New T-Mobile Android app leaks with fresh design in tow


It was rumored that a new T-Mobile app would be released on December 10, but that date came and went without an official launch. Fortunately for the impatient folks among us, a leaked version of the new Android app has made its way online.

Reddit user dsulli37 has posted several screenshots of the new T-Mobile app for Android in action, and I have to say, it looks pretty darn good. There are cards that display information like your bill amount, usage, and so on that give off a bit of a Material Design vibe, as well as a hamburger menu for jumping between the different sections of the app. To compare, here’s what the current app looks like.


As expected, the app has sections for changing your plan, paying your bill and EIP, checking your usage, finding a store, and more. You can also check your device’s health, and the app will suggest improvements that it thinks will “better your experience.” You can also use the app to find a T-Mobile store.

As I said before, T-Mobile hasn’t officially released this new app yet, so there are a couple of kinks in it right now. For example, one of the information cards just shows a big “3” inside of a circle. Exactly what’s supposed to be there is unclear, but I’m betting it’s not there because John Legere’s favorite number is 3. There are also some folks that are unable to actually use the app after installing it, with the app telling them “Unfortunately, the T-Mobile App is not yet ready for your account type.”


It’s unclear when T-Mobile might officially release its new Android and iOS apps, but if you absolutely cannot wait, this leaked Android app has been posted so that you can sideload it right now. Just keep in mind that this isn’t the official release, so things might be a bit wonky.

Since this is the Android version of the app, details like whether or not the iOS app will include Touch ID support are still up in the air. From what we can see in this leak, though, the new T-Mobile app is leaps and bounds ahead of the current offering. The new design fits nicely with current trends, and it appears to offer most features that you’d expect from a carrier app. Here’s to hoping that the official launch goes down soon so that iOS users can start using this new hotness, too.


Source: Reddit

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  • Still fugly and looks like a Cocoa Touch “iphone” app; but I will stick to the website anyways.

  • Goat

    I think it’s an improvement. Hopefully it will come with consistent updates or an update schedule.

  • SurvivingSunnyvale

    Don’t care about the look of the app.

    Their servers need to be more responsive.

  • AnthonyRyan89

    Installed on N6P but doesn’t work it stays on splash screen and says cannot connect.

  • Subrata Das

    Doesn’t work in my 6P.

    • patt

      Also no go moto x pure on 6.0

  • MisterSuperGod

    The question is, will it have nonsense permissions and/or any links to CarrierIQ and will it be a resource hog like the original? (Thank the Android gods for root access.)

    • guest

      How do you know when an app has links to CarrierIQ.

      • MisterSuperGod

        It was disguised as a system manager utility on my phone. i can’t see them bundling it with the new app. Curious if folks that have it installed will get any integration with the new app.

      • SirStephenH

        There are CarrierIQ detectors in the Play Store. I’d suggest the one made by Lookout Labs.

  • Allen Alberto Enriquez

    I love it!

  • cammykool

    Anyone still have the APK? OP Removed it.

  • pimpymcgee
  • guest

    Two things:
    I think the T logo is too big, instead it could say My T-Mobile with smaller letters, to make the look more clean. Username could be smaller too and maybe thinner.
    And make an optional dark skin, black or dark gray with pink letters.

    • steadymobb



    I use the current/old T-Mo app and I find it very helpful especially tracking my data. The only thing I wish they add is having the app show data usage when on WIFI. I have to disconnect my WIFI and then press the sync button to show my data usage. Not a big deal, but it would be nice if it works when on WIFI

    • guest

      There is an option in Android where you can check your phone’s Wi-Fi usage
      Go to ‘Settings’ then ‘Mobile data’ then ‘options’ then check ‘Show Wi-Fi usage’

      • Obaid

        I think he’s complaining about the fact that the usage data will not refresh when on Wi-Fi. I would guess this is the issue because I also dislike this limitation.

        • guest

          I see. That never occurred to me since I’m always connected to the cellular network and I always thought the app needed to be connected to the cell network for identification purposes, that’s why there is no login, but then there’s no need for the ‘view network connections’ permissions, or there is.


          If I am connect to the cellular towers then it will refresh and show my usage. The android os data usage is always a little off than the T-Mobile data usage (T-Mobile is always less which is better for me :).

        • iosdjgo


    • RLB63

      Have you tried “My Data Manager”?

