Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL bringing Windows 10 Mobile to T-Mobile shelves


UPDATE: T-Mobile has confirmed to me that the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL will be sold for $0 down, 23 payments of $5.84, and 1 final payment of $5.67, or for a full price of $139.99.


Several months after T-Mobile pulled the Microsoft Lumia 640 from its shelves, a new Windows phone is coming to take its place.

The Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL with Windows 10 Mobile will launch at T-Mobile “in the coming weeks.” The Fierce XL runs Windows 10 Mobile on a 5.5-inch 1280×720 display and includes a quad-core Snapdragon processor, 8-megapixel rear and 2-megapixel front cameras, 16GB of storage that you can supplement with a microSD card, 2GB of RAM, and a 2500mAh battery.

When it comes to T-Mo-specific goodies, the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL supports both LTE band 12 (as well as bands 2 and 4) and Wi-Fi Calling support.

Here’s what Roger Brown, T-Mobile VP of Marketing, had to say about the Fierce XL:

“We strive to provide our customers a wide selection of price points, operating systems and capabilities when it comes to choosing a smartphone, so adding the Fierce XL to our hardware line-up was a no-brainer. This will be our first Windows 10 device to hit T-Mobile stores nationwide, and since the Fierce XL is coming from Alcatel, our customers know the build quality and feature set will be top notch.”

Since T-Mobile isn’t officially selling Microsoft’s Lumia 950 or Lumia 950 XL, the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL is T-Mo’s first Windows 10 Mobile device. It may not be super high-end, but it will be “affordably priced,” which should put this Windows 10 Mobile device within the grasp of most consumers.

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  • Price ?

    • Alex Wagner

      Nothing announced quite yet, but it’s described as being “affordably priced.” Alcatel OneTouch says that it’s launching in the coming weeks, so we should hear more soon.

      • Mark Buckley

        Any release date?

        • Alex Wagner

          Still no release date. Only info is that it’s arriving “in the coming weeks.”

    • Alex Wagner

      T-Mobile just confirmed the Fierce XL’s pricing, and so I’ve updated the post with that info.

      • Do you know the release date yet? I’m ready to buy one lol, thanks!

        • Alex Wagner

          Only announcement so far is that it’ll launch “in the coming weeks.” When an exact date is announced, I’ll put up a post about it.

        • Thanks.

  • Whiskers

    Pass , i prefer the camera button and better screen .

    • besweeet

      Aren’t on-device camera buttons hard to find nowadays?

      • Bklynman

        Yes they are.Not even sure if HTC,has a camera button anymore or Nokia.

      • Whiskers

        950 & 950xl have them but of course they cost more .
        Also a 5.5 screen with a 1280X720 is’nt that great imo .

      • Rob

        Not really hard to find. Dedicated button maybe but all I need to use my camera on my Note 5 is a double click on the home button. The nice thing about it is that it works while doing anything, including when the phone is locked.

  • Bklynman

    Really? coming from Alcatel, our customers know the build quality and feature set will be top notch.”,Never own Alcatel phone or any device from them,all I know when read the reviews,everyone of them give them 2 to 3,maybe they finally woke up
    started to make better devices with this one,only time will tell.

    • Acdc1a

      I had the Idol 3 for a couple of months. Not fantastic by any means as the display crapped out on me and had to be replaced under warranty which requires mailing the device at my expense to Texas and being without the phone for a week. For $100 I’d give them a try again. Any more than that, nope…

  • JMccovery

    I wouldn’t mind buying this to replace the Moto X I’m using on the family account I have.

    Been really interested in Win 10 phones, but haven’t seen one that I would want to buy, other than the Lumia 950/XL.

  • I’m looking forward to this phone, good size and should have a good price!

  • Ordeith

    I hope T-Mobile supports this one better than they have in the past. T-Mobile’s actions since the HTC HD7 was released just serve to reinforce the OS duopoly on their network.

    I guess they like duopolies, as long as it isn’t ATT or Verizon.

  • Technosquid

    As long as it gets the updates on the same schedule as the Microsoft-branded Windows 10 Mobile devices I would consider it. Frankly I’d just be happier if they brought back the T-Mobile Microsoft Lumia 640, which they mysteriously discontinued after about 10 weeks of availability.

  • Gdot Selftruth

    So there won’t be an android version ?

    • The Android version was released in November 2015.

      • Gdot Selftruth

        you are right. you know i jus noticed walmart has the android version under their family mobile brand. could it be an unlocked version?

  • Marcos

    I really just wish they would offer the 950xl. Why can they offer this Alcatel but not the Microsoft ones?