Dish’s acquisition talks with T-Mobile said to have hit a roadblock

t-mobile dish

Rumors of a Dish Network acquisition of T-Mobile have been floating around for years now, and they recently spun up once again. However, a new report claims that the talks between the two companies have stalled.

According to Bloomberg, there is currently “no momentum on this deal.” The reasons for the stall are said to include “valuation and structure,” likely related to who would lead the combined Dish-Mo and how the other executive positions would shake out. It’s expected that if there’s not some movement in the coming months, the two companies will go quiet due to the impending spectrum acquisition and concerns that being chatty could be seen as collusion. Bloomberg goes on to name Comcast, Altice (a Luxembourg-based telecom), and Sprint as potential T-Mobile suitors in 2016.

Dish has spectrum that it’d like to put into use, and we know that wireless carriers — T-Mobile included — want all of the additional spectrum they can get. Those two factors have brought T-Mobile and Dish together in the past, and with T-Mo’s recent Un-carrier success, T-Mobile CEO John Legere has suggested that Dish should be “panting” at the thought of acquiring T-Mo. A deal such as this would have a lot of details that’d need to be ironed out, though, and today’s report suggests that they’re still wrinkled up, which is starting to cast a shadow of doubt on the potential of a Dish-T-Mo deal.

Source: Bloomberg

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  • Durandal_1707

    Good. Let’s just let T-Mobile be T-Mobile! They seem to be doing plenty well on their own.

    • T-Mo SideKick

      They don’t have enough money to be a big player in the auction next year.

      • Cruise Guy

        Their parent company is filthy rich. T-Mobile is the major player in about ten countries. I wonder if Deutche Telecom could fund it, but I don’t understand how that works.

        • RLB63

          I don’t see the parent company putting in a penny toward the auction. Yes it would make sense. However most companies are penny wise pound foolish….

      • orlando duran

        Yes they do…. tmobile is fine…..stop watching cnn money, liberals are liars

        • ‘MURIKA


  • T-Mo SideKick

    Where is T-Mo gonna raise enough money to be competitive for the 2016 auction. That’s the only thing I’m worried about.

  • archerian

    No article on the 911 outage settlement with the FCC?

    • Dr Know

      Shut up, ass. If you know already, why do you want an article?

    • trying 2 hard

      no troll there isn’t

  • How classically tragic it would be were Comcast to acquire TMO after all of the vocal opposition to duopolies.

    • Abhinav Tella

      Deutche Telecom wants a Comcast deal, for good or bad (in terms of consumers), it would probably better for T-Mobile as Comcast is much larger finacially and has a bigger customer base for expanding services and unlike Dish they can probably make an actual investment for growth vs debt servicing with a Dish merger.

  • fechhelm

    As a longtime T-Mobile customer I’m praying daily Comcast never gets close to talking about a deal. I love T-Mobile, but would leave in a heartbeat if Comcast is involved.

    • Android_God

      Good! Now we know who to blame if Comcast and T-Mobile merge!

  • Whiskers

    Good , Dish sucks and if they buy T-Mobile you can kiss no contracts goodbye over time and it it will become trash mobile with horrible CS just like they have now.
    Once they rope you in then they bend you over hard before you can leave .
    I hope the roadblock becomes a concrete wall , i will take my multiple family lines and leave if this goes through .

  • American companies are used to uncompetitive positions and loath delivering more value to the consumer. Dish is the typical American corporation. TMUS has been so successful, delivering great value and disrupting the market because only a subsidiary of a foreign company could do it. If TMUS is bought by an American company, it will become an un-uncarrier, which would be worse than the other carriers. So far, the only company with a similar way of doing business vying for TMUS was Illiad, which equally disrupted the telecommunications market in France, and it would be a great synergy. Altice doesn’t have such a record though.

    • Alex P. Keaton, Montana, USA

      Wow what a bunch of non-sense and clueless drivel. Your typical American Corporation is competive. This country was built on American competiveness. Sure there are exceptions like the auto industry, but that’s atypical. Where did you acquire this ignorant point of view? Even AT&T and Verizon are competive, they wouldn’t be the best if they weren’t, just ask thier shareholders and customers who easily outnumber those on Sprint and T-Mobile. Thier success is a testament to how competetive they are. Perhaps you don’t know what the word competive means, well not perhaps, you don’t. Your laughable commentary betrays you. I suggest you stop making dumb comments on TMO News because this isn’t a site for comdey.

      • G

        I’m fairly confident their success should be given to their low band spectrum they received a moon ago from the government. If they were “competitive”, you wouldn’t be gouging your customers with a new charge every couple of years. It is 2015 and you can still have several hundred dollars in overages?! Technology < Duopoly – its a money game, not a competitive game; hence why T-Mobile has been able to be successful hitting those " pain points". What is the last competitive thing either of those two have done? Nothing from them has got me saying, "wow, that's a great idea."

