Nexus 6 now on sale for $349.99 at Amazon


Two days ago, Motorola began taking pre-orders for its new Moto X, which starts at $399.99. If you’re looking to get a big phone on the cheap, though, you can get a Nexus 6 for even less.

Amazon has slashed the price of the Nexus 6, cutting $300 off of the prices of both the 32GB and 64GB models. That means that the 32GB version is now available for $349.99, while the more capacious 64GB version is $399.99. Both models are available in Midnight Blue and Cloud White color options.

The Nexus 6 is nearly one year old and is about to be replaced by new Nexus phones, so it’s no surprise to see the N6 getting deeply discounted. Motorola’s Nexus is a solid device for $350, though, and it includes support for T-Mobile’s band 12 LTE and VoLTE, which are features that many other Motorola phones lack.

Source: Amazon

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  • Steve

    Is it capable of Wifi calling?

    • Fabian Cortez


      • Will

        Only if you flash the T-Mobile specific ROM onto it. The unlocked (or other carrier versions) will work on T-Mobile and with Band 12/VoLTE. But to get Wifi calling working, you have to flash to the T-Mobile specific ROM (or the Marshmallow Preview 3 ROM).

        • Philip

          So it need to be rooted first? All these at the xda forum?

        • Jason

          No, you don’t have to root or otherwise hack a Nexus to flash a new ROM image. Flashing images is supported. You can get the TMO-specific N6 images directly from Google:


          You just pop your T-Mobile SIM and it will upgrade to 5.1, then 5.1.1 then for some reason it will update install 2 or 3 different updates and all of them are 5.1.1. But at the end you will have WIFI-Calling on your phone. The SIM tells the server which updates the phone needs. U won’t have to mess with any rooting/manual updating or anything like that. Very simple

        • Will

          That will only work if you are on an earlier ROM and only certain ones. Some of the Nexus 6 phones are sold with 5.1 already on them. And in some cases, the OTA won’t update for some time). So the cleanest way to make sure that you have T-Mobile Wifi calling is to just flash the T-Mobile specific ROM from the Google Dev site.


          You are probably right, but I know I bought 3 Nexus 6s (1 from Motorola and 2 from Amazon) and all of them after inserting the SIM were updated with the T-Mobile build version. They all had the Developer’s version which I googled wil not get any updates, but within 2 hours the updated showed up and were updated to the T-Mobile build version

    • Paul

      I have a Google Edition and it has WIFI calling

    • yes and it has band 12 too.

  • Peter Smith

    This is a good deal for me. I just bought my 64gb N6 for $699.00 T mobile. I’m thinking of returning it and hash out the extra money upfront for this.

    • Luis Espinal

      Do it buddy! I just did the very same! 75.00 hit plus 350….u pay 425 for a 700.00 phone

    • Verizonthunder

      Return it for bigger savings then you can buy an android wear watch with that extra cash


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      • lauriejsalter

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    • Jose Lugo

      Heck yea, you got the green light!! save the $300!

    • TheVorlon


      The 64GB model is only $549 on Google’s store.

    • Mike Palomba

      You definitely should return it

  • pseudoswede

    Too bleepin’ big. Rumors are that the new Nexus 5 will be priced around $400, but if the price of the Nexus 6 is this going forward, then hopefully the Nexus 5 prices will be a bit lower.

    • Peter Smith

      Yeah, I was a proud owner of a Nexus 5. Love that little baby but I after using my Nexus 6, I can’t go back to anything smaller.

      • Fuuuuuuuuu

        Nexus 5 was overall one of the best phones in the last few years. Can’t say the same for the 6, especially with that problematic, color-inaccurate and burn-in prone display.

      • Rene Shabastari

        The N5 was a great deal, it was a cool phone but I feel it was lacking in screen quality, camera quality, battery life and ergonomics. It was very bulky and had hard edges. Have you ever tried a G2? That was an epic phone, if only it had replaceable battery mine would still be my favorite and current phone.

  • skywalkr2

    I’ve had a broken screen Nexus 6 for awhile. $180 on insurance to fix… if I wait I can just buy a new one for not much more.

    • Damn! even Apple only charges $109 to fix a broken screen with no insurance.

      • skywalkr2

        It’s really a problem. It has made me decide to stop having to have new phones. Nowadays 1 year old phones are still great…. so why am I paying $10 a month for jump when I can just buy new year old phones as necessary (unlocked).

