T-Mobile says it has no plans to offer Sony Xperia Z5


T-Mobile and Sony have been pretty tight in the past, coming together to sell the Xperia Z, Xperia Z1s, and Xperia Z3. So I’m betting that when Sony introduced the Xperia Z5 today, quite a few Magenta Army members wondering if it would come to T-Mobile’s shelves. Unfortunately, it’s not looking good.

Following Sony’s announcement of the Xperia Z5, a T-Mobile spokeswoman told CNET that T-Mo has no plans to offer any of the Xperia Z5 models. The spokeswoman didn’t offer up any information as to why T-Mobile has no plans to offer the Z5.

The Xperia Z5 features some notable updates over the Xperia Z3, like a side-mounted combination fingerprint reader power button and a 23-megapixel rear camera, up from the 20.7-megapixel shooter of past Xperia flagships. The Z5’s also got a Snapdragon 810, 5.2-inch 1920×1080 screen, and a 2900mAh battery. Considering those improvements, it’s kind of a bummer that T-Mobile and Sony aren’t planning to come together again to offer the Z5 in the US. Of course, it’s possible that T-Mo will carry the Z5 and it just doesn’t want to say anything right now, but it may not be wise to hold your breath.

Via: Reddit
Source: CNET

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  • AxelCloris

    Well that’s not promising. Could be a sign that the Z5 series isn’t fully compatible with T-Mobile’s network and its list of required features like E911 and WiFi Calling. And I was eyeing that Z5 Compact quite intently.

  • Andrew Singleton

    sony moblie pulled out of the US right after the z3 launch which is why it was discontinued so early. noone’s getting it.

    • And that explains everything about what was written on here.

  • Sushimane

    Maybe tmobile won’t be offering the z5 but would be offering the z5 premium lol. Crossing my fingers

  • bruce

    looking to replace note 4 but not with the note 5 no storage card or battery

    • Jose Lugo

      On the same boat as you. Was hoping this would be an option in the near future. Tmo dropped the ball on this one. The camera is Def a big selling point on this Z5

    • Matthew DiGiacomo

      Note 5 does actually have a battery!

  • Melissa Cardenas

    i doubt it tmobile or att or sprint will get ,im pretty sure the only carrier to get it will ,will be verizon lately they been getting Sony phones ,which kinda sucks cuz the z5 premium is the first sony phone that i actually want but i would not buy it unlocked or switch n leave tmobile to verizon just for it.

    • RockStar2005

      I’m with you Melissa. F Verizon! Had them for years…paid so much, got back so little. Yeah they have a better network, but T-Mobile’s has REALLY improved by leaps & bounds in the last 2 years. The 810 chip on the Z5 is I’m pretty sure the REVISED one so shouldn’t have any overheating issues. The 820 might be worth the wait, maybe?

      I have the Z3 through T-Mobile and it’s honestly the BEST phone I’ve ever had, with the HTC One M8 being a close second. The looks, the features, the front-facing speakers, and Stamina Mode for battery life are the bomb! I don’t even charge my phone when I go to bed anymore. lol It goes down maybe a percent or two at most overnight.

      Prob just get the Z6, assuming T-Mo even carries that!

    • Abhi

      Verizon’s Z3v is still on KitKat… Verizon is probably the worst carrier for updates…. Good luck to their users with even security patches lol.

      • You’re correct. Even us Windows Mobile people know how horrible Verizon is with updates. Lumia Icon rings a bell?

  • archerian

    Snapdragon 810 – so I can fry eggs on the back of the phone then…

    • AS118

      Supposedly, Qualcomm fixed the issues, but I’m still pretty leery of the 810 myself.

    • Nick Ramacciato

      You should educate yourself before you make silly exaggerations.

      • archerian

        Oh, so tell me, does the Z5 Snapdragon 810 NOT have heating issues? Would you take that risk on a $700 phone, especially when Samsung, LG and Motorola didnt. Not even with v2.1, whatever that means (most probably under-clocking)

        Educate yourself – Qualcomm rushed with 64-bit on the 810 to meet Apple’s A7 challenge, and did a poor job. The 820 was where 64-bit was meant to really start.

        • 2.1 is just some more efficient thermal management in the driver. 810 isn’t unusable it just gets warmer. HTC e.g. clocks it to 1.6GHz so it never gets hot, OnePlus clocked to 1.8GHz so it gets pretty toasty. You could theoretically run at the full 2GHz if you don’t mind the device getting hot (assuming you have a metal phone to act as a heatsink).

          tbh though, the 810 is better than the 808 because of all the OTHER stuff like ISP and GPU, and you can just disable two highpower cores if you wanna “emulate” the 808, ending up with a better solution. an 810 with 2 cores enabled is like an upgraded 808. there are several things you can play with to reduce heat because there are 8 cores and none of them are really heat-efficient. the lowpower A53 heat up past 1.2GHz and there are 4 of them, so the other 4 highpower A57 have to cap their performance faster and this is why they fall back to “801 levels of performance” under load. if you lower the lowpower cores you can raise the highpower cores and it won’t affect performance because the lowpower cores usually just pass off tasks to the highpower cores if more performance is needed. (http://www.anandtech.com/show/9518/the-mobile-cpu-corecount-debate)

          disabling cores manually can give you variable performance but you can underclock the lowpower cores to 1.3GHz-1.0GHz although too low and you actually have MORE heat because the A57s are used more quickly. 2GHz/1.2GHz is a good balance, and you can disable two highpower cores if you wanna stay supersafe.

  • EAS

    The Z5 is still just…eh. My eyes are on the new Nexus devices.

  • AS118

    If they’re not getting the Z5, and especially the compact, I guess they don’t want my money.

  • MC Micky Lee

    Alex, why are the majority of your post are about goddamn cellphones and not T-mobile services or other T-mobile specific news such as LTE rollouts, business, etc. This forum is getting really boring.

    • steveb944

      Maybe there haven’t been any worthy updates worth posting about.

      This isn’t a forum.

      • taron19119

        Yes there has like how t-mobile plan to match Verizon’s coverage

        • steveb944

          “how t-mobile plan to match Verizon’s coverage”

          Plan to? That’s worthy? Just get it done and then we can talk about it.

    • Nick Ramacciato

      I think you’re looking for r/tmobile. Better yet, let’s play a drinking game. Every time you see somebody mention Band 12, take a shot.

    • This site has Band 12 reports every Friday. Wish they would post more about band 2 LTE rollouts.