        • Botiemaster

          The only thing they do is react to Tmobile. They never try to one up them. Usually it involves lowering prices, offer more data, or whatnot, which to the average eye looks like a better deal than what Tmo is giving you, until you look at the fine print which most people don’t. So basically they do nothing until they’re forced to because of Tmo because they are in no hurry to change the status quo.

        • Ashton3002

          Their current success of their LTE network is due to their 700mhz spectrum they purchased in an auction. Which T-mobile nor Sprint participated in..
          If you want to believe it or not AT&T is the only reason of T-mobile success with the failed merger. Had that not happened. It would be much worse and more expansive than it is now. So

        • superg05

          they had a huge government hand out also

        • Ashton3002

          I’m aware. But like I said their current success is based off their LTE network which they paid for. If you want to be like that T-mobile also got a huge handout From AT&T. But because it’s not certain spectrum people seem to forget about it like it didn’t happen.. Some just get luckier than others. In this case T-mobile didn’t get lucky.

        • superg05

          lol they gave them and verizion just about all off the 800 mhz cant compare at all

        • Their current success is due to their previous success for being handed out spectrum for free. They should have been disqualified from the 700MHz band auction and they should disqualified from the 600MHz band auction to reset their unfair competitive advantage. Of course, this will never happen, because the FCC couldn’t care less about a competitive mobile market, but only about the auction bottom line.

        • Ashton3002

          By that logic T-mobile and sprint should be eliminated from every mid and high band spectrum going forward including the AWS-3 auction, right?

        • That logic states that it applies only to spectrum handed over for free.

        • Ashton3002

          Just like the spectrum AT&T gave to T-mobile. Right?

        • Gave? That was a commercial exchange, not the government picking winners and losers.

        • Ashton3002

          Like I said it was given to them. For Free. They didn’t pay for it. Which makes it free.

        • Err… I’ll let your reasoning, or lack thereof, speak for yourself.

        • Ashton3002

          And I’ll let your lack of understanding the word free explain for itself…

        • Since you insist on refusing to be logic in order to remain on your soapbox, fine, when ATT auctions its AWS spectrum, TMUS should be barred from bidding.

        • Mikael B

          Yup well said. We need someone filter the cretins posting in these comment sections.

      • You need to get out more… Enough said.

  • CJ

    T Moblie should partner with Vodafone

    • Vodafone used to own part of Verizon. How’s then partnering with T-Mobile a good thing?

      • Abhinav Tella

        Yeah 45% of Verizon, they sold the stake back to Verizon recently I believe.

      • donnybee

        The same reason everyone keeps claiming Dish is good for T-Mo – deep pockets. Vodafone helped grow Verizon to where it is. Imagine that kind of financial backing for the Un-Carrier.

        At least Vodafone is already in the phone business.. Can’t say the same for Dish, who’s best offering is more high band spectrum.. Because T-Mobile is really desperate for that

        • Why do we think they have deep pockets? They’re around hallf the market cap of ATT or Verizon.

        • But I couldn’t care less about the size of TMUS or how much money it makes its owners. As a consumer, I only care about the quality and value of the service I contract. VZW provides quality service, but not a good value. If this is what Vodafone is about, much like Dish, it’s a hellish of a contender too.

    • Cruise Guy

      What would T-Mobile gain? Spectrum?No Name recognition? No. They are already with T-Mobile, the largest GSM phone provider in the world (and second on other technology to Vodafon?). No sure what this partnership would garnish?

      • archerian

        T-Mobile the largest GSM provider in the world? Yeah keep believing that.. Not even VF is the largest provider regardless of technology.

    • Also, who’s Vodafone?

      • Abhinav Tella

        The company that had a 45% stake in Verizon till recently. It’s a British telecom company, one of the world’s largest.

  • Aurizen

    I actually want this to happen… John could revolutionize Sling TV…. or Comcast buys em and he revolutionize cable haha.. either or.

    • Dustin Pelc

      Somehow, I have feeling that John Legere would hang himself if he had to work for Comcast.

      • Aurizen

        haha! idk I think he would turn it around like he did with T-Mobile.

        • Dustin Pelc

          I’d like to think that, but Comcast would toss Legere to the curb and change their entire corporate strategy to follow in the footsteps of Big Red. Sure they’d have more money and lobbyists for the next spectrum auction, but there’s no way in hell they’d continue the Uncarrier initiatives. They’re just too anti-Comcast for Comcast. We’d probably have to say goodbye to our unlimited data plans, and that would be the deal breaker for me.

        • Aurizen

          True! I’m sure they would try to throw him out, but that deal wouldn’t happen if they would kick Legere aside. Like the dish deal Legere would have to run the show.

      • Rob H.

        I agree, I’m sure Legere knows better than to deal with the disaster that is Comcast. I’m not disappointed to hear the Dish talks are not turning out well. I’d rather see Google buy controlling stake in T-Mobile than any other US company.

