Philadelphia is the latest city to get T-Mobile Extended Range LTE coverage


The City of Brotherly Love is getting some T-Mobile love today in the form of Extended Range LTE coverage. T-Mo says that its Extended Range LTE is now live in Philadelphia as well as several other cities in Pennsylvania. They include:

Avondale, New London, Kenneth Square, Copesville, Chelsea, Bridgewater, West Chester, Chester, Boothwyn, Brookhaven, Lima, Aldan, Springfield, Drexel Hill, Millbourbe, Bryn Mawr, King of Prussia, Willow Grove, Rockledge, Hatboro, Village Shires, Newtown, Langhorne, Levittown, Yardley, Morrisville, Doylestown, Chalfont, New Hope, Dublin, Phoenixville, Trappe, Gilbertsville, Red Hill, Quakertown, Pottstown, Reading, Emmaus, Easton, Allentown, Bethlehem, Lancaster, Elizat, Pottsville, Avis, Lock Have, Montoursville, Wilkes Barre, and Dunmore

T-Mobile says that its Extended Range LTE service is now live in 203 major metropolitan areas. Philadelphia is just the latest major city to get Extended Range LTE coverage, with other major locales like Miami, Austin, and Los Angeles all getting it in recent months, too. Exactly where Extended Range LTE will go live next is unknown, but at the rate Magenta has been rolling it out lately, it may not be long before we find out.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Georgios Renieris

    New York needs that

    • lsuisme69 .

      I’m pretty certain band 12 has been in the Big Apple for awhile.

      • Georgios Renieris

        I know Queens has it but not all of New York

  • Steven

    Birmingham, AL and Mobile, AL… PLEASE!!!

    • emcdonald75

      I think C-Spire owns that spectrum. I’m in Jackson, MS, so I understand your frustration. I wish they will sell it to T-Mobile, but some of my family members are with them, and the latest phones with C-Spire have the 700MHz A-block LTE band (Band 12).

      • Jay J. Blanco

        Roaming agreement would be great

      • Steven

        C-Spire owns the Mobile market sadly… this is true. But not the Birmingham market. I’m not sure what the hold up is there. Granted I have great service in most locations, I only need it for when I go to a friends house on the south side of Pelham. I get 2 out of 5 bars of 4G getting about .5 mbps. But Mobile, AL now, Good Lord that area needs it badly. C-spire needs to let that spectrum go and give it to someone who wants to use it! Or at the least setup a roaming agreement if C-spire actually deployed it. Last I heard they were just sitting on it much like Verizon did.

        • Kyo251

          I’m from the mobile area, and I am usually on lte. So it’s not that bad here. It’s great actually for me.

  • parinsan

    Does Newark, DE / Wilmington DE get covered in this market too? Did not find it explicitly mentioned in the cities above.

    • Eric Butler

      Wilmington is its own market

  • SEBA

    Philly had band 12 for cpl months already. Still many dead spots in the area.

  • Aurizen

    I knew it wasn’t official yet a month ago…. I’ve been seeing band 12 on my phone but it’s crap.. 2 bars 2mbps down and 3 up… band 4 gives me 5 bars 50 down and 25 up.

    • Joe

      band 12 is supposed to be a backup for places that you would normally get no service or very week service on band 4. It’s not very fast as they only have 5×5 bandwidth of it. When using carrier aggregation it is very good both speed wise and penetration wise but that is still being tested.

      EDIT: Also at the moment phones are still not optimized very well so you may be on band 12 even when band 4 or 2 is available and works better.

      • Jay J. Blanco

        Once carrier aggregation is launched speeds will be very good

        • Aurizen

          When will that happen?

        • maximus1901

          It’s already launched.

        • Jay J. Blanco

          That’s good


      What Joe said. And to add to that, stop using test mode and manipulating the band you are on. Leave it in auto. It will pick the best service.

      • Aurizen

        I actually use an iphone so I can’t switch to band 12 at will, its random. When will carrier aggregation gonna happen on band 12?

    • Rupesh

      Band12 or 700 Mhz is not known for faster speeds but better penetration capabilities and wider geographical reach. Usually higher Mhz bands give you faster data speeds. So, perhaps, you are in an area where Band4 is not present and hence all LTE traffic is routed through Band12? You might want to check with T-mo CS. Try them on Twitter and they will respond quick.

