Latest band 12 LTE sightings in Florida, Kentucky, Massachusetts, and California

2013-12-06-10-31-08-cell tower

It was just one week ago that I last posted an update on band 12 LTE sightings, and since then there have been quite a few more that’ve poured in. So let’s get right into ‘em:

Sanford, Fla.


Apopka, Fla.


Palm Coast, Fla.


Mortons Gap, Ky.


Lancaster, Mass.


Mission Viejo, Calif.


Orland, Calif.


T-Mobile has been aggressively rolling its band 12 LTE coverage in order to meet its end-of-year goal of having the service in more than 350 markets across the US. The effort shows in all of the band 12 sightings that we’ve seen lately, and I’d expect the push to continue in the coming months. So if you live in an area that doesn’t yet have band 12 LTE, keep an eye out!

Thanks, Angel, Doug, Jason, Mark, Ted, Alexander, and Ryan!

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