LG G4 promo will give you a $100 rebate if you buy before November 6


The LG V10 may be LG’s new hotness, but if you’re into the LG G4 and its leather backside, LG’s got a deal for you.

LG’s is now running a promotion that’ll give T-Mobile LG G4 buyers a $100 rebate. All that you have to do is buy the G4 before November 6, then submit your contact information, the date of your purchase, the G4’s IMEI and proof of purchase, and a copy of the receipt (if you’re submitting online) or the receipt itself (if you’re mailing in).

T-Mobile is currently asking $0 down and 24 payments of $19.99 apiece for the LG G4. That works out to a total of $479.76, so after you get your $100 rebate, your final price will be $379.76.


The LG G4 also qualifies for a T-Mo bundle offer that’ll give you a $100 prepaid card if you buy a G4 and then get an LG G Pad F 8.0 within 30 days. You’ll need to buy both devices on an Equipment Installment Plan and attach ‘em to qualified postpaid service.

The LG G4 may not be the freshest Android phone on the block, but it’s still got a respectable feature set that includes a 5.5-inch 2560×1440 display, hexa-core Snapdragon 808 processor, and a 16-megapixel camera that’s one of the better smartphone cameras on the market. The G4 is expected to get an Android 6.0 update, too.

Via: Phandroid
Source: LG Promotions

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  • dtam

    good deal for tmo branded g4

  • mingkee

    Don’t forget V10 has pretty good deal.
    200GB memory card is no joke.

  • George

    Fuck HTC and the a9, charging $499 convinced me to get this phone for my wife.

  • AS118

    To be fair, while the G4 isn’t new, it’s still quite beefy. To this day, I haven’t found anything to even give my G2 a challenge. I don’t play heavy 3d games on my phone (only 2d casual ones) so it’s actually more phone than I need, even today.

    I probably could get by with a Moto G or Alcatel Idol or a phone like those, as long as it had LTE.

  • NardVa

    The G4 came out in June @ $600 and less than 5 months later it can be had for $380. I suggest if you are eyeing the V10, wait a few months to get under $400.

    • Verizonthunder

      I agree, been very temped to use my jump for LG V10 but my LG G4 is running fine so unless LG/T-Mobile discount device by $120 I’ll hold off for now.

    • dtam

      it’s kind of the same with all phones these days. even Iphones have more and more promo’s

      luckily I’m not the type of person who needs to get it first…saves a lot of money that way.

      -typed on my “new” moto nexus 6 I got a month ago for $280

      • JLV90

        iPhones don’t have promos, T-mobile has promos on iPhones. Apple sells them for nearly a year at base price $649 for 16 GB.

        • dtam

          where did I say specify who had the promos? also, why does it matter?

    • Daniel

      But by then u will miss out on the $300 value of the 200GB SD and Battery kit! :)

  • Luis Espinal

    Do u need to buy it outright or can it be in JOD or EIP?

  • Paul Garrison

    I’m still pissed with Google over new Nexus phones not being offered at carrier level.

    • D_Wall__

      You and me both…

    • Chris

      Just buy it online.
      It’s the same thing.

      It’s a cheap phone with good specs.

      Just like Moto X Pure.

      Both are good phones and should be unlocked.

      • dtam

        I’m with you but I can understand if people are already on JOD or have jump and want the flexibility to make payments on it

  • Chris

    What is up with first week of November?

    First htc one A9 will raise their price after November 7.
    And this promo ending in November 6.

  • dan

    “Or leased on an equipment installment plan”. That both scares me. Eip is not a lease, but they may use that to deny jump which would be the true lease

    • dtam

      “purchased or leased on an equipment installment plan”. jump 1/2 is technically a purchase. honestly, I don’t think they will screw people out of rebates, they need to retain customers

  • David

    Caution: LG phone doesn’t hold its value until when it hits the $150-$200 price range, then it kinda flats out. Look at the price for G2, it’s been steady for a long time, but G3, G4 all dropped like a tank in the very few months of release. So advice is don’t buy an LG phone until about 6 months after release.
    It’s very bad for LG to create such a marketing scheme.

