually #246#. The numbers that correlate with the first three letters of the word “Binge”.

      • Quailallstar


  • jonathan3579

    The numbers are wrong!!!

    #783# enables it.

    #443# disables it.

    • Walt

      Works good. Even for metro pcs. Thanks

      • Guest 2

        Do you know the short code for the status?
        The #264# (BNG) doesn’t work for me.

        • PC_Tool

          It is actually #246# – article is incorrect.

      • riverhorse

        Not for me on Metro..LG Stylo: Server has encountered a problem.

    • Xtocity

      Thanx ur code works for me

    • Alex Wagner

      The #264#, #263#, and #266# codes were working over the past couple of days. T-Mo’s support site even said #264# was the code to check Binge On status. Now it looks like the codes have changed. I’ve reached out to T-Mobile and asked what’s going on.

      • jonathan3579

        Wow, those codes are all over the place. Thanks for the input! :)

        • Guest 2

          It was like this: #264# (BNG) and maybe #246# (BIN) for status; #263# (BNF/BOF) for off and #266# (BNO/BOO) for on.
          Now i think they are making codes that will work on all TMo brands and MVNOs, so the Bs, Ns, Gs and Os of Binge On have to go.
          I wonder what the code for status will be now?

  • mikeZo6

    yea short codes are not working for 3 months right ! u have turn off wifi and LTE only on 4g short codes work.

  • RLB63

    I recommend putting the codes in your contact list. Then you don’t have to remember the codes. I also created a group just for movie and put the codes I use in that group do they are all easier to find.

  • Paul Birkbeck

    I have unlimited data and I noticed after they rolled out binge on that my youtube quality has gone down the drain. Hopefully this fixes it as youtube doesnt let you manually change video quality on celluar. Thanks!

    • SirStephenH

      It should. Binge On throttles ALL detected video (including YouTube) to 1.5Mbps no matter if the provider is participating or not

      • Guest 2

        I’m think TMo is throttling the whole data connection once it detects a video file, you’ll notice that when tethering. Someone did a test and posted the numbers the other day.

  • maximus1901

    doesn’t work
    “non-existent short code”

  • Guest 2

    Not working for me: I tried #264# (BNG), #246# (BIN), #263# (BNF/BOF) and #266# (BNO/BOO). And even the other two someone suggested.

    • Guest 2

      #783# did work now… *hold your noses*, it says:

      “Your BINGE ON is Enabled, to Disable dial #443#”

      • Guest 2

        But #443# doesn’t work, it says:

        “Server encountered a problem. Please try again later.”

        • Guest 2

          783 = STD
          443 = HID

      • Jay Holm

        It worked for me just now, so I should be able to play 1080p YouTube videos just fine, thanks for the info guys!

  • Joe

    Doesn’t work. Non-existent short code

    • Chris Sanner

      here too.

    • PiCASSiMO


    • Charmed79

      Ray Chris Barrett • 5 hours ago
      It is a typo. It is actually #246#. The numbers that correlate with the first three letters of the word “Binge”. I found it below, Thanks Ray!

  • Matt

    This doesn’t work on MetroPCS either. I decided to give it a go.

    • Mike

      I downloaded the MyMetro app to gain access to the Data Maximizer/Binge On settings.

      • Matt

        The MyMetro app does work well

  • I’m friend of a friend

    It actually #783#.

    • jonathan3579

      Oh, you mean like I posted here 3 hours ago? No way!

  • timmyjoe42

    Is this for the video streaming Binge On for video streaming only or does it also pertain to the audio streaming? I’m confused on the difference. I was told by a T-Mobile rep that I did nto have the Binge on Feature because I only have 2.5gb of data. If I want it, I need to upgrade to a 3gb plan. Checking the code, it says that it is enabled. Does that mean that I’m getting the benefits of Binge On’s lower quality video stream, but not the unlimited data? Is this why my Chromecasting of Netflix to my TV has reduced image quality, because in the handoff from my phone on my wifi to the tv on my wifi, my netflix app is still asking for a lower quality stream?