        • Mike

          I don’t see Google bidding on T-Mobile and being a direct threat to other carriers which carries there phones and Android products . Google is fine being a mvno provider.

  • doesn’t it always

  • D0293

    I read this as.. “T-Mobile network improvements has hit a roadblock”

    • donnybee

      You’re doing it wrong

  • Merging with Dish = GOOD. Merging with Sprint/Comcast/AT&T = BAD. Repeat often and loudly.

    • donnybee

      Merging with Dish = BAD. Please explain why increasing debt, increasing high-band spectrum, gaining TV executives on the board, and possibly losing the ability to bid in the reserved section of the upcoming 600 MHz auction is a good thing. Why mess with a good thing by adding a bad thing?

  • Mike

    Dish n T-Mobile can use one another . Dish can use T-Mobile stores to sell dish network and package Sling TV with mobile plans. Plus Dish has to put there spectrum into use before they lose it. T-Mobile can pick up some nice spectrum and have a company behind it that can afford to spend with Verizon and AT&T at the spectrum auction.

  • vinnyjr

    Dish plus T-Mobile equals success. Please stay the hell away from Comcast. The spectrum that Dish has would really help in taking care of some of the weak areas that T-Mobile needs spectrum in. It would be a great deal for both companies and with John Legere steering the ship it is a win win win.

    • Adrayven

      Dish plus T-mobile equals NIGHTMARE! .. Dish has one of the worst support ratings in the industry, LOVES contracts and would TRASH t-mobile.

      • whiskers

        Finally someone who see’s the light.
        Dish and Comcast are both nightmares in the making .

      • Abhinav Tella

        Well said, this is the exact reason Sprint chose Softbank over Dish: debt servicing vs actual investment. I can’t imagine how that is a plus for consumers, would lead to slower network expansion and upgrades.

  • TK – Indy

    Legere is probably having fits about now – he has the perfect tuxedo, the limo, a fine corsage and T-mobile the outcast has been made the perfect prom date. Now he can’t find anyone to go with to the prom!

    • Guest

      He’s been out in the Hamptons all week in the beachfront mansion that he rented for the summer. He’s living the good life right now and threw a nice party there for his friends recently on July 4th. Of course my invitation got lost in the mail. :)

    • JE_25

      It’s the kid that you were so busy trying to ignore, that he came up and surprised you.

  • Abhinav Tella

    Glad it stalled. Even Sprint chose Softbank over Dish because if they merged with Dish most of the revenue would go to debt servicing rather than immediate growth. Softbank actually offered a proper investment as it was much larger. Comcast is probably a better partner as its much larger and has greater reach than Dish. As for spectrum they could go after the 600Mhz block.

    • I couldn’t care less about a company’s revenue and number of subscribers. I am not one of their shareholders. Rather, as a consumer, all I care about is the quality and value of the services I contract. I judge mergers as a consumer, not as an armchair shareholder.

      • Abhinav Tella

        It does effect you because if they were more busy with debt servicing with a Dish merger they would have a lot less to spend on infrastructure (aka think cell towers/reception) which directly effects the consumer. If they merged with a larger company with more subscribers they get more revenue as a whole which also means more money to spend on upgrades/network expansion.

        • Again, I do not care because I do not have to abide. If the quality of service or its value falls, I change the service provider. Some companies try to avoid this by tying consumers with contracts. I am the kind of consumer that is their incentive to invest and provide more and better for less. This is why I refuse to enter into mobile service contracts and buy locked phones. I love a free market and am quite comfortable in doing my part to approach it refusing attached strings.

        • Abhinav Tella

          I agree with you, but a more competitive 4th party is better for consumers across all networks.

        • I understand that a more competitive mobile carrier is not one that can bid for spectrum to the wazoo, such carriers already exist and they are not competitive, but one that can satisfy my needs within my budget.

          As I said below, I’d be glad that TMUS would partner or even merge with another company to be stronger, but, if this comes at the expense of its losing its approach, of its ceasing to be the uncarrier, then we’d have not a stronger version of TMUS, but a weaker version of ATT or VZW. But we already have such a pathetic version of the duopoly, it’s called Sprint, and we do not need another Sprint.

        • Abhinav Tella

          Good point. Its unfortunate for us DT won’t invest in TMO though I wonder how the 600Mhz auction will go considering even Sprint, post merger has bigger pockets.

  • harp

    Why do we need a buyover anyway.

    • Abhinav Tella

      For long term growth and expansion/upgrades as the other 3 have pretty deep pockets. A big part being parent Deutche Telecom has wanted to sell T-Mobile for a while now.

  • However one looks at it, a typical 20th century company trying to have a future by acquiring a typical 21st century company is a recipe for failure: who wants a mobile company approaching consumers with bait and switches, contracts, hidden fees, disappointing service and poor customer support? That’s what ATT and VZW are for in the mobile market. A recipe for success is the other way around, a typical 21st century company acquiring a typical 21st century company and disrupting markets with a fresh approach and innovation. So far only Illiad would likely keep TMUS an uncarrier; all the other bidders so far are more of the same which cannot do business without cornering a market and choking consumers.