      It can display both data usage and Wi-Fi usage in the status bar


        Is that an app? I would rather use the T-Mobile app to tell me how much they think I used. Don’t get me wrong, I love the current T-Mobile app. I was just saying if they will improve it, then add the refresh whilst on WiFi for the data usage. Not a big deal though

      • Matt

        I think what he’s saying is that the T-Mobile app should sync what his data usage is while using Wi-Fi. Currently it only syncs while on data and does not sync on Wi-Fi.

  • Roberto Jaimes

    I think tmobile is utter garbage. I’ve made 12 consecutive payments and yet I’m still ineligible for the $0 down. And I’ve had tmobile since February but my bill cycle changed and I had to pay like twice in a month. And I went in store and they told me I had to pay $400 down and so I called customer service and they told me the same thing. I swear tmobile is just stupid. It even shows on my.tmobile that I made 12 consecutive payments.

    • Cam Fas

      I think people should just buy what they can afford. I buy my phones outright. And unlock them. We can always change service if they don’t suit your needs. Far too often policy is set because too many people take advantage of the system. I only use jump for insurance purposes and in the event that I want to trade my divice in to T-Mobile. But this year I sold my divice outside for far more cash. If you don’t enjoy the eip there are other options. Just saying. Also there is the possibility that your credit may not be up to par. I’m not saying it is or isn’t but it could be a determining factor for why you need a large downpaynent they may consider you a risk. It may not be tmobiles fault if your payment or credit history isn’t up to trustable levels. They have no control over your credit but you do.

      • Roberto Jaimes

        I have to original jump plan and my last jump was in January, also I barely turned 18 in February so I had developing credit bug T-Mobile says if you make 12 consecutive payments then you’ll qualify for $0 down regardless of credit but yet I’m being sold I still have to wait a couple more months.

        • Jay J. Blanco

          Tmobile doesn’t re-run your credit what ever your rating is when you sing up is what they are sticking with weird but ok..

        • Roberto Jaimes
        • Steven

          Yeah, I clicked your link, it says verbatim “Simply pay your T-Mobile bill on time for 12 consecutive months”. You’re getting ahead of yourself. Your 12 months of on time payments is up in February. Just read a little closer next time. Its not based upon a number of payments but more so length of time. Sure that guarantees them 12 payments, but that doesn’t mean you can make 12 payments in less time and jump early. Its people like this who struggle to read and comprehend the full text of a deal that file false advertising suits. This is pretty simple and not a hidden secret at all.

        • Roberto Jaimes

          Like I’ve mentioned countless times before, tmobile changed my bill cycle. So had to pay twice in 1 month which added to the bill count. And I’ve read it countless times I’m not illiterate.

        • Steven

          But that’s your problem, you think that since the bill cycle had you pay twice onetime, that you should be at your 12 payments deadline early. But that’s not how it works. It takes 12 months regardless of how many extra pay cycles you pay in between. I’m not claiming you to be illiterate, but understand that when they say 12 months, they actually mean 12 months, not 12 payments. The fact you paid twice once makes no difference…

        • Roberto Jaimes

          So why is it when I log into my.tmobile account it tells me on the bottom that I’ve made 11 out of 12 consecutive on time payments and may soon qualify for zero down on our best devices. Wouldn’t it just say 10 instead?

        • Steven

          It sounds like you’ve answered your own question to me. You will have 12 of 12 in January, right? So by February you’ll be able to get your $0 down Jump. I still don’t understand the disconnect.

        • Roberto Jaimes

          No the 11th payment was for my November bill, the 12th one was for this month which I paid on the 11th and my bill was due yesterday so I paid it ahead of time. So that makes it 12 total on time payments. I’m just wondering why tmobile keeps telling me things that contradicts with itself.

        • Steven

          Regardless, you are contradicting yourself, your first post says you’ve made all 12, now you say 11. No need to copy/paste, just reference above. Plus, it really doesn’t matter, its say 12 MONTHS, always has, if you have an extra payment in there, okay great, it doesn’t matter. 12 Months is 12 Months. I still fail to see the contradiction from T-Mobile when it says explicitly 12 Months and nothing about payments in the official verbiage. Your direct contradiction in argument tells me you’re either intentionally making up “validation” as you go, or you just really don’t understand how a time constrained contract like this work. Its quite alright, but beyond a simple misunderstanding, you have nothing to gripe about.

        • guest

          You seem to have a hard time understanding. It’s TWELVE MONTHS, meaning TWELVE CALENDAR MONTHS regardless of how many payments you might have made. After February (the month you signed up), I’m sure all your problems will go away.

