More Band 12 LTE sightings in Michigan, Florida, and New York


Time for some more band 12 LTE sightings! There have been some additional sightings of band 12 connectivity recently, and here’s where the band 12 goodness has been spotted:

Port Huron, Mich.


Stuart, Fla.


Rochester, N.Y.


Additionally, a Reddit user has posted some up-to-date info on the progress of T-Mobile’s band 12 rollout in New York City. milan03 says that T-Mo has 320 sites upgraded with 700MHz equipment and 120 sites that are on and commercially live. The band 12 upgrades are happening at a pace of around 35 sites per week, and at that rate, T-Mo should reach 875 sites by the end of 2015 and ought to be pretty much done with the rollout by the end or Q1 2016.

Thanks Zachary and Mike!

Sources: Reddit (1), (2)

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  • Marcos

    So what does this mean?

  • Fabian Cortez

    Alex Wagner, apps like LTE Discovery display false positives for Band 12 on T-Mobile.

    So unless they provide you with engineering screens, I wouldn’t rely on them at all.

    Milan and atomic will back this up.

    • So how do we tell?

      • Fabian Cortez

        Include engineering screens.

        CellMapper, LTE Discovery, and Signal Check [Pro] provide many false positives.

        My previous exclusion zone showed Band 12 activity when it’s clearly a violation.

        • Hector Arteaga

          I saw band 12 last year here in Memphis using LTE discovery. Well, tmo doesn’t own any here.

        • Fabian Cortez

          Exactly, false positives.

        • Matt

          Not necessarily …. Sometimes atmospheric conditions can be just right for the LTE signal to travel a much farther distance. So it really isn’t a false positive. Sometimes ahead of a storm front, radio signals travel farther. As a ham radio operator, I’ve had conversations with people in Germany when a storm front approaches.

        • kgraham182

          You must be a Patriots fan, “ATMOSPHERIC CONDITIONS can be just right for the LTE signal to travel a much farther distance.” Not saying you wrong, just jonesing for football to start.

        • Fabian Cortez
    • Matt

      No, not really. Your phone may pickup band 12 in areas where it isn’t necessarily “available” due to atmospheric propagation. The atmospheric conditions make it possible for the LTE Band 12 signal to travel farther. I live in Exton and occasionally I get a Band 12 signal from Limerick if the conditions are favorable for signal propagation.

  • SirStephenH

    Surprise, surprise. The third band 12 update from TmoNews since the B12 rollout began in Washington state and STILL no mention of it.

  • Luis Espinal

    Anyway see band 12 in park slope Brooklyn??? Methodist hospital area precisely?? I hope soon!

  • Cam Fas

    Wish band 12 was for sale at a reasonable price in Las Vegas. We have good speeds here with 15+15 lte but 5+5 would be nice here too just as long as they aggragate 15+15 and 5+5 together I don’t wanna be stuck on just 5+5 700mhz band 12 if it can’t be bonded I want those increased speeds and reliability all in one

    • Jaden Keuten

      5×5 Band 12 wouldn’t be bad as there aren’t many people using it. Just imagine… T-Mobile’s main layer where I live (Duluth, MN) is 5×5!

      • Cam Fas

        For a few weeks once the next iPhone goes on sale band 12 will fill like nobody’s business

        • Band 12 is already filling up like its no one’s business, thanks to the Lumia 640 and 640 XL.

        • John Wentworth

          Slow data is much better than no data at all :)
          Verizon and AT&T only have 10 x 10 for their low spectrum LTE network.
          Considering how many more customers AT&T and Verizon has to support on 10 Mhz in those locations that need 700Mhz

          I suspect T-mobile will be able to provide usable data speeds on 5 X 5. It won’t be wideband LTE speeds, but even 2 – 3 Mbps is sufficient for most things.

    • ⓜ@®!ⓞ G@®CI@ ™

      All cell sites in Las Vegas are broadcasting 20×20 already.

      • Cam Fas

        My mistake I did see a huge speed boost

      • Cam Fas

        When did they go 20 20? I know they started out with 15 15

  • Onemangang

    Some Band 12 spotted in around Dayton, Ohio.

  • Raycom and T-Mobile need to strike a NYC style deal with WFXG.

    Wish we have a map of all Band 2 LTE sites, so we can see which areas are the next to be refarmed.