    • Abhinav Tella

      They (Illiad) withdrew though as apparently DT was uninterested with the offer. I do agree it would have been a nice partnership though.

  • emcdonald75

    I don’t understand why Dish cannot partner with T-Mobile, so that Dish can have T-Mobile build out their spectrum and pay T-Mobile to lease it. So Dish can offer satellite TV and wireless home internet service. T-Mobile can benefit by having its customers tap into that spectrum at second priority. Dish doesn’t have to purchase T-Mobile but they can benefit as partners. I’m sure there are more details that must be worked out but I don’t think a purchase is viable because of the amount of debt that would generate and the lack of funds for the upcoming 600MHz auction. Thoughts anyone?

    • maximus1901

      (1) The net flow of money in any leasing deal would be from TMO to dish. It’s TMO that needs more spectrum to sustain its generous data packages.

      (2) TMO is small potatoes. Not even profitable. Dish’d would prefer dancing with the duop because they’re generating billions of PROFIT per quarter.

      (3) home internet. Let’s be real clear: fixed home lte internet is NOOOOOT viable eithe in cost/bit or capacity in a urban or suburban area. Basically, anywhere you can get cable internet or uverse or >=6mbps DSL, fixed lte is not viable.

      (Continued below)

      • maximus1901

        (Home internet continued)
        Dish’s nationwide spectrum is two chunks of downlink only 20mhz blocks.
        Using 4×4 mimo, I ?think? You could get 300mbps per 20mhz carrier for total of 600mbps.
        Sounds like a lot but how many houses could you service with that? Depends on what speed you want to guarantee. Whatever speed you choose, cable can def beat it on price no question.

        Where dish would have staggering success is where cable, uverse, fios etc refuse to build out because it’s “too” expensive. Like houses spaced ?0.1miles? apart.
        Those people only have: dialup, satellite internet, <=3mbps DSL; easy pickings.

        • emcdonald75

          Do you think that even if the FCC does not give Dish their DE (designated entities) credit of 3 billion dollars, Dish will still pay the full price for the AWS-3 spectrum? I am trying to figure out ways that Dish can use their spectrum holdings. It seems that build or sell are their only options.

        • maximus1901

          Charlie has publicly stated he’d pay te difference if credits are rejected; it’s about to be announced they’re rejected. Many leaks.

        • emcdonald75

          I don’t like what Dish did to try and obtain the credits, but I think it is the fault of the FCC for having such weak rules. I think Dish should get the credits now and since the FCC has announced new rules to prevent future cheating schemes, let the new rules stand for future auctions. Just my two cents.

        • maximus1901

          It’s been decided by fcc, just not officially released, that dish will be denied te credits.

          $3.3bil when our national debt is $16,000bil so not about the money really but that dish is a megacorp gaming rules meant for small business and not-white people.

        • maximus1901

          Build and sell or LEASE. The price Charlie paid is exorbitant. Auction wasn’t supposed to go above $20bil but Charlie wanted to bid it up to inflate the value of his aws4 spectrum.

          Point is, no one’s gonna pay Charlie’s costs PLUS profit he wants to make off selling the spectrum.
          In fact, I read a transcript of vzw CEO saying ‘new York and Chicago got so expensive – bc Charlie bid up the licenses – that for the first time ever, densifying network was cheaper than buying more spectrum.’

        • maximus1901

          I guess it’s possible for dish to just sell thee aws3 winnings at cost but that’s not gonna happen.

          Att won the 10×10 aws3 block in NYC, LA, etc many big markets so they’re not pressured to deal with Charlie.

          And vzw: look at their rootmetrics speeds. Where they’re not #1 in speed, they’re not far below whoever is which means that they hae plent of capacity left. Plus I’ve read some ars tech articles about vzw deployin small cells in SF and other places so they don’t need dish’s spectrum.

          Sprint has looooaaads of 2.5ghz so they’re not buying.

          Compare TMO’s speedtests on rootmetrics report to report and you’ll see there’s mighty few places they’re NOT falling; they NEED dish aws3 and aws4 spectrum but they can’t afford to buy it no way.

          I’m not a Econ guy but $25b in debt and $31bil in equity isn’t a good ratio.

          They could lease from dish but like vzw’s case, leasing would have to be cheaper than adding macro and small cells.

          So yeah dish painted themselves into a corner.
          They pissed off the prettier (richer) girls(carriers) so now they have to settle for TMO for the prom.

        • maximus1901

          Yes dish will pay no matter what.

          Dish can split in two and lease it’s spectrum.