        • Raw Shad

          It’s not 12 consecutive payments, it’s 12 consecutive ON TIME payments. You are only allowed up to 48 hours to pay your bill after the due date.

          You also can’t have payment arrangements either or extentions.

        • Roberto Jaimes

          I already know that, and they were on time. Every time I log into my account it tells me I’ve made 11 out of 12 consecutive on time payments and may soon qualify for $0 down on select devices. And I made my 12th on time payment Friday, making it 12 on time payments.

        • Scoop003

          It’s 12 months of on time payments. You said you signed up in February, which means, if you keep making on time payments through February you’ll be eligible for the $0 down.

        • Roberto Jaimes

          Yeah, and I’ve made 12 consecutive ON TIME payments already since I had to pay twice for some months due to my bill cycle being changed which brought it up to 12 on time payments.

        • Scoop003

          If you read the fine print, I’m pretty sure it reads, on time payments for 12 MONTHS, not 12 payments. That’s why I said February

        • Android_God

          Developing credit isn’t a bug, it’s called you’re young and simply haven’t built your credit.

        • Jason

          12 consecutive on-time payments. Did you have a payment arrangement or a late payment?

        • Roberto Jaimes

          I didn’t have any payment arrangements or late payments.

    • SirStephenH

      It’s pay off 50% of the device, not “12 consecutive payments”. 12 payments *should* pay off half of the device but maybe it didn’t for some reason. You could actually go into the store and make a payment to bring you up to 50% and then Jump.

    • Android_God

      Sounds like it’s your credit which is hardly their fault. Fix your credit. Credit Karma will help.

      • Roberto Jaimes

        At T-Mobile, we believe everyone deserves a great smartphone. That’s why we want Smartphone Equality™ for everyone with $0 Down for All, a program that helps you get the best pricing on our smartphones and other devices, regardless of your credit score. Simply pay your T-Mobile bill on time for 12 consecutive months, and you’ll have access to the best pricing available. In most cases, this means no down payment.

        • Daniel

          Maybe after the 12th month bill cycle closes and it shows on their system, you might be eligible…Just be patient, and maybe call them to confirm before you get discouraged.

        • Roberto Jaimes

          I did call, they didn’t know. Even the supervisor.

    • Brian the populist.

      If you did payment arrangements during any of these 12monthz that might be why also

    • HeadBangToThis

      I recently got this promotion and they gave me a phone on post paid. Rather do prepaid it was way easier and less bullshit to deal with honestly

  • Taurean Tucker

    I hope this new version allows me to disable it finally, because all this app ever does is sits in the background consuming ram, no matter how many times I clear cache, wipe data or force close.

    • guest

      Have you tried the “restrict background data” option for the app?
      There’s also various settings within the app to reduce it’s activity.
      But I too would like the app to be disableable.

      • Matt

        Restricting background data is not the same as disabling the app entirely. Apps still run in the background when restrict background data is checked. Restricting prevents syncing when the app is not “running” (Gmail sync with notifications for example)

        • guest

          There are apps that still use background data when the option is selected globally but many other apps don’t.
          With that option and the My Account settings, the app doesn’t use more than 1Mb a month for me.
          (I use the “restrict background data” option individually, not globally.)

  • Mike

    Their current iPhone app is horrible! It’s a non native app that just renders a web site. I really hope they make a quality native app and also finally give customers the capability to report service issues at a high level like AT&T has been offering already for years on their dedicated Mark the Spot app.

  • Mike Palomba

    Does anyone know when this app will actually be released?

  • Jonathan Decastro

    Looks like the European versions of the Telekom mobile app. I like it! Looks a lot more neat than the current version. Hope it’s released soon!

  • J Cav the Great

    Wait?!? I can pay my EIP payments separately??!?!

    • EIP Payments

      Yes, at any retail T-mobile store or online at my T-mobile…

    • Blaz3

      Yes but not for Leases!!!

    • Yes….EIP and Lease Payments

      Yes, you can make separate EIP payments and lease payments towards your balance. For additional Clarification, questions or just confirmation, please contact either Customer Service or your local T-mobile Store Representative.

  • Quailallstar
  • Quailallstar

    APK download is available on APK Mirror. Just search Google for “tmobile for android apk” and it should be the first search result.

  • HeadBangToThis

    Hope they have separate usage for your phone data and hotspot data. They recently fucked that up in the current app with the previous update. That app fails

  • Chippy

    I got my new T-mobile app today