    • Apple

      Should gottta iPhone. iPhone still hold it value as you get iPhone 5s for $400.00.

      Android unfortunately not so much…..


      • Acdc1a

        I’d rather have my $129 G2 than any iPhone.

        • maciejkoziol

          That’s what I bought and downgraded my G2 back to kitkat. Battery life is great on kitkat

        • AS118

          Funny story, I went to XDA developers’ forum and followed instructions on how to flash my G2 back to Kit Kat from Lollipop as well, and the battery life and overheating issues got resolved.

          I KNEW I wasn’t hallucinating when I thought my phone didn’t overheat on Kit Kat and had better battery life. Sure 5.0 was prettier and had more features, but it wasn’t worth the fast battery drain and the phone heating up for no reason all the time.

    • dtam

      I wouldn’t call it a marketing scheme. I don’t think LG wants their phones to lose value but it doesn’t have as much of a following as apple and samsung phones.

  • impasse

    if only it worked on the new2u/refurbished ones..i’d totally “jump” hahah


    Interesting… I’ve been eyeing the G4 for a while now and the $100 rebate might just push me over the edge.

    2015 Motorola X Pure or LG G4…

    • dtam

      g4 is technically cheaper. moto x starts at $399 but with only 16 gb vs 32 gb g4 @ $380 after rebate. my wife has a g4 and it’s a fantastic phone. already has band 12/volte enabled too vs who knows when moto will add support. you can also do EIP for g4 vs needing to pay everything up front

      • PiCASSiMO

        Indeed, the EIP makes it easier to swallow. I think the camera on the G4 is also better with larger aperture and OIS.

        • dtam

          oh yeah, and removable battery that you can get on the G4 vs an ifixit guide for the moto. I feel like your decision has been made, haha.

        • PiCASSiMO

          Now I need to get clearance from my tower…

    • Bryck

      Go with the Moto X pure. Best decision I’ve made, and for the price you really can’t go wrong. My only complaint is that BAND 12 IS DISABLED AT THE MOMENT. But if you’re looking for a phone that can pretty much perform like a $700 phone, this is it. Plus micro SD card, and STOCK VANILLA. You can also finance the phone through Motorola as well.

      • Clem2011

        Does T-Mobile wifi calling work with the Moto X Pure?

  • phone145264

    is there any updates on nexus 5 reception issues??
    can we update now alex please follow up

    its going to be about a month since

    UPDATE: T-Mobile got back to me and offered the following statement:

    We want our customers to have a great experience with
    each device software upgrade, and are working with Google to confirm
    whether there are any ongoing connection issues.

  • anish mehan

    Will this offer also be available in India ???

    • PiCASSiMO

      Only Nepal and Bangladesh, no plans for India.

  • BKPhil

    In the Terms and Conditions:
    “from an authorized, participating T-Mobile location in the US/D.C.”

    Finding an authorized location, no problem. But how do we know the store we walk in to is “participating”?

    • dtam

      that’s boiler plate language. if you’re worried than just ask the reps about the rebate when you walk in

  • George

    Just purchased the phone today, nice so far but will it stand the test of time is the question.

  • Mike Thaler

    Isn’t this the same promo run 2 or 3 months ago? I think that’s what I paid for my G4. Great phone. And the OIS is so good – I can now take pics even tho i have a bad hand tremor.

  • Truegerman

    This makes me mad! I got the G4 a month ago and nobody mentioned a possible rebate or even a newer phone being released! So no rebate for me!!

  • Georgw

    After a couple days with this phone I can say the battery life is awful and the phone gets very hot with seemingly no apps running. I’ll keep you guys posted after week one.

    • mingkee

      Update it to 10n and yours should be fine.

      • George

        What does that mean?

        • mingkee

          ROM version

        • George

          Sorry I don’t do roms or roots, I expect the phone to work properly without having yo alter it. I’m getting the phone exchanged on Friday and hoping this one doesn’t have shitty battery life.

  • Jon

    Does this work for online orders? If so does my order confirmation count as a receipt?