I guess they figured they should dumb down their logo for their dumb customers…

    • k

      Dumb customers with money..

      • orlando duran

        All while getting food stamps

        • Jay J. Blanco


        • Drewski

          lol true. I agree. Hey I’m not complaining though. T-Mobile will always be my lover up until the end.

        • Ascertion

          It’s funny, because typically T-Mobile/Sprint cater to the people that use food stamps, given that AT&T/Verizon are often the carrier of choice for major corporations…

      • Customer who don’t seem to be bothered to be parted so easily from their money.

  • On the bright side for its customers, this logo will look slightly less ugly once it’s plastered all over their devices.

    • impasse

      really only because it takes slightly less vertical space..in all other regards it’s pretty awful, though. makes me wonder how much they paid the design firm..

      • The checkmark could’ve been the V. It’s still a step forward though. The old logo was just bad.

  • FILA

    Looks like they took a step back in time

  • cloud strife

    Is this the new trend? First, Google and now Verizon.

    • numbers

      The idea could be: make it look very simple, like you don’t have any money to hire good designers.

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Oh gosh Legere got them good

  • Barbosa

    Is Legere really as immature as he seems?

    • Jack

      You must be a liberal, and everything has to be politically critically correct.

      • Barbosa

        Civility is considered politically correct? Dang!! I missed the memo on that one.

    • Jaret Protagonist

      He is a in your face straight talking no BS kind of guy, but like I always state if you don’t like what he has to talk about don’t listen. At least we hear from the CEO unlike ATT and Verizon, like who are they never hear squat from those two.

    • Ordeith

      No. It’s all an act. A character he plays to distract people from T-Mobile’s real problems. If people are talking about the superficial CEO they probably aren’t looking too deeply at the rest of the business.

  • mrpickem

    Keeping it fun, I’ll bet Legere is a riot at parties.

  • gmo8492

    So are they trying to make their company look less oppressive. Seems like they guy who designed this was using arial font in Microsoft word. He probably then preceded to print out the word “Verizon” after adding a red check mark with a ball point pen. This is the most unimaginative thing I have ever seen. Bravo Verizon.

  • eanfoso

    John legere should instead focus on bringing more variety to t mobile, am tired of the samesung and then xperia just got the boot, seriously??

    • Exactly. Two OSes don’t constitute variety.

  • Isaiah Davenport

    That is funny, but in reality Verizon Wireless never lied to their customers about how much data they were buying. If the customer went over that data and never upgraded the data on their plan then that is their fault they were not lied to. Verizon even warns you with text message before and after you go over the data you purchased. With T Mobile they are deceptively advertising their data plan as unlimited when it is not. At best it is limited data with caches but that is not what they advertise. Their is a possibility their Terms of Service could violate net neutrality ruling by the FCC but that is questionable at this point. But I think they could get in trouble with the Federal Trade Commission over how they handle the marketing and advertisements about their not so unlimited data. So T Mobile has no right to talk about other carriers until they stop falsely advertising limited data as unlimited.

    • dtam

      um…not sure where you read “lied to customers” up there. the most it says is “screws over customers” and that is up for interpretation.

      tmobile is unlimited data in that you don’t get charged overages. not sure how that is false advertising. it’s plastered everywhere in their stores and website that the data buckets are for “high speed internet” but I guess haters have blinders on

      • Isaiah Davenport

        All I was pointing out is that John Legere and his company T Mobile USA is a hypocrite for attacking other carriers when his company is advertising unlimited data that is limited and has caches. So it is not unlimited data it is limited data.

        • Shadow

          “you can be deprioritized if you go onto a congested T Mobile Tower. If T Mobile slowed down the data on the congested tower it could handle all their customers equally instead of picking the people who used over 21GB of supposed unlimited data”
          This happens to me as well with Verizon. When a tower is congested they slow my data down. Happens to me as well with my Time Warner internet at home. The bandwidth is shared unfortunately and not much one can do if too many people are using it.