        • VernonDozier

          Haha. That’s never going to happen. DishNetwork already saw the fortune teller. Allan Tantillo, a VP at T-Mobile in charge of approving cell sites, made it extremely clear at a public panel discussion at “PCIA Wireless Infrastructure Show 2015” that T-Mobile is only going to drive down costs. That article is online.

          Allan lives in an alternative reality where his masters believe property values and spectrum prices should always go down. That only occurs with a monopoly market and new companies are prevented from participating; often with the help of lawmakers.

          Look at it this way. I could see that proverbial 20-year lease come up, and Deutsche Telekom in one hand demanding a new, lower cost lease in one hand, (lower than inflation) and a pointy stick in the other because customers like us are depending on T-Mobile to continue to advertise and market the same coverage area.

          Dish is going to do one deal, and it’s not going to be a lease under any circumstances.

        • VernonDozier

          Use fixed wireless concepts instead of thinking in terms of handsets. Fixed wireless uses focused beams aimed at stationary points. This concept alone could likely triple the network’s capacity. I could conceivably see a fixed wireless terminal antenna installed on your roof, and aimed by DishNetwork installers, whom already come to your house to aim a dish at an antenna the size of a volkswagen car 22,000 miles away.

          Today, All cellular handsets- iphones, androids, even USB sticks use omnidirectional antennas, which broadcast in every direction. When your handset broadcasts in 360-degrees, your phone creates interference to neighboring cell antennas. The way to compensate for this is to use spectrum in alternating patterns. Omnidirectional antennas in phones create a large problem. All spectrum can’t be used all the time.

          Also, with Fixed Wireless concepts (antenna on your roof), I believe the FCC would allow up to 3 watts of transmit power, (up from the 0.6watts on a phone you hold next to your head). That would decrease holes and coverage gaps for the microcell antenna located inside the DishNetwork box.

        • maximus1901

          Dude. Dish will not deploy satellite internet to everywhere in America. The latency is horrible. The cost is huge.
          Sat internet costs $40/5GB as an example.

          But however much it costs, it’s the latency that makes it a no go.

        • VernonDozier

          The technology exists, and several companies are already doing it.

          Did you see that Dish/EchoStar already acquired Terrestar?

          For example, look up “EchoStar Mobile” online. EchoStar already has spectrum and a satellite to be launched that will provide cellular service across all 24 European Countries.

          Then there’s ViaSat. Using ViaSat services, and the LTE-based satellite, you can get a home phone anywhere you can see the sky. Latency on new LTE-based satellites is much better. When ViaSat-1 launched, it had 400x more capacity than any other single satellite in orbit. Today, that is almost at capacity, which is why they’re launching ViaSat-2 for new subscribers later this year.

          The thing is that ViaSat-2 is built by Seattle-based Boeing but T-Moblie apparently doesn’t hire many engineers. I think that’s because they prefer marketing people who make things look good in pink.

          SpaceX is launching ViaSat-2.

        • emcdonald75

          Wow. Is this the reason why Dish Network wants Light Squared’s spectrum?

        • VernonDozier

          LightSquared was supposed to launch until there were identified problems with software and recieving antennas located in legacy GPS systems, primarily within the ones manufactured by Garmin, and Garmin’s professional line. You may have seen them before, they are often more accurate because they recieve a secondary encrypted signal. Consumer-grade GPS is unencrypted and has a resolution of 3-meters.

          It was a big circle jerk and dooms-day scenarios where airplanes would fall out of the sky too. Most airplanes these days rely on a plurality of GPS systems. But mainly, it was poorly-manufacured “Professional” GPS systems weren’t ready, and Garmin didn’t want to issue a recall.

          LightSquared spectrum was licensed by the FCC, but GPS was a DoD project. The Boeing satellite was brought to earth due, even though it was never used. EchoStar was able to acquire the spectrum, but more importantly, it acquired that slot in GeoSync orbit for pennies.

        • maximus1901

          I have 25/5 $30 comcast internet. Right now, I could get 150mbps for $120. Next year docsis 3.1 is coming with 1gbps to every houses.
          Wireless cannot compete with that. It can only compete where there’s only satellite internet as an option.

        • VernonDozier

          Yes, DOCSIS 3.1 is neat technology, it allows for channel bonding, but it’s technically the same as DOCSIS 3.0.

          The problem is you get 1gbps, with unicast video… that isn’t too much.

          How many total screens– TVs, iPads, iPhones, Tablets, and laptops at one point in time can be turned on watching video using that shared 1gbps of bandwidth in your neighborhood..?

        • maximus1901

          Att is able to deliver 20mbps over puny phone lines as well as hd tv.

          I don’t know the tech of docsis and shared bandwidth and all that but what I do know is that for me and parents comcast always over delivers the speeds. Always.

          Are you still arguing FOR satellite internet? You wanna pay $40/5GB per month?

        • VernonDozier

          I’m arguing for 3G and 4G service on T-Mobile’s network nationwide, and that could be done over a satellite microwave connection.

