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More Band 12 LTE sightings in Michigan, Florida, and New York


Time for some more band 12 LTE sightings! There have been some additional sightings of band 12 connectivity recently, and here’s where the band 12 goodness has been spotted:

Port Huron, Mich.

Stuart, Fla.

Rochester, N.Y.

Additionally, a Reddit user has posted some up-to-date info on the progress of T-Mobile’s band 12 rollout in New York City. milan03 says that T-Mo has 320 sites upgraded with 700MHz equipment and 120 sites that are on and commercially live. The band 12 upgrades are happening at a pace of around 35 sites per week, and at that rate, T-Mo should reach 875 sites by the end of 2015 and ought to be pretty much done with the rollout by the end or Q1 2016.

Thanks Zachary and Mike!

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