        • MisterSuperGod

          Quit crying about the soft cap already. Here’s an idea, switch to Verizon. No soft cap, no more tears.

        • dtam

          I mean technically nobody has “unlimited” data because you are limited by download speeds x hours in the day x days in a month. you’re splitting hairs here. if you like having a hard cap of 5 gigs, have fun with that.

        • Isaiah Davenport

          If their is any limitation than it is not unlimited data. The term unlimited data is dishonest since their network can not handle everybody download TB’s of data. It is limited data and they have limitations in place. Like a 21GB soft cap and limiting data to secondary devices to 7GB and being throttled after you pass that limit.

        • dtam

          seriously dude? your beloved verizon also had limited-unlimited plans before too. at this point you’re just nit-picking.

          if you actually think and not twist the words into your favor, you would realize that when the cell phone industry says “unlimited”, they mean you won’t be charged more for going over X cap.

          have you picketed all-you-can-eat buffets for closing at night or needing to cook more food?

        • Isaiah Davenport

          They are no longer offering those unlimited plans due to fact their network can not handle people download unlimited data and they can also make money by offering data packages to fit the needs of their customers. If you use more of the data which is limited due to spectrum and backhaul you pay more. At least that is more honest than T Mobile which is using the unlimited data term when in reality their network can not handle unlimited data as we saw with T Mobile cracking down on people download 2TB’s of data on their network. They did abuse the terms of service but T Mobile did not care until they reached the TB range.

        • dtam

          again, you’re just nit picking. it’s an industry term. the fact that you can even get to the TB range is already a testament to tmo.

          and verizon and att still have “unlimited” grandfathered plans which they have tried to throttle (verizon) and already have throttled (att)

        • Isaiah Davenport

          Yes because the users kept their original plans active but they can no longer get a 2 year contract or monthly payment until they change their plan. But they will not offer it for new customers or existing customers who changed their plan. Stop resorting to name calling because you can not dispute the facts I have presented.

        • dtam

          “nit-picking” is name calling?

          your “fact” is that tmobile in not unlimited. news flash, nothing is unlimited, not tmo, not verizon grandfathered plans, not the size of the universe. it’s marketing used by all carriers to just say you don’t get charged more. everyone has “unlimited talk” now too, but you’re still limited by bandwidth which in this case is minutes in a month.

        • Isaiah Davenport

          Yes it is. Not to mention it is really immature to be name calling as well. If it is not unlimited they should not be advertising it as unlimited. Since the wireless networks can not handle unlimited data it does not give them a free pass to dishonestly advertise limited data as unlimited.

        • Drewski

          They were not being dishonest Bro. It is you that has so much trouble with being able to read and comprehend a simple sentence as to what T-Mobile was really saying to all of their costumers like myself. So stop crying and leave Verizon Wireless. Verizon has lied to me in the past about certain things with add ons and such Bro. So again you are the liar and not us. You sound annoying. Leave T-Mobile if you do not like how they do business(Its that simple).

        • Drewski

          Lies dude lies. You are technically Truly Unlimited. Learn to pay attention and/or read correctly Bro. Just because they are going to limited a certain amount of data usage to certain people does not mean that you will fully be throttled for the rest of the month( you could be one of the few people that were just in a congested tower at that particular moment Bro). So chill out dogs.

    • Jaret Protagonist

      My data is unlimited and has never been limited in any way, never throttled down at all, so maybe you could be wrong, and quite frankly TMO tells you there is a possible throttle point but guess what, your phone still keeps on downloading away, and they do not charge you for more data like Verizon does!

      • Isaiah Davenport

        No it is not after you use 21GB you can be deprioritized if you go onto a congested T Mobile Tower. If T Mobile slowed down the data on the congested tower it could handle all their customers equally instead of picking the people who used over 21GB of supposed unlimited data. Not to mention Verizon Wireless does not falsely advertise their data as unlimited like T Mobile.

