BlackBerry Classic will get Wi-Fi Calling this week


Nearly five months after T-Mobile began selling the BlackBerry Classic, the QWERTY-clad smartphone will gain a major new feature.

T-Mobile COO Mike Sievert says that the BlackBerry Classic will gain Wi-Fi Calling functionality this week. Unfortunately, that’s the only detail that’s been given so far.

BlackBerry fans on T-Mobile haven’t had much to get exciting about in recent months, but it looks like that’s changing as we reach the end of 2015. Not only will anyone toting the Classic soon get Wi-Fi Calling, but it’s rumored that T-Mobile will offer the Android-powered BlackBerry Priv later this year. That’s a welcome change from last year when BlackBerry and T-Mo were seemingly at odds and briefly put an end to their partnership.

Stay tuned, BlackBerry Classic owners, and I’ll give you a heads-up when that Wi-Fi Calling goodness becomes available to you.

Via: BlackBerryOS
Source: @sievertmike

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  • eanfoso

    I got a passport from blackberry, do we get some love?

    • Alex L.

      tmo never carried the passport, so they wont put wifi calling on it.

      • Audirocs

        so then why promote this…..

        Makes no sense?

      • Honesttea

        Can’t you just sideload the app on there. I’m sure crackberry will have some information

        • Alex L.

          the only way this would work is if you brought a phone to tmo that they supported and loaded the os that allowed wifi calling to work. for instance, i have a z10 that i bought from tmo on lauch day, but i loaded a leaked version of 10.3.1 on it. since tmo only supports 10.2.1 i lost the wifi calling functionality. simply sideloading the wifi calling app will not work.

        • Dale Cosby

          But people are reporting wifi calling is working on the Passport. What you say is generally true, but it is more of a policy that a real limitation.

        • Alex L.

          yes…and with using one of the autoloaders on my phone, a z10, it is now working on my phone as well. normally, this wouldnt happen. tmo most likely white listed any phone with this OS version to all anyone to use wifi calling on the tmo network as they made wifi calling one of their uncarrier moves.

  • Alex L.

    how about they show the same respect to the z10 and q10….

  • Fabian Cortez

    About time.

    I’m sure many remember when Blackberries had UMA [hardware].

  • audirocs

    Same here. I have an unlocked Passport. What gives????

  • onstrike112

    Because they’re a GSM carrier and BlackBerry phones are GSM phones. T-Mobile doesn’t want BlackBerry users to go to AT&T. I use a Passport Silver Edition (unlocked of course) on T-Mobile and liking it quite a bit.

  • onstrike112

    I wish T-Mobile would sell the Passport, but the Classic isn’t a bad device either. Glad there’s something happening with T-Mobile and BlackBerry again. I didn’t like how they seemed at odds with each other, because T-Mobile is the only other GSM carrier if you don’t want to use monopolistic AT&T.

  • coolhorn

    I have an unlocked Z30 on T-Mobile USA, I hope they can somehow push an update to enable wi-fi calling for me as well! I remember when BB10 first came out, neither the Z10 or Q10 came with wi-fi calling pre-installed. It came in a OTA update pushed later…

  • gmo8492

    BYOD devices are not guaranteed to support all T-Mobile services. It’s somewhere in the terms and conditions.

  • Alex L.

    as previously stated, for a phone to get wifi calling on tmo, tmo has to be currently selling or supporting the phone in question. so if you bring a phone to tmo that they never sold then they will not push an update to include wifi calling