Moto X Pure Edition pre-orders are now live


Heads up, folks: Just as Motorola said, the Moto X Pure Edition is now available for pre-order from Motorola’s website.

The base Moto X Pure Edition starts at $399.99 and includes 16GB of storage and a soft grip back. With Moto Maker, you can add more storage to your Moto X, bumping it up to 32GB for $50 more or 64GB for an additional $100. Moving to the back of the phone, there are wood or leather rear covers available for an additional $25.

As of this writing, the base Moto X Pure Edition is slated to ship on September 17. Other models may have slightly different ship dates. For example, I created my ideal Moto X Pure Edition — a 64GB white and champagne model with a red leather back and lemon lime accents, in case you’re curious — and was given an estimated ship date of September 15. So it might be worth a try to just create your own Moto X and see what ship date Moto gives you.

So now that pre-orders are live, are you going to pre-order a Moto X Pure Edition? If you do decide to check out the Moto X in Moto Maker, share your creations with us!

Source: Motorola Moto Maker

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  • Colton Williams

    Got mine in a little over an hour ago, Black front, ebony wood back, champagne gold accents, 32gb, and “Pure Edition” greeting message. Sept 15th, can’t wait.

  • thepanttherlady

    Ordered mine as soon as they opened Moto Maker for it.

    64GB, white front, walnut back, champagne gold trim and accents. Also says delivery to be expected 9/15/15.

    • taron19119

      No band 12

      • thepanttherlady

        I’m ok with that.

      • dtam

        is that confirmed? still listed on the website

        • taron19119

          Its disabled in the US

        • dtam

          do you have a reference?

        • Yugo Nakai

          Hmm, looks to me like Band 12 is included :

        • dtam

          I’m going to assume taron19119 was mixing up the x pure with the new moto G which has been disabled. the higher end moto should have VOLTE support but I personally would hold off on this phone until that is confirmed by tmobile

        • vinnyjr

          dont think that is confirmed yet.

      • There are 2 different phones the Moto X Style (Pure) and the Moto X Play. Website states that the Pure has Band 12 support

        • taron19119

          It going around that its being dis activated in the US because it doesn’t support volte so u won’t be able to make a call if band 12 is the only band available not even 911

  • tdeom

    When can I expect T-Mobile to turn on voLTE for BYOD devices?

    • taron19119

      T-mobile don’t have anything to do with a manufacturer supporting volte for non t-mobile devices

  • Benben

    What a waste of money

  • parinsan

    Any word on Band 12 and VoLTE support?

    • Alex Wagner

      Motorola’s Moto X Pure Edition spec list includes band 12 LTE:

      But when Des Smith was asked about its band 12/VoLTE support, he said that he won’t know until he uses it:

      • David C.

        Your turn to ask him, Alex…I asked him last time ;)


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  • VG

    Does anybody know if the Turbo Power charger comes with the unit or if you have to purchase it? Reason I ask is that I noticed the charger listed as an accessory (at additional cost) during the checkout process.

    • m_a_r_t_i_n

      I read somewhere that it comes with a Turbo charger.

    • Turbo Charger is included, comes in box, just read it on the site

  • VK

    Anyone know how to enable voLTE on my international S6? I know my phone supports it. Any help would be great!

    • Will

      Why not just flash the T-Mobile specific firmware for you S6? Then not only will you get VoLTE, you will get WiFi Calling as well.

  • Mjsun

    Out of topic but are any of you getting emails from tmobile regarding a survey hosted by Decipher Inc? Looks a little fishy but if it is tmobile I wouldn’t mind doing the survey.

  • guest

    is that a flash for the front camera in the pic above

    • Alex Wagner

      Yep, the Moto X Pure Edition has a front-facing flash.

  • StankyChikin

    Band 12?

    • Alex Wagner

      Motorola includes band 12 LTE in the Moto X Pure Edition’s spec list:

      • m_a_r_t_i_n

        Not a good sign, this footnote is at the bottom of that page: †Band coverage varies by carrier. It would still be nice if they publicly announced their plans (or lack of plans) to support T-Mobile’s Band 12.

      • StankyChikin

        Yeah but will it actually work as it has to support VOLTE on T-Mo.

  • This is going to be my next phone. Almost preordered right now, but am going to wait for some hands on reviews. The battery at 3000 mAh worries, especially with it being non-removable. I will be moving from a Note 3. I need confirmation that it works with T Mobile, which the specs indicate it does. But, I’m seeing many questions about TMo’s Band 12 support. Also, if I buy this , I should cancel JUMP! because I really wouldn’t need it anymore, if I’m not paying for a phone from T Mobile, right?

    • trickinit


  • FILA

    Yea Band 12 is the biggest question right now…

    • yankeesusa

      Yes, it has band 12. But most likely will not work with wifi calling until android m is released and then maybe then it will have that ability.

