Check out T-Mobile Advanced Messaging in action

T-Mobile recently introduced Advanced Messaging, a new feature that improves upon standard text messaging by utilizing the Rich Communications Services standard to offer “near real-time chat,” delivery and read receipts, and support for sending large files. Unfortunately, Advanced Messaging is currently only available on the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. Thanks to Des Smith, though, everyone can get a peek at the feature in action.

Des just posted a brief video that shows Advanced Messaging in action on a Galaxy Core Prime. We’re shown see Presence, which lets you know when the other party is typing, delivery and read receipts, and the sending of a video file.

While there are lots of messaging services that offer features like read receipts and sending large files, the goal of Advanced Messaging is to enable these features without requiring the user to download an extra app that may not be available on all platforms. It uses an RCS standard, which can be adopted by other device makers and carriers. We’ll have to wait and see if that actually happens, but T-Mo “expects” its adoption of RCS to spur other carriers to begin using it, too.

When it comes to T-Mo, RCS-based Advanced Messaging is currently available on the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime and will be soon be offered on the Galaxy S6, S6 edge, and Galaxy S5 through software updates. Ol’ Magenta says that by the time 2015 wraps up, “nearly a dozen more hot devices” will support Advanced Messaging.

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