  • Mike Palomba

    Has anyone experienced band 12 LTE in Staten Island? I don’t have a compatible phone jet but I’m curious to know if the coverage is a lot better

  • Jose

    How is the 2G to LTE convention going anyone seen a difference, improvements? I know this is no band 12, but just curious

    • Trevnerdio

      I’m starting to get LTE in areas where there are just trees (imagine that!) and it’s wonderful.

      • Jose

        Wish they would hurry and now upgrade all rural areas that’s where they are lacking. I haven’t noticed any 2g to LTE in Idaho at least close to where I am only big cities.

    • amr gharib

      Pretty slow… T-Mobile did not keep their promise to convert all by mid 2015.. I have a tower was built by a 3rd party for T-Mobile.. Workers told me months ago it’s ready for T-Mobile engineers to Fire it up..but it seems they are busy with upgrading LTE to band 12…

      • Jose

        I live in eastern Idaho and haven’t notice any 2G to LTE convention. I’m in a rural area

        • amr gharib

          I’m western Wyoming … They have LTE in Rexburg, Idaho falls and Pocatello as far I know when I drive through them..

        • Jose

          We need some in the Teton Valley, ID and Jackson, Wyoming area

        • amr gharib

          The city of Jackson hole approved for T-Mobile to use an existing radio tower in Jackson for LTE Jun 2015 also new tower in melody ranch September 15.. But 3rd party contractors took their sweet time to get them done and T-Mobile still abandoning them even they are ready to go till this moment.

        • Jose

          I haven’t noticed LTE there tho

      • J.J.

        they never said all by mid 2015, “they said substantially complete” i believe all the way complete at the end of 2015 so they have a solid 4 months to go ,im not being defensive because i do recognize they do have a long way to go.

    • Matt

      I think T-Mobile ran into some resistance from its business customers that use 2G for machine to machine communication.

      • yvonnelmcmurray

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      • Stefan Naumowicz

        They were not planning on shutting down 2g in these areas, just adding LTE service to 2g only areas

    • J.J.

      Personally a trip from north east Indiana to northern Ohio I had 4g or lte about 95% of the time. The last time I drove it I had plenty of edge. So much better in that small section

  • Tom@L

    so what is the capacity of these band 12 towers? I am wondering what will happen when iPhone 6s will launch with band 12 support.

    • mingkee

      It’s only 5MHz.

      • Matt

        5Mhz isn’t much but I would be curious to see how that translates into the number of towers that can be put up.

        • mingkee

          Actually, if your device supported carrier aggregation, B2, B4, and B12 are connected together and the former two are on top of B12 to save the bandwidth.

    • Cam Fas

      Almost as soon as the new iPhones come with band 12 the capacity will come to a hault on those tiny 5mhz bands

      • That depends on how T-Mobile prioritizes it. More likely, in the presence of a strong B4 signal B12 wing be used. Conversely, where the B4 signal is weak, right now it means barely any data, but, with B12, even with just 5 MHz, it should be enough to experience HSPA performance.

        • Cam Fas

          Hopefully they aggragate the bands together.

        • John Wentworth

          Correct that’s how it works, you’ll only see band 12 when it can’t connect to the beefier band 4 or 2 networks.

      • Exactly, because almost everyone will buy an AT&T IPhone, and AT&T will have Band 12 on their devices starting with the new IPhones in the coming weeks as part of an agreement with the Federal Communications Commission 23 months ago. I just don’t see very many people buying a T-Mobile IPhone.

  • shamatuu

    so why is it taking forever to get to Milpitas. Pissing me off waiting game has its limits Tmobile!.

    • Jose

      What do you currently have? 2G 4G?

      • shamatuu

        mix sometimes 3 and 4 G

  • dave c

    I have a Lumia 640 is there a way I can view if I am using band 12?

    • Yes. Dial ##3282#. Accept the field test. Go to settings. Go to network type. Select 4G only. Disable all bands except 12.

      • David C

        Thanks, disabled everything but band 12, and looks like midtown atlanta has band 12 becuase I have LTE w full signal strength! wohoo!

        • David C

          too bad there isnt a way to view what band is currently used…

  • Jay J. Blanco

    I’ve noticed tmobile hspa network has expanded in Texas

    • Matt

      I didn’t think T-Mobile was expanding their HSPA network. In fact, I heard they were moving to refarm HSPA spectrum to LTE.

