John Legere goes off on Sprint’s new half off switcher offer


Yesterday Sprint added a countdown timer to its website, and CEO Marcelo Claure teased that the other US carriers wouldn’t like. Today the timer reached zero and Sprint unveiled an offer that’ll cut the rate plan of switchers in half when they move to Sprint, which is similar to an offer that Sprint launched last year. Unsurprisingly, John Legere took the opportunity to fire a few shots Marcelo’s way.

Following Sprint’s announcement of its new promo, John fired off 10 ways that he thinks T-Mobile is better with Sprint, complete with the #SprintCountdown and #Halfoffthetruth hashtags. Among the criticisms of Sprint that John has are Sprint’s activation fees, its lack of free music and video streaming, and Sprint’s network speeds, which were named the slowest in a recent report from Ookla.


Marcelo didn’t stay quiet during John’s tirade, attacking Binge On and its video optimization tech that results in videos shown at 480p resolution. Marcelo even came up with a hashtag of his own: #CringeOn. We’ve seen John and Marcelo spar on Twitter before, with the Sprint CEO going so far as to say that he was “tired of [John’s] Uncarrier bull****.” Today’s exchange was a bit more subdued, but Marcelo and John’s Tweets still made for an interesting Wednesday afternoon. And now John has scheduled a Periscope stream for 4:15 PM ET, so I’m sure that he’s got more to say about Sprint and its latest offer.

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