  • steveb944

    That would have been the best compact option as this point. Oh well.

    I’ll be skipping the premium due to waiting for the 820. Looking at you HTC.

  • kgraham182

    Here’s a cool site of Band 12 compatible devices that will work on T-Mobile. http://www.spectrumgateway.com/compatible-phones

  • mingkee

    Keeps eye on Z5 Premium with 5.5″ 2160p screen.
    If it had B12 plus VoLTE and VoWi-Fi, it’s still good.


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  • dko3tgk

    Also the international versions according to the Sony white papers say the Z5 family does not have Band 4, 1700/2100 HSPA on the phone. Which means no tmobile signal in the US when not on LTE.

    • T-Mobile is shutting down 1700/2100 on 4G (HSPA) in the States and refocusing that spectrum for use on LTE. They’ve already shutdown AWS on 4G in the Charleston and Savannah areas.

      • dko3tgk

        Thanks jovan1984, I missed that news. But when will all the 1700/2100 HSPA be gone? Would there be a situation in the first half of 2016 where a Z5 owner would need this frequency somewhere in the US and be stuck possibly with 3G or slower?

        • Does the Z5 have 4G or LTE on Band 2? If so, it shouldn’t be that big of a problem. Otherwise, it would be because the user would have GPRS or 2G service.

          By the way, you’re welcome.

    • cloud strife

      Cam already made an article and listed phones with AWS only as their 3g and giving a heads up that users of the old devices need to move on and upgrade if they don’t want to get stuck on edge speed once the refarming is done..

    • Sam_K
    • Sam_K

      All 5 white papers for 9 Z5 models E6603/E6653 (Z5), E6633/E6683 (Z5 Dual), E5803/E5823 (Z5 Compact), E6853 (Z5 Premium), E6833/E6883 (Z5 Premium) all show support for LTE band 4 on page 6 of the PDF white paper documents.

  • J Cav the Great

    That’s Fuçked.

  • FILA

    Band 12 on these? Im interested in the compact, but have to worry about Sony’s track record of updates. Sony should offer a complete stock version of these phones if they want to succeed.

    • Sam_K

      Yes according to the Sony white papers for all 3 Z5 models, they all support band 12.

  • Logan S

    To get more reliable services in more areas I go to, I need band 12. But the list of flagship level phones that support it doesn’t seem to be expanding with good choices. That is an issue that Tmo needs to address. They need to provide better choices for devices that work on their network.

  • Nick Ramacciato

    Said it before, but for an “un-carrier” they really don’t seem to offer much in terms of brand diversity. What a mistake. I bet they wont even offer the next Nexus, either.

    • FILA

      It’ll really suck if the new Nexus doesnt have Band 12 support. T-Mobile will be forcing customers to buy phone in store…talk about uncarrier

  • I just hope that T-Mobile carries the Acer Jade Primo.

    • Chilehead

      If it’s not Apple or Samsung I highly doubt they will carry it.

      • And that’s the kind of crap that’s killing T-Mobile (and Sprint).

      • Kgesus

        Its crazy, I have the same views on TMO right now… I’m surprised I was able to get an LG phone there

  • gmo8492

    The SD810 is very unreliable, we would have to wait until the Z6 or Z7 for notable improvements in the CPU. Everything else is good, but I can’t buy a device that has that dreaded processor. Waiting for SD820 devices so I can upgrade at least next year when they launch.

    • Chilehead

      “unreliable” is rather vague. Could you be more specific?

      • heat issues due to uncustomized a57/a53 core design, probably. it’s totally not bad and is a step past 801, but not significantly so, and under heavy load the gap gets even smaller. the 810 is a chip that needs underclocking to maximize its performance. i run 2x2GHz and 4x1GHz for battery life without sacrificing smoothness

        • Jamey

          the 810 was disappointing since it wasn’t as great as it was supposed to be and it felt like they just rushed it out. This 810 in the Sony is a 2nd iteration of it and is much more reliable.

        • Ascertion

          I’m not denying it, but do you have any sources for your claim? There’s definitely a difference with the first impressions. However, I’m not sure if it’s a hardware or software improvement. I can’t find anything on a newer 810.

        • Hamster

          It’s not just software and that article does not imply that. Qualcomm would have stopped producing the v2 chips when they fixed things in v2.1. That results in devices that launched with v2 now having v2.1. That said, v2.1 is not a panacea nor does it represent major change. It still has some throttling problems, but it was improved. http://www.anandtech.com/show/9388/comparing-snapdragon-810-v2-and-v21

        • John Wentworth

          That rumor “started by oneplus” has been completely debunked
          that 2nd iteration is the production version, phones such as the M9 have the exact same chip in it.

          Some OEM’s may be underclocking the processor to address the heat issue, but that’s a software tweak.
          There’s nothing different about the chip itself.

        • the difference in “v2.1” is a driver update, so there’s a software difference (but not a hardware difference, as you point out). thermals improved drastically with that update, and because it was software it also went back to devices like the M9. it’s good enough that you could theoretically run the M9 at the full 2GHz if you don’t mind your phone warming up to the touch again. HTC clocked it down to 1.6GHz on the big cores at first because it was necessary (without v2.1) and now it’s so the phone stays cool and never gets hot.

        • the 810 itself wasn’t rushed, the rush was about 64-bit. qualcomm went all 8-core before they finished designing their custom Kryo cores that we are only just now hearing about in 820 press releases. just like krait was way better in 2012-2014 than the “stock” arm design in exynos, mediatek, etc. cores. this happened because apple pushed for 64-bit super-early and no one else was ready, even though 64-bit isn’t necessary until you have more than 4GB of RAM. rather than release one more 32-bit design, qualcomm went forward with stock designs and those stock cores were very inefficient w/r to heat. they made it better with a driver update (which oneplus tried to market as “v2.1”) and you can see this in e.g. how much better the htc one m9 became after the android 5.1 update. it no longer gets hot despite no changes in clocking, etc.

    • superg05

      i don’t know why the frell they choose an 810 over an 820 to push 4k res other than the processor this phone was awesome but the 810 is a no fly zone for me

      • Matthew DiGiacomo

        820 isn’t ready

        • superg05

          It’s in production and samples have already been delivered to oems for testing

        • Jamey

          Right, but it’s not ready for production.

      • Jamey

        820 is not ready. We’ll probably see phones pop out with that around the end of the hear or first quarter of 2016

    • Jamey

      This is simply not true. The 810 did have heat issues when first released and the remedy was to downclock the processor which made it not much of an upgrade over the 805 and 808. The Z5 uses a second iteration of the 810 and has been able to show the phone does not overheat when pushing 4k.