      • Jay J. Blanco

        Correction they are moving AWS HSPA to PCS and using AWS for LTE

  • YABD

    Is this band 12 located in metro or rural areas? If it’s located in metro, then is useless because we have excellent coverage in metro.

    • Unless of course you venture inside buildings. So B12 is actually beneficial for both.

    • Stefan Naumowicz

      Both. And due to the better building penetration of band 12 there is indeed a huge benefit of having it rolled out in metro areas.

      • John Wentworth

        It’s definitely beneficial for Metro, in building coverage is what it’s about.
        And that’s were t-mobile lacks, pretty uniformly.

  • Matt

    I wish T-Mobile would share with us more details of the rollout plan. Instead, they’re holding it fairly close to their vest.

    • John Wentworth

      I think that’s probably because hardware delays, work schedules and issues that come up during a deployment all can affect the deployment date. While they do seem to legitimately rolling it out pretty fast. I’m sure any hardware deployment schedule is always in flux quite a bit.

      While I agree I’ve love to know when I’d get band 12 for sure, I suspect that releasing the constantly changing schedule would piss off more people than it would make happy.

  • vinnyjr

    T-Mobile is expanding their band 12 roll out faster than anyone expected. T-Mobile is upgrading their Network faster than any other Network has ever done. On that note people are still bitching. Snap out of it, No other Carrier has ever expanded their Network as fast as T-Mobile has done. We’re not talking 2×2 MIMO, T-Mobile is updating to 4×2 Multiple input – Multiple output. This is tomorrow’s network today. No other Carriers are pulling this off as fast as T-Mobile. T-Mobile has now a bad ass Data strong network and is only getting stronger, faster and always expanding. Thank You T-Mobile, Thank You John Legere. T-Mobile is investing big dollars into their Network, not like Mutt and Jeff, just filling their pockets.

  • Adam

    Does T-Mobile have the band 12 license in Hawaii? I just got back from vacation and the only good reception was by the hotels. I have heard that most people on vacation do not venture farther than the beach directly in front of their hotel. I now realize the reason is cell reception.

  • What type of speeds are people seeing with this upgrade? Anyone know? I get nearly 100mb down without it in some places where I live, and regularly around 30 to 50mb

    • Jason

      700 isn’t for speed, it’s for coverage expansion. Its only 5 mhz so it’s not intended to replace AWS as the primary band, which we have tons of. This is for range, reaching places like exurbs and up in buildings that had coverage gaps before.

      • In fact, 700 isn’t intended to replace PCS as a primary band, either.

      • It plays some part, even if it’s not for high speeds. They are replacing and upgrading correct?

        • Stefan Naumowicz

          Since carrier aggregation does not yet exist for tmobile, the addition of B12 to an area will not have an impact on the performance of B4 (the band that your currently experiencing upwards of 100mbps downlink on). Where it does exist it is only a 5mhz block, and users can expect average speeds to be between 5-10mbps when connected to it. Think of B12 as a lower performing but more reliable fallback for users when the better performing but less reliable B4 signal isn’t accessible, not as an overall performance upgrade to the network

        • John Wentworth

          No the primary LTE band is still 4, even their deployments on band 2 often have more spectrum.

          Band 12 is mostly about expanding indoor and rural coverage.
          they only have a 5 x 5 block of it, so it’s not very fast on it’s own.
          Because it’s a limited resource most t-mobile phones are programed to only connect to it if their is no usable band 4 or 2 service .

  • J-Hop2o6

    There’s more sightings in Seattle, WA also…

  • Clippers FANactic

    Band 12 confirmed in Lancaster Ca. 93534 Speed tested while on it and was only approx 4 mbs down and 1 mbs up. Still works much better than 2G only inside the store. Thanks T-Mobile!

    • Gavriel Ostrow

      band 12 confirmed in lakewood NJ

      • pbxtech

        It’s pretty much active in south jersey for quiet some time all the way to Cape May.

  • Since B12 requires a phone with VOLTE, such sightings don’t excited me anymore. VOLTE is not a common feature, even in new phones sporting B12. Sure, T-Mobile sells phones supporting both VOLTE and B12, but they’re either of the el cheapo or the high end types. I’m afraid that it will matter to me only in a couple of years, when perhaps both are common features.

