Nexus 4, 5, 6, 7 (2013), and 9 all getting updates today, says T-Mobile


If you’re using a Nexus device on T-Mobile, keep an eye out for an update today.

T-Mobile today updated the support pages for the Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 7 (2013), and Nexus 9, indicating that new updates will begin rolling out to these devices today, September 8. The changelogs for all the devices is small, mentioning only “Android security updates” and “minor bug fixes.”

As you might expect from the small changelogs, these updates are relatively small in size, weighing anywhere between 7MB and 28MB. Security updates and bug fixes are always nice to have, though, and so you should probably keep an eye out for these updates over the coming days. To check for ‘em manually, head into Settings > About device > Software update.

After the update is installed, the Nexus 4, 5, 7, and 9 will be on build LMY48M, while the Nexus 6 will be on LYZ28K.

Via: Droid-Life
Sources: T-Mobile (1), (2), (3), (4), (5)

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  • Mike

    My wife’s galaxy avant also took a minor update today as well.

    • Jelly Beller

      Got this update too, but some of the features are gone. Still figuring what it is.

  • wjrandon

    Update is probably to prevent people from doing unauthorized tethering.

    • williejackbrainer

      I agree with you. I think it is a patch to stop the unlimited tethering.

      • yankeesusa

        All nexus phones are getting this update patch including those that aren’t on tmobile. So no, it has nothing to do with tethering.

        • williejackbrainer

          Thanks for the update.

    • So… It’s one of these Nexuses that have been tethering two terabytes of hotspot that Mr. Legere was talking about.

      • williejackbrainer

        From what I been told no. It’s security updates that Google is going to do moving forward on Nexus devices.

    • Joe Hartley

      Or it’s part of that monthly update Google said they were going to start doing for security purposes. Also the stagefright fix didn’t fix the problem.

    • yankeesusa

      Why would google care about tethering?

      • williejackbrainer

        I thought that originally, but then remember their promise on security updates. So this could be part Stagefright and their updates for the Nexus line of phones.

  • Michael Calanan

    Our family’s Avants also got the update, AOH3, which states it fixes issues with messaging and I assumed plugged the Stagefright vulnerability. However, various Stagefright detectors show my Avant as all vulnerable.

  • Adam

    I got this update on my S3 today.

  • msohail

    Does this file the update error on HTC Nexus 9 LTE?

  • kbiel

    Interesting. I believe we already received an update to fix Stagefright. I wonder what security issues remain?

  • steveb944

    Hmm maybe I should make the switch to T-Mobile updates vs Google on my N6.

    This is possibly Stagefright 2.0 fix

  • pramarama

    I think the previous stagefright fix was incomplete. I don’t know if this update resolves the missed cases, or if it is, as guessed by others, a fix for tethering abuse.

  • Philip

    What ever happen to LP 5.1.1 for Note 4? Samsung already release it and T-mobile is the one holding it up.

    • yankeesusa

      I wouldn’t post that here. It will never get answered. Try the tmobile google plus page.

  • Scott

    Still no updates. Has anyone with a Nexus (6) gotten this???

    • williejackbrainer

      No, I haven’t received mine yet. I think it’s sent out in stages tho…

  • Bob Brown

    No update yet for my Nexus 5…

  • Scott

    Interesting though, how a security update has been available for 4 days, but no one has reported receiving it…. It’s only 28Mb, Got 5.1.1 in under a day of its release….

  • williejackbrainer

    You should receive it by 9/22. I cannot remember where I read it, but it could take up to two weeks to receive it.

  • Paul. B

    Got mine this morning…..#FINALLY

  • Scott

    Installing right now….

  • williejackbrainer

    Just got mine.