      As for the 820, it’s not ready yet so Sony is keeping with their 6 month release cycle and does not make sense to push it back another 3 – 6 months waiting on that. If you want the next Sony phone with the 820, just wait for the next cycle.

      • JLV90

        every phone released including the HTC one m9 has the second iteration of the 810. Sony’s own Z4 had the 810 and it still heats up

        • Jamey

          Did you watch any of the reviews? They were able to able to get around it overheating, even on the premium version with it only getting warm and not shutting down the screen or stopping playback due to heat.

  • Chilehead

    I recently visited an AT&T store and was shocked at their massive phone selection. T-Mobile has done some amazing things to shake up the mobile phone industry but their lack of phone selection is still an issue. Also, stepping into a T-Mobile store is actually quite depressing.

    • that_guy

      Their next big unacarrier move better be to get a bigger phone selection. Cause this is getting rediculous.

      • John Wentworth

        I honestly think T-mobile’s smaller phone selection is related to their requirements.
        Every new phone has to have
        Wifi-Calling and VoLTE and Band 12

        T-mobile does this to try to make the customer’s experience better, because all of them help with coverage.
        Unfortunately a lot of OEM’s, especially ones that aren’t doing as well, like Sony or Nokia don’t want to spend the time and money to certify them on the T-mobile network.

        To be fair, I don’t see any Sony phones on AT&T’s site either.
        Sony’s presence in American smartphone carrier stores is pretty small.

    • VicRooLoo

      What’s the benefit of having a “huge” phone selection? You only need to offer cheap phones, less cheap phones and flagships. TMO rotates old phones fast but here I am still seeing some clunkers at the AT&T store.

      Yea, “options” huh?

      • Chilehead

        I like options, even if not all of them are stellar. I’m not mad bro. You?

  • David

    Sony is smart to offer 1080p screen resolution because the 2K screen on my LG G3 is nothing but a drag that slows down the phone tremendously. Worst thing is I can see any visible difference at all comparing the G3’s 2K screen vs G2’s 1080p screen. On a 5″ phone anything above 1080p is a complete waste of battery life and GPU.

    • Chris Siegell

      Your problem is most likely LG. Not sure whats been going on with them. Even the screen on the LG G4 is a dull piece of garbage.

    • Dada

      the G3 doesn’t have a 2k screen. 2560×1440 is not 2k. 1080p and 2k are nearly the same resolution.

  • Chris Siegell

    I tweeted Des and John Legere: Can T-Mobile be transparent on why they are not carrying the Sony Z4 Tablet and the Sony Z5 Premium smartphone? Fishy. Politics?

    • Chris

      Probably cost. Because Sony doesn’t really do a lot of marketing for their phones, no one is really aware of it. To carry the units in store will just bleed T-mo money. If they can put a much popular phone (i.e. Galaxy series, Nexus, etc. on that shelf space). They would earn more.

      • Chris Siegell

        I think this was true in the past wth the Galaxy line as previously Samsung was more competitive. Although, now the Galaxy s6 Plus Edge and the Note 5 both have underwhelming specs especially as they are missing the Sd Slot and a lack of a 128gb model for USA carriers. So, a high percentage of potential buyers either want an higher end Android smartphone or they are just gonna get the IPhone 6s, as that’s exactly what I’m gonna do.

      • Jamey

        I would be fine if they just put demo units in the store and you strictly had to order them online. That way they can keep inventory lower without stocking up the stores and the online store.

  • Philip

    Any idea why T-mobile is not carrying any of the China brand phones?

    • Christopher Ruegsegger

      Because they belong in a trashcan?

    • VicRooLoo

      Because they are cheap enough to buy yourself

    • francob911 .

      They carry ZTE made in china phones

  • Miguel Ortiz


  • Cantmakeme

    I know why I’m not getting a sony device, lack of root! The hardware is very nice but the closed system is why I’ll buy other devices.

    • Rene Shabastari

      There’s usually root, but there will never be bootloader unlock

  • guest
  • J.J.

    tmo is on the galaxy/iphone train unfortunately. you can also argue sony does not do much for itself in terms of marketing so why should tmobile. i do agree tmo needs more choice though. although a great design language,personally its hard to see a difference between a z1-5…m series…. and so on

    • Chris

      And they haven’t really brought any of their last few phones here in US.

      I do like their phones (I had the original Z). But not bringing Z2, Z3+ and now Z5 is also hanging in that balance. I just lost interest on the Xperia line.

      • J.J.


  • VicRooLoo

    Sony phones aren’t that good anyways. Premium price but without any good design and medium range specs. Also, that UI is trash and is now the new Touchwiz.

    • chris fornbacher

      Mid range specs? The snap dragon 810 is current standard. 4k is not mid range. I admit before, they were just going through the motions. It seems that they are now trying with the premium. I think they should have dropped the compact and just went the the z5 and z5 premium. I happen to like the UI, except for too much bloat. I have the z3. I like it, but now want the premium.

      • One of the few flagships that isn’t running a QHD screen.

        Not saying anything about QHD screens but just saying that when you are against the trend you are against the trend.

        • AS118

          I’m okay with non QHD. I can’t tell the difference anyhow, and 1080p means bettery battery life and less processing power wasted.

        • Jamey

          I’m perfectly ok with this as well. I’ve got 1080p on the Z3 and battery life is easily 1.5 days as a heavy user. If you want 4k get the premium since they have a bigger battery in there the handle it, but to have a fancy screen that needs to be recharged before the day ends is worthless.

    • Stone Cold

      UI is no where close to as bad as TouchWiz

    • Jamey

      UI is pretty solid and if you don’t like it, just throw Nova on there. They don’t really do heavy modification on stock. Also the Z5 Marshmallow builds are basically stock with an icon theme (yay)

  • francob911 .

    This sucks this was the phone ive been waiting for

  • name

    I would like to know more about the Lumia 940.

    Is it really coming to T-mobile? Confirmation.

    To those who had or have Windows phones, what was, is your experience?

    What you like, what you don’t?


    • Chad D

      Best mobile OS by far, no apps. And I mean no apps. If they ever allow Android apps to run, they will rule the market.

    • Chilehead

      Sadly, T-Mobile recently stopped selling the Lumia 940. It was only available on the web site when it was offered.