    • US and Worldwide Unlocked phones like the dual SIM Lumia 640 LTEs have Band 12, but don’t have VoLTE.

    • John Wentworth

      It’s only an issue if your buying unlocked phones.
      Most of T-mobile’s current lineup has both band 12 and VOLTE at this point
      (Not talking about the refurbs)
      So while it might not help you at this point, it’s far from not common for most T-mobile users who buy phones in the store.

  • pbxtech

    Forced my Galaxy Note 4 to band 12 as I travel to Wildwood NJ for a weekend vaca. Noticed band 12 right around Degraw Ave., coming from Teaneck Rd. and on the Turnpike and pass EWR airport and disappears right around the refinery in Elizabeth.

    Saw some blokes working on a tower in Tenafly NJ yesterday – could be a TMO site. I’ll see if band 12 shows up in 7 days or so. Gauging on previous band 4 LTE deployment, LTE showed up a week later after them blokes disappeared. Didn’t see a crane this time just a JLG lift.

    Band 12 is definitely active in some parts of Bergen County, NJ.

    South Jersey has plenty of band 12 already.

    • pbxtech

      Band 12 detected in Hackensack, NJ. by River Side Mall, Home Depot, and POC area. Seems like the antenna panel is facing south east and installed on the Mack Cali office building, because the signal drops to 1 bar as you reach Grand ave and Hackensack Ave intersection.

      Looks like band 12 is used to enhance signal level at River Side mall.

      While driving back on the parkway this afternoon, noticed that a lot of the TMO tower has that triangular platform with the band 12 antenna already installed – maybe just waiting to be powered up.

      • brybry

        what about the social security building across from the Riverside Square.
        Absolutely no tmo signal inside the building. Band 12 would be great.

        • pbxtech

          That’s interesting. I know the social security office is in one of those 3 building in that office complex, I think it’s the building closest to route 4.

          Maybe their not using the office building, I just assumed that. It wouldn’t make sense to put any where else because it’s the tallest structure in the area. The building across the river, on Teaneck side is smaller – the FDU campus.

          Since you don’t get any B12 signal inside in that office complex, maybe the panels are facing in some other direction or operating a different power level.

          Heading to Paramus Park Mall to shop right now, I’ll pass by that direction to check once more.

          Forcing the phone to B12 for testing again.

        • brybry

          Oh I meant would band 12 penetrate the SS building, since I dont get the standard signal there. I get it as soon as I come out but once I go in it’s wifi or nothing.

        • pbxtech

          I would think so but then again there are many factors at play.

          Seems like the b12 signal is coming from a tower located further than I thought. I did get 1 bar when driving towards NM/Bergenfield direction, at the main st/new bridge rd intersection. On my test this evening, driving towards Hackensack at the same intersection, I pulled around 2/3 bars. So, I’m incline that this B12 tower is further than I thought, it might be that weird looking tower on Route 4 adorned like a tree, at the CSX freight railway junction, in Teaneck.

          It’s possible that the office complex where the SS building is located could be a TMO site as well because I can see some cell panels on top. I could be wrong.

  • Jason Caprio

    Band 12 confirmed with carrier aggregation around Langhorne, PA!

  • Charmed79

    I’m not sure why everyone is excited about band 12?? My sister inlaw is on band 12 with her Avant, her signal sucks, 1 bar that never holds on to it, always going to 4G, and we are in a good coverage area, I’m on band 4 and usually I have 2 bars more than she does.I’m glad I don’t have a band 12 phone!

    • Cam Fas

      People just want the latest and the greatest 700mhz does help coverage wise but not speed wise so unless they aggragate the bands it won’t be all that great

    • John Wentworth

      Maybe the phone just sucks, or doesn’t work correctly. a phone on T-mobile should only connect to band 12 when it can’t connect to to band 4 or 2. Band 12 is just an additional band for better indoor and rural coverage. A band 12 phone shouldn’t be connected to band 12 all of the time.

      • Charmed79

        Yeah hers is almost always on band 12,but the signal socks with it. I’m not going to replace our note 3s if the signal will be just as bad lol

        • John Wentworth

          My point was that you may not want to base your opinion of band 12 coverage and a device that doesn’t seem to be working properly in general.
          Band 12 should never make your signal worse, it’s the el cheapo phone in this case.

