T-Mobile kicks off new two-day back to school sale


T-Mobile is no stranger to short, flash-style sales, and today Big Magenta kicked off another sale that’s going to last just two days.

The Class Is In Session sale offers discounts on a handful of Android devices, ranging from top-end flagships to entry-level hardware. Here’s the list of phones that are included with T-Mobile’s back to school promo:

  • Samsung Galaxy S6: Enter DEAL80OFF at checkout and you’ll get $80 off the cost of the phone as well as a free T-Mobile 3.1Amp microUSB car charger
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Enter NOTE4DEAL to save $50
  • Samsung Galaxy S5: Code DEAL80OFF will knock $80 off the cost of the phone
  • ZTE ZMAX (Certified Pre-Owned): Enter CPO48DEAL at checkout for $48 off
  • Kyocera Hydro WAVE: Code DEAL36 will take $36 off the phone price
  • Samsung Galaxy Core Prime: Code DEAL40 will reduce price to $99.99 and get you a free T-Mobile 3.1Amp microUSB car charger
  • LG Leon LTE: Enter LEON50OFF to get the Leon LTE for $49.99
  • LG G Stylo: Code SAVEBIG will knock $90 off, get price down to $199.99

You can get this pricing online or through T-Mobile’s telesales, which you can reach by calling 1-877-362-6635. Good Guy Magenta will also cover your shipping cost, so you won’t have to pay extra to actually get your new phone from a warehouse onto your doorstep.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • YABD

    Tmobile signal can’t penetrate schools nor college walls. I have been working as a contractor in schools and colleges and no signal inside buildings.

    • Annie Nonymous

      Tell us where. We’d like to check it out.

    • BrassMac

      If you’re at a school without WiFi, get a refund and transfer – It can’t be a legit or reputable institution if such is the case. RUN! As a network architect for hundreds of institutions of higher learning(liberal arts and research types), I’ve never found internet access to be an issue. They may block porn, torrents, and other shady activities, but otherwise school networks are very serviceable for voice or general purpose data usage needs. I wish T-Mobile had these plans and features when I studied at Cal Tech. I could have saved thousands of dollars!

      • VernonDozier

        Very cool. I worked nearby at a large bank on Walnut and Lake streets. Spent some very long hours fixing the banking issues…

    • Bob Archer

      Isn’t this the whole point of the Band 12 roll out?

    • Chris

      What type of walls did your college have – Super Thick Metal walls like the ones they used at oil refineries???

      I went to college and never had any problems with T-mobile signal and I graduated 5 years ago.

    • steveb944

      A lot of schools tend to have that issue, no matter the carrier. That’s how it was for me and my friends back in college.

    • gmo8492

      Not related to the article, but it has to do with the band frequency. Anything above 1ghz has a hard time penetrating through walls and some buildings. T-Mobile is in the process of deploying band 12 700mhz spectrum. They will participate in another spectrum auction early next year for more low band spectrum. But deployment takes a few years on top of that. I suggest contacting T-Mobile for more information about your area and it could be possible that you need to upgrade your phone.

      • VernonDozier

        Two-way pagers work very well because they generally communicate in the 867.6 – 868.0 MHz band.

        • gmo8492

          You come up with the most odd ball things to say. Might as well recommend him a pager then by your logic.

    • justanormalguy13

      My college had this same issue…with every carrier. Only difference is my carrier (T-Mobile) has WiFi calling. My friends with Verizon had to walk outside to send their texts.

    • Manny

      Not always true, depends on your area vs bandwidth available. I get full service in my school, I never use it cause I have WiFi calling and WiFi is available all over campus.

      • VernonDozier

        You could save about $50 per month if you switched to an iPod Touch.

    • VernonDozier

      It might be best to get “chummy” with a teacher or staff member..

      Usually school administration will offer staff a discounted rate on cellular service to staff and teachers.

      That said, it’s probably best to ask a staff member what service they use. Companies like AT&T and Verizon usually have budget to install a cellular repeaters, DAS systems or antennas in areas and buildings so staff can use the service.

      On the flip side, T-Mobile doesn’t install additional microcell or cell equipment unless at least 300 phones get activated for the business or campus. They are in a difficult situation where they really need to pay to advertise specials to replace the customers who switch.