      • kgraham182

        T-Mobile recently stop selling the 640, the 940 which many people think will be called the 950/950XL is a future device that might come out in October/November. T-Mobile chances of selling it are slim, and if they do it will be online only like the rest of the Windows products.

  • watkins

    I’m cool with this as long as they carry the z5 premium.

  • vinnyjr

    The new Z5 is the first Sony device I want. This is such a beautiful device. Great camera and specs, beautiful hardware with 32gb of int storage along with sd-card support. Come on T-Mobile, this is a phone to sell.

  • mmunson

    They do not offer timely updates for the product, that is why I used Jump to move to the LG G4.

    • zx6guy

      You think LG’s support is timely?

      • Abhi

        They used to be bad. They have improved a lot, my old G2 from Sprint itself got 6 – 7 firmware upgrades till now, however minor. Sony has better looking devices no doubt but are on the slower side with updates.

        • vesra

          you could always sign up for their beta testing of new software. plus, they are pretty timely, it is carriers that tend to drag out the updates hoping users do exactly what you did and just get a new phone. as a side note, if the phone has an international counter part (unlike the z1s) you could just install the international versions update instead of waiting for the carrier to add their bloatware and ship it out.

        • Abhi

          I was simply giving an example of how much LG improved they used to be like dead last in updates even ignoring carriers.

        • vesra

          don’t misunderstand, i wasn’t hating or berating. just talking was all. =)

        • Abhi

          Oh don’t worry, I know :-)

    • kgibbs29

      It’s not Sony with the slow updates. That is all T-Mobile. While my Z3
      is 5.0.1 all other Z3’s in the world are 5.1.1. Sony has even updated
      original Z, not T-Mobile version, to 5.1.1 and all the other Z phones in

  • crazychef83

    Well I’m disappointed with this decision. I purchased my first truly unlocked phone the xperia Z when it came out and it is still kicking but. Don’t understand what people are talking about the updates. I’m currently on Lollipop. I have been getting all updates in a timely manner. It is lag and bug free.
    Tmo is trying to stay away from possible bad phones (meaning not profitable or crowd pleasing). Sony does not have a good reputation here in the US when it comes to phones. But they are good and durable.
    Right now we have to see that the Iphone and galaxy crowd are in control. It’s kinda like the hipsters that’s whats in style right now. maybe in a few months or years SONY will take control of the market or own a bigger share of the pie.

  • Eric

    This was going to be my next phone. I will have to find another phone to jump to from my note 4.

  • Bosshawk

    If Tmobile would have offered the Z3 Compact they would have been able to move a lot more devices. The Z3 compact is probably the greatest piece of technology created in the past 3 years.

    • Abhi

      Battery life is insane (good), from reviews I saw, my Z3 comes close though.

      • Bosshawk

        Yes it is. 2 days is easy, 3 very possible even after the battery killing updates.

        • Abhi

          By draining update I assume you mean the “Mobile Radio Active” bug which Google refuses to fix on Lollipop and only recently acknowledged it exists on Android M.

  • Fabian Cortez

    That’s too much for him to comprehend.

  • Arysyn

    No Z4?

    With my medical issues as of late I can only hope that they offer this phone in a few days. I was hoping to get on Sprint but for me, T-Mobile’s offers something that my mother wants and I eventually want. I simply hate Sprint and would rather deal with AT&T.

  • kanakamaoli

    Everyone who’s wants the z5 should hit up John legere on Twitter @JohnLegere and voice your opinions. Remember he is the ceo that listens to his customers.

    • AS118

      I already did, and encourage everyone else to do that too.

    • vesra

      thanks, doing so right now

    • Jamey

      I just did as well

    • Samuel

      I will ask him for the z5 compact.

  • Abhi

    Love the Z3 but had get 7 replacements due to factory defects, by my last one reps said they pulled the Z3 due to too many issues, and offered a partial refund plus a switch to another device. If Sony returns I hope the quality control is better this time….

    • Samuel

      Wiered to hear. I must say this is by far the most solid phone I’ve had.

      • LiterofCola

        Yup, no issues with my device and it’s coming up on a year.

        • ” J.D. “

          same here too mines going on a year also

    • Tony Roig

      That’s crazy. I have the Z3 and before that the Z1s.. Great phones, never a problem.

  • BT

    It may not be as convenient as buying the phone on the payment plan with t-mobile, but if you really want the Z5 you may have to purchase it unlocked, but it should still work on t-mobile. My wife and I both purchased unlocked phones, I purchased the Z3+ and she purchased the Z3 Compact. We took our SIM cards from our old t-mobile phones and put then in the Sony phones and they have worked fine ever since without any problems.

    • Samuel

      No Wifi calling.

      • Question?

        I’m probably missing something please tell me the benefits of wifi calling. I thought T-Mobile plans all included unlimited calling at this point. What would be a situation where wifi calling would be more beneficial?

        • Washu Ai

          What does band 12 anything, have to do with wifi calling? Isn’t connected to the internet, connected to the internet?
          My understanding was if you’re on band 12 and the phone you’re connecting to doesn’t have band 12, the call won’t succeed, even though you have full signal and you’re more likely to be on band 12, when you’re in locations that would otherwise have a week signal.
          I’m preparing to import a Z5 compact (UK internet retailer), but haven’t been able to confirm the GSM bands question yet. androidforum saved my bacon: http://www.willmyphonework.net/

          Still timing is somewhat of an issue for me. If I just got an LG G4 now, I’d be done, but I wouldn’t have the Z5.

        • Tony Roig

          Places that have bad coverage but still have Internet. It makes it nice when I can get calls at my friends place, literally the middle of nowhere…

    • DJay

      Yeah, but the other thing I’m seeing here is that there’s some type of issue with the bands the Z5 use and what T-moible use. Something about Band 12.

  • Andy Lee

    Lame, I hate how it seems your choices for phones now days are Samsung and apple, I don’t want either one. Guess I may just have to move to unlocked phones

    • LuvMusic

      Nexus and LG? Motorola, kind of………

  • LuvMusic

    I too would like to update my Z3 to the next gen Xperia device. I’m OK with no Z5…….Let us have the Z5 Compact and the Z5 Premium! Aw heck….all three to choose from please!

  • Michael

    Hope TM changes it’s mind. I call the middle version the Goldilocks phone.
    I have an LG G4, but while it is a great phone, it still seems I bit too large for me.
    I would have gone with a Galaxy S6, but I really don’t like what Samsung did to it re expandable memory and removable battery. And the S5 just didn’t seem that “future proof” to me. Also, now, having been with the G4, the S 5&6 screens seem a tad lacking.
    So this Xperia Z5 seems to fit I the sweet spot, fo me anyway, between over all physical size AND screen size.

