Android M will include native visual voicemail, and T-Mobile will support it


If you’re an Android user, you’ve probably been looking forward to Android M ever since Google announced it nearly two months ago. Now you’re going to get even more excited for the next major Android release.

Google has revealed that Android M will offer native visual voicemail support, meaning that you’ll be able to view different voicemail messages and not only play them out of order, but play only specific messages. This was revealed by a Google employee in an Android Developer Preview issue tracker.


What does this have to do with T-Mobile, you ask? Well, the Googler in question specifically called out T-Mobile US as a carrier that will be included in this visual voicemail support when it launches to the public. It’s said that the feature will be baked into the public release of M, but several T-Mobile customers are actually able to use it right now.

While voice calling may not be quite as big as it used to be, it doesn’t appear that calls and voicemails are going away permanently any time soon. That’s why visual voicemail comes in handy, letting you pick and choose which messages you want to listen to and eliminating wasted time from having to listen to messages that you don’t care about to get to the one that you do. And while some carrier-branded apps and services like Google Voice have offered visual voicemail on Android in the past, it’ll be nice to have the feature built into Android M and its dialer app.

Via: Android Police
Source: Google


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