      • Fabian Cortez

        Here we go again… And the nazis were working with gray aliens.

        • Shawn

          I don’t know where he been but T-Mobile have improved a lot over the last 2-3 yrs. He’s clueless and off base on a lot of things he stated. Especially about canceling when their phones are paid off, lol.

      • Shawn

        I didn’t get service in my doctor’s office a year back. But now I get service I don’t no where you’ve been T-Mobile network is far better than it was 2yrs ago and it keeps getting better.

    • Shawn

      Yeah I’m sure you’ve contracted every elementary, middle school, high school and college in the US. Maybe you should give an exact loction because I’m pretty sure that’s not the case all over America, lol.

  • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

    No deals on the M9

    • Sam_K

      $100 Google Play credit when you buy an HTC One M9 by 11/30/2015. This is not a T-Mobile specific deal.

  • ArchangelRenzoku

    I like how I bought my Note 4 between the Samsung promotion *and* this TMobile sale. Just can’t win this year.

    • VernonDozier

      Get an AMEX card. It has a membership benefit called “Purchase Protection”.

  • Why no deals for the Lumia 640 or the IPhone 6?

    • Esteeb Joboeu

      Same reason Ferrari’s are never discounted. Those phones sell themselves and don’t require incentives. Come on, you knew this. Every does.

      • Manny

        iPhone 6 was on sale a bit ago, so no… That isn’t the reason why. It’s probably because of the new Samsung phones being released so they are trying to push out stuck, plus get some nicer lower end phones available too.

    • VernonDozier

      Samsung doesn’t have co-op advertising budgets like Apple and Microsoft do. As a result, they stay on the shelf longer.

    • randian

      The $15/month Jump On Demand plan is the iPhone 6 deal.

      • I was talking about the Back-To-School deal…

        • Personally, I hope they do more deals on Windows devices. We’ve already had an iPhone deal this summer and it seems like Android deals are always going on.

      • If you live in a 700MHz band 12 area, you should look into the international Lumia 640 XL (RM-1069). It was only $180 on Amazon and has dual-SIM. Amazing phone.

    • besweeet

      The Lumia 640 is $99.76 at Walmart. That’s already a very good price for that phone.

  • Sam_K

    $580 for a 128gb Samsung Galaxy S6 isn’t bad. A few weeks ago it was $860. That’s basically 1/3rd off.

  • Maritza

    FYI. I had the worst time trying to get this deal today. I was transferred around and got disconnected at least twice. Some reps told me i can only get this deal if i add a line, another told me it was a web-only deal. I finally ordered it for an existing line on mytombile.com, but had to pay $6.99 shipping and i’m not sure it included the charger, i’m pretty sure it didn’t.

  • Acdc1a

    $50 and $100 are great price points for a back to school.

  • mingkee

    No G4?
    However, G Stylo has $80 off.

  • dtam

    new lines only?

  • Aurizen

    I’m waiting till December when T-Mobile has their holiday sale on upgrades. I think last year it was $100 off on all iphones.

  • steven berson

    There website sucks when your an existing customer and trying to use a promo code! And when you call they say you have to order it online if I want the sales price. Why would be calling if your website worked properly. Did you get the coupon to work and drop the price by $80? If so where did you enter the promo code on mytmobile.com don’t see an option.

  • JMF_mobile

    Yeah, I’ve done this song and dance before. Promo codes are only good for new lines, not upgrades to existing lines. I tweeted the TMO bigs to suggest making promos available to upgrades as a new Uncarrier move, but no go so far. Maybe a few hundred more tweets would help?

  • mingkee

    I did a simulated upgrade on my line, and found G Stylo has discount already (no code needed).

  • Tmo fan

    This site sux… It doesn’t keep up with the news like it used to… The guy that took this over should give this to some1 who cares!!

    • Acdc1a

      The news has been slow but I have to agree. I’d expect some rumors and network updates at a minimum.

    • guest

      Go one T-Mobile Reddit that’s always updated

    • Submit Application…

      Seriously, if you can do better and care, please submit your resume and application to the site owner. At the moment, Alex is doing a great job…

  • Robin

    Have a problem on my note 5. On the lock screen only I have a purple color on the bottom and a blue color on top. On the home screens there is nothing there. Plz help