      • Justin Smith

        The higher frequency bands mean nothing for speed. It all depends on the bandwidth available in different bands. Band 12 is limited to a 5+5 deployment, capable of doing up to 37.5mbps, and band 4 in your area has 15+15Mhz of bandwidth, which can have speeds up to 112Mbps. Frequency has nothing to do with speed.

  • lomsha

    Meanwhile in Phoenix…. Crickets.

    • Justin Smith

      They have to wait for the deal to be approved by the FCC before they can start building out 700Mhz.

  • Cam Fas

    Cant wait for Las Vegas, Henderson, and Mt Charleston get turned on. Oh yes also searchlight. 2g is killing that area. Also Las Vegas Is currently aws20+20 can the iPhone 6s carrier aggregate 25+25 when they turn on the 700mhz zmh5 and pair it too the AWS in las vegas?

    • William Kestle

      I’ve found that the backhaul around las vegas and Henderson to be lacking. One cell site can provide 60+ mbps meanwhile the next is in the low single digits.

      Wish T-Mobile would provide enough backhaul to each cell site they have so that the airlink is the bottleneck instead of backhaul.

      • Cam Fas

        I agree next to my house Boulder lake mead near the chevron the tower can put out 40-60mbs but when I go one mile up the road to the Starbucks the back haul can put out 120 on a good day usually in the morning.

  • lsuisme69 .

    Please tmo hurry up already and get band 12 in the Lafayette Louisiana Metro area. .. we need it bad. Your maps show we’re covered awesome. ..but actual coverage is no where close to your maps. Unless your showing what it will be like when band 12 gets here. If that’s the case then I can’t wait!!!!

    • Justin Smith

      They have to wait for the deal to be approved by the FCC.

  • Jose

    All I want is my edge to turn to LTE in Idaho

    • GMOz

      according to tmobile that should be happening by this january. Just make sure you have a phone that supports all of tmobile’s bands. I think the bands are 2, 4, and 12 for LTE.

      • Justin Smith

        Centurylink has to be the worst backhaul provider in history.

  • taron19119

    This is a joke im still getting hspa in buildings

    • Eric Butler

      what phone do you have?

      • taron19119

        A note 4 and s6 edge and a iphone 6s+ band 12 is a joke

        • Rupesh

          I don’t believe iPhone 6+ supports band 12 but Note 4 and s6 edge should. Did you check with T-mo CS? Try them on Twitter – they are very fast in responding.

        • taron19119

          Yes the 6s+ does have band 12 and they offered me a wifi router

        • Rupesh

          I thought you mentioned 6+ and not 6s+. That’s what your post says above.

        • taron19119

          I know auto correction

  • jay

    Any info on Northern NJ? I see on the map on here it says Sparta NJ, but i have driven through and all that comes up on field test is band 2 i believe.

  • Speaking of PA, I hit a Band 12 area on my way to Selinsgrove from Harrisburg last weekend. My phone had full 4G but the other in the car (not a Band 12 phone) went from roaming to 2G in that area.

    • Trevnerdio

      That’s normal. In many rural areas, they’re going straight from 2G to LTE Band 12.

    • Matt

      In fact, I believe T-Mo is going to gradually refarm HSPA+ spectrum to LTE.

  • mlody_me

    when is Chicago finally going to get Extended LTE coverage? I am soo tired of having spotty coverage? At my work, a swiss cheese has less holes than t-mobile. Since, I only have 1 line, the savings I get with t-mobile vs att or verizon are minuscule to the point I am thinking about going back to verizon (been only with tmobile for like 3 months and I am already tired of this garbage service in Chicago)

    • Diver Dan

      I also experience poor coverage inside large buildings in Chicago. I see people using their Verizon phones inside elevators where I get no coverage on TMO. How can TMO continue to ignore coverage holes in Chicago when they are bringing up Extended LTE in all the smaller cities?

      • randian

        T-Mobile isn’t ignoring Chicago. AT&T owns the band Band 12 license in Chicago and they aren’t selling yet.

  • Thomas Everett

    111.15 Mbps down inside my house on November 7 using a Galaxy S6. It’s been on in Wilkes-Barre for a few weeks now.