New MetroPCS promo offers additional high-speed data


MetroPCS recently kicked off a few deals for folks looking to jump onto T-Mobile’s prepaid brand.

First up, anyone that activates a new line on a plan $40 or higher per month will get an extra 1GB of 4G LTE data added to their standard data bucket. So if you sign up for the $40 per month plan, you’ll get 2GB of LTE data each month, while the signing up for the $50 plan will get you 4GB per month. That add-on will last as long as you stay with MetroPCS.

Additionally, if you port your number in from another carrier, you’ll also get up to a $50 instant rebate for any phone. That’ll get you select devices, like the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime or Microsoft Lumia 640, for free. Both this and the are only available in-store.

Obviously these first promos are aimed at new MetroPCS customers, but if you qualify for ’em, they’re nice little deals. More high-speed data is always a good thing, and while you may not be able to get free flagship phone with the $50 instant rebate, there are some decent handsets that would be reduced to $0 with the rebate.

The second new MetroPCS offer runs from today through the end of September. Anyone that buys an LG Leon can get a new LTE smartphone along with a plan that includes unlimited talk, text, and data, as well as 1GB of LTE data, for $59 per month. This deal used to run $79.

Source: MetroPCS


  • T-Mo SideKick

    Welcome back.. We were starting to get worried.

    • JE_25

      There have been many things Cam would have covered that have not been like Verizon adding more postpaid, the huge LG G4 sale, the 4 new phones coming to T-Mobile July 22nd, that’s just naming some things. All of them should have been covered. I am still worried to be honest with you.

      • T-Mo SideKick

        I’m still worried. Lots of coverage missing. Very short articles, with not enough details.

        • Dominimmiv

          I agree. I’d rather read the T Mobile news here than search all over the internet. And not much editor interaction either.

      • T-Mo SideKick

        We need an editor that has T-Mobile service, lives in an area that has T-Mobile coverage, and most of all not just take this as a job but treat it like big T-Mo fan like all us readers are.

        • JE_25

          I couldn’t agree more. I think it would be a fun job.

  • The $40 and $50 already come with 2 and 4GB of data. With this promo, one gets additional 1GB, increasing the quota in these plans to 3 and 5GB of data.

    • Mike

      I wondered about that. Several sites kept referring to “additional” data while still using the 2 GB and 4 GB figures. That is the standard amount on the $40-$50 plans, and has been for some time.

    • Jay J. Blanco

      Thank you lol i was like this is wrong

  • no2apple

    What up with this site and the editor.. Going down the toilet FAST

  • Guest

    The Extra 1GB is for Port in only. There was a glitch that made it available for all customers in error. It’s also only for $40 and up only.

  • francob911 .

    Thats it?! WTF

    • themask128

      Those are ads they have been on the site it says sponsored post if you look closely…

  • francob911 .

    I just saw something from blackberry and it was taken down

    • themask128

      Those are ads they have been on the site it says sponsored post if you look closely.

  • Rob H.

    When did tethering get added?

    • Sometime in the past 3 months or so.

      • Jay J. Blanco

        1.5 months ago you can use your data 2GB or whatever for hotspot additional data is $5

  • rbfrost

    Wow this site has gone down hill. I kept thinking, what’s going on, why no new material. Forgot that Cam is gone. I also saw 2 blackberry stories appear and disappear.

    • Barbosa

      I remember Cam being ripped pretty good by the mob here when he first took over for David. Now we’re pining for Cam? Sheesh!!

      Only thing I can say is see if we can get our money back.

      • FBPhilly

        I saw articles from Cam at

    • Desiree Perry

      Your absolutely right I come on this site about 6 times a day and for the pass few days there hasn’t been any updates. Idk if it’s just him being lazy but if this is the way he’s going to run this site then a lot of followers will just leave. No commitment I got better reports from Engadget about T-Mobile then here!! Step up ur game man!! Phonedog it self is going down hill. Really miss Noah!!