  • Joseph Perez

    Boooooo! I want the z5

  • vuu buu

    I am oke with no Z5 on T-mobile shelves, but hopefully z5 premium could be on Tmobile shelves, ; let us have z5 premium please

  • chris edmonds

    You’re awesome. Thank you.

    • You’re welcome!

  • JawjaBill

    After purchasing a note for the last 4 years, T-mo needs to bring something to the table because I am not doing the Note 5. I would love to see the Z5 Premium.

    • Marcelo_L

      Probably not gonna happen. Would’ve been nice if the Moto X Force also made it over to these shores…but Verizon has snagged that one as one of their Droids (and probably will muck it up in the process).

      Think I’ll sit this round out until the SD820 Kryo-based handsets come out next year, and see where it goes.

      I could’ve accepted the Moto X Pure with the SD808 (with a weaker Adreno than the it’s predecessor, the SD805) if it had come with Band 12 OOTB, but the “nebulous at best” statements about it’s future availability puts me off.

      As for the GNote 4…I could see pulling one off of EBay or something, but the TMo variants are STILL way too expensive in comparison to the ATT variants are, and those don’t come with Band 12, so it’s a no-go.

      That…and I still remember the bait-and-switch of KitKat (Thanks, TMo, no seriously, thanks!) for the GNote 2 a year back ( Yes, it’ll have it, no …no it won’t )….Really???

      Open source the doggone kernel already, geeze. Let people update their handsets if you’re not going to do it. Anyone who would’ve been on a contract with a GNote 2 is LONG off of one anyway.

  • RLA

    Samsung (taking away features) and iPhone (who never gives you storage space or any customization without dropping your wallet) both don’t fit the bill. The Sony devices do. Expandable Storage, Waterproof, Thin android skin (Now), that should be enough, but the specs are certainly there.

    • RLA

      P.S. I am not getting another Samsung device without the features they took away.

      • orlando duran

        The no sd , no removable battery argument is old, and quite frankly proven to be utter bullshit. If you don’t like my comment, that’s fine too. If you are offended, well too Damn bad, suck it up buttercup

        • AS118

          You’re a moron. Just because you don’t like it means that others don’t. Samsung is losing customers because they’re not offering those features, and it’s their loss. They could’ve easily made 2 phones, 1 with those features, and 1 without for all their popular ranges.

        • orlando duran

          As118, follow technology. ..stop reading cnet, they lie to you. They are doing just fine with the note 5, s6 edge plus

        • britghts

          Hmm I’m on a note3 have two extra batteries, office/ home…. Takes seconds to swap and I get a full day charge. Travel a lot take a couple of batteries along, no charging necessary. Will be getting a new 64gb micro SD because I’ve filled the 32gb several times …. There’s no bs there. Not getting a note5 or six. I need the expandable options!

        • DJay

          I dunno. I’m kinda a fan of not having to worry about getting my phone wet. The waterproof thing sealed it for me. But to each their own.

        • thepanttherlady

          It may be old but it’s still valid for many.

        • Marcelo_L

          I’m not going to berate you, but I am going to dispel your mythological argument.

          People want, no need, storage. We’re a storage society. As much companies would wish it. The VAST majority of people are not, NOT, going to “cloud” (It’s a directory on some hard drive on a network somewhere on the internet, stop calling it a cloud for crying out loud.) their storage. What? Do you think most people buying uSD cards today are doing so for their compact cameras? Wrong answer, guess again. They’re buying them for their phones primarily.

          Do you really think it’s not going to make a dent in most (notice the exclusion of totality to account for the iPhone crowd) manufacturers bottom line if they don’t support uSD’s? Of course it is! We’ve seen it already with the S6, and now the GNote 5. Same thing applies here. Why is the LG G4 doing so well? Not because of the leather backs, probably not because of the removable battery(though I’m sure it contributes it’s share of buyer incentives), but yes, because of it’s expandable memory option.

          Of course LG made a wise choice not going with the SD810 for the G4 until they could deal with the “heat issue”. Which kudos to Sony have drawn from proven “old timer pc makers” concept to keep the SD810 toasty and not sizzling. Heat Pipes, who’da thunk it!

          But I digress. For every one of you, there are 10+ of us who do want and care about:

          User replaceable batteries.
          Expandable internal storage.

          If you don’t like the math…too bad, so sad.

          Your turn to suck it up…buttercup.

        • orlando duran

          Except that cloud computing and storage is changing the storage world as we know it. Start reading tech blogs. It help to educate your you. SD cards get corrupted all of the time. Phone storage on say note 5 for example, it will be twice as fast as sd card memory

        • BreakThaLawFTP

          I don’t know many people who actually use Internet storage, I switched from Samsung because they didn’t offer expandable storage, I’m on a Z3 now

        • Marcelo_L

          And there you have it…….I know VERY FEW people who push EVERYTHING (or most of their “everythings”) onto “the cloud”. It is a MYTH that everything is secure there (oh please, I’ve been a Software Engineer since most people using this site were in diapers, I know better.) As for educating myself….please, I WRITE and TEACH Tech to other Software Engineers, you’re not schooling me on anything.

          It doesn’t matter if the UFS storage is faster on the GNote 5, or have you not seen the write-ups on tweaking the memory management on it, and the GNote 4? It doesn’t matter if you have fast memory, if their software has mucked up how they handle applications while in RAM. That being said…I don’t use my uSD for the purpose of App2SD (although I support those that wish to, that’s their prerogative), but for storage of my data. So uSD’s wear out…..so the heck what? You keep backups for a reason. That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t want to carry stuff around with me when I feel like it(and HOW I feel like).

          Get in touch that every argument you make against replaceable batteries and having expandable storage on ones phone is spurious and unsupportable via means other than berating and chastising people. If you can’t make your argument without putting someone down, it’s not much of an argument.

          Time to chalk this “conversation” as flame baiting, because it’s obvious you’re not willing to accept differing opinions exist and are valid, when the case has been laid out with clear examples for you to consider.

          Statements like, “cloud computing and storage is changing the storage world as we know it” are what you’re using to make your point, it gets to be a little well entertaining. I remember the DAY, the DAY, Bill Gates (If you don’t know who that is, go on, look it up, we’ll wait) said, “We’re about to embark on a journey will information will be at our fingertips”. This was still in the day when the INTERNET wasn’t known outside of the military and parts of academia that had access to something called “UseNet” (or UUNet, for our purists).