      • Will

        I would not bank on Marshmallow suddenly enabling Wifi Calling. There is a difference to having the capability and the OEMs enabling it. Even the Nexus devices required a T-Mobile specific firmware for Wifi Calling.

        Remember iOS 8 beta had Wifi calling for the iPhone 5. It’s baked into iOS 8 and later. But when the release version started rolling out, Apple changed it and the earliest iPhone model was now the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c but NOT the iPhone 5 even though it worked just fine in the beta builds.

        So until Marshmallow for the Moto X Pure is released, everything is up in the air and just gossip.

        • yankeesusa

          I didn’t mean that marshmallow would enable it. I meant that it would make it more possible. With lollipop native Wi-Fi calling is an option which T-Mobile enabled on the nexus 6. It most likely won’t happen but it’s a possibility like native visual voicemail which I currently have on my nexus 6.

  • wordandnumbers

    Is it T-Mobile-ready?

    Meaning band 12 with T-Mobile approved VoLTE and E911?

    They you should put a logo or something on unlocked phones to let us know if they are ready to be used on T-Mobile.

    • Chris

      B12 is there. But no one knows if they have VoLTE certifications. Might wanna hit the moto forums and ask there.

  • Bradley John

    It’s insanely frustrating that we haven’t gotten official word on B12 support yet. Why Tmo and Moto can’t just come out and spill it is beyond me. My Nexus 4 went down for the count finally and I need a replacement. I would’ve already pulled the trigger on this phone but there needs to be B12 attached to it. At this point, someone, and I don’t care who, but someone from either camp needs to open up on this.

  • Bradley John

    For anyone still interested, sounds like B12 is kaput. At least for now. Here’s the convo I had with a Tmo rep online:

    T-Mobile: We have received your information and will connect you with a T-Mobile Chat Specialist soon.

    Jason L: Hi there! Thanks for contacting us. Rest assured I’ll do my best to help you out today. Please give me a minute or two while our system pulls up your account.

    You: Sounds good

    Jason L: Upon a quick check here, the Moto X as of the moment still does not support the Band 12 required for VoLTE.

    You: Ok we are talking about the Moto X Pure 2015 version correct? The one that just went up for pre-orders yesterday?

    Jason L: Yes, they promised to gain additional LTE Band support, however it total line up didn’t include Band 12.

    Jason L: Only bands 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 17, and 29

    Jason L: This would be for the Pure edition.

    You: Lovely. Thanks for updating your site Motorola. Do you have any insight as to if Moto got or is getting the VoLTE certification from Tmo so it can be enabled later?

    Jason L: They did say they were going to have it updated to include more however there isn’t a talk yet on what bands exactly or when it the update would be available.

    Jason L: Sadly, we don’t have much else info from Motorola besides that.

    You: Well that is just unbelievably depressing.

    Jason L: Once we get confirmation however, we would be officially endorsing it, but in the meantime, the Pure edition wouldn’t be compatible.

    • Marcelo_L

      Are you sure they didn’t confuse the MotoX Pure with the Moto G ?

    • jp

      they are going to get b12 and tmo volte in a software update if all goes according to plan

    • Man, this sucks. I was so ready for this phone, and I don’t want to wait. I can’t stay with Samsung with no SD card, I refuse. Need to cancel my order for the 128GB SanDisk I just ordered then. Or maybe it’s time to leave T Mobile for Big Red, seeing as I can actually afford them now… Hmm

      • vinnyjr

        I would never let my choice of phones be determined by the Customer Service Team. I understand they have a hard job but 90% of the time they give out wrong info. Not saying they are wrong now but I wouldn’t put my life on anything they say. Just My Opinion from being a 8yr customer. Also hope that band 12 is on that phone, total bullshit.

        • the good person test

          Exactly. I will wait to see the new user posts when they get their phones. Looking for reviews to see if the reviewer tests it on T-Mobile for band 12.

  • priap1sm

    Yeah, but when? Could be a year out.

    • Debra Cleaver

      Right now there are a total of four brands that offer phones with b12 VoLTE for TMobile: LG (4 phones), Samsung (5 phones), HTC (M9) and Alcatel (Pop Astro). VoLTE is quite new, and Samsung is the only carrier pushing so hard for it. They put themselves into this position and are just as much to blame as Motorola. If they’re going to build their network out, that’s fine, but you don’t get to blame the hardware companies for your shortsightedness surrounding network issues.

      • priap1sm

        What the heck? I didn’t “blame” anyone. I asked “when”.

  • Well, then I’m going to have to wait until they actually get the VoltLTE to the phone. I’m not buying a phone I can’t use out the box

  • thelastguyX20

    Do not bother getting this phone… there will be no LTE band 12 until they resolve their voLTE / wifi calling (-_-):

    I don’t understand why they can just enable just the data for the phone, me and others could care less about voLTE / wifi calling.

    And now they wouldn’t bring the Sony Xperia Z5… geez… -_-

  • thepanttherlady

    This phone is so gorgeous!! Camera is pretty dang snappy too.