        • John Wentworth

          Are you still on this de-prioritization thing?
          When a tower is heavily congested, everyone’s speed is dropping.
          Also keep in mind, no carrier’s can’t easily increase the total capacity they have, at least not quickly. It takes years to acquire new spectrum and deploy it, saying build more capacity is not something you can easily do if you have enough $$

          What this network management thing is doing is trying to treat customer’s fairly.
          Their may be one unlimited user who users 75 – 80 GB a month constantly tying up his local tower, and the tower is getting congested.
          Now user two uses maybe 8 gb a month and is trying to use his phone on the same tower.

          I think it’s very fair to allow the user who only uses 8 gb a month to go first, they use the network less and they have the right to not be dragged down by all the very heavy data users. Or at least to have speedy access to the limited data they use in a month

          User one has to wait, they’ve been using the tower constantly anyway, give another person a shot. If they are using 75 – 80 gb a month they are getting their money’s worth.
          Note, there data is still unlimited, their are no overages for using 80gb of month and unless they are connected to a congested tower their speeds are left alone.

          It’s a shared medium, shared by thousands at a time, no carrier whether they are as big as Verizon and don’t offer unlimited data or if they are T-mobile and offer unlimited data can guarantee speeds to their users, due to spiking congestion on certain towers and the time it takes to purchase and deploy new spectrum.
          As a shared medium, realistic compromises must be made to keep data flowing to all users in a manner that treats all users fairly.

          You just want to ignore user 2’s needs
          It may seem simplistic, but it’s really that sharing principle people are supposed to learn in kindergarden

        • Isaiah Davenport

          Let me put this into perceptive the word unlimited data in their advertising is dishonest. It is limited data. The data is limited to the primary device. Secondary Devices are limited to 7GB of high speed than throttled up to 128kbps. Their is a soft cap in place for 21GB. Once you reach the soft cap you have no priority on the t mobile tower. So the term unlimited data is dishonest their is no such thing. If that is how they want to run their network that is fine but their advertising is deceptive. It would be more honest to advertise limited data.

        • John Wentworth

          The description on the plan in bold letters
          Unlimited 4G LTE data on your smartphone (includes up to 7GB Smartphone Mobile HotSpot data)
          Nothing unclear about that.

          It’s also not a soft cap, it’s network management and only applies when your connected to a congested tower.
          A soft cap would apply all the time.

          If you;d rather have a certain amount of data and pay overages after that point, Go to Verizon or AT&T

        • Isaiah Davenport

          The word unlimited data is deceptive. Verizon and At&t are not even advertising their data is unlimited. Sprint is ending their unlimited data plans at the end of the year. So the word unlimited data is deceptive. Lets put tethering to the side. Your smartphone data will no longer have any priority once you pass the 21GB soft cap. So it is not unlimited and the 21GB soft cap is not proper network management. Most Cell carriers will lower the speed the user’s are getting on the tower to accommodate all the devices on the tower, not pick and choose like who will be slowed like T Mobile.

        • John Wentworth

          I give up, any companies advertising can be considering deceiving if you only read one word of it.
          Apparently reading a whole sentence is too much for you.

          And the network management is appropriate for a carrier offering unlimited data, Verizon and AT&T did the same thing when they were offering unlimited data. They just didn’t publish the actual GB point that triggered it, instead saying top 3% or 5% of data users.

        • Isaiah Davenport

          Instead of name calling tell me how can someone can call data with soft caps and other limitation’s unlimited and for that not to be considered deceptive advertising instead of personal attacks.

        • randypower

          You still get data even if you’re on a congested tower and over the 21GB threshold. Since there is still data going through the pipe, it has not stopped. Therefore, unlimited data still applies.

        • Isaiah Davenport

          You can still use data at a hard cap at 128kbps. You can still use data with a soft cap when you are deprioritized. But those are limits meaning not unlimited. So the term unlimited data is dishonest. That is why Verizon and At&t are no longer offering or advertising unlimited data. Sprint is planning to stop offering unlimited data at the end of this year. The term unlimited data is dishonest since it does not exist due to limitation with backhaul and spectrum.