    • Guest 2

      Everyone gets Binge On (video throttle), but you don’t get free streaming from the participating video providers because your plan has less than 3Gb.
      When Binge On is on all you video files will be throttled including those from non participating video providers and whether you watch it on your phone, laptop, TV, etc. or even video downloads.
      You can switch the thing on and off whenever you want, but these short codes are working for some and not working for others.

    • SirStephenH

      Binge On and Music Freedom are two different programs.

      Binge On throttles ALL detected video to only 1.5 Mbps (typically 480p) on ALL accounts but also has zero rated (free) data for participating video providers on accounts with greater than 3GB per month. This only functions over cellular data, not WiFi, and can be switched off at any time.

      Music Freedom DOES NOT throttle and provides zero rated (free) data for participating audio providers. This is available on all accounts and cannot be shut off but there’s no downside for the customer with this program so there’s no reason to turn it off.

      As for the Chromecast. Your phone is just used as a remote and all the streams are being served up directly to the Chromecast so there shouldn’t be and interference there. Binge On also only works while using cellular data (WiFi is full quality) so it wouldn’t even be active. The only case it should be giving you problems like that is if you tethered your Chromecast to your phone because Binge On and Music Freedom are active on tethered connections as well. I’d check to see if it has good reception and power cycle your modem, router, and Chromecast.

  • philyew

    #264# and the related codes worked yesterday when I tested them on my Nexus 5. Not today. #783# and #443# work today. Who knows what tomorrow…?

  • SirStephenH

    Not working on my Nexus 6. A window just pops up and dissapers in a split second.

    • jonathan3579

      Strange. It works perfectly fine on my Nexus 6P.

      • Guest 2

        Maybe he’s trying the codes from the article and not the ones you said. #STD# did work for me after a couple of tries, but not #HID#.
        Thanks anyway.

        • jonathan3579

          Just curious but what device are you using? I’ve verified the codes working on an edge+, iPhone 6 and 6s, and Nexus 6P.

        • Guest 2

          LG Stylo. Maybe they are starting their tests with the top of the line phones first.

  • kgraham182

    The BingeOn fiasco has been great to TMOnews, comments are way up. I remember days past when people hardly commented. Un-Carrier X has been a success.

  • steadymobb

    OR just use the my account app pre installed on your phone.

    • donnybee

      Preinstalled on YOUR phone. My phone isn’t allowed to have anything preinstalled on it, thank God.

      • jonathan3579

        Lol, I was thinking along the same lines!

      • steadymobb

        Good for you. I still have 53gb on my s6 so it really doesn’t bother me at all. America!

  • AS118

    Good info, thanks! I just turned it off from my account on my Desktop browser though. My family’s got the “10 gigs for all” plan, so we really don’t need to be throttled.

    I have trouble using even 3gb a month, honestly, and don’t even reach 2 most of the time.

  • Jake Fitzpatrick

    NBA LEAGUE PASS is way better with Binge On .. OFF. :)

  • Adam Thodey

    #264# didn’t work for me.. but when i Tried #246# it told me my Binge On status

  • gmo8492

    I was able to toggle it on and off last night, but I can confirm that it’s no longer working.

  • Codes no longer work. Was able to toggle it OFF 2 days ago. No go no mo!

  • MickeiKnight

    I just tried it, and the codes work for me.

    • atown7475

      Just tried worked for me as well

  • GreatNews

    Works on the LG V10

  • Philly Jim

    Work’s perfect on my OPX and Edge Plus…………..: )~
    Actually the code is backword’s for me

  • A2theC

    Still working on my GS6edge…after all the updates claiming it’s been disabled.

  • Ricardo Villegas

    Works here in Dallas

  • hrpuffnstuff

    The codes worked once i switched WIFI off then was on LTE (frequency 12)