        • The new Jump, you can just keep upgrading. $10 in addition to the phone payments is kinda bad. And it has a deductible so I don’t see why people are still using that.

        • skywalkr2

          For my purpose I totally agree. Anyway i don’t see them making a 6 inch phone any time soon… so I will be using the Nexus 6 until such time as there is a new big phone worth considering.

        • What about the new Moto X

        • skywalkr2

          Probably great, but not enough to upgrade (for me). Also the screen is smaller and I’d rather not go back.

        • J.J.

          I never bought into jump. Many phones ago I Initially put $200 down on eip for a phone(so monthly payment is much lower). After a 11mo or so sell it in almost mint condition, and have enough to pay off eip and put $150-$200 on next eip. Works well for me.

    • williejackbrainer

      I had issues with my data and phone reception and it cost me $5 (replacement), because I have JUMP, the second version with Lookout, Upgrades and Insurance.

  • Ordeith

    yeah, still too much.

    • skywalkr2

      For me its a great phone. I don’t see any reason to have anything else.

      • Ordeith

        When you can get a great phone for $80, I don’t see a reason to pay $400 for anything else.

        • Nick

          I bought LG G Stylo for $199 and I love this phone, bigger screen and a very decent speeds and looks. No reason to buy a $700 phones from Samsung when sub $200 can be as useful.

        • Fuuuuuuuuu

          Good luck getting more than a few months of Android update support, though. With premium phones, you get what you pay for, in terms of long-term software support and feature set.

        • Nick

          Who use smartphones for 4 to 5 years, I like the idea of buying a phone like cheaper phone like Moto and Lg g stylo and get rid of it in two years and go on to the next phone. I think Samsung will realize eventually that phone doesn’t have to expensive than a laptop/desktop. Cheaper can be better too without paying millions in marketing.

        • Nick

          Also I root my phone and add custom roms so I don’t have to wait for OEM and carrier for any software update.

        • Peter Smith

          Main reason this phone is great is because it holds several bands that can be used for mutil carriers. So if I’m tired of one carrier I can take my phone to the next one.

        • Dada

          I can’t name a single phone that’s “great” for under 300 dollars.

        • Ordeith

          You’re obviously looking at the wrong phones.

  • TBN27

    I want to buy it but i don’t to buy it. So torn right now

    • Zacamandapio


  • steveb944

    Getting it! Bad 12 here I come!

  • Benben

    Is it possible to plug it to the tv

  • Fuuuuuuuuu

    Too bad the screens suffer from burn in and is pretty color-inaccurate. The Note 4 was a better phone, and now the Note 5 is out. No sale.

    • Peter Smith

      You user name says it just right for me ha-ha.

      • Fuuuuuuuuu

        It’s really unfortunate, because I wanted to like the phone. I love Nexus flagship devices, and had a Nexus 5 for a while (really well-balanced phone for me, feature and performance-wise). But the burn-in with the Nexus 6 OLED pentile display after THREE DAYS of usage was terrible/unacceptable.

        • Rob

          I’ve had a 64GB since about a month after launch and have had zero issues with burn in. Of course I don’t turn the brightness all the way up. My roommate does though and I just checked his phone and he doesn’t have any on his 32GB either.

        • Rene Shabastari

          That’s comforting to hear, I just ordered one ^_^

        • Fuuuuuuuuu

          Hopefully they’ve resolved the burn-in problems, because they were rampant when the phone launched.


          I bought a Nexus 6 (35 days ago to be exact from Amazon for $499). My screen is fine, but the issue ALL NEXUS 6 devices have is the static/popping noise the headset speaker makes. Some are worse than others, but I have played with 4 Nexus 6 phones and they all have it. It’s not very loud, but none of the phones I have owned made the same noise.
          I am actually thinking either returning the Nexus 6 and getting another for $349 (Save myself $150) or returning the Nexus 6 and getting the new Nexus 5X I think it’s called or even looking at the LG G4. But I do love Nexus devices

        • J.J.

          Yea just went on eBay and saw many for sale with burn in. I’ve owned many many galaxies and notes and never had this issue so it may be a nexus 6 thing.