        • Mike

          I wish you would shut up. I have a 100 mbps cable internet connection and sometimes my speeds are slower when there is congestion. T-Mobile would only throttle you if the network becomes to congested maybe in downtown NY or LA it could happen or at a huge concert/sport event as well I’ve used 20gb-50gb monthly and I never been dropped to 128kbps. If you somehow get caught in a congested network and you’re throttled then as soon as the network is un congested or you get into another area T-Mobile will take you off throttle and you’ll be back at full speed.

      • Isaiah Davenport

        disregard replied to wrong person.

    • one of the nice things about t-mobile is that there’s no contract and you’re free to go to another carrier at anytime if you’re unhappy. so if you’re this happy about t-mobile’s advertising, then leave.

  • Philip

    I love T-mobile and I do admit that Verizon have the best coverage in remote places. Thats the only good thing. Its also too bad they are only CDMA.

  • taxandspend

    Looks like they designed that one with a typewriter. It’s terrible. Unanimous thumbs up from the executive team? I doubt it.

  • Jaret Protagonist

    wow and to think they actually paid a bunch of marketing experts to come up with that crap……well after screwing so many customers they got plenty of cash on hand to waste on stuff like that.

  • Hahaha too FUNNY

  • Spanky

    Mentions nothing about coverage, though. Legere is such a media hound.

    • Chris

      Do you seriously need coverage of the whole country?

      Let’s be real. Most people don’t travel and the only travel they do is Work – Home.

      I have T-mobile and I consider myself to have a good balance of work and travel.

      Yet, I had no issues with coverage on places I went this year – Virginia, DC, Vegas, Northern California.

      And I don’t need to mention having fun posting pics on social media + unlimited texts back home when I went on a trip internationally last year and the year before.

      The points he mentioned are some of the stuff people care about.

      If you live in an area where T-mo has weak coverage, then get something else.

      • Spanky

        The most important thing about a carrier is the quality of their coverage. As stated in another comment, Legere resorts to sophomoric tactics to divert attention from the inferiority of his company’s network.
        With regards to needing coverage in the whole country, I need coverage wherever I happen to be at any given moment. I live in NYC and T-Mobile’s data speeds in my area are abysmal (at least they have signal, though, unlike Sprint). A couple of weeks ago, I was at a well-attended event about 40 miles outside of NYC. One of my friends who has T-Mobile had no service, while my phone (I’m not on T-Mobile, needless to say) had 3 bars of LTE.
        I am not posting this to troll. I’m merely restating what a few others have already mentioned. Instead of worrying about other carriers, Legere should worry about his own.

        • actually, that is the second most important thing when it comes to carriers.

          Variety is the most important thing, and there is little to no variety when it comes to the availability of smartphones in any of the five major carriers.

          Sprint, AT&T and Verizon have the largest 3G, 4G and LTE footprint in the nation, but just like T-Mobile and US Cellular, they have little to no variety in their stores when it comes to smartphone availability and especially in mobile OS availability.

          Coverage doesn’t mean jack when the smartphone line is pale, stale and lacking in freedom of choice.

        • A Nobody

          Well then leave. Bye

        • Incredibly dumb comment. You want an uncompetitive OS duopoly, obviously. You must like the stale nature of the US smartphone industry.

          Me, on the other hand, want vast improvements in the industry. I want five mobile OSes at minimum (Android, Blackberry, Cyanogen, IOS and Windows) in healthy competition in our smartphone industry, the most advanced industry in the world today!

        • Prode

          I am not sure you know this or not but Cyanogen is a modded version of Android. This makes your list 4. Unless something has changed since the last time I used CM on a android phone?

        • Spanky

          Can’t say I disagree. I try to avoid buying carrier variants of phones whenever possible.