      • Mike Palomba

        I heard that he is on his honeymoon. If the guy takes a break for a few days its not the end of the world. Also, I haven’t seen much news about T-Mobile anywhere lately so maybe it’s just a slow week.

        • archerian

          600 Mhz auction date announcement, FCC Fine for T-mobile, Opensignal Latency report, VZW beats TMUS in postpaid net adds, Kyocera Hydro Wave released, LG G4 price slashed to $479…

        • Acdc1a

          “VZW beats TMUS in postpaid net adds”


  • jdubtrey

    I am surprised that more people aren’t talking about this promotion. There seems to be no downside at all. A pretty good price plus a free phone with hot spot that can be unlocked after 3 months. if you have two lines, $35 per line for 3 gigabytes is pretty damn good, plus you get a free phone on top of that. Not bad at all.

  • Mr Magoo

    Old news… Even I knew of this promo a while back before I woke up.

    • T-Mo SideKick

      Old news!!!

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Actually when you port in a number you can choose between. LG Leon, Lumia 640, Galaxy Core Prime, Galaxy Light, LG L60/L70 depending on store for free. How do i know? I work for Metro PCS.

  • Kiwini

    Prepaid is getting more competitive these days. Straight Talk now offers 5 gigabytes of LTE data (viavia At) for only $45 when you bring your own device. And that is not limited to 8 megabytes speeds

  • I don’t think anyone wants this site anymore, because there is news on T-Mobile and it’s not being reported here. Like the 4 new phones just released! After David’s departure, it’s gone down hill. #fact

  • Dave @ TMUSA

    Alex Wagner writes: This just in (well in 2011) AT&T Inc. said that after a thorough review of options it has agreed with Deutsche Telekom AG to end its bid to acquire T-Mobile USA, which began in March of 2011. Stay tuned for late breaking news, literally, late, old, ancient news…

  • VG

    For those who are interested, I just saw this posted in the 700 A block updates:

    – The FCC approved concurrent operations agreements with WNJN (Montclair, NJ), WHLV-TV (Orlando, FL) and KTFN (El Paso, TX).
    – The
    FCC approved the latest concurrent operations agreement T-Mobile signed
    with KDTV-DT (San Francisco, CA).

    So it looks like we will soon see LTE Band 12 up and running in some large metro areas.

    • steven berson

      Why isn’t this site being updated!
      Thanks for sharing.

  • steven berson
  • William Burr Winans

    If you want to hear news just go to T-Mobile Reddit!
    You get to ask questions and see more stuff!

  • des

    T-Mobile needs to increase the throttle speed to at least 512kbps. I am not asking for mbps, that is kbps. 128kbps is literally no data.


      I STRONGLY DISAGREE! You need STOP using much data. If you used normal amount data you wouldn’t experience any slow down. #FACT

  • Jared

    Come on Cam keep up this should be on here. This site is slipping smh I

    • thepanttherlady

      Cam isn’t here anymore.

      • T-Mo SideKick

        So I guess this is it. T-Mo news done. It was good while it lasted.

        • SMSGuru

          Quit being a royal douche. You know well what’s going on. You already tweeted him, no need to be a troll when you are buddy buddy with him on Twitter. You backstabbing jerk.

  • jonathan3579

    It sure seems like TmoNews is dead..

  • Ordeith

    Cricket’s pricing is so much better than MetroPCS.
    Their coverage is much better as well.

    • 3G speed and no hotspot is so 2000s…

      • Ordeith

        Oh,I don’t know.
        Cricket’s real world 10mbps LTE pretty much anywhere is much better than 3G. It’s also better that Metro manages to do when you can even get coverage.

        • Not 10, but 8Mbps. That’s 3G, at least for those used to 3G on the T-mobile network. 8Mbps might impress those used to 3G in other networks.

