T-Mobile 700MHz LTE now live in greater Miami area


We don’t often see T-Mobile make official announcements when it lights up 700MHz coverage in new markets, but today Magenta made an exception.

T-Mobile says that its Extended Range LTE, aka 700MHz spectrum, is now live in Miami, Fla., as well as several other Florida locales:

Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Coral Springs, Davie, Deerfield Beach, Delray Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Hialeah, Hollywood, Homestead, Jupiter, Kendall, Key West, Lehigh Acres, Miami Gardens, Miramar, Pembroke Pines, Plantation, Pompano Beach, Port St Lucie, Sunrise, Wellington, West Palm Beach, and Weston

700MHz coverage travels well over long distances and also has solid building penetration, which is why T-Mobile is so jacked to have the service live in a major market like Miami. T-Mo recently said that its Extended Range LTE service is now live in 170 markets and that that number is expected to surpass 350 by the end of the year. Now Legere and Co. are one step closer to that goal with the launch of 700MHz coverage in Miami.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • dontsh00tmesanta

    Solid building*

    • Alex Wagner


  • kev2684

    buy Continuum 700 already. northeast FL, southeast GA and SC are eagerly waiting for you, T-Mo.

    • Joe

      And cavalier and ab licence co. For the love of god those are the 3 most important ones that they need to buy. It would make coverage great indoor pretty much everywhere they currently have coverage and even expand in to new markets.

    • slybacon

      And SLC is too!

  • archerian

    Band 12 deployed in the Florida space coast area too.

  • jtothada

    Is 700 in Houston?

    • StevenM

      700 is everywhere in Houston metro, from Katy to Baytown and down to
      Galveston. I have LTE in buildings where I had only edge before and service in places in Katy i never had before. It’s GREAT!

  • Jose Campos

    Finally, lets see if it is a big difference when I get the new 6S.

  • Diego Anza

    Band 12 has been turned on for months down here… That’s hardly any news at all. The real news as of last night though is that they finally shut off aws WCDMA and we finally have 20×20 LTE in South Florida! Yoohoo!

    • Robert Dunn

      Really? You’ve been able to verify this? I’m out of town so I can’t verify myself.

      • Diego Anza

        Yup it’s been on since late last night. It’s on together with carrier aggregation with band 12.

        • Robert Dunn

          Awesome! Time to get a Band 12 phone then. Might help with reception at home,

        • steveb944

          I’ve been getting a lot of new hits at home and work on my Nexus 6. It really is worth it as I’ve gotten better signal as well.

        • Robert Dunn

          Yeah since Tmobile’s AWS sucks for building penetration

        • You can buy a Lumia 640, LG G4, Galaxy Note 4 or S6 at the House Sam Walton built! All have Band 12.

        • Robert Dunn

          I already have an LG G4, but it’s the international version which does support T-Mobile LTE in Band 2 and 4, but not 12. I got it because it also supported Band 28 LTE in Panama, which is where I am currently hanging out.

          So it’s either the new Nexus or the Moto X Pure for me (since both these phones will support Band 12, VoLTE, Wi-Fi Calling for T-Mobile AND support Band 28 for use here in Panama). iPhone does all of this too, but I am not an Apple fan.

          Here’s an engineering screen screenshot of Band 28 here for anyone interested lol: http://imgur.com/kRxmlqD

  • That’s a long way from Key West to West Palm Beach! Hopefully T-Mobile will go West from Miami too, if it hasn’t already.

    • Robert Dunn

      If you’re talking about the Naples/Ft. Myers area, they don’t seem to have spectrum there according to Spectrum Gateway

      • Indeed, it doesn’t. But T-Mobile does own spectrum along half of the way between Miami bad Naples.

        • Robert Dunn

          Yeah…it was just funny how they mentioned Lehigh Acres, but looking at the map, it would only cover about half of that city.

  • Bob Archer

    Why not Tampa?

    • Bradley Karas

      They announced Tampa a LONG time ago

      • Bob Archer

        Really, I must have missed it. Thanks.

  • Epic_Ninja420

    Can we please get Band 12 in Jacksonville?

    • Sorry, but no. About half of the licenses for band 12, channel A in Florida are pwned by spectrum squatters.

    • besweeet

      Where do you visit to where you’d want band 12? I’m mostly in south Jax and have no issues with LTE and HSPA.

      • Epic_Ninja420

        In my condo. I’m fine most places in jax but my complex near Southside and baymeadows is a dead zone. That and i95 between St. Aug and Palm Coast

        • besweeet

          I-95 is pretty good now. They had a few 2G sites that were upgraded to full B4 LTE. No more weak/unusable HSPA or EDGE.

  • Dark enV

    Awesome, now let’s get that spectrum from Cavalier so we can get some band 12 going here in South Carolina

    • That would be great for Central Georgia, SE Georgia and West Central South Carolina, but I now doubt that T-Mobile will buy out Cavalier’s spectrum.