        • zeiferx

          I have to agree with you on this. I will say i just left Tmobile and im currently on verizon plus i have att for work but i love tmobile, a lot of the changes that we see now on other carriers is thanks to tactics like this. the reason i left was personal and due to the level of disrespect i was given everywhere (phone and stores) and yet i still tried to comeback but their customer service cant get their info right it just a matter of who you talk to. but that for another time.
          Im a cyclist on any given weekend i do well over 80 miles, i live in northern Jersey and most of my routes are either in my area or NY plus i drive for living. I have to say that the places where i had found myself with barely to no coverage have been shocking due to the areas ive been. i actually switch to my work phone whenever i ride because i couldn’t afford not get in touch with others while i was riding.
          so no it tmobile problems on coverage is not only nationwide its only almost everywhere outside of big metro areas. which needs to be work on at a faster rate.
          some other examples of this are:
          – i switch all of the member of my fam to tmo and last year we were pumpkin picking (remember where im in Jersey Not North Dakota) we check coverage and we were at least to have 2g we get there and no one has service for at least the last 20 minutes of the ride. when we get there still the same issue. i go on my att phone check coverage again and its 2g but no service. call tmobile they said its all ok and i tell them that the only reason we can reach each other is cuz im using my att hotspot (LTE) and we have wifi calling. he tries to brag abt that and i quickly shut him down.
          -i drove down to florida and god my service after DC was awful. once again ATT hotspot.
          -at Yankee stadium i have a very poor experience with Tmo but now on Verizon i don’t even notice. my brother seating next to me its struggling to reload a site or upload a pic.
          -i go into PA ofthen and there are areas on interstate 80 where edge is the best you get.

          So lets not lie to each other, im a big a fan of tmo like all of you and i want Legere to keep the pressure on but if you wanna play ball and say all this things, coverage has to be #1 – no more uncarrier events where the hype is better than the announcement. i will give them credit on the part where i’ve seen small towns coverage upgrade from 2g to lte but that’s only around the towns but on the way there don’t try streaming anything.
          say what you want about being a hater or verizon’s fan boy cuz i really do not care. I want tmobile to do great and even after all i went thru im still considering switching back. But to read what some say that most people dont care or feel their spotty network is BS, the thing is most users dont come her to post.

  • Paul Garrison

    Good grief! I’m glad he is on our side.

  • Mike Palomba

    That’s an ugly logo

  • T-mobile keeps all unused prepaid data too. The magenta kettle calling the teapot red?

    • Paul

      No, they don’t throttle you if you go over so there’s no need to worry about unused data. Verizon does penalize you when you go over so unused data would be a commodity.

    • Stefan Naumowicz

      Check again. Prepaid simple choice plans have data stash

      • At least until 12/31/2016.

        • Drewski

          Lies dude. You will still keep your data stash for good.

        • Read the fine print again, dude. Data Stash must be used before this year ends. After that, the stash is good until the end of next year.

        • Drewski

          Attitude and mean. Not necessarily. They must have been talking to those that signed up for data stash way before the deadline date Bro. It seems though you dislike T-Mobile so so much, but is a lover for Verizon Wireless?

        • Well, you’re wrong. I am starting to dislike all of the carriers here because of their treatment of OSes not named IOS or Android.

        • As a Windows Phone user, I have to agree with the last part of your statement.

        • eanfoso

          So true, anytime something Samsung is said people get an erection it’s annoying, what OS do you use?

        • Stefan Naumowicz

          Tmobile data stash is good for 12 months. When they first started data stash customers were given a free 10gb. Only that 10gb expires, all saved data will remain in their stash for 12 months from when it was added.

        • Thank you! It’s obvious you read it. The 10gb of free stash must be used by 11:59pm EST on December 31 (yes, I posted EST here because it will be standard time by the time this deadline comes). Which means, if you use it on December 31, the saved data is good for another 8,766 hours, or until December 31, 2016.

      • No, not all leves of service. Data Stash is only available in Simple Choice, pre or postpaid plans, with 3GB or more of data, but in not any Simply Prepaid or Basic Prepaid plans.

        • Stefan Naumowicz

          While that’s correct, your original statement that “t mobile keeps all unused prepaid data” is not. It does not keep data from prepaid simple choice customers with 3gb and larger plans.