        • Rene Shabastari

          I’m sorry to hear about your N6 troubles, I love AMOLED screens and never had a problem, but this might be a N6 issue. Actually I thought the Nexus 5 was pretty bad. I ordered one within the first hour it was available and ditched it as soon as the Moto X [1st] Developer Edition went on sale for Thanksgiving [about a month later]. I had always loved Nexus phones, I ordered the N1 on day 1, the N4, the N5. I felt the N5 was uncomfortable, had poor battery life and didn’t take very good pics [which was the same for Moto X]. I skipped the N6 because of size, price and I had gotten a great deal on a G2 which is basically what the N5 should have been and in January Motorola upgraded my broken Moto X Dev Edition to a Moto X [2nd]. As you can tell I’m a bit of a phone enthusiast. I own others but didn’t use them for as long as these. I currently use a ZenFone 2 which is a great phone for the price, minus the brightness and being bulky, but I am excited to try the N6 for a bit, especially development, however, I will probably go back to my Galaxy S5, although the G2 is more ergonomic, its battery is ruined and the S5 has more features and I can change the battery if it ever dies. Next up on the radar is Xperia Z5 Premium for VR development and testing. I hope T-Mo changes its tune and carries the Z5 Premium

  • Bradley John

    Welp, since Moto kinda boned us with the new Moto X Pure, I’m probably going to jump on this for the B12 and Wifi calling. But that 6 inch screen….. UGH! Terrible. Still too good of a deal to not get it.

  • Nick

    This pisses me off since I just bought a used one for this price yesterday.

    • jt

      This deal has been going for a couple days. Was front page on slickdeals.

  • Paul

    Hhhmmmmmmm, I think the Moto X Pure is a better deal now but it’s a good deal for those that want a Nexus.

    • JLV90

      unless they absolutely need wifi calling and band 12 right away.

      • Paul

        Marshmallow supposedly has WiFi calling baked in. We shall see

  • guest

    just got one last week off of play store i should’ve waited

    • YABD

      Can you return it and get the Amazon deal?

    • Prode

      I would call google and ask them about it. If they will not give you a discount then return it which you have 30 days for I believe. Even if the return is 14 days you are still ok.

  • Derek

    Fact 1: Phones bigger then 4.5 inches are a pain in the rear.
    Fact 2: Nexus phones are pretty bland feature wise.
    Fact 3: Nexus phones are overpriced for what they offer compared to the competition.
    Fact 4: Stock Android is actually pretty boring.
    Fact 5: Samsung will one day rule the phone world, if they don’t already*

    * some restrictions apply

    • thepanttherlady

      Phones do not belong in your rear. ;)

      • Derek

        LOL! That made me chuckle.

      • williejackbrainer

        Good one! :-)

    • ian

      5. Sony Xperia z5 Premium

    • Jason

      You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

    • JLV90

      Regarding fact 5. I think you mean Xiaomi when they buy out Samsung in 10 years.

    • Jason

      Regarding “fact 3”: until the nexus 6, nexus devices were considerably less expensive when compared to equivalent devices.

    • mingkee

      #1: you need to go back to tiny 1″ ancient phone
      #2: it’s plain Nexus for developers
      #3: please look up the hardware spec first
      #4: plain Android can be the fastest experience (least bloat and you can get the latest Android version)

    • Mike Palomba

      Samsung will never “rule” the phone industry

      • Exactly. Apple will rule for a few more years, with Microsoft going back up to #2. After that, who knows?

  • Will

    You don’t have to root it to flash but you do have to unlock the boot loader. Unfortunately that will also wipe the phone’s data the first time you do it. So backup files beforehand. I wish for new users Google would highlight this fact more on the Dev site instructions.

  • jj

    Will an Amazon bought Nexus 6 get Band 12? What about VoLTE? Or do they have to be T-Mobile store bought?

  • Just Ordered…

    Okay, I just ordered…especially for the price. I am currently using a Note 3, so I hope I will like the Nexus 6 experience…

  • Deihmos

    6″ is ridiculous and nexus devices are cheap junk.

    • esc0

      For some 6″ will be fine but for myself it’s too much phone to fit in my pocket and I don’t even wear skinny jeans(smile). I feel 4.7″ is good enough. Plus if this is on sale it means one thing only; which means the rumored Huawei Nexus version ia here.

      Not that I will pick one up.