  • Benben

    connecticut foxwoods also getting band 12

  • The FCC can correct this debacle right now by requiring all carriers to use Band 44 LTE (and giving them all a piece of the spectrum), ordering broadcasters to vacate Channel 51, and moving to shutdown Bands 12, 13, 17 and 29 by the end this decade. Band 44 is the real 700 band.

    • xmiro


      Band 44 starts at 703MHz. Band 12 starts at 698MHz which is where T-Mobile’s spectrum begins and Channel 51 ends. Band 44 is also TDD, not FDD

      • TMOTECH

        News flash to all of you. Any Band can be used for any technology. One is not specifically set for a certain technology. I don’t know why you are all saying that band 44 can only be used for TDD vs FDD. Also, T-Mobile uses both. Dynamic Open Loop MIMO utilizes TDD and FDD dynamically as to whichever is more efficient for the conditions of the network at the time.

    • Joe D

      Say WHAT? LOL This is laughable. First of all 44 is TD LTE. Secondly, I would guess this is your coy way of telling us youve learned about the APT 700 band structure and youre trying to impress us? If so, youre oh.. about 10 years too late.

    • Band 44 is TDD, so I’ll assume that you meant band 28. While I agree that the APT band allocation is a much better use of the 700MHz band, it cannot be used in the US because the federal government uses or reserved part of it for its own use.

      Besides, if there’s an organization that suffers more from jealousy is the FCC is unknown to me. Hell will freeze over before it uses anything defined by other institutions, be they domestic or foreign.

      • Grate job, FCC. No wonder why people believe our government is broken!

        • Joe D

          Newsflash the system works fine. We have FOUR LTE providers in this country and the most advanced and earliest broad scale LTE deployment of all the major western countries. Theres a reason for that, we started early here on LTE. A part of being early was allocating 700 in an auction well before most countries. I mean our number 3 and 4 providers now have virtually 300 million pops with LTE. So go whine somewhere else

        • Are you on Verizon? Or AT&T?

      • Robert Dunn

        I’m using Band 28 in Panama in Central America and each carrier here has 10 x 10mhz blocks of the spectrum. I’ve gotten 55mbps down and 13-15 mbps up on it too. It would have been nice to use it in the US, but we’re stuck with the FCC 700Mhz clusterfuck.

  • Chadd

    Still waiting for band 12 in Lubbock, Tx…

  • KingCobra

    Would love for them to buy the 700 from Cavalier in the Carolinas. They must want too much money for it.

  • YABD

    Ok, I want to see the 700 Mhz by the corn fields, where the amish live, where truck drivers drive, into the woods, county roads, state roads and inside state parks. Thank you tmobile for listening.

    • TheVorlon

      Most likely those towers are owned by local carriers or the AT&T/Verizon monopoly. Not much T-Mobile can do about it.

  • TheVorlon

    is anyone doing a 700Mhz map?

  • Austin

    Cool. Now bring it to Saint Louis so I can leave sprint

    • Luke

      Should of left in February. Look up rootmetric. But it is a strong market for all carriers. Sprint already had their “extended LTE” and “wideband lte” deployed there.

      • 9to5Slavery

        The band 41 only covers along highways. Not in suburbs as saint Louis is very small. I got T-Mobile ever since I moved here. Have yet to go to Sprint store to test the CA! Sprint and Tmobile has a good history of towers in beginning in this area. So many towers vs ATT and the lobbyist verizon which some how appeared to be #1 then T-Mobile then sprint then att

  • vinnyjr

    T-Mobile is launching their Low Band LTE Network faster than lightening. Its amazing how fast the Low Band is being launched, not only the low band LTE but T-Mobile is constantly upgrading the towers from 2G to LTE. T-Mobile isnt lining their pockets with cash they are constantly pouring cash into their Network. My Service is outrageous, Very Strong Signal, Fast Data Speeds that continue to get faster. Never been happier with my T-Mobile Service. Thank You T-Mobile, Thank You John Legere.

    • steven berson

      I agree with you. They are improving at a rapid rate. I’m amazed they are improving this much with limited resources.

    • carol argo

      If you got say phone that do all tree lte band of tmobile coverage near 95 all the way up or down is nice .stil some gray area but for the most part .no complain.the throttling after 5 gb tho is annoying.i can live with 1 mb/s.but 128 kb per second?only good for text and phone call if your phone does HD

      • 9to5Slavery

        Yeah throttle after 5GB ..

  • David

    Tmobile has been amazing. I’m urging everyone, family, friends, colleagues, all to leave at&t or verizon and port to tmobile. Reception has been great and I would love to see tmobile succeeded and get more low band spectrum. Unlike others, Tmobile acquire and actually use those spectrum, instead of just hoarding it unused.

    • Luke

      No, let them stay! Traffic moved from the other carriers is traffic moved to TMobile!

      • Mike Palomba

        Yea but more money from new customers means more money to buy spectrum

      • David

        Need to help tmobile grow, more new customer will help them generate more revenue to buy spectrum.