          The world changes as we know it on a DAILY basis today, some good, some bad. So using that statement as a pillar for your argument is weak , at best.

        • Washu Ai

          I’m not offended. I have web storage and even unlimited data. I’m saddened and amused by the insults to yourself with your own comment.
          I still rely on my SD card both for alarm and 2.5 hours of commuting a day. The SD card also gives me the luxury of managing my data once a month, instead of daily or biweekly. Time is money and SD saves both.

          Consumers and environment both benefit from replaceable batteries. Water proofing is important to me, so I will give up battery. The consequence, my current phone has a non responsive power button, 80% of original capacity and the fact I have to pay $100 for insurance replacement, since apparently getting $60 battery replacement is a myth (or at least I won’t have a phone and my carrier won’t tell me how to do it).
          Only the corporations and rich (or debtor) consumers that want a decorative bobble, rather than a fully functional phone, benefit from this nonsense.

    • SleepyPillowGaming

      Exactly. The Z5 is the perfect phone for everybody and it’s the one that they’re not thinking of having! Why tmobile!!

  • Bix

    I can think of a reason maybe because of the horrible tragedy that was the past ones. Screen cracking with out dropping it. Can’t put a case on it as the pressure from the case breaks the phone. ps4 compatibility is to be desired. Make a good phone that can last. Oh yeah then when I called Sony I was told well that’s why u have insurance and I said oh no I have insurance for when I drop and break the phone not when I take it out of my pocket to find it broken. Never gonna have a Sony phone again I’ll stick with my Apple or Samsung.

    • BreakThaLawFTP

      I’ve got 3 different cases for my Z3, I had some dead pixels out the box, called Sony & they fix it for free…so…I’m on to the Z5 next

    • FermentionIt

      I’ve had two Apple screens crack and they didn’t replace them. It is possible that Sony’s service quality differs regionally. Apple’s market-street prowess, their two year AppleCare bonus profit $, and their stake in their own ecosystem certainly gives them more incentive to coddle the consumer during the warranty period. Moreover Apple and share holders would love to monopolize this market, so the devil’s in the details. Samsung simply wants to rule the consumer electronics market and their engineering prowess is second to none. Apple is the design company and operating system company that has one goal, which is to maximize profit off of aluminum handsets and get you tied into their ecosystem.

      “Swim against the current. Even dead fish can go with the flow.” JH

  • ” J.D. “

    I must have read over 100 reviews on this new Z5 premium and they are all ranting and raving over this phone,giving it a 100% on all counts. I myself own a Z3 & have to admit I love it.
    I been with T-Mobile 8yr’s first 7 were all blackberrys This is the phone that made me an android user. Looks,Features,& ease of use plus the comments I get when friends,family,& a large array of strangers see this phone is amazing. Now that I have a phone I really like (( I CAN’T UPGRADE ! TO THEIR TOP OF THE LINE )) This is the phone we been waiting for / Finger print scanner,32mm camera w/ fast focus,4K display, & a look thats got all others beat. I will say I wish it had the 820 prosser but we all know the story why it don’t Qualcomm screw up / BUT in six months Z6 ? with a 820 probably. Trick is they did it & they did it with all the features we wanted with the 810. )) SO T-MOBILE WHEN DO WE HAVE A CHANGE IN SUPPLY WHEN THEY PUT IN THE 820 OR NOW ! (( Myself and at least 10,000 others want this phone & we want it on our favorite carrier. We’ll even wait the 6 months for sony’s Z6 & 820 prosser But we want this phone.
    @JohnLedger @T-Mobile US @Sony

  • Jon

    This is terribly disappointing. I guess I’ll have to purchase it direct from Sony. No biggie

    • (J²)

      Not anymore you won’t, Sony’s Online Store and Phone Sales were canned on 8/28/15. Thought they were revamping it but turns out they will simply be relying on retail partnerships.

      Unless a PS5 is coming out anytime soon, this is another nail in the coffin for Sony.
      There problem has always been non-existent advertising, so to remedy that I suppose they wish to rely on Walmart and Best Buy to push their products – BAD IDEA.

      Funny thing is, I use to work at Best Buy and the only brand they push is Apple. Everything else is expected to sell itself. Poor selling performance is why Sony products are dropped from retail outlets.

      I will say that their home theater and entertainment products still fair pretty well.

      I think Sony’s decision to sell VIAO – it’s PC business was a mistake. They jumped on board with the idea that the tablet and smartphone would replace the computer and 90% of the time that’s not the case because there is still a demand for computers.

  • Kai Boogie

    After my Z3 fell apart.. I’m glad tom not waisting time on this crap..

  • BreakThaLawFTP

    Guess I’ll go through Sony, my Z3 is the best phone I’ve ever had..

  • ” J.D. “
  • ” J.D. “

    Hey – fresh in Sony has a compact ( Japan Only ) with snap dragon 820 plus 4 g’s ram / They also are introducing a Z5 Ultra that will also have the 820 plus dual sims support. I have the sneaky suspicion an Z6 in march w/820 and 4G’s ram is on the horizon. Plus the fact Sony never said anything concerning a north american launch Hmmmm – Am I right T-Mobile ?

  • thepanttherlady

    If I remember correctly, that’s for Japan.

    • ” J.D. “

      Yep it is / read my comment above I think you would agree T-mobile has something up their sleeve hehehe – I can’t see them missing on this :-)

      • thepanttherlady

        I saw that after I posted. :)

        I don’t know about T-Mobile having anything up their sleeve though. The Z5 Ultra is being slated for a March 2016 release. I think they would have been smart to carry the Z5 compact and Z5 premium though.

        I’ve already pre-ordered the premium and can’t wait to get my hands on the ultra next year!

        • ” J.D. “

          That’s what I want ( Premium Z5 ) lucky you – perhaps the’ll have a Z6 by then altho I might like that ultra :-)

        • kanakamaoli

          Panterlady, does the Z5P support T-Mobile USA lte and HSPA bands? Also, can you tell us where did you order your Z5P from and price? Thanks

        • Washu Ai

          I know at least a couple of UK sites ship to the US, where you can preorder. UK seemed to be cheaper than the other country options

  • Kgesus

    I just wish companies would stop catering to Samsung and Apple and keep offering “other” phones. Not everyone wants to have the same phone. I love the Sony series and was waiting for a 5.5 in Z phone now its possibly not coming to TMO…. Sad day my friends

  • Johnny

    that is nonsense. Why can’t T-Mobile offer this awesome phone. I like this one way better than the Samsung.