      • Mike Palomba

        Why wouldn’t you pick one up? I’m not much of an android fan (although Lollipop is nice) but I saw the Huawei one and it looks very nice.

    • Enrique Escobar

      Nexus are cheap junk???
      are you serious? have you ever had one?
      Now while i do agree with you that 6″ is too big for most people, there are lots of folks including myself that do like the size and tons more that are vivid fans of the Nexus line and this phone, at least for me is one of the best even now that is almost 1 year old.

    • matt

      $649 on regular price, and it can’t even connect to Sprint or Verizon because they disabled the CDMA radio, just like an iPhone 5s. and it has less LTE channels then an iPhone 5s from 2 years ago. give me a break.

      the reason why android can’t innovate is because the phone company won’t let them

      • User

        Why does it matter if it has a ton of LTE bands? The Nexus 6 is made for Tmo, Verizon, Sprint, and ATT. It has all the bands those carriers use, unlike the iPhone 6 which doesn’t have band 12. And your example of having less bands than a 5S, its depends on the model. But once again, sheer number of LTE bands doesn’t matter.

        And the Nexus 6 DOES and CDMA and DOES work with both Verizon and Sprint

        • matt

          it matters that the iPhone has tons of bans is simply because you can take it any of 4 carriers , or take it around the world , and you don’t have to ever trade in your phone and finance a new phone or suffer any speed reductions just because you want to try one company over the other. the nexus 6 has the same number of bands that the amazon fire phone has, but they made fun of that phone.

          with the iPhone there is only 2 versions , one has everything and one has everything plus 4 more, we don’t have to worry about ‘making sure you buy the correct model”

          if i take a samsung s6, amazon fire phone , and a s6 edge, and compare them to an iPhone, the iPhone has every single channel they have plus 4 more.

          I’m sorry for saying it wasn’t cdma , that was amazons fault.

          while you bitch and complain what does it matter about bands, keep in mind that the iPhone 6 has been out for a year now and it had a working cdma radio 3 months before your phone ever came out.

          i believe the reason why most android phones only have 4 bands is because that is the phone companies want them to be, and if companies like LG made a phone with more bands, then AT&T would not approve it for their market.

          all your android phones are just copying apple’s lead.

          apple copies google and tries to improve things that android does.
          google copies apple, but does everything half ass, or has to ask the phone company for their permission.

          yeah i am sad over band 12, maybe tomorrow that will be fixed.

        • matt

          google doesn’t even believe in their own security. i read an article that said that apple has a deal with the banks for apple pay and in exchange for 1.5 of 1 percent , apple assume some liability for fraudulent charges made with their phones.

          i never in my life have ever read anything that says google or AT&T wants to assume liability for fraudulent charges.

          this liability shift that is coming out october 1st is very scary. unless the merchant read your chip ( or used a token like apple pay for google pay ) , the merchant is liable for the charge 100 % of the time. and the bank will not pay the merchant.

          the banks believe so strongly in the security of iOS that they are willing to take the risk and the merchant does not have to worry.
          and in some situations, apple will reimburse the bank

          if this is how google does it or if google or samsung or lg or any o those android companies have similar deals where they will eat credit card charges, please post the link

        • matt

          more bands is just like processors and ram, the more you have the less likely you have to throw away your phone and buy a new one if you just want to change carriers. this is a great feature of the nexus 6 too bad all the other android phones have to be thrown away

      • moonoverparma

        What are you talking about??

        • matt

          I’m talking about how if samsung wants samsung pay they have to ask permission, and right now Verizon is holding it from coming out
          i’m talking about how if samsung wants “find my droid’ AT&T tells them NO F’N way and you can’t have it, so samsung apologizes and says they are sorry. I’m talking about how with android if you want a software update you have to wait 1 1/2 years to NEVER to get one from either your phone company or the maker of the phone.

          and i am also talking about why google uses cheaper radios them the iPhone.

          i made some claims it didn’t have cdma because i was in error.

          android is generally crap. i dunno about this one, but it bothers me how jthey continue to sell ” the next big thing ” phones with android versions that are more then 9 months old.

          with android , your phone company can put their name on your phone, they can put voice mail on your phone to buy more products, with samsung, they put links on your home screen so you always know where to downed candy crush and facebook.