    • OZ

      I agree. It has saved ma a lot of money in the past 9 years, and I’ve had a great experience. Yes, it could be spotty in some north eastern areas, but nothing that affects me much.

  • steven berson

    Glad to hear that. Explains why my signal is going in and out. Once connected properly hitting near 50-60mbps (down) 15-20mbps (up). Hope they stabilize the signal soon! =)

    • Luke

      TMobiles 700 doesn’t get that fast. ~37Mbps if the theoretical max.

      • gmo8492

        Yeah that’s one of the downsides of low band, but speeds are still more then sufficient to stream video and anything else online.

        • Luke

          Disadvantage of just 5x5MHz.

        • Jay J. Blanco

          That’s what LTE-A is for

        • Jay J. Blanco

          That’s what LTE-A is for combining 700mhz with aws

        • It’s for combining 700 and 800 with all other bands. 700 + PCS, 700 + WCS, etc.

        • JayQ330

          Lte-A is more than just 700 MHz, it’s carrier aggregation. They use whatever channels they cancan get, even Wi-Fi… Imo the Wi-Fi aggregation is a grasp excuse to enhance their network at others expense.

        • Jay J. Blanco

          I know that’s what whole statement implied

        • Stefan Naumowicz

          Has nothing to do with it being lowband, it has to do with the channel width. Tmobiles 700mhz licenses are only 5×5 mhz blocks.

        • gmo8492

          I think I get the point now from all the previous responses thanks.

      • Mike Palomba

        Maybe the phone was taking advantage of carrier aggregation? I’m not positive but that could be the case.

      • steven berson

        Im just sharing what the result was from running speed test multiple times. Usually in my house I get 20mbps (down) and 10mbps (up) .Just yesterday did I notice the speed increase. However for some reason the connection switches from hspa+ to 4g lte now. Its not constant and switches back and forth. Just did a speed test now when finally connecting to 4g lte got 66.67mbps (down) 40.77mbps (up) 35 ms ping, connected to Orlando server. But anyone else having the issue of it switching hsp+ to lte?

        • Myclevername

          I’m on Hollywood Beach and my signal has gotten weaker since the new frequencies were turned on. I even have an LTE booster in my window. I used to get strong LTE at home and now I only get 2 or 3 bars of 4G while in my house. Called T-Mobile and they said I wasn’t the only one reporting weaker service in my area. Hopefully they are still fine tuning coverage.

        • steven berson

          Im sure they are just adjusting there towers. When they first deployed 700mhz a few days ago i was dropped to hspa+ when normally i get lte. Speeds were hitting 60+mbps and dropping to 1mpbs. However the past 2 days its been relatively stable. Hope they get your area fixed within the next few days. Resetting my phone helped reconnect to lte. Try that if you didn’t yet.

  • Mike Thaler

    TM has had great coverage for some time. NO HILLs to contend with.

  • carol argo

    Snow bird will be welcoming this

  • Giro

    Question I was just in an elevator in Queens NY and for about 2 minutes I was connected to Band 17…Isn’t band 17 belong to Att…Phone didn’t say roaming or anything

    • slybacon08

      There’s some kind of a roaming agreement that AT&T agreed to with the FCC that makes their Band 17 compatible with Band 12, or vice-versa, or something like that. Some else I’m sure knows more about it. AT&T agreed to have it completed by September 30, 2015. So, 10 days from now. I think it allows T-Mobile to “roam” on Band 17 with no limitations.

  • Cam Fas

    Reading an article on fierce wireless and T-Mobile is saying they already cover 293million people and claim they will be over the 300mollion mark before the end of the year I’m wondering by what day will they have 300milion native. Since we still have entire states covered by roaming agreements aka Edge

    • JayQ330

      Seems more like BS, than accurate news.

  • Mark Zilbert

    10 days later, and with a new iPhone 6S Plus in Miami Beach, I’m not so sure that our Band 12 coverage is as strong here as we have expected it to be. In fact, I don’t see any improvement in cell reception compared to when I had my iPhone 6 with no Band 12 support. Can anyone else from the Miami Beach area confirm their reception? I am located at the very south part of South Beach, a very heavily populated area.

  • Tmo Fan

    Hollywood/Dania Beach, FL area and no band 12 on iPhone 6s. only band 4. What’s up with the so-called lighting up of band 12?

  • Arturo B

    Does anyone knows when NYC is going to have Band 12 officially? Own the iPhone 6S Plus currently and the coverage is just the same as when I had my iPhone 6. :(

  • randian

    Band 12 seems real spotty in Boca Raton. My iPhone 6S usually connects to HSPA instead when it can’t get the regular LTE bands.

  • Eddie Walker

    I’m up here in west palm and I know band 12 is available in my area, yet with this 6s I’ve seen it light up once for a second, and in places where i had good signal with my galaxy s5 (with no band 12) i get no service and no band 12 with this new hyped iphone 6s more 4G since i got tihs phone two weeks ago than i ever saw with my galaxy s5. so far the band 12 seems to be more hype than anything. Overall the iphone 6s seems to get worse reception despite all the hype.