T-Mobile knocking $75 off Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6, and LG V10


As we head into the weekend, T-Mobile is offering some nice discounts on three flagship Android phones.

You can now get $75 off the price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6, and LG V10 using the promo code DEAL75OFF. That means that the Note 5 will start at $624.99, the S6 will be $504.99, and the V10 will be $524.99. If you’d like to upgrade the internal storage of your Note 5 or S6, you can do so and still use the DEAL75OFF promo.

This deal is good using T-Mobile’s website or by calling 1-877-387-4324. T-Mo says that the DEAL75OFF promo code will be good for a “limited time,” so if you’ve been on the fence about buying one of these Android flagships, it might be a good idea to do it soon. Also of note is that T-Mobile is offering free overnight shipping on these deals.

The Galaxy Note 5, S6, and V10 are some of the biggest devices of the year, and I don’t mean physically large. (Though the Note 5 and V10 are sizable phones.) The fact that they’re flagships means that their prices are towards the higher end of the smartphone pricing range, but this promo code can knock a significant chunk off the cost of them. And in case you didn’t already know, both the Note 5 and S6 will get Android 6.0 updates, and I’m betting that LG will treat the V10 to Marshmallow as well.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Mike

    Note 5 and LG V10- That is great. The S6- Meh. If you’re anything like me the S7 will be out within 2 months might as well wait for those deals. But if you’re not, great. Especially with Samsung throwing $100 store credits to you if you activate their silly Samsung Pay. You can pick up their Virtual Reality headset essentially free.

    • 0oiiiiio0

      Yep, while I am on the original Jump plan and could have by now from my S5, the 6 didn’t seem like much of an upgrade and the deals that keep getting thrown out seem to be just to get some units out the door, so holding out hoping S7 is decent.

      • Acdc1a

        S7 will likely have SD support at a minimum. That’s an upgrade right there!

        • Major Sceptic

          I wouldn’t count on it.

  • petraman

    Hah, great… just bought a V10 last weekend. smh… Great phone, though.

    • Trevnerdio

      Saame. Last Thursday.

    • Pat Ron Shiruba

      Got mine two days ago lol its ok i like this v10 a lot! Got the Spigen slim armor case and the Spigen Glas tR tempered glass screen protector for a great price on eBay straight from Spigen. And then I found a promotion for a 64 gb sdcard, extra battery, and a dock for free from tmobile, if you purchased it from them. So I guess that is close to the $75 off. Go to the LG v10 website and click on promotions and select your carrier, there are different promotions for different carriers.

    • MastarPete

      You are still within the 14-day return window. call 611 ask for loyalty and request an adjustment, account tenure likely helps but you should be able to get the full $75 as a bill credit if you stick to it and say you’re willing to return and re-order.
      I bought two in-full on launch and was able to get the full $200 ($100 each) credit for that web offer that popped up last month, 14 year customer.

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      • Trevnerdio

        Thanks, Mastar! I’m gonna try that right now :)

        Update: Yeah, the “holiday cheer” is not strong with this bunch. First rep told me they couldn’t do it, loyalty said the same thing. They suggested I return the phone and repurchase it to get the discount, which I doubt is as easy as it sounds (and it sounds like a hassle anyway), and the store told me it was a web-only discount. Oh well, it would’ve only saved me like $3 a month for the next 7 months anyway.

  • ssjchaseutley

    Nah. Rather pay less for Moto X Pure.

  • Bryck

    FYI!! To all Moto X Pure owners, Marshamellow with enable band 12 support is available. Just remove and reinsert Sim card download and enjoy.

  • ChrisI

    The V10s battery life reports still concern me a lot. And those back buttons essentially render an expandable battery option impossible

    • jralphroman

      That doesn’t make any sense

      • ChrisI

        Makes perfect sense. You confused?

        • bob

          the back buttons are not attached to the removable back cover you dumb nut

        • ChrisI

          No shit. My point is that them being on the back panel makes an expandable battery nearly impossible because you can’t get at them with a thicker battery. And, for me, the V10 needs an expandable battery because stock battery life is atrocious

        • Jimmy James

          The LG V10’s battery life is outstanding, coming from an S6 with a smaller screen. Believe me.

        • ChrisI

          No sh*t. My point is that them being on the back panel makes an expandable battery nearly impossible because you can’t get at them with a thicker battery. And, for me, the V10 needs an expandable battery because stock battery life is atrocious

    • GOMA

      i think u meant EXTENDED BATTERY if im not mistaken..i have one for my G3 at the moment…still doubtful on the V10..waiting on some solid reviews about that phone…skippin on the G4, didnt seem any different from the G3…

      • ChrisI

        expandable, extended….same thing.

    • It wouldn’t make it impossible, it’d just have to be fatter and mostly just on the bottom unless they can shape the battery around it and have a big opening for your finger.

      The battery life is great on mine though. I got 6ish hours screen on time when i need it, and I’m a heavy user as far as screen on time and brightness goes.

      • ChrisI

        I did end up buying the V10 on 12/28. Charged it fully that night, took it off the charger at 9pm, I’m still on my original charge right now 12:20 pm on 12/30. I ain’t no power user though, and use Airplane mode when I go to sleep, so no complaints from me right yet.

  • Alex P.

    Not a bad deal. FYI, you can also get $50 check from Samsung or $200 credit for Samsung’s online store if you activate Samsung Pay on your S6 or Note 5.

  • ummduh

    I got bored and ordered a s6 black 64gb. It’s showing up as back ordered. I think I’m going to cancel and just wait to see what the s7 does. Well, their loss.

    Edit: yup, backorder with no eta available; order canceled.

  • Jimmy James

    When dat marshmallow be droppin? I be readin that the LG V4 already be gettin marshmallow around da world but I ain’t be having it on da new phone. What up wit dat tho?