    • kanakamaoli

      Hit up twitter @JohnLegere, @askdes @TMobileHelp hopefully, if enough of us keeps requesting the z5p.they might just consider picking up the Sony.

      • Johnny

        i have hit up @tmobile. This is what they sent back.

        T-Mobile ‏@TMobile 16h
        16 hours ago
        @johnny220 Hey Johnny, we want to make sure that we have a perfect phone for everyone! Stay up to date on our latest offerings right… …here http://newsroom.t-mobile.com/ *TylerD 2/2

      • Johnny

        when you go on to their news all they talk about is samsung and apple stuff. just ridiculous.

        • kanakamaoli

          I agree Johnny, T-Mobile should give more options to the customers.z5p on T-Mobile would be killer. Heck… add the z5 compact too.

      • Frank martinez

        Yes I want sony.experia z premium on t mobile. .

  • Fobs Cater

    does anyone know if the the unlocked version of Z5 will work with TMo? I can’t figure out by reading the spec sheet for the phone: http://www.clove.co.uk/sony-xperia-z5-premium
    the white paper for the phone excluded the 1700 band..

  • peltruquin

    The Dual Sim Z5 versions have AWS-1 (Band IV) listed in the white papers, although not sure if this matters at all since T-mobile is phasing out Band IV (1700/2100)

  • Ryan

    The screen is 4k!! Come on tmo!!! @JohnLegere

    • Tony Roig

      You are off base here. I had the S4 and switched to the Z1s. The Z1s was snappier, less glitchy, waterproof and smoother. My buddy had the S5 and I traded up to the Z3. We ran side by side, Z3 had less lag, opened pages just as fast, waterproof and better UI… I am looking forward to another Xperia phone on T-mobile..

  • eduardo

    I sure hope they make the loudspeaker louder. That is my only regret with the z3. Can’t hear nothing and makes you wear headphones

  • Old thread, but I reached out to my T-Mo business rep and he put me in touch with a sales engineer. We talked about the Z5 series, specifically Band 12 VoLTE support. After that, they reached out to their Sony rep/contacts. Word back:

    “I was informed today from my contact at Sony that the Z5 is Volte capable.”

    So here’s hoping this is actually true! Given Sony was working on VoLTE starting back in 2013, this could be true and hopefully is.

  • Robert
  • Robert
  • Tim Brown

    I am about ready to ditch T-Mobile after 11 years of service. First of all, they apparently are not going to update the Galaxy S4 to Lollipop, but they won’t admit it and just say “Check the software update page for more information.” Since they aren’t going to update my current phone, I want a new one but all they really have is iPhone and Samsung Galaxy lines. Very disappointing.

    • Renaldo Johnson

      Biased LG G4 owner here. Contrary to what advertising would have you believe, there’s more than just Apple and Samsung in the smartphone space. Samsung lost me forever when they didn’t include removable batteries or expandable storage in their Note line.

      In the pursuit of thinness, phone manufacturers are forsaking battery life, and until Marshmellow hits more devices, it’ll always be a sore point for Android phones. Fast-charge is nice, but that requires leaving the phone plugged in somewhere – so in the absence oh phenomenal Xperia-level battery life, swappable batteries are king (and the G4 also has Quick Charging if that’s your fancy).

      I’d much rather swap the battery and be at 100%, then plug my portable battery charger in someplace than have to be tethered to an outlet or leave my phone at the bar.

      Long story short, if you can tolerate Touchwiz on the S4, the lack of that sort of carrier/manufacturer garbage on your phone, coupled with all of the LG apps being optional – I think you’ll enjoy the G4.

      • Stone Cold

        Don’t mind not having a swappable battery anymore. But hate the paltry number of phones T-Mobile carries. The fault lies more with Sony than T-Mobile as they probably lost money since Sony refuses to invest here

  • Слава Україні

    Leaving T-Mobile if they don’t bring the z5/z5 compact. Had enough of this band 12 saga nonsense.

    • FermentionIt

      I may leave Sony, T-mobile and all U.S. carriers. Simply buy an unlocked phone and pick up service with a secondary carrier and leave my desire for Sony flagship behind me. After visiting all the retail outlets in my area, most sale associates have said they honestly have not heard of any Sony z5 release dates. Sad that a global electronics company can’t get shelf space, and it certainly makes me think there’s something more to this story.

  • Douglas Gonzalez

    This is really frustrating to find out that T mobile will no longer be selling the Sony smartphones. I have always been a Sony customer from day 1; I’ve have had the Sony xperia z1 and I now have the Sony xperia Z3 and I was looking forward to purchase the new Z5 premium and now that’s not going to happen. I was already thinking of making the switch to Samsung but I haven’t yet because I am still hoping that maybe Sony and T mobile get together to give the people what they want!

    • FermentionIt

      No s@#!. I went to all the carriers in the U.S. and no dice. I have a PS4 and hi-res headphones, Sony markets these capabilities in their phones, and then when you’re looking forward to using these capabilities, you can’t do it unless you buy internationally with an incompatible charger and less than sufficient warranty coverage. This makes absolutely no sense if your sitting in a marketing and sales office at Sony headquarters. The complete line should have already been available in the U.S. I may have to buy a Xbox One and some Audio Technica headphones; their biggest headphone rival in Japan.

      • Douglas Gonzalez

        I was a loyal customer to Sony until they decided not to sell the Xperia Z5 in the US. I have switched my Sony Xperia Z3 for a Samsung note 5, and guess what… I love my new phone. Even though the mega pixels is less than the Xperia Z3, the Samsung camera delivers better photo quality. My new phone also dose not over heat like the Sony phone dose, that lead to either shutting down the camera or re starting the phone. I am also think of getting rid of my PS4 to switch over to Xbox one. Sony should of known that this was going to happen, not just with one loyal customer but I am sure it is going to effect many customers that have been with them from day one.

  • AbysswalkerLuca

    Lolz! That decision will be ending my contract with T-mobile, as well as other friends and family. The z5 is a big deal to some of us and if t-mobile isn’t going to be on board, then it’s about time we leave it behind for a better carrier. T-mobile has done nothing but give me headaches since I first signed on with them forever ago.. but I’ve stayed In hopes that the z5 would be worth it and render all their mistakes and bs null. This definitely just makes my choice easy.