          i got a s6 on the that samsung promotions trial and i cant believe the bloatware and the phone companies cojnrol over you.

          talk about not being able to revoke permissions, i even tried telling the phone not to use Cellular data for netflix, and i actually found out that is is impoisslble. i can only tell it not to use the Cellular data for netflix if its running in the background. what a piece of crap

          how dare AT&T tell apple they can’t have facegtime operating on 3G because it uses too much data, but at the same time force android users to burn up their data plans. i don’t get it.

          the phone company motivation is to make as much as money as possible and right now google or samsung doesn’t have the guts to tell them to get bent.

          i tried going to settings, i tried turning off background data for netflix or other apps. it didn’t work. and it continued to use my data plan, it said there might be data controls in the individual app. so i went to netflix settings and there was nothing there.

      • Mike Palomba

        Actually you can connect a T-Mobile or any iPhone 6 to Verizon now. They recently started allowing some unlocked/non-Verizon phones. As for sprint, the phone would work with sprint but only their LTE and since their LTE coverage sucks they don’t allow unlocked devices.

        • Will

          Right now you can only connect the Nexus 6 and the iPhone 6/6 Plus to Verizon’s network. They are the only unlocked phones that have been certified and have the correct LTE and CDMA bands.

    • matt

      if i carried a galaxy s6, an amazon fire phone, and a google nexus 6 . in my pocket my single iPhone 6 plus still has 4 extra channels then all those phones combined.
      and the reason they can do this, is because they don’t have to take crap from the phone company. the phone company can’t order apple around

  • matt

    i think they were planning on using these phones as the fire phone 2, by gluing cameras to the case. and because of the flop of the fire phone 1, they have to slash these as well.

  • Fhritp


    • User

      It’s a fully unlocked flagship that has Wi-Fi calling and VoLTE which is very rare, especially at $350.

      • Fhritp

        This is true. I’m just over reading about devices. I want to read about more the company itself and what is going on with Tmobile which we all can agree that Cam did a very good job at.

      • noel alphonso

        So let me get this all i have to do is stick a tmobile sim from the n6 from Amazon and ill get wifi calling or will i have to root it

        • dtam

          its plug and play. wifi calling is already baked into the software

        • noel alphonso

          Ok just making sure i was told that it has to be a nexus 6 sold by tmobile to get wifi callin n texting,

        • Will

          Just flash the T-Mobile specific firmware if you need Wifi Calling.

        • Will

          No that is only half-correct. Wifi Calling is only baked into the T-Mobile specific firmware as it is proprietary code. So you will need to make sure an flash the correct firmware (it is labelled T-Mobile only on the Google Dev site) to enable Wifi Calling. You will however be able house the phone with ANY firmware on Band 12 and VoLTE. That is “baked” into the firmware so to speak.

        • Chris L

          I bought an unlocked N6 from Best Buy yesterday. Popped in my sim from my N5, did the 3 updates, (Tmo specific 5.1.1. was automatically included in these updates) and WiFi calling turned on and works great!

    • Acdc1a

      Unlocked phone (works on T-Mobile you dope) that cost almost double that now being blown out. Why wouldn’t we want to know?

    • Everything…

      Everything, it is unlock, so I can use on T-Mobile.

    • Frankwhitess

      # that you can use the dam phone on t mobile … That’s what it has to do with T mobile..

  • Mike

    Seriously, I get better results by going to Google news and searching T-mobile. This website has turned into a “hey check out this cell phone deal” website. #bringbackCAM

    • Frankwhitess

      Hattteerrrrr…… Buddy, cam split.. He is working some where else… Like why you. Attacking this dude?what are you like an ex of his ??

  • Mile

    Hey there comes a point when more whistles and bells don’t mean much. Price, functionality and good clear calling are the basic requirements. Most all smart phones function in the same manner some are just more outrageously price than others. The nexus 6 is a good solid phone that just got even better because of the price drop! If you don’t need a new phone every year just because it’s new and the new flavour of the month you could save some real money with the nexus 6. Google makes sure ur phone is always running the latest software AND you can get project FI and save some real money on the service.

    • This is a deal…

      Well Stated, Well Stated…

  • a d00d

    Bothering to post here because I own Shamu. You guys are missing a few important things:

    1. Firmware updates fairly rapidly, particularly security updates. Android and Google still have a ways to go for real security, though. Marshmallow should address at least one of those major vulnerabilities–permissions–without having to root and install 3rd party software. However, Snapdragon is not a secure device and someone can take over your phone via the baseband rather easily if they want.