        • Ordeith

          You don’t even know what 3G is.
          Interestingly enough my T-Mobile phone is currently getting 8.1mbps. My cricket phone is pulling 9.6mbps. It’s nice to be able to do a real world direct comparison :)
          But wasn’t this article (and my original comment) about Metro? Yes, I think it was. Are you not aware of metro’s 8mbps cap?

        • anaconda44mag

          there was just a review yesterday from toms guide. they tested cricket and metro along with others. cricket was the worst. I had them one month then went to metro pcs. I guess it all depends on where you live to what kind of data speeds you will get


      • archerian

        2G speeds and no hotspots was so 2009 for T-mobile too…

  • randomnerd_number38

    Ahem. He’s already thinking about it.

    David won’t come back to save his brainchild from this languishing mediocrity?

    “Never say never…”

    Yeah. Someone help me start a campaign or something lol

    • Goat

      At this point I just want something to read, I honestly was getting worried. :(

  • UMA_Fan

    There is so much T-Mobile news out there right now. Bring in someone who cares!

    • jonathan3579

      I agree. This place is just depressing now. I used to feel empowered with knowledge because of TmoNews. :(

  • Alex Wagner

    Hey guys and girls, I figured that it would be easier to post a new comment than try to reply to everyone.

    I just got married a couple of days ago and am on my honeymoon, and so I requested my first real time off since mid-2010. I was told that TmoNews would be taken care of, but clearly that hasn’t been the case.

    I’m really sorry about how things have been the past few days, and know that I’m just as frustrated as you are. I’ve been trying to sneak in posts in recent days, but I’ll be back in full force this weekend. Until then, I’ve been trying to get someone to update TmoNews. I’ve been told that that’ll happen, and hopefully that will be the case.

    Again, I apologize for how things have been. I hope that you’ll understand and stick to the with the site.

    • Eric Stengrevics

      Wish we had known before…enjoy your honeymoon!

    • VernonDozier

      Hey congratulations.

      What a convenient surprise too… My old manager works for MetroPCS. I’ll have to tell him to send you “gifts”. He’s an executive there now.

    • Thomas Czinder

      And WE apologize for our lack of grace…enjoy time on your honeymoon. Can’t wait to see all of the great work that you’ll be doing for TmoNews.

    • PhoneDog has dropped the ball, not only for failing to communicate with its audience, but also for failing to keep the site up.

      Thanks for the update and congratulations.

  • jdubtrey

    Serious question: can anyone chime in on whether this is a good deal or not? I have a few friends who are considering cricket but I feel this offer is better.

    This article seems to have struck a chord about the site itself which has caused very few posts (3 total?) to be about the promotion.

    • If your friends seldom venture to the countryside, MetroPCS is a better deal, otherwise, Cricket is.

    • Ordeith

      Why would this offer be better? Cricket gives you more data for less money and much better coverage. It’s no comparison.

      • jdubtrey

        I like cricket, but if your T-Mobile data coverage is good, 2 lines for $70 on this plan would actually give you more data plus an official hotspot….and a free phone with no rebate required.

  • Bklynman

    The man is on his honeymoon, people, he was told this site would be taken care of by phonemutt, but that wasn’t the case,give the guy a break,like others have said, Alex, should of say something, so we could wish him all the best. Enjoy, Alex. This site and the people who come here can wait. Congratulations, hope you have a long happy marriage.

  • Ordeith

    You missed a decimal point, there :) . Metro is de-prioritized so in my real world example when T-Mobile can only manage 8.1 Metro customers would be lucky to get 6. Far more amusing are all the places (even in my metro area) where T-Mobile/MetroPCS gets nothing and the Cricket phones are moving along at 8-10mbps.
    and back to your “3G” mistake. T-Mobile 3G could only manage 200kbps when ATT 3G was pushing 2mbps. History repeats.

  • Ordeith

    False. I never made the mistake of being a MetroPCS customer.
    and HSPA+ is not 3G.