  • Mike

    When a customer service agent @ my local T-Mobile store told me they would carry the “Upgrade” to the Z3, I decided NOT to purchase the last remaining Z3+ they had. Boy do I regret that decision now! Not only are they not going to have the Z5 according to reports, but I can’t even find a Z3 for a decent price! Hey T-Mo, guess how many fingers I’m holding up? ONE! I’m seriously considering switching to AT&T when my contract expires; I have been flat out LIED TO by T-Mo reps about the availability of the phone I wanted 2 times, & they no longer honor the discount my employer gave me with them! F-U T-MobiLIE!

    • Ché Donovan de Rothschild

      R u still looking for a z3

  • ” J.D. “

    Sony Xperia Z5 Dual can now be bought in the US from trusted importer / Check out the link >>http://pocketnow.com/2015/10/21/sony-xperia-z5-dual-us-availability

    • thepanttherlady

      I received this email from Clove UK regarding the Z5 Premium:

      “The price of the Z5 Premium is £629 including VAT (if applicable).

      Sold SIM free ready for you to use with a SIM card of your choice, the Z5 Premium is going to be coming with some great value extras, in fact £140 of extras.

      With every Z5 Premium you will receive a Sony BSP10 Bluetooth speaker and a set of SBH60 headphones.”

      Apparently, the chrome color is now considered an exclusive color and will only be sold at certain retailers. Glad I pre-ordered before that happened. :)

      • ” J.D. “

        Hi – Thanks for the info I understand the new Z6 has the 820 chip & 4gs of ram hope it comes to T-Mobile ( Got to have the Premium ) ;-)

  • Rand

    Then Z5 is an awesome phone!!! Bought myself a birthday present. Pre-ordered mine from Clove and received it last Monday.

    • thepanttherlady

      Interesting because their email communication and website both state first stock is November 13th.

      • Rand

        I did the Z5 in gold. I love it. No heating issues, no issues on T Mobile, fingerprint scanner works great and being the Caribbean traveler I am, it takes awesome pictures. I upgraded from the Z3 and that takes awesome pictures to.. This is my 4th Z series phone. Did you order yours from Clove? I’m still waiting for the speaker as it was shipped out Monday. Also pantherlady, don’t forget you have to pay duty on that phone and you will be notified by courier the day before they deliver it.

        • thepanttherlady

          Hi there Rand,

          I did indeed pre-order the Z5 Premium last month. I received an email that first stock won’t be in until 11/13, hence my original response. :) I am glad I ordered the Chrome color too because I received an email shortly after that it was going to be an exclusive color and Clove wouldn’t be offering it, however, they will be honoring those that pre-ordered it.

          My last Z series was the Z2. Unfortunately, the Z3 and Z4 weren’t different enough for me to go back. I want the Z5 Ultra but will have to wait until next year. *fingers crossed* they’ll be FINALLY releasing it then.

          I have ordered from Clove a couple of times (Z1 and Z2). I have never paid duty on them, maybe because of my area? I’m in Southern California. I have had nothing but positive experiences with them so they will continue to get my business with regard to Sony phones.

          Anyway, I’ll let you know how things turn out when we get closer to release/deliver date! :)

        • Rand

          Cool. Love to hear your thoughts on the premium .

          I kept waiting it out, but all T Mobile cares about anymore is Samsung, Apple and LG, but the first two more so than anything. Corporate greed in my opinion.

          I guess it depends on how they write the way bill up. I’m in Pennsylvania and my buddy who also lives nearby had to pay duty to. I did order a case and screen protector. Funny, the Z5 comes with a screen protector and I never knew it. LOL. Guess I was to excited about the phone to read whats in the box. LOL.

          For Clove, they are great. Customer service was amazing. Always email me back in minutes, plus I called them once and had a very good experience to.

        • thepanttherlady

          If you haven’t already, definitely look into getting a tempered glass screen protector. Love them especially when coupled with the Z series.

          Not sure why your buddy got that duty charge…weird. I’ve been received phones, blue tooth speaker and even cases from them (all sent separately) and never received one.

          *knocking on wood* ;)

        • Rand

          After you told me you never pay duty for a phone I started looking into this. You were right! I researched well and found mobile devices/cell phones imported from UK to USA are duty free and VAT free for consumers. Called DHL and they verified this also. The problem lies with how Clove labeled the waybill. They labeled it as USB accessories and not mobile/cell phone so the duty and customs thinks it’s computer parts or something like that which are charged duty. Good thing is I will be refunded. Told my buddy to. Pantherlady saved my day! Thanks!!!!!

        • thepanttherlady

          Awesome!!!! Glad you were able to get this resolved. :)

        • Stone Cold

          I have tweeted CEO JL hoping they reverse this decision.

      • Nick

        Can you use Wifi calling feature? I’m just wondering since you said no issue on T mobile!?

        • thepanttherlady

          I think you meant this for @Rand? I pre ordered the Z5 Premium which doesn’t release until 11.13.15.

        • Dave

          The Z5 supposedly is capable of WiFi calling, but it seems the feature only can be activated on the phone by T-Mobile for phones that they support/carry. I had an unlocked Z5 Premium, and had no idea that this would be an issue until after I had gotten the phone.

  • Daniel Teichman

    I just went on T-Mobile’s website to see about getting an Xperia Z5 Premium because I was excited about some of its features but I guess, for now, I’ll stick with my Note 4.

  • Plutocracy

    Just got back from local T-mobile. No word of release and sales counselor had no clue about Sony line of phones. As many said, you can choose an iPhone, LG, HTC, or a Samsung phone. Even then color and cover options are limited with the premium phones. A few outlier budget phones but overall selection is dismal. Go unlocked, pay the piper, good luck on warranty and switch carriers.


    Well T-Mobile I hope you read this because I have been on Verizon for 5 year, and have had an Xperia Z3v for 2 years. Since Verizon isn’t offering the Xperia Z5, I was literally planning on doing a long-term switch to T-Mobile so I could get it—until this came out. If you really don’t want my money (as it seems) you wont be getting it, and I will remain using my Z3v.

  • Phani

    T-Mobile . please launch the sony Z5 series with WiFi calling ASAP! We love SONY Phones! Z3 (D6616) was awesome, but time to upgrade now.

  • Nour Jebokji

    T mobel com on now i got the z and z1s and z3 from yall and now i wont the z5 premium pleas get it i ben wath ya 5 yers