  • Botiemaster

    Must be nice for everyone getting this. My area recently got upgraded from 2G to band 2 LTE. Shockingly(not really), I have 4G LTE all around me right now, except for a radius around my house that I have yet to figure out….so I get to live with 2G EDGE, with a pretty bad signal that goes in and out constantly and is entirely not stable with 1-3 bars with poor call performance and I’m left to wonder why a 2G signal reaches me but not 4G LTE. I’ve held out for a year and half in good faith. I’ve given a considerable chunk of cash to Tmo during that time for not so great service on the 2G network. And I’m left out in the cold after I was promised twice that my area wouldn’t be forgotten. I feel like they are already done in my area and aren’t coming back. If you’re out of range, regardless of getting a 2G signal, you’re SoL.

    I’m not really bitching here, kinda like, warning people to prepare themselves and that perhaps waiting it out is not such a great idea. I want to support tmobile like the next person, but at the end of the day I am paying alot of money for sub standard service. I don’t know if I can keep doing that just to stick it to the other guys. I just want fricking wireless internet signal at my home for when my shitty ass windstream DSL goes down. Not to mention it’s shitty as living fuck for wifi calls, so I badly need my cell service for calls.

    I’m sorry tmo, but I’m THAT close to just switching and being done with it. The only thing now that stops me is I just upgraded to a new phone and I’m not sure what to do, but even having to pay that 630 dollars for it and the 400ish I owe on family member phones to settle my agreement might be worth it just to be able to make a simple phone call. *sigh*

    I’ll wait a little while longer, I’ll even contact them and find out wtf is up, but…

    • Botiemaster

      I have actually made strives since I wrote this earlier today. Since the subject was fresh on the mind, I did research, and drove around the block to do some site surveying. I found that basically 4G is all around me, it’s just that my home is shit out of luck due to landscape. It’s just too far down to receive a strong signal from Tmo though ATT and Verizon doesn’t seem to have an issue. After coming across comments from others and the like, I ended up tinkering with my phone settings and somehow someway managed to get one bar of LTE in my home at a window for a few minutes before I lost the signal. This further motivated me to not let things go and decided to Install an app called 4G Switcher for android. What this does is allows me to turn off radio reception except for LTE so I can only receive LTE. I did not expect it to work but suddenly I instantly receive the LTE signal as soon as I enforce it with the “LTE only” option.

      It’s 1 bar, 2 and 3 rarely. As I understand it 1 bar is enough for a 4G LTE booster to work so I have requested one from Tmobile. Preferably I will not have to use a third party app to block the 2G signal just so I can receive LTE, but if I must, I must…I expect this plan to work. The only question is, will the booster work or will I have to get drastic with an antenna and other hardware to purchase just so I can receive a LTE signal in my home. Even now I am considering an antenna because I also happened to hop on top of my house to check for signal. In this one spot and if I turn right, I can get 2 bars solid and some 3 bar moments, with a speedtest result of 10ish MB down. So I’ll see, but at the end of the day I am getting the signal. It’s just extremely weak and I might have to get drastic if I want to spare myself the trouble of dealing with the wireless nazi’s….

  • Jeff

    I have a Microsoft Lumia 640 XL (international version) and just waiting for T-Mobile to make a deal with Cox to buy the 700Mhz band 12 around Las Vegas / Southwestern Utah. Right now, I’m getting HSPA+ with an average of 8mbps, which is fast enough, but I am missing the 30mbps LTE that my old Lumia 635 could provide. With the Lumia 640 XL RM-1069 being Band 12 compatible, I’m excited at the possibility of a T-Mobile/Cox deal.

    • Cam Fas

      I didn’t think cox had the 700mhzi thought it was continuum there was one other company I think had some but regardless it’s new news too me we have 20+20 late here so far the backhaul is also what’s needed

      • chrrstpp9

        Ab license co. Owns 700 mhz in Las Vegas.

    • VernonDozier

      Thank you.

      I’ll seed this idea to Charlie Ergen’s team, Comcast and others.