        • Fine, I’ll remove “all”. Hopefully, John will correct his jibe at VZW or extend Data Stash to all plans.

    • Tinformer

      Stop being cheap and go postpaid

  • Juan Pablo Darquea

    I don’t know why people get mad when T-Mobile throttled after 21gb some of my friends they have business and use T-Mobile data a lot and don’t go over 21gb if some one wanted to download a movie use your home internet I believe if someone goes over 21gb is downloading something big or torrent file that’s why T-Mobile throttled people, lets be honest they are giving us good!service then before and more speed and more coverage. I am a T-Mobile customer since 2001 and I seen the improvements in service .

    • Chris

      I don’t torrent and I don’t download movies on my phone. Yet I go over 21 GB and never got throttle.

      • Drewski

        Agreed. These people are such cry babies.

  • YABD

    The worst and ugliest logo in America.

    • Ordeith

      The new Google logo?

      • Cj

        The new goggle logo looks like it was made by kids

  • Paul

    I’m a graphic designer…this is a terrible logo.

    • DStudio

      I’m sure they paid good money for that logo.

      Their website also continues to have numerous glitches ever since their new “simple plan,” including price inaccuracies on the first day. Their business website continues to be a mess as we speak.

      Not a smooth start – but when is backpedaling ever smooth?


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    • 1ceTr0n

      Verizon doens’t care what you think

      • Paul

        Much like everyone’s opinion of your comment.

        • 1ceTr0n

          Ssshhh……… nobody cares…..

        • Paul

          You’re right, nobody cares about your posts.

        • 1ceTr0n

          Oh little Paul, you know so little

  • Ordeith

    Verizon √
    Has a robust ISP grade network √
    Has coverage T-Mobile could only dream about √
    Is future thinking enough to have a network, today, that can handle having entire businesses “tether” on a single cellular connection when T-Mobile can’t even reliably let that happen to a customers data allotment on a single handset. √

    Let’s call it like it is.

    • Spanky

      Agreed on all counts.

      • Drewski

        Bye leave. Be Happy for once.

        • Spanky

          I already did and I’m very happy. Stop it with the fanboyism.

    • Drewski

      Well then leave. Bye. Go Back to Verizon please.

      • CWash

        Why are you mad? I’m just as big of a TMobile fan as anyone, but I’m not delusional. Everything he said was true.

    • John

      And VZ has such bad congestion in downtown areas they can’t move date. I’ll take my reliable TMO metro data over VZ
      reliable boondocks data any day.

    • Prode

      I agree to a point with this. T-Mobile with the new band 12 has service in a lot of new areas they didn’t before. I am not saying that T-Mo has the same service as VZ but T-Mo has a lot better service than they did before.

      • eanfoso

        Band 12 sucks in speed, it’s really what you pay for

        • All bands under 1,000 MHz in general sucks in speed because the spectrum is built for building penetration. At least, that’s what I know.

        • 500kv

          When Verizon first launch its 10×10 LTE network speeds hovered around 50 to 75Mbps. You can cover more ground with lower band cell sites, more users per site resulting in slower speeds.

        • Prode

          I get 15 mbps with band 12 where I live which is fast enough for pretty much anything you need on a phone.

        • eanfoso

          Then that’s not band 12

        • Prode

          I know it is Band 12 because my S6 says it is. 5×5 LTE is 15 mbps max. 10×10 LTE is 30 mbps max, 15×15 LTE is I think 90 mbps or 100 mbps max. Band 12 in most areas is 5×5. I think there is only a few areas that are over 5×5.

        • eanfoso

          Just wondering, but does android let you use specific bands? My phone does that’s why I was wondering.

        • Prode

          If you can gain access to that part of the phone yes you can turn the bands on and off. I know Samsung phones do but I am not sure if you have to be rooted to do it or not. My Samsung S6 is.