    2. Tmo’s phone is 99% bloat-free AND unlocked (the bloat is in the baseband providing VoLTE and VoIP aka WiFi-Calling). You can take it to another carrier (even Verizon now, amazingly–I STILL can’t get over them allowing 3rd party phones into their network, did hell just have another snowstorm?!?) and a snap to root–I still haven’t bothered to do mine yet.

    3. Until the new Nexii are out, Shamu is still the only device supporting Project Fi, should you be interested. I’m not because I use mostly data and need the unlimited plan. YMMV.

    4. Largest screen that fits in my pocket: YEEESSS!! Keep it in my rear pocket with screen cushioned by my fat ass. Result (with Unicorn Beetle case): no screen breakage!

    5. I keep my screen turned down unless I need to crank it up in bright light. I have yet to see the slightest bit of burn in. This should be standard procedure for any OLED screen, and is a big worry for the new OLED TVs as well. Meanwhile, my Galaxy Note II SGH-T889’s non-Pentile OLED screen is definitely better than Shamu’s, brighter AND more colorful: Samsung really should have kept THAT screen for future devices rather than push Pentile on all of us. Perhaps surprisingly, no burn in on that device, either. (I still use it, but as a wifi-tablet only.)

    Other negatives:

    6. No removable battery or uSD card, and only USB-2 for tethered transfers. I wish I could have a Nexus with those! Instead, Samsung is betraying us by removing both of these from their new devices! I think it’ll cost them sales.

    7. RF reception, particularly LTE, is noticeably weaker than the GN2 or many other devices I’ve owned. I’ve had a major problem of losing LTE and the phone instead locking to HSPA+, which is overloaded most of the time. I thought it might be a Stingray (I live in a bad neighborhood), but I recently discovered that, for reasons still unknown to me, Tmo has been putting LTE on separate towers from their older tech: in my case, the LTE is on a Verizon tower a 1/4 mile away from the main Tmo tower!

    Overall, this is a good device, but definitely makes a few compromises. The “non-replaceable” battery (it actually is easy to replace, but requires removing the 22 (not a typo, TWENTY-TWO) Torx-3 screws that give the device its strength), USB-2, and no micro-SD card come with buying a Nexus–they’re Google’s mandate to force you to use their cloud, unfortunately. The weak radio is a bigger problem, particularly on LTE, and not what you’d expect for such a big device with room for a large antenna–this could be a home hack fix once your phone’s out of warranty if you’re willing to give up the SAR rating–that is, RF safety with your little 600mW (or less) radio. (I’m one who doesn’t buy into cell phones or wi-fi causing cancer or anything else other than some interference to hearing aids or pacemakers–but then again, I’m an amateur radio operator and am licensed to work with up to 1.5kW of RF if I so choose, so I’m kind of biased here.)

    Ok, this is so TL;DR for most of you, but I like my Nexus 6 and intend to keep it.

    • A Decent Buy

      Simply said, Great overview And it appears, based on your experience with the Nexus, It is a decent buy for the price!

    • the good person test

      Thanks for the info. How would you deal with weak radio?

    • matt

      Firmware updates fairly rapidly, particularly security updates.

      — too bad samsung and AT&T won’t give them to you

      i heard if you have an s4 and you want the latest version of android, you have to buy one from verizon. thats like if i bought a windows computer from dell, i would have to wait for comcast to give me a software update, what a piece of crap

    • Will

      I have seen quite the opposite regarding the radio and reception. As is typical with all Moto made phones, the Nexus 6 holds locates and holds LTE signals better than most. I have absolutely no trouble with this phone.

  • Ordered an N6 at last… :) My BlackBerry Z30 is going to be jealous and I’ve missed Android.

    Cost breakdown:
    $399.00 N6 64 GIG white
    -$25 Amazon promo (prime day goodie)
    -$374.00 Amazon gift card balance (Google Screen Wise Panel Member Rewards and Bing rewards dollars)
    $0 Tax

    Total: Free Nexus 6

    Now it’s time to order my Google fi SIM and save $40 a month over TMO post paid.

