New contest tasks you with doing your best John Legere impression


After teasing today’s Un-carrier Amped move with a Dubsmash video, John Legere has announced a full contest involving the popular mobile app.

T-Mobile’s new Un-carrier Amped Dubsmash Social Contest is kicking off today and will run through August 4 at 10:00 am PT. To participate, you need to download the Dubsmash app to your smartphone (iOS and Android) and create a video of yourself using one of the six John Legere quotes that’ve been provided. Options include “I mean, I probably could stay on vacation and let these guys self-destruct all by themselves, but where’s the fun in that?” and “We are going to redefine a stupid, arrogant, broken industry.” You then post your clip to Twitter or Instagram and include @JohnLegere and the hashtags #MusicFreedom and #Contest.

Once the contest is up, T-Mo’s judges will select 100 of the most creative videos that they feel best represent Music Freedom and John Legere’s attitude. Each winner will get an iTunes gift card worth $50.

Everyone knows that John Legere is a unique, outspoken CEO, and this contest lets you do your best impression of him and possibly get a $50 iTunes gift card for it. And with the contest running through August 4, you’ve got plenty of time to practice saying “We’re listening to our employees and listening to our customers and shutting up and doing what they tell us” in order to score a gift card.

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  • Nick Ramacciato

    I’ll pass. Another scheme marketed towards iPhone users.

    • fgfgfdg

      yap its looks like icrap promotion

    • Zach Chadwick

      iPhone users tend to spend more out of pocket for that they want. Ask T-Mobile and al Cellular Carriers, and App Developers if that’s true. Studies have shown it to be true.

      • Nick Ramacciato

        And this means what, exactly? It isn’t my fault they blindly spend money like it lasts forever.

        • Zach Chadwick

          Look at it however you’d like to. Just a fact. You’re flustered for what.

        • Nick Ramacciato

          I’m not very flustered, but rather disappointed.

      • steveb944

        And Oneplus owners spend more than the average Android user.

        See that? Anyone can post non relevant responses.

        • Zach Chadwick

          It wasn’t exactly irrelevant. See, T-Mobile has made this promotion for iPhone users because THEY KNOW, like all Cellular Carriers, that iPhone owners are more likely to pay money to upgrade, spend more on apps, music, accessories, and other Phone items. Your thesis was completely irrelevant considering T-Mobile doesn’t even sell the OnePlus One. T-Mobile hasn’t had a promotion like this for iPhone, for Android Flagship Phones.

        • steveb944

          Except NO ONE sells the OPO except for the OEM yet the carriers and developers still praise them. I think that’s pretty significant vs the huge Apple army that’s expected to pay up.

          False. They offered VISA prepaid cards for offers previously. A neutral offering.

  • NardVa

    I don’t use ITunes for my music.

  • PC_Tool

    They should really let us do our own…without the lame conditions.


    John Legere (impersonator) sits at an empty desk with one large button that says “Screw Customers”

    Speaking: I’m John Legere, and since you’re all doing impressions of me, I thought it only fair to give you all my impression of the AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint CEOs.

    *Goes wide-eyed, and commences drooling while methodically hitting button over and over again with a big stupid grin.*

    *Breaks “CEO” Character*

    (While slowly fading to black)

    Speaking (laughing): Am I fucking doing this right?


  • 21stNow

    Laughing that none of the entries can be profane. I guess it won’t be a real John Legere impression after all!

  • Steven

    I’m a windows phone guy without twitter. And no I’m not an old man being just shy of 28. Just tired of so many contests I can’t participate in.

    • Mike Palomba

      Maybe consider buying an iPod touch or an android tablet? I personally Really like Windows phone but the app gap was too much for me so I use an iPhone

    • kiblawi2000

      Windows phone has a decent twitter app and an okay instagram beta app…the real complaint you should have is that you can’t get dubsmash

  • FILA

    But I dont do apple

  • steveb944

    “We’re in bed with Apple”… Oh wait he didn’t publicly say that.
    Bad day for non-Apple T-Mobile customers.

  • kiblawi2000

    I have dub smash, but I can’t find his sound files, anyone else find it?

  • Clifton K. Morris

    For Halloween, my wife dressed up as a Fuschia Crayola® crayon.

    The costume was a tight tube top dress. That year, She handed out free candy and coupons valid for free accessories at AIO Wireless.

    If you ask me, Legere is copying my wife. They both have a big head, whine and complain too much about exestential issues and need things their way.

    But between the two, my wife is always correct!

  • Stone Cold

    Don’t use Itunes.