MetroPCS launching North America Unlimited, its version of Mobile Without Borders


T-Mobile has been showing a lot of love to its customers lately with gifts like three months of unlimited LTE data and $100 off Samsung’s 2015 flagship phones. Today, though, it’s the MetroPCS crowd that’s getting some attention.

Starting today, MetroPCS customers can get North America Unlimited, a feature that’ll give customers unlimited mobile to mobile and landline calls to Canada and Mexico and unlimited texting to both countries (and most others). And if you travel to Canada or Mexico, you’ll get unlimited mobile to mobile and landline calls to “virtually anywhere” in the US, Mexico, and Canada, unlimited texting to all three countries, and the ability to use the 4G LTE data from your existing data plan.

North America Unlimited costs $5 per month to add to your MetroPCS plan, which you can do online, over the phone, or at a MetroPCS store. The add-on is compatible with plans $40 or higher. One thing that’s worth noting is that if you’re a MetroPCS customer that’s already signed up for Mexico Unlimited, you’ll automatically get North America Unlimited for no extra charge.

This new MetroPCS add-on is reminiscent of T-Mobile’s Mobile Without Borders. That add-on, which launched in July, also lets you use calling and texting to and from Canada and Mexico and draw from your regular 4G LTE bucket for data. This North America Unlimited feature comes one month after MetroPCS got Music Unlimited and Data Maximizer, its versions of Music Freedom and Binge On. It looks like T-Mobile is focused on bringing some of its Un-carrier moves to prepaid users on MetroPCS, and it’s nice to see T-Mo treating Metro customers to features that are similar to the ones T-Mobile users are getting. They may take a little time to make their way to Metro, but as they saying goes, better late than never.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • besweeet

    So is there really no real reason *not* to use MetroPCS over T-Mobile if you’re mainly a data user in strong areas?

    • Acdc1a

      Unlimited 3 lines at Metro with this feature = $180
      Unlimited 3 lines at T-Mobile with this feature= $180

      Metro benefits the single line users but when you get to multi-line situations it doesn’t stack up.

      • You forgot the $5 discount per line in a family plan, which brings the Metro PCS price down to $165 with all taxes and fees included.

        • Acdc1a

          The $5 bolt-on negates the family plan discount.

        • Got it!

          How about the taxes and fees?

        • Matt

          Metro’s price point includes taxes and fees. The 60.00 plan is 60.00 period.

        • Acdc1a

          Taxes and fees are included so you’ll save a few bucks there…unless you need 4 lines.

      • Tmo

        Right now the 4th line is free at T-Mobile. You can get 4 lines at T-Mobile for $180 with unlimited Talk, Text, Data, and Mexico & Canada calling is included.

    • Matt

      You would use T-Mobile if you wanted to use their Jump! EIP Program. I don’t need the latest and greatest phone so paying 149.00 out of pocket for an LG G Stylo is easy. If you travel overseas a lot, you’d need T-Mobile because Metro won’t work in the UK.

      • Mike

        I believe Metro’s world plan does work in the UK, albeit at a limit of 200 or so voice minutes.

  • Matt

    This is fantastic news! I think Metro needed to do this to be competitive with Cricket. I drive a motorcoach and frequently go into Canada. Now, I can ditch that Canadian prepaid phone that I have. Prepaid in Canada is not inexpensive. Yay!

  • Jonathan Villicaña

    The reasons to have Tmobile are starting to become blurred.

    • MetroPCS IS T-Mobile, and focuses a LOT more on latino customers… so it makes sense? But I guess you’re right the gap is narrowing. If you’re not on a family plan MetroPCSis probably a better deal.

  • Omar Cardenas

    does anyone know on what company tmobile/metro roams in mexico? So far i used att in mexico and its nextel/iusacell roaming for now its okay since its 3G and 4g lte were available but coverage is really limited to big cities only no more telcel or movistar which had more rural coverage which i dont know why ??a few months ago att roamed fine on telcel and movistar which offered much much more coverage . Reason i ask is cuz i wanna switch to tmobile and go to mexico alot . Any experience with anyone using tmobile/metro in mexico?

    • Dan

      I was in central Mexico 3 weeks ago and it was Tecel everywhere I went. The coverage was outstanding. It seemed I consistently had 3G or 4G coverage. There were many times where I was thinking “TMobile wouldn’t have coverage in a rural place like this in the U.S.” So, my experience where I was in Mexico that the rural coverage was better than where I am in the U.S. It was very cool to have unlimited data though. So handy while traveling.

      • Omar Cardenas

        thanks that just confirmed what i had heard before ,tmobile now roams on telcel ,att roamed was like that before it would roam on telcel a few months ago and it was 3G ,4G lte ,now they cancelled their agreement with them and even movistar ,i was there 2 weeks ago and was stuck on iusacell 3G/nextel 4G lte but they only had coverage in the big cities like mexico city and guadalajara ,on the rural places were telcel was available cuz my cuzin had a mexican telcel phone n she had signal i had NOTHING i couldnt connect to telcel at all restarted phone took out sim n nothing were a few months ago i was able to sucks .att did that. so i guess i will take tmobile cuz i do need that rural telcel coverage and also cuz its unlimited!!

        • FBPhilly

          I am in Cancun Mexico and the provider is Tecel. The service is good. You don’t need to change APN or other configuration as the phone automatically finds that.

        • Omar Cardenas

          i kno att is the same no need to change apn phone does everything automatically .

  • 412VC on Twitter

    I wish metropcs had the iPhone

    • patt

      How hard is it to put sim card in lol

      • Matt

        I think the OP meant a partially subsidized iphone like Cricket does.

  • Matt

    Who are the Canadian roaming partners?