      Your right, Jeff. Back in the day, Cox was an early investor in spectrum via Sprint involvement with Intel on WiMax. Early days of WiMax included Dell Computer as a major silent investor into WiFi technology. Dell was one of those companies wanted to see WiFi Networks be successful.

      Still, there are huge problems/challenges (T-Mobile parlance is to call ‘problems’ as ‘challenges’) When T-Mobile says something is a “Challenge” they actually mean Big, Big, problems.

  • Walt

    Switch to cricket. Cant beat their plans!

  • Jose

    Are you in a rural area? That would be my guess even tho it shouldn’t matter. I’m just saying because I’m in an area that i currently have 2g waiting for LTE but at one point I was told LTE might not reach to where I live and I live in a city limits. I don’t get it. Anyways do you know how far you are away from the tower?

    • Botiemaster

      I’m within range of a tower. I’m pretty sure it’s one of those partner deals and it’s not an official tmo tower.

    • Botiemaster

      Also I don’t get why my last reply isn’t anywhere to be found here. I’ll try to post a short short version. I get 1 bar of LTE if I force the signal with 4G switcher app. I’m requesting a booster from Tmo to hopefully solve my problem before I resort to an antenna set up which might cost hundreds.

  • Tom@L

    verizon is paying $300 for switching to them right now. What you can do is give them cheap smartphones like Moto Droid X and they will pay you $200 regardless for the trade in. Then you can sell those original sets also. It probably wont cover your every expense but might be great alternative.

    • It’s even better if Botiemaster buys the Lumia 735 should the OP heeds your advice. OP won’t have to pay anything out of pocket and can make a profit selling the other devices. OP would have $108 credit if OP switches to Verizon and buys the Lumia 735.

  • Tom@L

    what is the speed you are getting on aggregation ?

    • Jason Caprio

      Carrier aggregation doesn’t seem to happen very often, but in this instance I quickly loaded up speedtest and didn’t make any difference. If I recall it did around 20mbit/sec give/take. An average result at best.

  • Joe Ma

    Is there a way to force B12 on LG G4?

    • Clippers FANactic

      I’d like to know as well.

      • John Wentworth

        Unfortunately no, their isn’t.

        • Clippers FANactic


    • Jcat

      No, the phone decides it on the go. It’s better that way. If you forced it, you signal would drop as you leave active areas.

  • Dominimmiv

    Map shows Band 12 now active in Landers, Pioneertown and Morongo Valley CA. locations. A quick drive to the areas yesterday and not only no Band 12 but no signal at all in Pioneertown (which is what the old map displayed) . Either the map is really optimistic or they jumped the gun on the map update before they flipped the Band 12 switch. Morongo Valley in various locations still Band 2 HSPA just like before. Landers does have Band 12 fired up, no more 2G only. :)

    • yankeesusa

      Which map can i see that shows where band 12 has been activated?

      • Jcat

        You can’t, but tech support is able to see what areas it is currently active.

  • Edward Lantigua

    I am getting band 12 in Washington Heights, NYC. Zip code 10033
    Just noticed last night because I surprised when I had full bars in my bedroom when I usually get 0-1 Bar.

  • francob911 .

    When is the ZTE ZMAX getting the band 12 update??

  • JB

    Don’t know if it’s been previously reported, but I just confirmed band 12 in New Windsor, NY at Stewart Airport. Confirmed with both LTE Discovery and engineering mode on Nexus 6.

  • guest

    nexus 6 from google play store have tmobile wifi calling and support for band 12

  • moonoverparma

    Lots of band 12 in the Cleveland market.

  • Disappointed in Tampa

    Band 12 still no bueno in Tampa…. even though it is supposed to be live, it is still subpar. I have a note 4 and am less than 10 minutes from the airport and can literally see the Veterans Expressway from where I sit… yet I can’t get a call or send a text message next to the window in my office without connecting to Wifi. I’d love to stick with TMUS, but I’m starting to think I’d be better off going over to Cricket.

    • Jcat

      If you’re actually next to Veterans, that is a raised reinforced concrete highway. Even band 12 won’t get through that… Basically it’s a matter of tower positioning at that point.

