BlackBerry Venice shows off its Android-powered software in latest leak


The BlackBerry Venice is expected to launch on T-Mobile — and other US carriers — this November, but we’ve gotten a pretty good look at it ahead of time thanks to the rumor mill. Today we’re getting another peek at the device, with a focus on its software.

The latest batch of BlackBerry Venice photos show off several aspects of its Android software, which appears to be mostly vanilla but with a few BlackBerry touches like some tweaked icons and a new Recent Apps UI. BlackBerry has also added a couple of shortcuts to the gesture that lets you access Google Now by sliding your finger up from the app drawer button.


On the hardware front, the Venice shown in these photos looks largely similar to the models that we’ve seen before. It’s got a full physical keyboard that appears when its touchscreen is slid up, and that touchscreen appears to have some slight curves on its sides. Around on the back of the phone lives an 18-megapixel rear camera.

Some of the Venice’s spec details are also mentioned in today’s leak. The phone will reportedly offer a Snapdragon 808 processor and 3GB of RAM, which aren’t super high-end features for late 2015, but they are still respectable.


Source: Android Authority

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  • dtam

    wondering what the cost will be

    • eanfoso

      With t mobile definitely more expensive than others

      • dtam

        not sure why you say that. if you compare phones off contract with other carriers, they are all usually close to each other in price

  • steveb944

    I’m glad to see the 808, and not the toasting 810. Decent RAM. I’m looking forward to it for replacing an OG Moto G.

    • mikejones1876

      If u put 4gb of ram wit the 810 it would be fine

      • steveb944

        ‘Fine’. I’ll take the 808 over the 810 as I’ve heard fewer complaints. Actually I took the Nexus 6 with the 805 over both of those for my own device.
        The 820 should bring things back to normal next year.

        • Rob

          Yeah my 805 Nexus 6 stomps the 808 in graphics which directly affects UI responsiveness. Qualcomm really messed up with the 810.

  • Sushimane

    Take my money I always love a smartphone with a keyboard. Lol

  • David

    How big is this screen? I have seen so many leaks but no sizes for it.

    • nearvanaman

      5.4″ is the common report out there, but that might come from a single source.

  • tmobile

    what about security?

  • Sushimane

    The more I look at this doesnt it look like a Dell venue 8?

    • nearvanaman

      Agree! That was a nice phone.

      • Sushimane

        Yeah it looked nice but it never came into play. In the states anyway I think

        • gmo8492

          It was sold by both At&t and T-Mobile and it was part of the first generation devices that ran windows phone 7 with live tiles. Never got updated due to hardware requirements.

        • Sushimane

          I never saw it at the tmobile store or online.

        • nearvanaman

          I think I bought it from Dell’s site. It got updated to 7.5 as far as I remember. The irony was the WM virtual keyboard was great and the curved glass actually was pretty sweet.

  • Mike Palomba

    Wow it looks nice, if I wasn’t so absorbed in the apple eco system I would definitely check this one out

  • Jose

    I’m waiting for a Passport with android or even a classic with a larger display

    • KeKyKo

      So glad I read your post. I have also posted on other sites mentioning the Venice. I LOVE the feel, shape pretty much everything about my Passport, I even love the OS I just really want full Google Services compatibility.

      • kxzhca

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  • charlieboy808

    *insert comment from last BB article.*

  • Sev K

    this thing better have Band 12 support. Ive been waiting patiently for it.

  • Pedrito

    So is Tmo getting this for sure? I haven’t used my upgrade since I got the Z10. Please say someone say we will. I need that in my life.