          There are 3 things you need for cellular connectivity. A realestate lease, power, and a telecom connection (backhaul). So, if you put up a dish, and a few solar panels it might be possible that all you need is a lease.

          What T-Mobile has done (and this is what gets me angry) is used the US marketplace as a source of revenue. Instead of reinvesting back into coverage, it is incenting managers to give away service that would cost T-Mobile money to pick up the phone.

          It works like this- Every time you call T-Mobile about a billing issue, T-Mobile adds those calls up, and then tries to find a way to make it free. It turns into an ad for something like “Uncarrier 43” or such.

          The economics are simple- each phone call into T-Mobile about billing costs $42.00 when factored in call center training, managers/coaches, bonus payouts, computers, and long-distance services.

          So if your like me, I don’t complain about my bill anymore. I complain that the service doesn’t work. And I’m having a great time doing it.

          The reason why T-Mobile can’t provide service everywhere is because it would rather send the money to Germany.

        • maximus1901

          You believe tmus is sending money to Germany?

        • VernonDozier

          In the form of dividends and stock.

          The wireless business is very, very profitable in comparison to the labor and work involved with connecting you to running water, telephone, or electrical service.

          If you review AT&T’s 10-K forms (at least a few years ago), AT&T spent about $15 per customer per month to deliver phone service. That is for coverage. The other thing you get with AT&T is customer care support staff whom can fix problems and coverage issues.

          T-Mobile just rolls over and lets you out of a contract when the map can be verified that it’s wrong.

        • maximus1901

          And how much in dividends or stock repurchases has TMO issued since reverse merging with metro and becoming a public company in May 2013?

        • VernonDozier

          Not sure. I’ll put in a call have an answer for you tomorrow. :-P

        • maximus1901

          Go to any satellite internet provider website and let me know what $30 or $40/month will buy you.

          Spoiler alert: 5GB daytime/50GB night time data for $40

          Why? Because there’s not a lot of capacity. 400x means “more than the previous generation”

        • VernonDozier

          A 400x increase is outpacing Gordon Moore’s famous law of computing.

        • VernonDozier

          The fact that it’s nearly at capacity means that customers are paying for it. That bird in space has a life of about 30 years before the batteries need to be replaced. When they’re putting another one up, it should be a strong indicator that the market is willing to pay for a reliable, fast connection.

        • maximus1901

          Viasat-1 is 140gbps total throughput

          Viasat 2 can serve 2.5x num customers as viasat-1

          Exede 12/3 Mbps packages:
          10/15/25 gb for
          $50/80/130 per month.

          I’m not gonna entertain any more of your satellite fantasies cause it def seems YOU should be reading about the tech you’re advocating.

        • VernonDozier

          How much does it cost you to install a mile of fiber optic cable?

        • maximus1901

          Irrelevant. There’s already existing coax in the ground many places.
          And puh lease, you’re comparing fiber to $40 for 5GB per month of satellite???? Lol

          The correct metric is cost/bit

        • VernonDozier

          Well, if that was the prevalent notion, T-Mobile would have the most customers in the US.

          However, Look at how many more people pay for Verizon service. I think most people, don’t really care as long as the service works.

          When it doesn’t work, is when it needs to be replaced.

        • maximus1901

          Are we talking about home internet or mobile?

        • VernonDozier

          In general, I’m still talking about bits and bytes. Voice calls are bits and bytes, so is Netflix.

          However, what your saying is that you need the Costco rate to bits and bytes, with discounts on a volume purchase, and you don’t mind driving an hour to the warehouse at 4401 4th Ave S in
          Seattle get the best deal. :-)

        • VernonDozier

          Look at it this way- Comcast’s website, states the 105MB service is “targeted to”
          · Hard-core gamers
          · Users with several computers in their house
          · Users who upload and share multimedia files

          Thing is, not everyone fits the demographics of a “Hard-core gamer”, “Several computers in their house” or people uploading their life to YouTube.

          I tried all 3 for a while, then it turned *blech*. I’m just fine with a reliable iPhone 6+, good signal, and my idea of a game is FourSquare.

      • VernonDozier

        When you get high-bandwidth MPEG4 content like video from a bird in geo-syncronous orbit, do many people need 100MB service?

        The satellite DishNetwork has in orbit currently runs at several terabytes per second. Then there’s HughesNet which is also available anywhere.

        DishNetwork’s parent, EchoStar, has service they’re about to launch in Europe called “Echostar Mobile”. Check Google about it. It’s interesting because with EchoStar Mobile, you can have coverage anywhere in Europe for phone calls, text, and video. It uses advanced ETSI standards. ETSI owns GSM standard.

        It was demonstrated that 10MHz of spectrum, when allocated to LTE, has speeds over 200Meg.