      • Disappointed in Tampa

        Hmmm, Tower must be on the other side of the highway from me then. But… I get a much better signal on my company issued AT&T phone, so either AT&T is much better or we have repeaters hidden in the building somewhere, Cricket may be better for me based on this comparison. To re-iterate, I really do like TMUS and want to stick with them, so dont think I’m hating on them, I’m just at the point I need a phone that works where I live & play and so far band 12 has not been the savior I was hoping for.

  • tmobile

    does the nexus 6 from the google store have wifi calling and support for band 12?


    • Jose

      My understanding is that once you insert a T-Mobile sim card it will receive an update to add WiFi calling. Band 12 is supported, the phone was updated to support it.

      • Will

        This is incorrect. In order to use Wifi calling, you will need to flash the T-Mobile specific firmware onto the Nexus 6 before you will be able to use Wifi Calling. The generic (all carrier) version ROM will support Band 12 and VoLTE but not Wifi Calling.

        Fortunately it is a simple process (with instructions from Google) to flash the new firmware onto the device.

  • Fabian Cortez

    Avoid LTE Discovery and similar for discovering Band 12 on T-Mobile. Use engineering screens instead.

    From the developer of LTE Discovery:

  • Brandon

    Anyone with a phone that has band 12, do u see a difference in coverage with it?

    • B12 Needs More Work

      Not Really, No difference where it really counts for me :( Not the difference I was Hoping for at all.

    • moonoverparma

      I’ve noticed a definite difference in coverage. I get LTE in places now where in the past I would be on 2g or H+.

  • Fabian Cortez

    Try confirming with your phone’s engineering screen.

    LTE Discovery and similar apps post false positives.

    Yes, even though we know NYC L700 is being rolled out, but for the sake of accuracy.

    • Edward Lantigua

      Hey Fabian,

      I know for sure is band 12 because where I took the screenshot I used to get zero bars lol

      • Fabian Cortez

        That’s still not an indication. That could just mean that a new site was added nearby.

        Just check your engineering screen for confirmation.

    • tomarone

      Hi thanks I’ve a new GS6 but not rooted or anything. Will it eng.mode not work?

      • Fabian Cortez

        You shouldn’t need to be rooted to view the engineering mode.

        Try some of the following codes in your dialer:





  • John Wentworth

    unfortunately for many people their phone doesn’t have an Engieering screen that shows the band, LTE Discovery is the best they have

    • Fabian Cortez

      unfortunately for many people their phone doesn’t have an Engieering screen that shows the band, LTE Discovery is the best they have

      But that doesn’t make it any more accurate. Even the developer concurs…

      Android has an engineering screen. Posting it will allow those who are knowledgable the ability to provide some insight and/or clarification.

      • John Wentworth

        Should it be used as proof to the world that band 12 is active on a tower, no probably not, I’ll agree with you on that.

        But for individual use on phones that don’t have an engineering screen, I don’t see an issue with using it. Their have been some updates since Feb 2015 (when that post was made) that claim to improve T-mobile band recognition and in my experience it’s accurate the vast majority of the time.

        In my case on my LG G4, it’s all I have available.

        • Fabian Cortez

          So then will you complain when LTE discovery falsely states that you have L700 when your signal is weak or near nonexistent? When in reality you’re probably connected to L2100.

        • John Wentworth

          No, I understand it has limitations and their is a small chance it’s wrong. Maybe I’m more rational than most if that’s what your seeing.

          Really is figuring out what band your on ever anything more than curiosity? I’m using it to get a general idea how band 12 deployments are happening.

          I’m not going to buy a new phone just for an engineering screen.
          So I use LTE discovery just for my own curiosity, it’s better than nothing, in my experience it’s been right most of the time.

        • Fabian Cortez

          Then your Band 12 sightings will be mostly ignored and not proven.

          I have to wonder how car manufacturers would fair with an accuracy of “the vast majority of the time” or maybe even your medical specialists.

        • John Wentworth

          So be it…
          To equate checking the band your phone is on, as needing to be as error free as being a car manufacurer or a medical specialist is just absurd.

        • Fabian Cortez


          I made that analogy in an effort for you to understand the importance of reporting accuracy.

          So then tell me: what happens when you open up LTE Discovery and see you’re on Band 4 when in reality you’re on Band 12. Then you seem to find that your speeds are lacking when it comes to downloading a large file. Do you call T-Mobile to complain? Do you get disappointed?

  • Jason Anthony Pineiro

    not really in NYC