        • eanfoso

          Wow that’s crazy! Didn’t think you had to jump hurdles for a “maybe” on selecting your bands of use on android, oh well I’ll stick to my guy lol

        • Tom@L

          yeah but only few mobile sets support band 12 yet. Imagine in next 1 year when every new device will be band 12 compatible, esp the upcoming iPhone 6S. You cant expect to see 15mbps when other people will jump into band 12 network.

        • Prode

          I get that but I am sure tmo will do something. I only really use tmo for data when out in the car other wise it is always wifi.

    • matt

      pays 19 other companies for roaming rights instead of building their network out√
      delays innovation by telling samsung ‘ oh hold on ‘ when samsung wants to roll out samsung pay√
      automatically takes away half your allowable data so you can “share that half”√

      thats one of the biggest things i hated about verizon between 2012 and 2014
      the “free tethering’ that you get with “share everything” was half of what an individual plan gets with no tethering. for the exact same price

    • matt

      i hate how people sit and brag about verizons network but have no idea what the heck they are talking about. their network is only great because they pay other people for roaming

      back in the day cell phone companies like AT&T and t-mobile let you roam freely on each others network, but you had to pay for it. instead of it costing you 1 minute it costed you 2. AT&T and t-moble have been roaming buddies since the late 90s. and because of the attempted take over, t-mobile got an extension on that contract for another 7 years.

      but now charging you extra for roaming in the united states is illegal. so that is why AT&T and t-mobile have coverage holes. when you are in a weak t-mobile area with no signal. its not really t-mobiles fault , its at&t’s fault for not allowing you on their network. and visa versa AT&T is partially at faulty for t-mobile’s holes , and t-mobile is at fault for att’s holes.

      and to finally put this verizon network to bed, when CDMA was being rolled out, version and sprint were allowing each others customers on their network. and guess what. if you are on in a weak area with limited verizon coverage, then sprint is supposed to allow you to use theirs.

      you could be using a sprint tower as we speak but have no idea.

      the only reason why AT&T , t-moble and sprint does not have a big enough 4g/lte network as verizon’s is simply because verizon is paying other people to carry their signal that is why verizon costs so much. fi they wanted to sever their roaming agreements , then their network would look small like AT&T and they would have to drop their price

      • Defcon_Foxtrot

        Don’t take this wrong but what are you basing this information off of? It’s makes sense but I want to read more about it

    • KlausWillSeeYouNow

      Yes, let’s. It’s hard to cram that much bullshit in one post. Not a single statement you’ve made has any factual basis in truth.

  • Android_God

    Ok, that’s pretty damn funny!

  • Adam

    Verizon must have a new VP of marketing. I’m guessing someone was recently fired.

  • archerian

    Sour grapes

  • josephsinger

    Logos don’t mean schidt. It’s how you’re treated.

  • TJ Neyland

    The original was bad, but it wasn’t that bad. The new one is way worse. The check is a type of check used for Schools. This logo sucks!

  • Poor choice—check!!! hahahaha

  • I wold have made the V in Verizon the check mark.

    • English Police

      I would have used spell check?

      • I would have used proper punctuation at the end:

        “I would have used spell check.”


  • notyourbusiness

    I had no idea Verizon had a new logo. Well, just like Google’s new logo, it’s ugly.

    • AS118

      I agree. So many new designs lately just seem to be designed to be different, not better.

    • Jeff Martinez

      Don’t mind the Google design as much, but this Verizon logo looks down right dull and boring.

  • Joe

    Its pretty ugly

  • Lit

    And to think, there must have been some design team out there that came up with and approved of that….SMH

  • Ellay

    The old logo looked more fierce. This just looks like “welcome to verizon, can I take your phone plan order?”

  • 21stNow

    Verizon is correct that the category (cell carriers) is “rife with confusion, disclaimers and frustration”, but Verizon is right there with all of the other carriers. Until all of these changes settle down and carriers get all customers on the same page (which is not customer friendly to take away grandfathered status), there will be plenty of confusion and frustration to go around.

  • Bill Berry

    Reminds me of the “msnbc” logo.