    • Abhinav Tella

      If Dish buys TMO it will be like when AOL megred with Time Warner, in the end AOL assets were worth far less than the TW assets after a few years.. With increasing online viewing and packages, Dish is becoming less relevant. Dish is fairly close to the size of T-Mobile it was $31 vs $33 billion in stock market valuation when news of possible merger leaked. You are right the debt generated by the merger would not make it very viable, and even Deutche Telekom is against it. For good or for bad DT wants a Comcast deal, that actually would make more sense as Comcast has a much bigger customer base (for the dreaded bundles) and revenues. They can go after the 600Mhz together.

  • Maverick

    The buying or company that’s putting up the finances for the transaction business wise dictates who will be in key places and in this case Dish. Tmobileus needs to realize it needs Dish to survive and not the otherway around. Dish can buy or merge with just about any wireless carrier but tmobileus is limited in that area.

    It’s inevitable the demise outcome is for tmobileus to be bought out and legere and company gone. It’s simply a matter of when which is soon. The writings already on the wall for sometime now!

  • francob911 .

    Is there another website that i could get tmobile news like before??

    • T-Mo SideKick

      I’m starting to look elsewhere myself. This site since Cam left is going to the dumps. Everything is posted late or not posted at all. Terrible.

    • Alex P.
  • bob

    it looks like someone is slacking around here lol

    • T-Mo SideKick

      I used to like coming here every morning to look at the morning news. Now there’s nothing. Just a random story once in a while. And it’s old news. We should start a petition to get someone new who actually cares about the site.

      • Alex P.

        Yea. I just go to Tmobile subreddit, which is now more up-to-date.

        • T-Mo SideKick

          Can you post the link please?

        • thepanttherlady

          Already did.

        • T-Mo SideKick

          1 more time If you don’t mind. I didn’t see it sorry.

        • thepanttherlady

          Refresh your page. Alex P. posted the link and it was approved.

        • T-Mo SideKick

          Great!! I got it.. Finally some T-Mo news that’s new. But what’s up with Alex Wagner? With so much happening with T-Mo we need someone who’s on top of the stories. Also no more coverage reports.. S.F. Bay Area just got approved for 700 MHz deployment and no story about it. His stories are short and don’t explain much.

      • Tmonews_wheredidyougo

        I stop by daily for the ads it appears. This site feels like it is loosing momentum.

        Reddit and howardforum are quickly replacing my interest.

  • guidomus_maximus

    News: Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead

  • VernonDozier

    Well, from what I heard, all of Dish Network’s investment in wireless started when two things happened.

    1. Charlie Ergen’s daughter (then in her early 20s) said to dad to invest in wireless.
    2. A couple of former Dish Network Executives went to work for T-Mobile and fix the IT systems, and replace the HP Superdome.

    Basically, the DishNetwork executives have been working to make T-Mobile run smoother, and better. If EchoStar/DishNetwork don’t merge, then most likely, the entire cable industry, likely led by Comcast will come knocking on DishNetwork’s door so that Internet Of Things can standardize on LTE and AWS spectrum. With a microcell built in a cable box, you don’t need WiFi. Besides, WiFi calling is a joke.

    With Internet of Things, the thing is AT&T can charge non-AT&T customers in the US and Mexico to connect “Smart Fridges” and “Smart Toasters” to the cellular network. That’s why AT&T built an “innovation center” in Silicon Valley. So, to AT&T this makes a lot of sense but the Cable Companies don’t like that.

    • taxandspend

      “With a microcell built in a cable box, you don’t need WiFi. WiFi is unregulated and over-used. ”

      What??? Who says it’s overused? What’s the limit on use?

      • VernonDozier

        Try using WiFi in a condo or apartment complex. I just fired up iStumbler and have 34 WiFi access points in my area. For what it’s worth, 6 of them are “Xfinity Hotspot” Wifi access points, which I can jump on and use if I decide to *not* upgrade my cable modem.

        All 33 access points are competing for the same 11 channels. (2.4GHz); but technically, there are only 3 channels because of the way WiFi uses overlapping.

        • taxandspend

          Get a 5ghz router. Problem solved.

        • VernonDozier

          Well, that’s a great idea. I have two Cisco Linksys 5GHz AC routers installed. It bounces back and forth based on interference and time of day.

          The only reliable connection I have in the house is the ethernet powerline adapters. WiFi only works if I’m in the same room.

          I was just speaking with an engineer neighbor who works for T-Mobile (20 years experience, with designing networks, he’s been there since T-Mobile was called “Western Wireless”).

          So this afternoon, we were talking about technology and how terrible the voice connection was… when the WiFi call dropped. He already performed some footwork for me, and said there’s no budget to fix the tower 4 blocks from me this year. It’s a stealth monopole.

          So I’m already clued in on what my options are. :-)

        • taxandspend

          WiFi calling works fine for me on the HTC One M9. I have the router T-Mobile gives you for free. You could try that one and see if it works better than the Linksys you now have. I’m in a neighborhood, so I don’t have the types of interference you have – my phone is seeing a total of 5 access points, and 2 of them are mine – 2.4 and 5 GHz.