    • Off Topic

      Off Topic- How is the Blackberry Z30 device

      • Solid all touchscreen. Nice screen, great battery, great LTE antenna & runs all my Android apps (not the fastest runtime but it works well enough). Also BB10 is a very nice OS – intuitive and lag free.

        • Off Topic

          Great, thank you, I am still strongly considering getting the Z30…instead of the Nexus 6. I like blackberries…

        • Mike Palomba

          Maybe you should wait for the new android device that blackberry will be releasing soon

        • Off Topic

          Thanks, I am truly a fan of the blackberry external keywords, the best in the industry…I think! So, I will wait and see a few more days for the release ..

        • Mike Palomba

          Do you mean the external keyboards? I agree, the last time I used a blackberry the keyboard was great. Anyway, their new android phone has their signature external keyboard just like other blackberrys

        • Off Topic

          Yes, thanks for the correction (smile). you see, I am missing my keyboard…LOL, LOL

        • Chris L

          I’ve been waiting for a good keyboard since my TMo G1 (HTC Dream). Remember the trackball? LOL

    • matt

      yeah you can save $40 with Fi ! but they also can charge you an overage for using t-mobile so you lose that $40. do u get music freedom? since its not a t-mo sim i don’t think you would

      • I currently don’t have music freedom as I’m on an old grandfathered unlimited everything plan. Paying close to $80.00 w/taxes and rarely go over 2gig’s a month. I’m around alot of wifi now as before I was not and had to rely on T-Mobile LTE more. I’ve used as much as 20gigs; those days are over.

  • noel alphonso

    So if you buy this n6 and just put a tmobile sim card in ,ill be able to get band 12 n wifi calling as well?

    • Mike Palomba


      • noel alphonso

        Ok i was told by another person that wifi calling n ect was only for n6 sold by tmobile

        • matt

          i do not know. buy one and return it. i don’t think its true that you need to get it from t-mobile to get wifi calling. thats not true at all on the iPhone. however t-mobile has its own version of android that it gives to android phones , like for that upcoming video call thing, so i don’t know.

        • Will

          You need to flash the T-Mobile specific firmware to enable Wifi Calling.

    • Will

      You will get Band 12 and VoLTE. But if you want Wifi Calling, you will need to flash the T-Mobile specific firmware.

    • Chris L

      I bought a new Nexus 6 unlocked (XT1103) from Best Buy yesterday for $349. I installed my TMo sim from my Nexus 5 and turned it on. After my apps transfered I installed the waiting Android 5.1 update. After this update, the TMo update (LYZ28J) of 5.1.1 showed up and I installed it. This update included the WiFi calling. A third update for the stagefreight showed up after that. I turned on the WiFi calling preferences and made a WiFi call and can text over WiFi. YES, the Nexus 6 works with TMo WiFi calling and NO you do not have to know how to manaully flash anything.

      • TransMaroBird

        I’ve seen this around as well, no flashing required, just throw the T-Mo SIM in and the T-Mo update comes OTA. I will confirm this as mine will be delivered today.

  • Johnnola504

    If it’s unlocked why is it that this phone will not work on CDMA carriers ? As per its description on Amazon.

    • lomsha

      Amazon’s description is wrong.

    • dontsh00tmesanta

      unlocked means for GSM not cdma….though the US model is unlocked and works on verizon as well

  • Goat

    I check this website way to much. It’s been three days and I’m antsy D:

  • Chris L

    I always worried about the size of the N6 until I bought one yesterday and it is the same size as my Note 2 with a case on it. Man have I been missing out!

  • Nexus 6…Finally

    Finally, I got my new Nexus 6 and I love it…an amazing device. And for the price an outstanding bargin!

  • Nik

    OK so I bought a Nexus 6 on the deal from amazon (64GB version) and love it. That being said I do not get band 12 on T-Mobile, at all. I’ve been running and testing the unit in different locations where supposedly there is band 12 coverage (south Houston area) and running the monitor on LTE Engineering and I only seem to be getting band 4.

    Now I realize that it could be that I’m just in the perfectly wrong locations but I have yet to see band 12 in all my testing so far and it’s very discouraging. Considering rooting and starting to flash various ROMS and doing full resets because it appears to be on my end after speaking with T-Mobile about it.

    Can anyone else confirm/deny similar issues with their Nexus 6 from Amazon?