          Why do you have 2 AC routers running? What about just 1 located in a central area.

    • Kogashuko

      After the AWS3 auction, expect cable, telco, and fiber to begin to reemerge as preferred backhauls at home. There is simply not enough spectrum to wire every home in the nation with Netflix, video on demand, and every other content currently available. These companies will once again see it as cheaper to run fiber than to buy spectrum. This is a good thing in whole.

      • VernonDozier

        I agree.

        However, most people don’t really understand what part of the country controls the strings when it comes to the business of content distribution.

        Hint: It’s the part of the country which, by its own design, has the largest Federal Presence outside of Washington DC.

        I saw all of this happen on the way to work over the past few years.

        I drive by Charlie Ergen’s place all the time. When TimeWarner Telecom pulled down the sign, only to be replaced with Level(3), I knew that Laressa Herda was up for a promotion when she finished her work fixing economy as a former Director at the Denver Federal Reserve.

        Today, what better place to have OnDemand than across the street from DishNetwork? There’s already landing zones for Verizon, UUNet, Qwest, Sprint. All the networks met in Denver for a reason. It’s where the first company serious about content distribution would have a presence.

        T-Mobile only wants to provide internet traffic. It’s not really serious about being a regulated service. In many ways, you can say T-Mobile is a cheap wifi network, and that’s terribly sad.

  • guest

    Marco Hanna should be in charge of TmoNews


    I told you so…

  • Douche Network

    Charlie Ergen and Donald Trump are boyfriends?

  • Tmonewssucks

    I hate this site now. No more activites

  • Mike

    Tuesday morning and no updates. Hmm.

  • skywalkr2

    So is this site dead?

    • livewire1981

      I was wondering the same. On that note, anyone else have trouble signing into my t-mobile since they tied it to an e-mail address? I called and opened a help desk ticket but it is just annoying.

      • skywalkr2

        I just logged in and was able to link them. Now I can log in.

        • livewire1981

          Yup no go here. Guess I will wait on the ticket to be resolved.

  • rusky13

    We need Cam back.

  • SEBA

    Who got the update to 5.1.1 on S6 Edge this week? Tmo site states it’s out.

  • Mark

    What happened to this site? Seriously?

    Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse. Cam may have been from another country but at least he submitted news and information more than just every couple of days.

    It seems I will be visiting Howard Forums from now on to get news updates.

    So sad to see this site getting worse as time passes. Keep this up, and this active community will be gone.

    Goodbye TmoNews. It was good while it lasted. Rest in peace.

    • JBLmobileG1

      Sorry to say it but I must agree. There has to be something worthy to post in the world of Tmobile. Usually there isn’t news on the Weekends or Holidays because you have the time off… but it’s already Tuesday and still nothing new. While its still only morning for me, its past noon, where the editor in chief is if I am not mistaken…. or close to noon. Even updates to phones is news to me. Even David, who founded the site, would wish everyone a Happy Hoiliday if there was one. I am not leaving this site because of the drought, but I am stating the obvious. Not a good way to continue a site that was previously run by someone who didn’t even live in the US yet still managed to post something at least once a day.

  • Thatguy


  • Thatguy

    I can’t even troll anyone no more : (

  • WheresPhonedog

    I’m going to wager Alex realized the same thing that Cam did. PhoneDog isn’t paying him enough. It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s gone.

    The lack of activity is probably because they don’t have anyone else to run the site. We will probably get Anna Scantlin to ramble on about how many phones she had as a teenager and what she has for her “daily driver”.

    Signs are pointing to new management at phonedog that suck or who are incometent. Cam was careful not to badmouth, but I’ll bet he wasn’t teated well in the end. If so, I don’t blame him for leaving.

    • archerian

      He’s now with 9to5google right?

      • Nick

        Yeah I still read his articles

  • gmo8492

    OK so I guess some of you don’t even bother to check his Twitter, but Alex posted a day ago that he recently got married and he is on his honeymoon. He’s working on also posting more content soon.

    • Mark

      As a site manager, maybe Alex should have posted SOMETHING to say that he was getting married, going on a honeymoon, or heck, just have someone else take his place for as long as he’ll be away.

      At least inform your readers of why it is silent here or find a temporary replacement until you get back.

      • gmo8492

        Yeah, but I think he didn’t prioritize his time effectively which caused all the confusion and speculation on why there hasn’t been any news posted. We will see what happens next hopefully soon.

    • dtam

      he has a twitter? didn’t know but I like everyone else was thinking there hasn’t been much activity.

      here’s some news, $120 off an LG G4 through Tmo, $480 now and can get free leather cover, battery, battery charging cradle

    • Mike

      When you operate a website or platform, you shouldn’t make readers go to another website/platform to find out why one is not being updated. Pre-program some small news or say something here.

      A site that goes from constantly updated to silent will lose visitors fast.